Hello. I'm originally from Skokie, Illinois, and I think I've been acting and doing comedy since I was a baby. I have no food allergies. And I can only type about 20 words a minute, so Victoria will be helping me today. I play Oleg on CBS' 2 Broke Girls, and do the voice of most of the White People on Black Dynamite The Animated Series. The finale of 2 Broke Girls is next Monday at 8 PM on CBS, so that should be fun.

Looking forward to taking your taking your questions, so AMA!



Well guys, I'm going to try to tackle more questions on the go, but please tune in tonight and see the finale next week and thanks for all the great questions!

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Johnmaholm17 karma

Hey, "Chuck" here. The cronut-loving, longline-waiting, fat magnet salesman from the Cronuts episode. First off, thanks for making my experience on the show so great. You went out of your way to introduce yourself to me and a few other newbies at craft services and you didn't have to. Two quick question: a college buddy of mine used to take me to Sarkis in Wilmette. You a fan? Secondly, how much do you miss the Skokie Swift?

JonathanKite17 karma

I remember you. You were really really funny and such a sweet guy. And Sarkis is a staple that I can't believe hasn't been shut down due to health code violations. Long live Sarkis!

I miss the Skokie Swift a lot, considering they put in that new station at Oakton. Long live the Skokie Swift! Success!

emailaddressforemail15 karma

Why am I reading all your replies with Oleg's voice?

I was at the taping on the episode that's airing today, did you see me when I waved at you?

JonathanKite11 karma

Yes, I did. Did you get my box of cookies?

schmeromee9 karma

Are you allowed any improvisation or do you absolutely have to stick to the script?

JonathanKite10 karma

We absolutely stick to the script but I pitch jokes for myself and the other characters. The writers have written such a specific rhythm that it's better to run things by them so they can make it fit in the structure that already exists.

JonathanKite9 karma

I have been doing voices since I was a kid, and was reminded by a friend the other day that when we were in high school, and a particular teacher was out sick, the class and I would try to convince the substitute to let me teach the class, doing an impression of the teacher who was ill. Which totally worked. His name was Mr. Schutt, and he never knew this by the way, but it was cray-cray. He was like a character out of a Harry Potter novel.

IrishHashBrowns8 karma

hey! Wow I've never actually made it on time to an IAma, So two questions (chancing my arm!)

1 - Was it hard to practice the eastern european accent for oleg?did you do any study for it?

2 - When you crack those brilliant one liners on 2 broke girls, is it hard not to hint at a smile like is there ever a need of a retake because of a cheeky grin.

Looking forward to the finale!

JonathanKite16 karma

  1. No, it wasn't hard. I grew up in the Chicagoland area, and a lot of my friends at the time were first generation Americans. So such is life. I grew up eating potatoes, then I realize is potato-flavored rock. I can pick up accents pretty easily, I have a good ear for them, and don't really even think about it when I'm doing it.

  2. Every now and then my hat will fall off in the middle of a take, because when I pop my head through the window, it's a very narrow space, and I almost try to cover it with a line that will be cut because no one wants to see Oleg's hat fall off.


What does Kat Dennings smell like?

JonathanKite18 karma

I would say... yarn. She's a crafty person. Yarn and her cat Millie.

kcdotz7 karma

Tell us about the day you made the journey from Illinois to L.a to follow your dream, what went through your head and how did you make the journey?

JonathanKite15 karma

One of my first thoughts was "I can't believe I locked my fucking keys in my car outside a McDonalds in the middle of farm country. This dream is sure starting off wonderful."

This is a true story, 100%. I'd not left the state yet, and my friends and I stopped for McGriddles sandwiches (which only cost us $1.99 and 3 hours of our lives that we'll never get back).

My friends and I were caravaning in 3 separate cars, and each had a very different definition of what a safe speed limit was. We also drove terribly unsafe hours at a time, I think the last leg was an 18 hour straight marathon. I just remember there was a huge argument on how much one should drive, and we ignored our dissenter completely and almost died from being delirious on the road.

zblinks6 karma

Oleg is the best dressed man on TV! Was Oleg a character you brought to the show, a product of the writers or a collaboration. Is Oleg based on real person?

