Hey guys. I did an AMA six months ago before I started testosterone therapy. I was 20 years old without having gone through puberty. I was diagnosed and started taking testosterone in order to induce puberty. A lot has happened since then and is still happening so I thought I would do an update AMA.

here my proof http://i.imgur.com/8jZcLgc.jpg http://imgur.com/6pLvE6X

also here's a pic of my body progress. I know the lighting is lot more flattering in the current pic but I think progress has been made. and yes, I did take try to take a sexy selfie to send to a friend.


edit: I'll be back in a few hours. keep asking questions and talk amongst yourselves.

edit2: I've had about 100 PM's asking me to diagnose them with hypogonadism. If you think you have the same thing as me just google hypogonadism and check the list of symptoms. if you're worried then go to a normal doctor and ask to have your testosterone levels checked.

edit3: so I've been awake for 20+ hours now answering questions and getting lots of messages about how attractive I am. thank you for the brilliant AMA. It's reddit's thirst for awkward human interest stories that makes this website so great. I will probably do another one in a year from now if people still want more progress of my body and mind.

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landerwi594 karma

I'm a 17 year old dude who hasn't gone through puberty. I've been taking tests and such in the last few weeks and I have an appointment at the endocrinologist next month. I just wanted to ask if there's something that's good to have in mind that has helped you through the process? :)

20yearsyoung704 karma

just be patient. I know that you want everything to change really quickly but it's going to be a gradual process. also I wouldn't drink or do drugs for at least the first few months so they can monitor your hormone levels correctly.

you can PM me if you wanna get awkward with weird questions or I can just answer them here.

wohuishuozhongwen310 karma

So is this the first time you have been able to cum I guess? Or that hasn't happened yet.

20yearsyoung823 karma

I started ejaculating a couple of months ago. the first time it was amazing.

20yearsyoung1277 karma

and every time after it is still amazing.

MenachemSchmuel198 karma

Wait, so did you experience any sexual attraction at all before undergoing treatment? If not, how/when did you realize you were gay?

20yearsyoung347 karma

I've always been emotionally attracted to men, but being physically attracted is a blessing and a curse.

cool_hand_legolas84 karma

it must be like listening to the beatles for the first time again every time

20yearsyoung441 karma

it was more like the first time I heard Strobe by Deadmau5

PsibrII299 karma

Does this mean you can discover 4chan all over again? :D

20yearsyoung440 karma

o i am laffin.

MyGrandpaLikesGuns264 karma

Just wanted to thank you for doing this AMA. There are a lot of people who went/are going through this difficult time in their lives. I was taking testosterone when I was 14-15. I remember not going to the pool with friends because I was the only one without armpit hair, or having to say no to a HJ because of my bald eagle at the time. It all works out for the best eventually. I'm 22 and have about 5 chest hairs now, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

20yearsyoung55 karma

no worries. insecurities suck.

RuggerBugger226 karma

Brother, I was once in the same boat. I went for 30 years with an undiagnosed pituitary tumor, so I didn't go through puberty until age 31. But correct me if I'm wrong... but it feels fucking great, right?

20yearsyoung240 karma

It does feel pretty good. I have a deep voice, I'm getting muscle and I'm confident as ever. I'm happy for you too. Getting diagnosed at all was really difficult.

RuggerBugger226 karma

Jesus, try going 30 fucking years. I kept telling doctors that something was up... but they'd say, "Different people have different body types!" or (my favorite) "Maybe you're a late bloomer."

A man is defined by more than his muscle, chest hair or Unit size. But I'll be damned if those things don't make life just a little more wonderful. I'm sorta shocked when I hear guys complain about having to shave... As if!

And here's a little tidbit to keep you going: It just keeps getting better!

Cheers, mate. Welcome to the Big Boys club.

(Now get your ass to the gym.)

20yearsyoung84 karma

thanks dude, that means so much to me.

NotNowGimli165 karma

What's the biggest difference you've noticed?

20yearsyoung608 karma

my voice is way deeper than what it used to be. I actually recorded the difference if anyone wants to hear.


sorry for the bad quality of audio.

master0jack466 karma

You have a hot voice.

20yearsyoung261 karma


Sabin10297 karma

That might be a girl. You'll probably become very interested in them soon.

