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Shoot’ Em Up has to be one of the most ridiculous yet brilliantly fun action movies in recent years (I’ve described it to friends as a live-action cartoon with the insane gun battles and silly carrot gags).

So a query for ya: Was it as fun to make as it was to watch?

Also, Monica Bellucci… oh you lucky man.

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I find this response makes me think of all those martial arts masters who move a little slower, don't do all the flashy moves, but when it comes time to actually do something it's just like, whoa that guy's technique is flawless! Older ya get, more you focus on the nuance and technical skill vs. the big flashy stuff.

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What did you take away on a visceral/personal level from your experience surfing at Mavericks?

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It was the mayor of Ohrdruf and his wife

"When Eisenhower left, Patton brought the mayor of Ohrdruf and his wife to the camp to see for themselves what they undoubtedly already knew. (When they were off duty, the guards would come into town to "brag, womanize and drink," notes Timmer, "so how couldn't townspeople know?") Then Patton ordered the mayor, his wife and all the other able-bodied townsfolk to come back the next day and dig individual graves for the dead prisoners.

The citizens did as they were told, completing 80% of the burials and promising to come back the following day to finish the job. That night, the mayor and his wife hanged themselves.

Timmer was called upon to translate their suicide note. It said, simply, "We didn't know! - but we knew."

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Is it true that Julius was actually a giant mutant banana slug that you trained to eat bunnies?