Hello reddit, I am actor Clive Owen.

I've been in films like Croupier, Inside Man, Sin City, Children of Men, Closer, and my latest film, Blood Ties, will be in theatres and on demand tomorrow 3/21. It's about two brothers, set in the 1970's in New York. One is a big time villain, and one is a cop, and it's about the problems that that causes.

I'm looking forward to taking your questions, so ask me anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/bloodties/status/446664728287248387

Thanks everyone for all the questions today. I had a great time!

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mc_jakie1699 karma

Mr Owen, one of my favourite roles of yours is Theo in Children of Men. I was just wondering how many attempts, on average, the famous long takes took, particularly the famous battle scene. Thanks, Jake

Woah, this blew up. Thanks for the reply Clive, hope the new film goes well.

TheRealCliveOwen1944 karma

We spent an awful long time rehearsing them and preparing them and because they were single takes -- that one you particularly talk about, it was a half day reset because we were blowing out walls and tanks and exploding things. It's very specific what we were doing - it's was like a very specific dance or choreography. I think Alfonso Cuaron is one of the most special directors out there.

MrLister1120 karma

Shoot’ Em Up has to be one of the most ridiculous yet brilliantly fun action movies in recent years (I’ve described it to friends as a live-action cartoon with the insane gun battles and silly carrot gags).

So a query for ya: Was it as fun to make as it was to watch?

Also, Monica Bellucci… oh you lucky man.

TheRealCliveOwen886 karma

Yes, I am a lucky man. It was great fun to do and what I love about that film is how funny it was. I always say it as an out and out comedy and I think Michael Davis did a great job on it -- it is crazy and silly, but it was great fun.

WuzzWuzz771 karma

I shared an elevator with you once and I was too nervous to say, 'I love your work.' So, here's my second chance. Clive, I love your work.

TheRealCliveOwen1156 karma

If only I knew which elevator.

MONKSFTW632 karma

Hey Clive Owen! I loved your performance in King Arthur and Sin City, I woke up at 2:30 am here in Australia just for this AMA,I have a few questions and I hope you can answer them

  • Do you have any memories on or off screen from working on King Arthur?

  • What was it like working with the cast and crew of Sin City?

  • Can you tell us about your upcoming film The Last Knights?

Thank you for taking time out of your day to give us this opportunity, on behalf of this AMA I'd like to commend you on your work and wish you luck on your current and future projects

TheRealCliveOwen653 karma

Big memory was the amount of horse riding we had to do and one the first day, I think every actor rode a horse longer than they ever had in their lives before.

I had a great time on Sin City. Robert Rodriguez is a genius. When we shot that movie, it was all green screen with no set - and when I saw it, I couldn't believe what he had achieved.

The Last Knights is with Morgan Freeman. It originally was a kind of samurai tale that we created our own world around. it's about a bunch of knights avenging the death of their master. it has lots of great swordplay.

lula2488564 karma

Would you ever consider making Karl Pilkington's film 'A Love of Two Brains'?

Edit: name

TheRealCliveOwen391 karma

I would if I knew what it was. And maybe.

vonbibant485 karma

You were awesome in BMW Films! Can we expect you to return for the new iterations?

TheRealCliveOwen410 karma

I don't know anything about the new ones, but I had an amazing time doing the originals. I did 8 short films with really amazing directors and just had the best time.

I_Steam_A_Good_Ham442 karma

Are you still terrified of badgers?

TheRealCliveOwen865 karma

this question has come up a few times in the last few years and i have a feeling it's planted by someone I know on my wikipedia page or somewhere. but i have no problems with badgers.

Loading----------424 karma

How do you rate Liverpool's chances in the English Premier League? How has football influenced your life?

TheRealCliveOwen609 karma

it's the best football we've played in years. it's very exciting for liverpool this year and the thing is even when we lose, we're still playing great football. we have to be in the shot of winning the title.

THEDR1ZZZLE372 karma

Mr Owen, Inside Man is one of my all time favorite movies, and i am a huge fan of just about all your movies, but i am terrible at coming up with questions, so, what's your favorite thing to eat for dinner?

TheRealCliveOwen491 karma

I love a great steak and I'm also a big fan of sushi.

Angrygoat44358 karma

Can I buy you a drink next time you're in New York?

TheRealCliveOwen953 karma

Sure. You can buy me more than one.

TheRealCliveOwen549 karma

Sure. You can buy me more than one.

pudgesmack355 karma

Clive - you were absolutely phenomenal in Children of Men. My favorite film however is Closer. What was the relationship like between the four of you? I thought the chemistry between everyone was really great.

TheRealCliveOwen384 karma

I had an amazing time on Closer because I was in the original production of the play and had the opportunity to play the other part in the movie. Mike Nichols one of the greatest actor/directors out there and that film is very special to me.

15chainz335 karma

Will you go see Sin City: A dame to kill?

TheRealCliveOwen511 karma

Yes, of course. I think Robert Rodriguez did an amazing job on the first one and I can't wait to see this one.

robinsky1292 karma

What is the most challenging thing about being an actor, Clive?

