My short bio: I'm 25 years old, was born and raised in Sevastopol, working as web engineer.

My Proof: Yesterday my ama was deleted because of lack of proof. So here we go my geolocation and photo in the centre of the city.

My social links:

fb -

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twitter - - Article about me, which is stated clearly that i'm from Sevastopol.

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HonestyReigns31 karma

Do most of Crimea's citizens want to become a Russian citizens like news in the US says? Do you think Vladimir Putin is a good or bad guy? Do you want the United States to interfere in your county or any other country for that matter?

dpsk65 karma

Most of the people are more than happy.

I personally still not sure about Putin.

I didn't want to see US army here, that's for sure.

uniwe21 karma

this AMA is gona be a pain to read to way to many people from west :o thanks for doing it tho you seem to be giving level headed answers, no bullshit or propaganda we mostly read from both sides

Good luck to you and your family and take care

im gona be coming back to read more later :)

dpsk11 karma

Thanks mate!

mudsling3r2 karma

Why are you not sure about Putin? Just curious what your hesitation comes from since you see what is going on first hand. Thank you for doing this because us westerners need to be informed desperately on both sides. Be safe!

dpsk7 karma

Well, in your western media Putin displayed as tyrant and despot, while this is not completely true, he still had nickname "Imperator" in some russian forums, this should give you an idea.

curdean17 karma

Hello, thanks for the AMA.. If you voted in the referendum, what were the choices on the ballot?

dpsk40 karma

Hey, i didn't vote but there are were only 2 choices:

  1. Are you in favor of the reunification of Crimea with Russia as a part of the Russian Federation?

  2. Are you in favor of restoring the 1992 Constitution and the status of Crimea as a part of Ukraine?

dpsk15 karma

If anyone interested here is a web cam of Nahimov square, the heart of Sevastopol

Whimpy137 karma

Have Crimean websites started using .ru insted of .ua?

dpsk12 karma

No, why? Part of them was using .ru for a long time anyway.

Whimpy136 karma

Ah, I didn't know they were already using .ru on the web. I thought it might be internet flagwaving to show which country they want to be a part of. Thank you for the answer.

dpsk11 karma

Funny fact: to buy domen from .ru zone you need to add at least scan of your passport.

pradbitt8714 karma

Which side are the people you know mostly leaning towards? A Ukrainian Crimea or a Russian annexed Crimea? Are relations tense in your community?

dpsk29 karma

Peoples are mostly leaning towards Russia, relations are pretty chill here.

window513 karma

Do you believe the actual election results were as one sided as they were reported?

dpsk38 karma

Might be, the thing is a lot of people that against reunification with Russia doesn't attend referendum at all. That way they wanted to decrease importance of this referendum.

artast5 karma

But, Obama said, people were forced to vote.

dpsk64 karma

Oh, this Obama always one step ahead of me. You catch me, i'm a liar.

P.S. No one was forced to vote.

soulrebels11 karma

In Sevastopol what is the current situation on the ground? Is there any violence or threat of violence? Is there currently anything happening that is effecting your daily life?

dpsk25 karma

All the same, no violence or any threat of violence. My day to day life is the same, just people around are talking too much about those events.

VallleyNL10 karma

Do you and the people even want the "help" from the EU and US? Im really thinking we should mind our won business until the civilization asks for help.

dpsk17 karma

Can tell about all the people, but all my close friends and relatives are more than fine and we don't want any "help" :)

VallleyNL9 karma

Hmm, this makes me kinda angry. Our "leaders" think they are the world police and can go around correcting everyone who is wrong in our eyes and culture. This will end terribly if they keep this behavior up. Some big sleeping dogs like Russia and China might come to a point where they get sick of out shit.

Hope your future looks peacefully over there :)

dpsk12 karma

Yeah, i hope too. War is the last thing i want. Thanks :)

window59 karma

Have Russians who live in Ukraine been living there for generations? Or have they immigrated there from other parts of Russia?

dpsk26 karma

The been living here for generations. I, for example, was born here in USSR.

Mediocre_Boat8 karma

Thanks for the AmA :) While all this controversy (for lack of better term) was happening, how was the situation with your work? Was there any 'elephant in the room' situations where people acted like it wasn't happening?

dpsk17 karma

You welcome :)

Work is work, nothing has changed, we discuss the situation in our office from time to time. Also my clients from USA asked a couple times if we are doing well, that's all.

dick_wool8 karma

Why doesn't Crimea just make its own country, independent from both Ukraine and Russia?

dpsk28 karma

I believe it will take a lot of efforts plus will require a great leader, which we currently doesn't have.

riverinme8 karma

What's average IT people's (programmer, web developer) salary in Ukraine or Crimea? Would you get a salary hike if joining Russia?

dpsk19 karma

2-4k USD per month is average. Salary will be almost the same in Russia.

SerbLing5 karma

Thats a pretty nice salary

grasshoppa1-9 karma

Yikes... maybe in Ukraine or Russia.

dpsk7 karma

Yes, i know that salaries in USA are much much bigger, but we have lower prices and taxes, this salary considered as big in our region.

