Hi, I'm Billy Eichner, host of Funny or Die's Billy on the Street. Season 3 just premiered last week on Fuse - watch it Wednesday nights at 11/10c! I also play Craig on NBC's Parks and Recreation! I'm here for another AMA to answer your questions about the show, pop culture, and anything else!

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SeatedCrowdSurfer34 karma

Russian President Putin and Crimean leaders signed an adoption treaty, but before parliament ratifies it I think they really need to know WOULD DREW BARRYMORE LIKE THAT?

I love you, and I laugh myself to tears watching BOTS and Craig on Parks and Rec. You are THE BEST!

BillyontheStreet51 karma

Yes, I'm hoping to do Billy on the Street around the Kremlin sometime soon!!! Drew Barrymore HATES the Kremlin.

crashboom33 karma

I love you on Parks and Rec. How has your experience been filming the show? Do you have more coming up?

Also, this is my favorite tweet of all time.

BillyontheStreet23 karma

They are the best ensemble on TV I think. I was shocked to be asked to be on it and so honored and happy about the whole damn thing! It was intimidating at first but they could not be lovelier!!!

Ratava31 karma


BillyontheStreet37 karma

I've been saying that for WEEKS!!!!!!!

johnwilliams71326 karma

Has anyone ever gotten physical during a bit?

BillyontheStreet81 karma

An old lady slapped me across the face when I used the phrase "blow job". I'm disgusting!!!

FuseSucks26 karma

I worked for Fuse for a few years. While I enjoyed your show, I have never worked for a company that cared so little about their employees. I wish you success Billy, but man....fuck Fuse.

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Brohimian22 karma

Do you plan on trying streets outside of NYC?

BillyontheStreet24 karma


Princess90sXOXO3 karma

What cities are you planning to come to?

BillyontheStreet5 karma

Hmmm...where do you think I should go?

abkap21 karma

How much are you obsessed with Amy Poehler?

BillyontheStreet42 karma

I mean...she is truly THE BEST. Everything you'd hope she'd be and so much more. And she is FUN.

lordbizness17 karma

What do you think Meryl Streep is like in bed?

BillyontheStreet43 karma

Hot as fuck!

SpencerPorter15 karma

True or False: if Kelly Clarkson and Rachael Ray met for lunch, they'd go to a Cheesecake Factory.

BillyontheStreet27 karma

DEFINITELY. And they'd order the avocado egg rolls. AS ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD!

SpencerPorter13 karma

I was in Barney's last weekend and saw Rashida Jones and while trying to do that LA-casual-ignore thing almost accidentally ran into a very pregnant Drew Barrymore. I assume you would have just burst into tears at this point?

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Dr_Kelvin2 karma

I am appreciating the way you write the same way you talk when you host. IT'S AMAZING!!!!

BillyontheStreet4 karma


jumbleton15 karma

What musical should Denzel Washington star in next?

BillyontheStreet43 karma


bsimms14 karma

Is twitter a force?

BillyontheStreet26 karma

You know it BITCH!

BoundToHatpin13 karma


I read an interview where you said you're obsessed with middling talent. What is it about people like Julianne Hough that fascinates you so much?

Also, I really hope Lorraine and Bruce are doing well. If they get married, you should officiate.

BillyontheStreet24 karma

I just think its fascinating to watch people TRY.

One of my twitter followers said she saw Lorraine and Bruce on the subway! Im dying to see Bruce!!

djfivenine1113 karma

Hi Billy. Big fan of your show and your character on Parks and Recs. With Anne and Chris gone from Parks and Recs, are the writers looking to develop your character more? Possibly give you bigger story lines?

Also how can you possibly gave a dollar to that woman who thought Denzel was in Phantom of the Opera?

BillyontheStreet21 karma

Thank You!! Craig is in the season finale working on some new things and interacting with a lot of different characters so we shall see!!! I'm having a blast doing it - thanks for watching!

Frajer12 karma

Billy do you think Drew Barrymore has shut up about True Detective since it premiered?

Also is it basically the same as your twitter interactions when you are in the writer's room with Julie Klausner and Jake Fogelnest?

BillyontheStreet11 karma

Yes - Jake and Julie make me laugh more than anyone.

jennifrlim12 karma

billy, is elena returning on season 3 ?

BillyontheStreet21 karma

YES - TONIGHT!!! She plays a game against Lena Dunham - and she's OVER THE TOP!!