TheRealCliveOwen590 karma

Probably the traveling, especially if you've got a family.

kcdotz213 karma

Hello Clive, First off I think you are a great actor, I loved you in Children of Men. 1) Whats your favorite david bowie song? 2) whats your favorite/least favorite thing about America?

TheRealCliveOwen366 karma

Currently the Stars are Out Tonight off the new album but I've been a fan of his for so long that there are hundreds of favourite Bowie songs, but at the moment it's that one.

My favourite thing about America is probably New York. I've shot there many times and always had a great time there and think it's one of the great cities of the world. The fact that it's so far from London is my least favourite.

LordPringus202 karma

If you could act in a film or TV show with either Nicolas Cage or Shaq, who would it be and why?

TheRealCliveOwen381 karma

I'd want to do it with both of them at the same time. I don't like choosing one over the other.

choboy456186 karma

Hey Clive, I love you as an actor but I was wondering if you ever considered directing?

TheRealCliveOwen326 karma

I do think about it, but I've never really found a piece of material I am passionate about enough to stop acting and actually direct, but it is something I do think about.

NoRaMo176 karma

How was your experience working on Extras with Ricky Gervais? Did you enjoy playing such a horrible version of yourself?

TheRealCliveOwen292 karma

Ricky called me up and pitched me that scene on the phone and I laughed so hard I told him I would definitely be in. He is definitely one of the funniest guys around.

LesMoores171 karma

What was the worst or best day job you ever had?

TheRealCliveOwen326 karma

I cleaned people's flats for a while when I was unemployed and very young.

tipsjt160 karma

What Is Your All Time Favorite Film ?

TheRealCliveOwen375 karma

It changes year to year, but I'd have to say a recent film I was a huge fan of is Gravity - I think Alfonso Cuaron is one of the most talented people out there.

downpourDOTcom145 karma

How fun was it to shove Benicio Del Toro's face into a toilet?

Also you're rad!

TheRealCliveOwen191 karma

It was a lot of fun. Benicio is a great guy.

DracoVolans126 karma

Welcome to Reddit!

How was your experience with acting in the game Privateer 2: The Darkening?

TheRealCliveOwen155 karma

It was one of the first ever video games to do that I remember - they pulled together a pretty great cast and it was a very new thing at the time. I have very fond memories of shooting it.

Sledmaul102 karma

Hey Clive, I want to start off by thanking you for doing this. I've always been a big supporter of your work and appreciate your many talents. My question: Which role/character that you have portrayed has been your favorite?

TheRealCliveOwen224 karma

That's always a very difficult question to answer because I've done lots of films that I've really loved doing and am very proud of. But a few I'd like to pull out: Closer because I was in the original production of the play, so I was always very close to that writing, but I had an amazing time with Spike Lee on Inside Man and with Alfonso Cuaron and Children of Man. But my favourite one is the one I'm doing next.

FuturePlump98 karma

Favorite rock and roll band Clive?

TheRealCliveOwen325 karma

at the moment, I'm really into this band called The Nationals. I've seen them a couple times and for me they are one of the best bands out there.

Frajer86 karma

Is there any type of movie you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten the chance to?

TheRealCliveOwen147 karma

Not really, no.

bullseye2184 karma

Hey Clive! Just wanna say that I love your movies and thought you were hilarious on extras. My question is, was there ever any talk about a sequel to shoot 'em up? It's one of my favorite movies and would love to see where Smith and Oliver are now.

TheRealCliveOwen114 karma

I don't think there are any plans for a sequel, but I think it's a very funny film. Michael Davis who directed it did a very great job.

OutlawBishop80 karma

At what point did you realize in your acting career that you were no longer just successful but a real celebrity? Thank for the AMA! Love your work!

TheRealCliveOwen133 karma

I still consider myself an actor. Obviously every film you do, you have to sell and you are in the public eye, but for me it's the joy of the work of acting that is the reason I do it.

robz32x74 karma

Which scene in Closer was your personal favorite?

TheRealCliveOwen114 karma

I had a great time working with Julia Roberts, so all the scenes with her. The writing is so good in that piece. It's a script that every scene is brilliantly written and a joy to play and that doesn't happen often.

Taco_Cabeza67 karma

Fistfight between you and Jason Statham; who wins?

TheRealCliveOwen142 karma

Definitely him.

mylefthandkilledme65 karma

Mr. Owen, Do you feel like the tide has turned and the better scripts are being written for television and the internet compared to movies?

TheRealCliveOwen113 karma

I think it's a hugely exciting time in the world of television. the project i just shot was really brilliantly written and it gives writers the opportunity to explore characters' story lines over a longer period of time. it also proves tv work can be more daring than the world of movies in terms of writing things that would be hard to get off the ground as a movie.

goodtimes0862 karma

What's your favorite scene from blood ties?

TheRealCliveOwen105 karma

I love the way that the film builds up to the end, so I would have to say leading up to the big end finale is one of my favorite scenes.

obesitykills62 karma

I loved "Inside Man". What was it like working with Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington? Any good stories?

