Hi, I'm Judy Greer. You know me from something on TV, or the movies, or a commercial, or the line at Starbucks. I wrote a book called I Don't Know What You Know Me From. Ask me anything... except what you know me from! Just kidding, you can ask me that too. I'll be here from 5 to 6.

Proof: https://twitter.com/missjudygreer/status/453962399482380288

More proof! Starting now... https://twitter.com/missjudygreer/status/454000990988304384

Edit: Hey everybody, thanks for all your questions! Please take a look at my book: http://knopfdoubleday.com/book/228344/i-dont-know-what-you-know-me-from/ Say goodbye to these!

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thebobstu1247 karma

Have you ever thought of mating with Conan O'Brien and creating a super race of gingers?

krupkadelic775 karma

I just shit myself

MissJudyGreer1830 karma

me too!

WhoreyMatthews978 karma

Who's crazier Charlene/Carol or Kitty Sanchez?

MissJudyGreer1316 karma

Cherlene. But it's close

themadnad860 karma

If you could be choked by anyone you want, who would you pick and why?

MissJudyGreer1626 karma




edit: Should probably ask a question too, this being an AMA and all. Of the cast of arrested development who had the cast cracking up the most behind the scenes?

MissJudyGreer1006 karma

good question. that's tough. jessica walters.

The_Best_Dong661 karma

After seeing that commercial, I actually had to google if you and Jane Krakowski were really sisters. Should I feel dumb?

MissJudyGreer739 karma

nope. a lot of people have been asking me that.

toaster_waffle643 karma

On average, how many times a week would you say you are flashed? If you had to guess, what would the ratio of men/women be?

MissJudyGreer1314 karma

mostly men. once a month. why not more? And why not more ladies? watcha afraid of girls?

goldeneye007619 karma

Do you think Lucille and Mallory would get along together? Or would the universe implode from so much self-righteousness?

MissJudyGreer864 karma

100% implosion

santichrist582 karma

Hey JUDY. You being Carol/Cheryl is a huge part of why I love Archer.

Was it coincidence you and Jessica Walter started working on Archer together or intentional? Jeffrey Tambor playing Len Trexler later on definitely had to be intentional.

MissJudyGreer672 karma

you are right. coincidence for me and her. intentional for JT

SmartyrChild546 karma

Who's better in bed: Hank, Archer, or Gob

MissJudyGreer1676 karma


chris1227676 karma

I heard his _______ looks like a ______ but without its shell.

MissJudyGreer697 karma


no1partyanthem522 karma

Will we ever see Fatty Magoo and the Aluminum Monster come face to face again?

MissJudyGreer461 karma

i hope! love that show and that cast

dawggeee476 karma

One question:

Is it weird that I found your character, Kitty (Arrested Development), extremely attractive despite her insanity? Does it say something about my simplicity as an inherently mammary-obsessed man?

MissJudyGreer1026 karma

totally. and that you love crazy bitches. be careful out there.

decoyjews469 karma

Wait, who is your supervisor?

MissJudyGreer1043 karma

not you

BlankTrack464 karma

Who and what do you love most in this world?

MissJudyGreer963 karma

cornball answer, but my husband. he's rad.


Man, that was a cornballer answer.

MissJudyGreer1151 karma

bluth cornballer

iamthetlc462 karma

In The Descendants, you play the wife of a man who has been cheating on your character for some time. I liked your character a lot (and also felt SUPER bad for her). How did you get in the mindset for that role?

MissJudyGreer1193 karma

listening to sad songs on my ipod and thinking about sad shit.

jbrav88446 karma

What was your favorite scene to record on Archer?

MissJudyGreer1141 karma

i love the kidnap one when they kidnap pam and think it's me.

iamthetlc373 karma

Hi Judy! You're well-known for playing "the best friend" in several romantic comedies. If YOU were the star of a major rom-com, what would you want it to be about?

Edit: Good stuff and funny stuff.

MissJudyGreer605 karma

good stuff. and funny stuff too.

MissJudyGreer503 karma

good stuff and funny stuff

dayofthedead204288 karma

Hi Judy,

I'm a big fan - thanks for doing this ama!

My question is what scares you the most about Cheryl Tunt's personality and what do you think is her most redeeming quality?

MissJudyGreer426 karma

that she will die her friendship (?) with Pam

Cohaagan259 karma

What is your favorite role? How are tv shows and movies different from animation like archer?