JonathanKite7 karma

Oleg was in the original pilot and they were looking for someone to play him, and I was lucky enough to be that person. Oleg is based on eccentric but lovable, overly amorous ladies men. In the audition, I actually wore something similar to the costumes he wears on the show. I imagined him as always going to or coming from a discotheque.

zblinks4 karma

Fantastic. Keep it up. We love Oleg. If Vince Vaughn ever dies half way through a film, you are the only choice to replace is voice. Fantastic impression.

JonathanKite3 karma


Stoooooooo6 karma

Is there a lot of practical joking on the set? Any good stories that you can relate?

JonathanKite16 karma

There is a lot of practical joking that happens in between takes. In particular, between Beth and I. Where we make inappropriate fart noises in front of the audience and blame other cast members, which the audience somehow thinks is hilarious. They turn into 4th Graders.

ProfessorSpiffyPants6 karma


JonathanKite16 karma

Daniel Day-Lewis. To play my mother.

ghengis3174 karma

What's it like to be most of the white people on 1 show. I always dreamt of being 1 white person on a show, but almost all of them sounds tiring, since there is totally more than 1 white person on the show.

JonathanKite7 karma

Trust me, sometimes it's exhausting being white. They asked me originally to do like, one person, but with animation, they like to have a core group of people that do the majority of the voices. So we have a cool core that do all the voices.

ghengis3172 karma

Thanks, now I will strive to be many white people instead of just one!

JonathanKite3 karma

Lucky for you, cloning is only a few years away!

harkyore4 karma

I didn't want to bug you the other day at Erewhon, but it really was annoying when that idiot couple stopped to smooch before pulling their car out.

Congratulations on all your success, I hope you are able to enjoy it.

JonathanKite3 karma

I know who you are by the way! And yes, that was SUPER annoying. Suckface on your own time!

screamofwheat4 karma

What is your favorite part about playing Oleg? How is it working with Garrett Morris? He's like a comedy legend.

JonathanKite7 karma

I really enjoy his physicality, and bringing heart and truth to a character who could easily be written off as a stereotype.

Bansquirt4 karma

I'm white, should I grow an afro?

JonathanKite15 karma

Seth Rogen would say yes. Justin Timberlake would say no.

Mrr_Cow3 karma

Dude I am from Niles North ...... I was sure it was some other school but now you made my day ( the Vikings are famous on reddit).

When did you graduate?

JonathanKite7 karma

Amazing! I graduated in '98! Vikings forever!!!

Aaron_Ferris3 karma

What was your favourite episode? :-)

JonathanKite8 karma

At the end of season 2, the girls re-did my apartment in the style of Ikea showroom. But the audience got to see what my ACTUAL apartment looked like before the girls took it apart. It was filled with sex toys, pinup girls, and mansmell.

unknowntrekkie3 karma

Are you surprised at the success of 2 broke girls?

JonathanKite8 karma

No, when I first read the pilot, I was alone and found myself laughing out loud repeatedly. The fact that it so closely resembles the American economy in its current state, I think that's why it's funny, because we're all going through the same thing. And I think going through hard times is inherently funnier than swimming through a lake of gold coins UNLESS you're Scrooge McDuck.

unknowntrekkie3 karma

Favorite part about working on 2 broke girls?

JonathanKite5 karma

The cast & crew have become like a second family to me. We all get along, which is unbelievably rare. I look forward to going in every day and creating something with people I truly care about. Which I think, isn't that the dream in life?

Qbw3 karma

What is the funniest thing that's happened on set?

If you could appear on any show, past or present, which one would it be and why?


JonathanKite10 karma

The funniest thing that happened on the show was a scene between Jennifer and I where we had to hold for laughs for over 30 seconds every time one of us spoke, our faces were so close together for cameras that it looked like we were about to kiss to the audience but on TV it appeared we were a normal distance apart. It made the audience laugh really hard, because they thought we were going to break, but we never did.