TheRealCliveOwen73 karma

I had a great time on Inside Man. I've always been a big fan of Spike Lee and to get to shoot that film with him and the cast was a real treat.

maverick1760 karma

What's your favourite thing to do when not working?

TheRealCliveOwen137 karma

Hang with the family.

tiga4life2258 karma

Do you read much? If so what's your favorite book?

TheRealCliveOwen96 karma

I read a lot of scripts and often if I'm reading it's often to do with research for a part. Having just finished shooting The Knick TV series with Soderbergh about the world of medicine in the 1900s, I've been reading books related to that.

andnowwesing56 karma

Hi there Clive! I thoroughly enjoyed your performance in Gosford Park. I thought you really had gravitas even amongst a cast of heavyweight actors.

What was it like working with Julian Fellowes?

TheRealCliveOwen66 karma

I had a great time on this film. Robert Altman is one of the greatest directors and to see him keep so many story lines in the air so effortlessly was a real joy. I think Altman was a master.

Jerbattimus50 karma

Do you have a favorite type of sandwich?

TheRealCliveOwen74 karma

No, I don't.

FrickleFart9035 karma

Do you plan on being in another movie like Shoot 'Em Up? It was a lot of fun watching you in a movie like that. Really enjoyable.

Also, you're one of the reasons Children of Men has remained in my top 10.

TheRealCliveOwen80 karma

I would do another film like Shoot 'Em Up, but I doubt anyone will ever come up with such a crazy idea.

MsJessD435 karma

Hi Clive, thanks for doing this Q&A, my question is, for you, what is the best part of being an actor ?

TheRealCliveOwen73 karma

The best part is getting the opportunity to work with really talented people - everyone from directors, actors, great props people - the whole crew. i really love working with people who are really good at what they do.

michelleabella33 karma

What was the biggest struggle to getting your acting career started and how did you overcome it? Getting an agent/manager? Not giving in to failure? Staying on track? Getting into SAG? Thanks!

TheRealCliveOwen55 karma

The biggest break I got was getting into the Royal Academy. I was unemployed in my hometown for a couple years and applied and got a place - that seems to be the most important break I got.

Bad_Motha_Fucka31 karma

Are you disappointed that there won't be sequels to Children of Men and Inside Man? Also, favorite actor and/or actress that you've had the pleasure to work with?

TheRealCliveOwen102 karma

for Inside Man, there was talk at some point and that would have been great, because I thought the original was such a good film. but I don't think Children of Men will have a sequel - that would be very hard to do a sequel.

katabaticsnow30 karma

Are you a fan of science fiction at all? If so, what are your favorite films or novels in the genre?

TheRealCliveOwen70 karma

I am a fan of science fiction - I loved Gravity, not sure it's scifi, but i am a big fan. I also love Phil Kaufman's Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Lost_at_the_Dog_park30 karma

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved Children of Men and what I great job you did in that movie. Was it an easy sell for you to join the cast? What was it like working with Michael Caine and Julianne Moore?

TheRealCliveOwen56 karma

It was such a great film to work on. Alfonso had such a beautiful vision for that film and it was a pleasure helping him achieve it. Julianne Moore and Michael Caine are two of the best around.

Azjeans25 karma

Hi Clive,

What's the one role you regret not being able to take?

TheRealCliveOwen50 karma

I don't really have many regrets. Every choice I make is because I really want to do that particular project and work with that particular director -- I feel very lucky, so I have no real regrets.

Rollonoblivion20 karma

What was the most challenging role you've done?

Also, big fan of your work! Thanks for doing this!

TheRealCliveOwen40 karma

one of the most challenging roles was playing Hemingway - to play such an iconic American writer was both challenging and quite daunting.

hachiemachie20 karma

Any idea when The Knick is going to air?

TheRealCliveOwen39 karma

I've heard August.

likwitsnake15 karma

Did you see Guillaume Canet's 'Tell No One' before agreeing to do the film? What was it like working with him?

TheRealCliveOwen22 karma

I did see Tell No One and thought it was a great movie. I also loved his film Little White Lies. Guillaume is not only really talent, but a really great guy.

Murica-WeThePeople15 karma

Funniest story from the set of blood ties?

TheRealCliveOwen37 karma

The whole film was great fun to shoot. I can't remember a specific funny story, but Guillaume was such a great guy to be around and just made every day fun.

hurpederp14 karma

Hey Clive, who is your acting inspiration ? Who would you view as a role model ?

TheRealCliveOwen35 karma

I love many actors, but two of my all time favorites are Humphrey Bogart and Alain Delon.

bacon_flavored13 karma

Big fan of your work Mr. Owen. My question for you is if you could have played any movie role in history, which would it be and why?

Thank you for doing this AMA! We were actually discussing Children of Men in the office this morning without prior knowledge this was happening. Cheers!

TheRealCliveOwen27 karma

If I've ever seen a really great movie, I would never want to play that part because the actor playing it has done it brilliantly - so I'm always very happy for the actor to play that part.