MissJudyGreer490 karma

always love the role I'm currintly shooting, right now Lina Bowman on MARRIED, new show for FX. On archer I can go to work with my face cut open and it doesn't matter.

stanthemanchan344 karma

Do you go to work with your face cut open often?

MissJudyGreer611 karma

just once. bad idea.

AndyWarwheels248 karma

How many tacos can you eat in one sitting?

MissJudyGreer493 karma

depends on the taco. usually 5

beernerd243 karma

Hey, do you wanna come over to my place before the party? Some of the guys from Shipping are coming and they're bringing tequila and bubble wrap.

MissJudyGreer333 karma

radballs. and nice quote btw. 27 dresses, right?

operation_hennessey240 karma

Say goodbye to these Judy, because it is the last time ..... (. ) (. )

MissJudyGreer285 karma

the last time!

Velorium_Camper233 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA Judy. Archer is hands down one of the funniest shows ever. What's your favorite running joke in Archer?

What's your favorite role you've done?

MissJudyGreer377 karma

pam eating cocaine not sure. cherlene is up there

ipedakitti213 karma

I loved you in arrested development and in your one episode of modern family! I think your hilarious and beautiful, so I've always wondered how it felt to play someone who was supposed to be unattractive on screen (kitty)? Does it mess with your self esteem?

MissJudyGreer327 karma

nah. it's very freeing actually.

15chainz211 karma

Any good George Clooney stories?

MissJudyGreer453 karma

he doesn't run like that. and doesn't wear make-up ever.

JonMakesNoises182 karma

How do you get in character for voicing Cheryl Tunt?

MissJudyGreer521 karma

take off my shoes

capndetroit181 karma

Thanks for representing Livonia so well!

MissJudyGreer155 karma

very welcome

mrsbass79170 karma

Morning Judy greetings from Australian. I was just wondering if you could say hello to my fried Steve, he watches Archer religiously I know it would make his day.

MissJudyGreer267 karma

Hello Steve!

moon_slave163 karma

Ms. Greer You're such a versatile and talented actress, but you started off as a ballerina. What made you decide to go from studying ballet to acting?

MissJudyGreer456 karma

i sucked at ballet. really.

sleepyhouse145 karma

Judy! What's the best way to go about acquiring acid gummy bears?

MissJudyGreer271 karma

head out to the desert. good luck.

sixlayercake144 karma

Hi Judy. Is a hamburger a sandwich?

MissJudyGreer230 karma

great question. god, it's often listed in the sandwich section of most menus, right?

pfelon144 karma

Hey Judy! I think I saw you once at a wine bar in Culver City. It inspired these two questions:

  1. What kind of wine do you like?

  2. What do you think is the best way, as a fan, to approach and say hello to a celebrity you admire without freaking them out or getting all up in their business?

MissJudyGreer221 karma

I like all wine. pretty equally. and you probably did. was it bottle rock? I would say just as you're leaving to say "just wanted to say I am a big fan. you're.......(insert word of your choice here).

shivan21138 karma

Hi Judy, do you feel shy when dubbing naked scenes in Archer?

MissJudyGreer222 karma

not yet.

silence1545131 karma

Hi there! Big fan of yours, I think your comedic timing is impeccable. Can you tell me anything about Jurassic World?

EDIT: Does it also seem weird to you that you were Herb's sister on one episode then came back as Walden's ex-wife?

MissJudyGreer241 karma

I can't say anything about Jurassic World or I will get killed. Yes it's weird, but it's also awesome.


How bout the new Jason Reitman film?

I have a feeling it's gunna be awesome.

MissJudyGreer116 karma

OMG yes it is. good feeling.

jimmyeppley118 karma

Do you prefer the more crazy characters (Kitty, Carol/Cheryl/Charlene) or more serious ones (Ms. Desjardin)?

MissJudyGreer217 karma

crazy ones.

Archerized117 karma

How much of yourself do you see in Kitty? :p

MissJudyGreer251 karma

too much.

Frajer111 karma

What is George Clooney like to work with?

MissJudyGreer228 karma

funny and fun. but he's smart and I am always trying not to say dumb things around him.

ajb1990111 karma

Hi, Judy. Jeff, Who Lives at Home is one of the best movies to come out in a long, long time. How did you come to be a part of it?