It would either be IN LIVING COLOR or The Golden Girls. Which are my 2 favorite shows of all time.

Qbw2 karma

While you're still here, who has been your favourite guest star?

JonathanKite10 karma

Either Andy Dick or Tim Bagley. They were both really funny, no matter what you put in their mouth.

That sounds like an Oleg line.

Aureez2 karma

Do you like to eat bacon?

JonathanKite4 karma

Yes, my best friend & I will get each other bacon gifts, like bacon gum, or bacon candles, I sure hope his girlfriend isn't reading this because he told her he gave up bacon.

chooter2 karma

Fave silly accet?

JonathanKite4 karma

Klingon. Which sounds like more aggressive Yiddish.

icamefrommars2 karma

Have you thought of what picture you would like on your wikipedia page?

JonathanKite2 karma

Do I know you?

BurnGuard2 karma

Ugh finally an AMA I'm not too late for and I can't think of any good questions ==" soo.. How are you today and why did you want to do this AMA? :D

JonathanKite4 karma

I am well, thank you. And I decided to do this AMA because I wanted to connect with fans in a way that I hadn't before.

LtlAnalDwlngButtMnky2 karma

What is serious (non - sarcastic) Kat Dennings like? Is it scary?

JonathanKite3 karma

Kat Dennings is one of the sweetest, most wonderful people I've ever met. She's super fun to hang out with and has a great sense of humor

Frangie2 karma

You are the reason i watch 2 broke girls.
What was your favorite joke ?

JonathanKite12 karma

What an amazing thing to say! Thank you so much. My favorite show is from last year when Caroline asked how do you stop someone from choking and I popped out of the window and said I just back up a few inches

dayofthedead2042 karma

Does Kat often joke about her boob size? Or would you say she gets teased more often about it by the cast and crew?

JonathanKite12 karma

I would say that people on the internet talk more about her boobs than she ever could.

emeraldearrings152 karma

What inspires you creatively?

JonathanKite3 karma

The world around me. I travel quite a bit, and enjoy the differences and similarities across the cultural.

Kknowsbest2 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

JonathanKite3 karma

Probably a teacher.

GeezerMuldoon2 karma

What barbershop quartet were you a part of in Skokie, Illinois?

JonathanKite4 karma

We were called the Unusual Suspects

gazzhao1 karma

tits or ass´╝č

JonathanKite8 karma

Damn, that is such a good question! It would be hard to date a girl without an ass. Because I enjoy sitting.

spennyiskenny1 karma

Have you ever touched Kat dennings bongos? yes or no

JonathanKite3 karma

I don't think she owns drums

NahSoR1 karma

What is beth like in talk life? How similar or dissimilar is she from her character?

JonathanKite3 karma

Beth is a wonderful person in real life. Like Caroline, she is super smart and super hard-working

PowayMermaid1 karma

Do you have a line that you thought was way too gross? Or was there ever one were you went, "Nah man, I can't say this."

JonathanKite2 karma


tomtheunit1 karma

Do you predict many more seasons to come?

JonathanKite3 karma

I hope we are on the air for years and years to come

Dr_Medic3451 karma

So, what's the deal for Black dynamite season 2?

JonathanKite2 karma

Coming soon...

Pokevenger1 karma

If Oleg was a women in the show, how would that change things?

JonathanKite3 karma

I wouldn't be able to wear see through clothing :(

tomtheunit1 karma

What is something you and oleg both have in common?

JonathanKite4 karma

We both have the same amount of chest hair

nimishsdll1 karma

Do you like Indian curry?

JonathanKite2 karma

I LOVE Indian curry!

dalegribbledeadbug1 karma

Besides the one you worked at, what is your favorite restaurant at Old Orchard and why?

JonathanKite3 karma

My favorite restaurant is Walker Brothers! I always get the 49er flapjacks with a side of hashbrowns cheese. The wait is definitely worth it

cappo401 karma

How are Earl (Garret) and Han (Matthew) off camera? They are bloody hilarious on the show, wondering if they portray themselves the same way off camera.