20yearsyoung656 karma

I'm gay but a compliment is a compliment.

angrae118 karma

Well hey there

20yearsyoung114 karma

hello? how are you?

Dean557 karma

I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but how did not hitting puberty until now affect your sexuality? Have you known that you are gay for a while or is a recent discovery?

20yearsyoung116 karma

I've known I was gay since I was 16.

3ricss0n51 karma

Hey ;)

20yearsyoung219 karma

send photo.

3ricss0n47 karma

Sure thing PM?

20yearsyoung71 karma


mikefitzvw28 karma

Are you still accepting "hey"'s? ;)

20yearsyoung103 karma

absolutely. get aboard my self esteem train.

Spo1nk-6 karma

Do you think not having testosterone was part of the reason you grew up to be gay?

20yearsyoung29 karma


123SMYD230 karma

You went from sounding like a small skinny lesbian to a hot buff british guy.

20yearsyoung233 karma

I'm Australian but thanks!

123SMYD49 karma

As someone who has been to both places, you'd think I could pick up on the difference. Really bad audio quality I guess haha.

20yearsyoung146 karma

macbook pro photobooth is what all the professionals use.

John-Crichton124 karma

Wow! That sounds great haha. Bet that feels really different.

20yearsyoung131 karma

It's weird but it still sounds exactly the same to me in my head.

KarmaNeutrino38 karma

Do you mean the recording sounds the same, or your voice when you speak?

20yearsyoung160 karma

In my head it sounds the same. But the first time I compared the two tracks of audio I flipped out at how different it sounds. It's so crazy how the mind compensates our self image for our own self esteem.

theheadsage21 karma

This is one of the best bits about going through puberty via testosterone therapy, as your voice doesn't crack or break like others, it just goes deeper.

20yearsyoung86 karma

It definitely cracked. I sounded like a whistle for a few weeks.

Its_not_a9 karma

Is it me or did you turn slightly English after the testosterone therapy.

Voice sounds good bro. No homo!

20yearsyoung4 karma

I have no idea, but thanks!

20yearsyoung108 karma

also I no longer feel hangovers.

kingdumbcum138 karma

Would you say it's more or less awkward to go through puberty in your twenties as opposed to your teens? I guess you can go by how your friends/peers responded to typical puberty. Also, are there any differences in 'normal' puberty and induced puberty?

20yearsyoung279 karma

It's less awkward for me. All my friends know about it and are really supportive. Almost everyone I bother to tell are genuinely interested and have a lot of questions. random boners are a bit awkward though.

I assume my experiences are exactly the same which every guy went through.

Sabin10172 karma

Can confirm random boners. They're less prevalent if you take care of them in the morning.

MenachemSchmuel161 karma

By that he means masturbate. You know, in case it wasn't clear.

20yearsyoung307 karma

oh shit. I can't handle all these euphemisms.

JamOutWifYerClamOut102 karma

Hey! I am an FTM also undergoing testosterone therapy currently. Obviously, we FTMs have to take T for life, because male puberty will never just come naturally. Is it the same in your case? Or will your body eventually favor that post-pubescent state and you will no longer need it?

20yearsyoung143 karma

I will have to be taking T for the rest of my life. My brain doesn't produce testosterone naturally. We'll both be injecting and being oh-so manly in no time.

JamOutWifYerClamOut73 karma

That we will. ;) I wish you the best of luck with all your manly beard growing and such. I'm sure you're as excited as I am.

20yearsyoung82 karma

When you spend the majority of your teenage years and young adult life craving some masculinity and finally recognise what you need to do and how to do it, it's a massive relief.

DrinksWaterStraight69 karma

How much did your penis grow?

20yearsyoung113 karma

It's grown about a centimeter or two.

fourdac52 karma

How long is it now?

xnickitynickx420 karma

At least a centimeter or two.

20yearsyoung320 karma

math checks out.

totalacehole59 karma

On a scale of 1 to "21 year old male going through puberty", how horny are you right now?

20yearsyoung237 karma

Not very horny actually. I'd probably rate myself as a "21 year old male who would be up for it but also wants to stay inside and play hearthstone".

KnowNothingNerd51 karma

I'm a 32 year old married man and would rate myself the same. Hearthstone is damn addicting. So to ask you anything... what rank kind of deck are you playing?

20yearsyoung47 karma

I only just started playing a couple of days ago so I'm still casual. I only play hunter though. It's so much fun.

hsprklgb54 karma

Have you ever had sex?