MissJudyGreer175 karma

the duplass brothers asked me! One of my first ever straight offers. and such an amazing one!

fourpac103 karma

How much input do you have into creating and evolving the character of Cheryl?

MissJudyGreer182 karma

i don't try to have input because adam reed is a genius and WAY smarter then me..and better then me too. If i'm being honest.

MycroftDiogenes102 karma

Is Will Arnett a gentle lover?

MissJudyGreer236 karma


SonOfANeilYoungFan101 karma

Hi Judy! I was just wondering if there was ever a moment on Arrested Development where you were caught off guard and almost broke character. There just seems to be so many moments where it would be tough to keep a serious face. Thanks again!

MissJudyGreer206 karma

every scene i've ever been in on that show has made me break character. thank god for editing.

krupkadelic100 karma

Judy. Judy. Judy. JUUUDDDYYYYY.

MissJudyGreer134 karma

good one.

apathy200798 karma

Are you still a practicing Catholic? If so, is it hard to be religious in the Hollywood community?

MissJudyGreer201 karma

sorry, no. but I imagine it would be.

Computerhead95 karma

What's your favorite part of voicing a character on archer? Ps, loved your work in adaptation, great film

MissJudyGreer124 karma

that I can do it anywhere. well, the scripts first. second that I can do it anywhere.

momocat90 karma


MissJudyGreer200 karma


thatoneum82 karma

Who would win in a crazy off, you or Kristen Schaal?

Also, how come nobody has heard of Visioneers? Seriously. It's amazing.

MissJudyGreer107 karma

me. and thank you.

alfienism79 karma

Loved your work since, Fern Mayo! What's your favorite things to eat from the Mini Bar?

MissJudyGreer72 karma


mooj12366 karma

Hi Judy! You have a lot of underappreciated/cult films in your filmography. Is there anything in particular you've worked on that you wish more people would have seen?

MissJudyGreer132 karma

Jeff, Who lives at home and the tv set. they are two of my favs.

rosemonday55 karma

You went to DePaul, right? Any chance of you coming back and speaking?

MissJudyGreer92 karma

yes and i would do that anytime they would have me. did it once a long time ago.

MissJudyGreer137 karma

not really. I went to texas once and I went ice skating in a mall.

nockyopunkassdown52 karma

What's a good name for a pet iguana?

MissJudyGreer163 karma

willie nelson

doogie9251 karma

How much of Cheryl/Carol's character did you bring in from the start, and how much developed when you saw how she was going to be animated? Also, has a gypsy woman every actually said anything to you?

MissJudyGreer98 karma

A lot about cheryl/carol happened came together in that first season after I started recording. and yes, a gypsy woman has said something to me. but in another gypsy language that I couldn't understand.

Anna_Kendricks_Pubes51 karma

You were so funny in The TV Set, a movie more people need to seek out!

Which raises the question... You have actually seen Taxi Driver, right?

MissJudyGreer60 karma

Ha! yes. I have. I love that movie. thanks for pointing it out.

IMP101748 karma

I have no idea what to ask you but I want you to know that I really think you're hilarious and appreciate you as an actress and aaaagghhh

That's a hell of a name for a book, too. Okay. Bye.

MissJudyGreer71 karma

thank you! and thank you. I like my book title too.

tfu0946 karma

You've had some memorable character names in your career including Cheryl Tunt, Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal, Trixie, and Kitty, but is Better Than Toast from The Go-Getter the best character name on your resume?

MissJudyGreer65 karma

off the grid reference. I like it. but no. not eally.

operation_hennessey42 karma

Tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising!

MissJudyGreer98 karma

i can't drive a stick shift

Syrun40 karma

What was your favourite experience on Arrested Development?

MissJudyGreer79 karma

all of it. sorry, but it's true. and mitch hurwitz is a god.

Fonzea-38 karma

Favourite show that you haven't starred in?

MissJudyGreer141 karma


seismicor38 karma

Hi Judy, when they're writing new episodes of Archer do the screenwriters go to you and other voice actors for any sort of input?

MissJudyGreer68 karma


mbrunswick37 karma

How do you feel about spelunking?

MissJudyGreer76 karma


Scherzophrenia34 karma

Are there any aspects of Kitty or Cheryl/Carol that you relate to or identify with?

MissJudyGreer79 karma


OswegoWriter33 karma

You've been in a lot of stuff, and your IMDB page lists quite a few upcoming projects. I know I've recognized you before in shows, and it sort of removes me from the story for a moment when I say, "Hey, that's Judy Greer!" Do you find that being so prolific has that effect on an audience, or am I just nuts?