RFB_clERIC11 karma

Who should have won the 2013 Daytime Emmy for outstanding game show host: Alex Trebek or Steve Harvey?

BillyontheStreet30 karma

Fuck You.

Hlmurray11 karma

BILLY! if you were Bar Mitzvah'd, what was your theme? If you weren't, what would your theme be?!

BillyontheStreet52 karma

My theme was "Broadway meets Pop Music" cause i couldnt decide. My table was called "Madonna" and my parents table was called "Phantom of the Opera". I'm not kidding.

zarofearth10 karma

  1. Do you have people with you to catch people after you talk to them an have them sign a release?
  2. Have you ever thought about doing standup or touring Billy on the Street live?

BillyontheStreet11 karma

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, I did live shows for years before I got busy with Billy and now Parks and Rec. I really want to tour - just have to find the time!!
  3. Me too.

spennyjo9 karma

Billy, for a dollar.... Were you offered the role on Parks & Rec after the BOTS season 2 episode with Rasheeda Jones, or was that completely coincidental?

BillyontheStreet13 karma

I was offered the role last summer...I had fans among the Parks cast and creators I think...not sure exactly when they thought of me for it but I'm glad they did!

jay_sim8 karma

What role will you be playing in the giver?

BillyontheStreet35 karma

Taylor Swift's acting coach and/or sheep herder.

DawnKieballs8 karma

Is Justin Bieber the black Jaden Smith?

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abkap7 karma

Is reddit a force?

BillyontheStreet19 karma

Not like Twitter bitch!!!

jstemily7 karma

Why not a wireless microphone?

BillyontheStreet32 karma

Not my style, babe. Deal with it!

mprymo7 karma

Any hints on what celebrities will we see on BOTS this season?

Also for a dollar: name a woman

BillyontheStreet19 karma

Lena Dunham TONIGHT, next week Neil Patrick Harris and Lindsay Lohan, then Seth Meyers, Paul Rudd, Joel McHale, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Sean Hayes, Patton Oswalt and more Olivia Wilde!

geographtea7 karma

What was your reaction when you found out that Kathie Lee Gifford followed you on twitter?

BillyontheStreet12 karma

Honestly it is a dream come true. Ive loved Kathie Lee forever.

giillllyy5 karma

Do you think Elena is a redditor?

BillyontheStreet17 karma

God no. She doesnt have a computer and has a cell phone from 1998. I love her - she's back on the show TONIGHT!

dberenato5 karma

Have you seen Spock in The Glass Menagerie!? Do you care?

BillyontheStreet3 karma

I did - Zach was BRILLIANT. Hoping he wins the Tony! He is also one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I love him.

kelseyed5 karma

I remember reading an interview where you said you studied theater in college. So, my questions are theater (or theatre, if you’re into being highfalutin), questions: 1) What was your favorite role you ever played on stage? 2) What’s your favorite musical?

BillyontheStreet8 karma

Yes I was a theater major at Northwestern. Too many favorite roles and shows. Depends on my mood. Falsettos is a classic though. I'm looking forward to doing a play or musical again sometime soon....

mochaman54 karma

What is Mr. Singh up to these days? I picture that he is hunting Lindsey Lohan down.

BillyontheStreet6 karma

i wish i knew...i'm in love with mr. singh.

mamakane4 karma

way to be late on reddit, billy! so i wiki'ed you and the last line in your bio is "Eichner, who is Jewish,[10] is also openly gay.[11][12]". so for a dollar, when and how did you come out? and this is a heart-felt serious question . . . i LOVE your show and so does my husband who saw you at the New Yorker Festival and was soooooo excited about it!

BillyontheStreet34 karma

Thanks! Came out a billion years ago. Never been an issue for me at all. That said, going back in soon!

baomib4 karma

People say I am the Craig of our office, but I think you are the me of Parks and Rec. How do you respond?

BillyontheStreet11 karma

Hahahaha...I'm a little scared for you!!

ddelrymple3 karma

For a Dollar: Revive 'Smash' or dinner with Meryl Streep?

BillyontheStreet22 karma

Revive Smash WITH Meryl Streep in the Christian Borle role.

dberenato3 karma

Billy was the Smash series finale gay enough or could it have been gayer?

BillyontheStreet3 karma

Nope, not gay enough.

MoishePurdueJr3 karma

Craig is a Samantha in the board room and a Miranda in the bedroom, but who is Billy?

That line will be engraved on my tombstone.

BillyontheStreet3 karma

Ha...that is a GREAT line. They write incredibly funny things for me to say.