20yearsyoung92 karma

Still a virgin.

llamanugget41 karma

Im going through the same thing as a 16 year old, it nice when girls start approaching you because "wow, you're voice is deeper and your taller" but damn that blow to self confidence for me is still heavy

20yearsyoung36 karma

I went through it so many times. When I people started calling me more manly and sexier then it was a great feeling.

DerekStu35 karma

Thanks for the followup dude, glad to see things are going well!

20yearsyoung29 karma

Yeah man! Thanks for all the help over the passed few months!

sn95cobra34 karma

OP are you lifting? please tell me you are lifting

20yearsyoung62 karma

I lift 4 days a week, terribly.

incrediculous32 karma

I looked 15 till I was 25. I often couldn't buy cigarettes or alcohol because clerks thought my legally-valid ID was fake. Doctors said I was a late bloomer.

Looking young shows you just how ageist and wrongly-condescending people can be. It's difficult overcoming that prejudicial first impression, especially in a competitive or professional environment where people try to assert any form of dominance they can.

20yearsyoung22 karma

Definitely. I'm getting a lot more respect lately just because of my deep voice and more masculine presence.

Wayne51331 karma

What is your disorder? Is it Kleinfelter's syndrome?

20yearsyoung57 karma

hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. very similar to Kleinfelter's syndrome.

FearKratos1018 karma

If you don't mind my asking, what exactly is that?

20yearsyoung28 karma

They're basically exactly the same but people with Kleinfelter's have either an impaired or nonexistant sense of smell.

anolyphant30 karma

That's Kallmann syndrome (tertiary hypogonadism)

20yearsyoung25 karma

oh really? damn.

WaywardWizard27 karma

I haven't read the original AMA, so do forgive me if this has already been answered:

Did you endure bullying for your regression in school? Did you deal with it?

20yearsyoung71 karma

I didn't get bullied that much in school. I didn't really draw attention to myself. After school it got a lot worse and I caught a lot of flack for the way I looked and talked.

The_New_Ent20 karma

Gotta say, thank you for doing this AMA. I'm a sixteen year old who hasn't really gone through that much of puberty, and I see freshmen growing full on beards, which made me pretty insecure. But this really helps. Thanks :)

20yearsyoung45 karma

No worries dude, a beard isn't everything. Most people care about the way you to talk to them.

KarmaNeutrino19 karma


20yearsyoung41 karma

  • I've put on about 10 kilos. I have trouble bulking but it's my own fault. I've put on a way more strength then what I used to have but if I ate more I would be hulking out.
  • People put me at between 16 and 18 now. My voice has dropped and I'm tall but I still look really young.
  • I would get them but not as much as the first few months on testosterone.
  • No complications.
  • I know I'm beautiful and fuck the haters. All jokes aside, I'm getting a lot less comments on my appearance lately.
  • I go to university. It's fun, I meet a lot of people and party a lot.

KarmaNeutrino11 karma

That all sounds great!

How much longer will the treatment go on?- Are you still progressing after six months?

20yearsyoung23 karma

I'm going to be taking testosterone for the rest of my life but my doctor estimated my puberty will go on for about 2 years. I still got a long way to go.

KarmaNeutrino21 karma

I'm honestly interested, so in that case, you better do an update in 2 years ;)

20yearsyoung17 karma

no worrieez. Will do.

AlsoOnTesto18 karma

You mentioned you were fertile. Have this been confirmed by your endcronologist? Im just curious as I was told I could never have have kids on my own, tho I do have bigger dosage of testosteron than you. Imgur

20yearsyoung44 karma

I'm infertile. I could take gonadoloids to become fertile but it would take about 2 years of treatments.

XxXSamWoWXxX19 karma

Wait... so you basically have free birth control until you want kids? That sounds awesome!

20yearsyoung123 karma

For me, it's kinda wasted on the fact that I don't really want to have sex with women, nor impregnate them but I can see why a single straight man would find it convenient.

xthatstoobad13 karma

Have you noticed any changes in how you see or interact with others/the world around you? I ask from the point of view of a teacher. Seeing my 14- and 15-year-olds suddenly become more socially mature is fascinating, but I don't know how much of that has to do with puberty and how much is just from adding more years of experience.