JonathanKite2 karma

Both Matt and Garrett are super cool people. Really laid back with great senses of humors

AldurinIronfist1 karma

What was it like to be a pirate?

JonathanKite3 karma

A dream come true. All the booty I could handle

jerrylovesbacon1 karma

Skokie - when were you last there? what did you do?

JonathanKite2 karma

I was there over Thanksgiving. I hung out with friends and family and ate and drink myself silly

tattoo_dave1 karma

Do you have a penchant for string vests in your own life?!

JonathanKite3 karma

I do enjoy a good vest in life string or otherwise

dogfacedboy4201 karma

What does Whitney Cummings smell like?

JonathanKite6 karma

Mangos and success

BlizzBitesTheBigOne1 karma

thanks for your work on Wrath of the Lich King

JonathanKite3 karma

You are quite welcome

marypoppinpills1 karma

How much of what Oleg says is scripted? Do you ever improvise his jokes?

JonathanKite3 karma

All of the jokes are completely scripted

Garieth1 karma

Who in the industry would you most like to work with? Be it an actor, director etc

JonathanKite4 karma

Daniel Day-Lewis. Meryl Streep. David O. Russell. Quentin Tarantino. Christian Bale. And Michael Fassbender. I think those folks are so frikkin' good.

4soccer1 karma

any good jokes, that didn't get pass the censors on 2 broke girls

JonathanKite5 karma

There is been so many jokes that haven't gotten past the censors

tomtheunit1 karma

How is season 4 looking?

JonathanKite3 karma

We just wrapped season 3 and don't start season 4 until August

team_meh1 karma

I don't have a question but I don't often make it to IAMAs on time so I'll post this anyway to pay my respects:

I looove 2 Broke Girls because of Oleg! Holy shit man, you have no idea how much you made me laugh during a bad breakup--a time when I was living like a true broke girl who couldn't afford anything else but 2BG reruns to make her feel better. /fangirl

JonathanKite4 karma

I'm sorry to hear about your break up but happy that our jokes could in some way ease the pain. Thank you for watching and I hope we keep making you laugh

ros23791 karma

Are you more of a Bumpkins guy or a Herms Guy?

JonathanKite3 karma

Bumpkins fa life son!!!

JonathanKite3 karma

Bumpkins fa life son!!!

Rawrawrimabear0 karma

Vikings can suck a fat dick! Wolves forever, ese.

JonathanKite4 karma

Vikings eat wolves for dinner.

Rawrawrimabear2 karma

I feel like that goes both ways depending on the circumstances. Let's discuss this further over a nice drink from Teavana and an Auntie Anne's pretzel at Old Orchard.

JonathanKite2 karma

Sounds good

zacharywcox0 karma

Hi there! Thanks for doing the AMA! I'm the host of a podcast based out of Indianapolis, IN. On Movie Buzzed, we watch movies, provide commentary/trivia, and have a good time in general. It would be an honor to have you on as a guest interview. I'd like to take 15-20 minutes of your time over the phone for a Q&A to ask about your work on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" while we watch the movie. I'd also like to talk about the ins and outs of your profession, your other career achievements, and to promote any current projects (such as 2BG). I appreciate you taking the time to read my request and look forward to any future correspondence.

Thank you again, Zach

JonathanKite4 karma

Why don't you follow me on Twitter @JbKite and tweet at me?

zacharywcox1 karma

Absolutely! Thanks for the response! Great fun will be had!

JonathanKite3 karma

Great times will be had on times of cast of pod! Success!

zacharywcox1 karma

I like the cut of your jib, sir. Rather, I sir, cut like of your jib. Success!

JonathanKite3 karma


kaysea112-3 karma


JonathanKite7 karma

I knew it. This one time I was doing an AMA at reddit, and people kept talking about Kat Denning's boobs. It's a longer story but I don't have time.