Death__By__Snu-Snu7 karma

Thank you for the AMA. What is currently being reported on your local news outlets? Are the news reports generally pro-Russia, impartial, or pro-Ukraine?

dpsk19 karma

Hey, media is strictly divided on pro-ukranian and pro-russian in a very rare case it's an independent media. I'm trying to not consume any of them.

crokodildo7 karma

Thanks for the AMA. Are there any troubles with electricity, water, public transport and food in shops? If no, then do you think there are going to be?

dpsk14 karma

Currently there is no any troubles with what you listed and i don't think there are will be.

Fapmyster7 karma

How do you feel about what has happened to the rest of the Ukraine? Do you think Russia will move into there or will they just stay in Crimera

Thanks for the insight

dpsk12 karma

I think that Russia wouldn't move forward. IMO Ukraine would swallow this, they are not in position to argue about anything right now.

eraof96 karma

The grocery stores are empty? Did people start buying a lot of dry food, cans, etc? What are your preparations if things go the wrong way ?>

dpsk9 karma

Not sure, i didn't see any panic and mass buy around, i personally didn't do any preparations. I want to think that everything will be fine :)

eraof92 karma

Well I suggest you to have some dried and can food. There might not be any attack but nevertheless your accounts could be frozen.

dpsk9 karma

I already got all my money in cash, but buy some food supplies is a good idea. But on other hand that's how panic spread :)

unreliablenarrators6 karma

1.) CBS news reported that many people in Crimea are unable to retrieve money from their bank accounts from ATM's. Has this happened to you or have you encountered this? What concerns are people in Crimea having about their finances and financial institutions such as banks due to the ongoing conflict in the peninsula?

2.) Are there armed soldiers on every corner like the media in the U.S. portrays? What interactions, if any, have you had with any military?

dpsk10 karma

  1. Yes this is true, Privatbank(the biggest bank of Ukraine) has blocked all money flow in Crimea, people can't withdraw any money. Most of the shops didn't accept cards right now. This is sad, they are promising to staballize situation in next 2 weeks.
  2. They are, but not on every corner, i believe they mostly outside of town. For example i personally didn't saw any armed soldiers yet, and haven't any interactions with them.

harrison_kion6 karma

is there tension between your friends on being Ukrainian or russian

dpsk15 karma

Yes, i have couple of friends from Kiev that gone completely nuts about political situation and i can't even talk with them about anything :( On other hand i have friends from Kiev that doesn't care about my political situation.

Lexxx205 karma

Как ты думаешь, захочет ли остальная часть Восточной Украины присоединиться к России, когда увидит, сколько денег туда начнет вливаться? Деньги-то точно пойдут - вспомним Южную Осетию, которую мы также "приняли". Захочет ли Харьков присоединиться к России? Донецк? Днепропетровск?

Спасибо за АМА, интересно было узнать мнение крымчанина. Ну и, welcome to Russia, I guess :)

dpsk7 karma

привет, я думаю что захотят, но я не уверен что Россия пойдет на такой рискованный шаг.

nocbl25 karma

What do you think of Russia's actual military prescence in Crimea? Have you seen any soldiers and have they been neutral, friendly, or hostile?

Also, thanks for doing the AMA.

dpsk10 karma

You are welcome. I didn't see any soldiers yet, but i believe they friendly because Russia had military and fleet here since 90s, so it's usual situation for Crimea, just now media calling it's an "invasion. While they always been here.

KaratePimp5 karma

Hi there. Do you believe your life would be better or worse if (when) Russia completes its annexation of Crimea? Would it even affect your day to day life in any major way?

dpsk12 karma

I'm think that life will be the same as in pre-Maidan Ukraine, maybe a bit better.

Listicles3 karma

Why do you think it will be better?

dpsk8 karma

Current ukranian government is lost and doesn't play as a team. New ministers doesn't have special degree in their branch. We have professional boxer as the face of our government, enough said. Russian government is pretty stable on other hand.

jiml78-5 karma

I would argue a professional boxer (with a college degree), who doesn't need money, is the best person to clean up the corruption in Ukraine. And Russia needs a lot of help in the corruption area as well.

The whole world knows that both Ukraine and Russia have been overrun with corruption as indicated by all indexes related to it. At least Klitschko is doing what he thinks is best for his country instead of lining his pockets and the pockets of his friends.

dpsk6 karma

Might be, i want to trust it this. I watch couple of Interviews with Klitchko where he can barely say any coherent at all. It's feels really weird, because he's the face of our country right now.

KaratePimp3 karma

Thanks. Whichever way this goes, I hope the violence being reported doesn't escalate. Another quick, unrelated question; what's your favourite Ukrainian beer? I'd love a new drop to try...

dpsk2 karma

I prefer Hoegaarden lol :)

But if we are talking about Ukranian, i would say Lviv 1715 and Chernigivske Bile.

moofyre4 karma

Aren't you afraid of the value of russian rubles when/if russia decides to start to integrate your country into theirs? Will you be able to earn a living wage? How are your wages now compared to other countries in your region?

dpsk11 karma

I already lost some money during Maidan and grivna(ukranian currency) downfall, so i'm not afraid. Wages in Ukraine and Russia are comparable and i will be able to earn living wage.