Titantiger3 karma

Who are your comedy heroes?

BillyontheStreet14 karma

Martin Short, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Tina and Amy, Sandra Bernhard, Julie Klausner, Pee Wee Herman.

amosner3 karma

as someone with a talent and passion for yelling, do you have any tips for easing a sore throat?

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UXT3 karma

What was Debra Messing like to, err, run with?

BillyontheStreet6 karma

Debra was so game and such a good sport - we shot that in 90 degree weather in NY - she could've been a bitch but she was SO nice!

badaccountname3 karma

i binge watched every episode of billy on the street this week, can you please validate my life choices?

BillyontheStreet5 karma

you made the right call!

billy37852 karma

*Hey Billy, I’ve been a fan for years and I’m also a huge Madonna fan. I saw you during her last tour Tel Aviv in the Golden Triangle before the show started and also at Yankee Stadium. How did you get such a coup to be one part of the very limited US promotion she allowed for the show. Did you get to meet her any other time beside from when you ambushed her soundcheck at Yankee Stadium? Vogue Motherfucker! *

BillyontheStreet5 karma

Madonna was amazing!! We did not plan our interaction at Yankee Stadium at all and she was so funny and game and Rocco was great too!! I am truly a lifelong fan.

queen_poser2 karma

What do you like most about doing your show?

BillyontheStreet3 karma

That people like it!!

flopez503482 karma

Do you have a tip on how to cope with having no cable (as of recently), therefore no Billy on the Street Season 3? I think I'm going crazy...

BillyontheStreet2 karma

I know, it sucks. I wish it was more accessible. Its not in my power unfortunately, but the entire season will be on iTunes in May and the first two season are there now!

omginaa2 karma

What are your thoughts on Beyonce?

BillyontheStreet6 karma

I enjoy her - super talented - glad she's finding her edge.

catmyonlyfriend2 karma

BILLY! You're awesome.

LA or NYC? In and Out or Shake Shack? Subway or driving?

BillyontheStreet6 karma

I'm a New Yorker - born and raised. I do enjoy LA though. I'm an old lady who likes nice weather.

Kknowsbest2 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

BillyontheStreet16 karma


mrhello012 karma

What do you think of Jake Fogelnest/will you be on his podcast?

BillyontheStreet3 karma

Love Jake - he writes on my show and yes of course - anytime!

hstone32 karma

I've read that your run on Parks is limited, but any chance of getting you back forever? Who do I need to talk to to make this happen? Okay, fine, you can give me Amy Poehler's direct phone number. We'll talk.

BillyontheStreet4 karma

Stay tuned....

hollyw00dland192 karma

If Drew and Anne were in the same room together what would happen?

BillyontheStreet4 karma

They would fight till the death.

KristiKlo2 karma

Will Mr. Singh ever come back for a cameo? He means business.

BillyontheStreet2 karma

God I hope so.

DearBurt2 karma

Do you have any plans to take BOTS on the road across America?

BillyontheStreet10 karma

Hmmm..... :)

Rachiepags2 karma

Hey Billy.

I'm currently flying to Atlanta and my shuffle went from Beyoncé's "Partition" to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible." Is this an omen for the what is going to happen during the duration of my flight?

Also, where did Freddie Prinze Jr. Go?

love you and the show xoxo

BillyontheStreet3 karma

these are very tough questions. robert palmer is dead, btw. have a nice trip.

BillyOBilly2 karma

Billy! So happy to find you. I just wanted to thank you for bringing funny back! You had me crying the other day-how on earth did you get that woman to go to sleep on the street? Thank you for using your powers for funny.

BillyontheStreet5 karma

Thank You!!! Its an insane show and I love that you love it!!!

stanchewie2 karma

Does Amy Poehler smell as nice as I think she does?

BillyontheStreet2 karma

You guys really wanna know how celebrities smell!!

HideoBromo1 karma


BillyontheStreet2 karma

No but I really want to!!!!

BillyOBilly1 karma

Oh, and do you really think Queen Latifah is full of shit? If you tell me it's so, I'll believe you.

BillyontheStreet7 karma

Yes, I do. Although I liked her in Living Out Loud. She's a pioneer in a way but wants to have her cake and eat it too and thats not my thing.

Ryno36391 karma

Who is the next Madonna?

BillyontheStreet6 karma

There is no "next Madonna". There are other great people but she was the first. You cant copy it and succeed.

Crump531 karma


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