MissJudyGreer53 karma

you're probably nuts, but yes. It can. but I am not worried about it.

Starrykat30 karma

Hi Judy! Loved your role in Descendants! What was the best thing about working with Matthew Lillard?

MissJudyGreer60 karma

his short shorts.

thebodygibbiatti27 karma

Did you really bang that gerbil and make a french girl?

MissJudyGreer30 karma


MycroftDiogenes22 karma

Is there anywhere in the world you haven't been to but you'd really like to? :)

MissJudyGreer65 karma

vietnam, paris. london. thailand, japan. turkey. portugal. santa fe. the mall of america

childbearinghips18 karma

Best way to get your autograph?!?!?

MissJudyGreer39 karma

send something to ID-PR for me

identicalcousins16 karma

Hi Judy, As a voice over artist, how much time do you have to dedicate to a season of Archer? Is it all at once or do you record as the series are written?

And get out more often, I love seeing pictures of you on red carpets!

MissJudyGreer23 karma

record en episode every 2 weeks or so

eric174312 karma

You're obviously a very widespread actress with many different character roles. Was it weird though to play two different characters on the same TV show (Two and a Half Men).

MissJudyGreer15 karma

not really. cause of the different guys.

J_B_Grenouille8 karma

Hello Judy.. I loved you on Adaptation... What is your favorite episode from Archer and why ?

MissJudyGreer17 karma

pam kidnap blunder. need to remember the name of it.

seismicor7 karma

Judy, do you share any character flaws or strengths with Cheryl Tunt? You're awesome on Archer, by the way!

MissJudyGreer14 karma

probably. and thank you. (not singing btw. I suck at singing.)

orthonym5 karma

No question, I already know all the things I know you from. I just wanted to say that I've liked you in every role of yours I've seen. Keep doing what you do, and I'll keep watching.

MissJudyGreer7 karma

thank you!

Necrobyte4 karma

Any hints you can give us about the final episode of Archer Vice?

MissJudyGreer10 karma


BijouDemi3 karma

Hi Judy! I've been a fan since I was a little girl (S/O to TomTom, the OG 'tough bitch') I was wondering, what did you find to be toughest aspect of "making it" in the industry, and how did you overcome these obstacles? Finally, thank you for being a wonderful role model! Your successful career gives me hope that I might one day follow in your footsteps.

MissJudyGreer4 karma

thank you! hardest part is not letting the rejection get me down.

realneil3 karma

What is your favourite movie?

MissJudyGreer3 karma

it changes, but I love TOOTSIE probably most of all.

WNW33 karma

In the same vein as the question I asked Amber Nash; What is better: erotic asphyxiation or outlaw country? Neither outlaw asphyxiation nor erotic country is an acceptable answer.

MissJudyGreer8 karma

jeez. picky. outlaw country. which includes erotic asphyxiation

BradAusrotas2 karma

You've gotta have a favourite Archer episode. There've been so many good ones, which would you choose?

MissJudyGreer3 karma

kidnap pam instead of me one. what's it called?

Glitchless2 karma

How was it working with the Duplass bros?

MissJudyGreer3 karma

career highlight

nerd_terd2 karma

Hi, Miss Greer! You've done quite a variety of work from TV to movies to voice work, if you could choose anything as your next career step regardless of consequences what would it be?

Edit: for politeness

MissJudyGreer7 karma

catering? just kidding. probably fireman. kidding again. um...i like acting a lot. I will stick with that. Maybe direct something sometime? I did a short doc and it was fun, I felt drunk with power. Sort of. Ok, not really at all. But it was fun.

unkleted2 karma

So did you marry a hamster and have weird kids, or did he used to be a man and was turned into a hamster by some strange curse? Or were you all hamsters who turned into humans except dad? What do you like for brunch?

MissJudyGreer2 karma



Judy! May I call you Judy? Ms. Greer?

I love seeing you in shows, I feel like you inject so much of your own character into your roles. So whenever you are working on a project, are you allowed to improvise or is the character that you are playing already defined?

MissJudyGreer3 karma

Judy works. and it depends on the project. i do like to improv...

gardenlobster1 karma

Who do YOU think is hotter - original Pam or Crazy Coke Pam?

MissJudyGreer2 karma

crazy coke pam