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For my Master's research, I analyzed local (Little Rock, Ark.) newspaper coverage of the 1922 county elections, which were essentially highjacked by the Klan, giving the local Klavern full reign of local politics. However, back then the organization wasn't known so much as a hate group, but rather a trendy club that promoted good Christian morals (anti-liquor, anti-lawlessness, etc.) in a time of rapid urbanization, which made them extremely popular in rural places, like the South. Of course, they were also anti-Catholic, anti-Jew, anti-race mixing, etc., and became violent (floggings of town drunks/bootleggers, etc.) as the Klan's popularity rose and it was more acceptable, which I think -- as always (late 1800s, 1920s, 1960s) -- leads to their (rightful) negative image and subsequent drop in popularity.

My questions ... Did you ever encounter Klansmen who preached non-violence? What was the highest ranking Klan member you ever interviewed? Did you ever find yourself thinking, Wow, this is a really nice, smart guy -- what the hell is he doing in the Klan?!

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Having been born in the 'Pool, what's your favorite Beatles album?

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What are your favorite cartoons, and why?

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... wasn't known so much as a hate group ...

I've already read too much about the Klan.

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Will Gay Robot be joining the presidential race for 2016?