20yearsyoung15 karma

I've always been confident and mature but now that my physical presence backs up my personality it works wonders. I mentally developed but my body didn't keep up.

moonshyne279 karma

Did you have to wear deodorant before? I'm sure one of the more unpleasant things about puberty is body odor. What has that been like for you?

20yearsyoung18 karma

I still don't sweat that much but I'm always cold from having an extremely low body fat percentage and no muscle mass.

Cradenz9 karma

so you couldn't grow any pubic or body hair on your own? must have been awkward during high school.

20yearsyoung20 karma

I could grow pubic and body hair. just not a manly amount.



20yearsyoung14 karma

Uggghhh fine. Give me a bit. It's night in a Australia and I need the lighting to be right.

20yearsyoung16 karma

I'm not actually posting a picture of my dick by the way.

shnookumsmuffin7 karma

Have you got a beard yet?! And what did you look like before this? I can't imagine a 20 year old who hasn't gone through puberty. Has your voice broken?

20yearsyoung38 karma

I've got some scruff on the sides of my face and my chin but nothing manly. I'm getting my dosage of testosterone upped tomorrow so I'm hoping the beard will come soon.

I looked like a really tall 12 year old. now I look like a kinda tall 15 year old.

My voice has broken.

dis0riented4 karma

what height are you? have you grown significantly since you've testosterone therapy?

20yearsyoung6 karma

I'm 184cm. I'm getting lots of growth pains but I haven't really noticed that much height difference.

pauerbach081 karma

As an American, huh?

20yearsyoung1 karma

6 foot bro. metric all the way.

Bag06a4 karma

Will this make your penis bigger or will it have no effect? (Serious question)

20yearsyoung11 karma

My penis is growing for the testosterone.

tianxia4 karma

How did you find out you have never gone through puberty? Which specific indicators led you to seek medicinal advice? Thanks for the AMA.

20yearsyoung6 karma

My voice hadn't cracked, my face was shiny and new, I had no muscle and I weighed 50kg. I started going to the gym to work on my pitiful self to try and find some glimmer of self confidence. After a year of not seeing any progress I got my testosterone levels checked and the rest is history.

randomupvoteuser4 karma

Which testosterone replacement option has your endo recomended? Are you taking any other meds as a part of your treatment?

20yearsyoung5 karma

For 6 months now I have been taking testosterone undeconoate capsules. Tomorrow I'm seeing my endocrinologist and I he will for sure be putting me onto a testosterone gel.

randomupvoteuser5 karma

Ask about Axiron as well. It is less of a gel than a liquid. It is applied to the underarms with a deodorant like applicator. I have a prolactinoma causing low T and Axiron provided the stable levels with the easiest application and the least mess. The gels are applied by hand, the applicator makes a big difference when it comes to the daily routine of clean up without cross contaminating your environment.

20yearsyoung6 karma

Awesome. I'll ask my doc about it.

hatofwonder4 karma

Do you know if this kind of condition can happen to females aswell?

20yearsyoung21 karma

Yes, my mum has it. It's a genetic disorder and I got it from my mum. She was diagnosed at 25 and didn't produce any oestrogen.

MonsterIt2 karma

Serious question, when they did tests, did they find higher than normal estrogen levels?

20yearsyoung6 karma

No, it just came back that I had low levels of testosterone. My estrogen levels were normal for me.

thesciencechick2 karma

Just out of curiosity, you mentioned being gay, do you think that might change once the treatments have finished? Do you find yourself more curious about girls now?

20yearsyoung10 karma

I would have sex with a girl just to see what it's like but I'm not physically or emotionally attracted to them in anyway.

thesciencechick2 karma

Would it worry you if that changes with the more testosterone you receive?

20yearsyoung13 karma

Not really. I believe that sexuality is a spectrum but it would be a bit weird explaining to my friends that I went from gay to bi.

[deleted]1 karma


20yearsyoung4 karma

I have secondary hypogonadism which means my sexual organs developed and I got armpit and pubic hair but no facial hair, deep voice or muscle growth.

JohanPhooey-5 karma


20yearsyoung9 karma

nah man, if I don't post pics I can answer every personal question in all it's hormonal awkwardness without repercussions.

perona13-6 karma

How's your dictation machine?

20yearsyoung4 karma

I'm too busy answering questions and doing other things to adhere to the rules of grammar.