Streichholzschachtel3 karma

I am still waiting for proof for the other AMA. Somethings fishy here?

Well, what do you think about Arseniy Yatsenyuk?

dpsk17 karma

Previous AMA was removed due to lack of proof, i never did AMA before and thought that link to my social profile will be enough. This time i'm made a photo. Why do you think it's fishy?

IMO - Yatsenyuk doesn't know what to do, even when Maidan was active he changed his mind every day about what people should do. He looks really confused to me, he is the hero Ukraine deserves, but not the hero Ukraine need right now :). IMO Ukraine need leader that can gather country together with strong will and ability to take tough decisions.

Streichholzschachtel4 karma

Hi, thank you for your answer. Yatsenyuk looks a bit odd to me, especially if you look at the parners page of his OpenUkraine Foundation.

Previous AMA was removed due to lack of proof, i never did AMA before and thought that link to my social profile will be enough. This time i'm made a photo. Why do you think it's fishy?

I did not meant your AMA, I meant this one:

dpsk8 karma

Yeah, there are a lot of rumours about "who's standing behind Yatsenyuk", but it's rumours, so i prefer not to discuss them.

Oh, sorry, didn't notice another AMA. Going to read it too :)

9X18mm3 karma

what is the next big thing you guy have over there as far as your economy? do you depend on tourism? or is there anything else that brings in money? It just form what i understand it tourism(Arteck) and the large Russian navy presence that bring in alot of money. Also congratulation on your referendum and becoming part of Russia.

dpsk8 karma

Crimea is government aided region, our main profit comes from tourism and contract with russian fleet.

robmylanguage3 karma


dpsk4 karma

A lot of people negative about Khrushev actions, yes they look at this as correction, they happy that finally can go home to Russia.

To be honest not the well, they are kinda "separated" from the rest of nations that living in Crimea. There's also a lot of hate from russians towards them.

thejellyfish963 karma

Is it really as insane over there as the news will have us believe? What do you want to happen to the Crimea?

dpsk10 karma

Not sure what your news says, but it's almost all the same here. I want things to stabilise ASAP. If we are going to Russia - fine, just made the transition smooth and fast. If we stays with Ukraine - fine, just make it clear already.

artast2 karma

Do you think Ukrainian neo-nazis really dangerous? They threaten people of the Crimea?

dpsk5 karma

I personally doesn't find them dangerous, but it's disturbing. A lot of my friends and relatives are afraid of them. Neo-nazis made couple of statements that can be treated like direct threat.

jimmydorry2 karma

Do you play dota2?

Do you or anyone you know, play on a server not labelled as "Russian"?

If you play any other multiplayer games, how do you find non-russian interactions with other people when they find out you are Russian?

dpsk4 karma

I'm a lol player, sorry :)

I'm an avid gamer and always prefer to play on eu servers in all multiplayer games.

Interactions are okay, i never didn't feel any harassment based on my nationality. I love to play eu, because i can speak on english, which is increase my english skills.

window52 karma

Do Russian people believe the far east of their country should be allowed to secede if the people who live there vote to do so? What if Siberians vote to become a part of China? Would that make the average Russian's head explode?

dpsk16 karma

Not sure about it, i believe situation with Crimea is a bit different, because russian army and russian fleet located here legally since nineties. It was always have feels of russian territory, even after 1954.

MadBroRavenas1 karma

So, 22 days passed and the conflict spreaded to eastern Ukraine. They are planning referendums, rumors of Russian troops on standby for invasion etc.. Do you still think it is not likely Russia will invade Eastern Ukraine and divide the country by force after/before the referendums in easter Ukraine?

dpsk1 karma

yeah, i don't think so, it's too risky, but it's just my opinion. who knows :) I jsut hope for the better

Sen7ineL1 karma

Nice girlfriend. Я сам с Украинь1. In your opinion, what are the chances that the "Russian integration", so to speak, will be limited to Crimea? Is it still possible all of Ukraine joining Russia? What are the options out there for people who do not want to remain in Russian Crimea, and would like to leave?

dpsk2 karma

Thanks, chances that Russia will stop on Crimea a very high, i don't think they will follow, because this is going to be madness. People a free to leave and free to stay here in Crimea.

Sen7ineL2 karma

So, if a Ukrainian, decides to stay, they can do so? Will there be borders established, КПП?

dpsk3 karma

Don't know yet, but i believe so. I believe it will be the same as with russians. A lot of them are lived here in Sevastopol on constant basis without any troubles. For example my GF is russian.

Sen7ineL2 karma

Best of luck to you then. I hope there will be less or even better - no more violence there. Stay safe. :) не кисни :)

dpsk1 karma

Thanks :)

2tizzle1 karma

Do you think Crimea would have voted for independence on its own had Russia not sent troops in?

dpsk7 karma

Yes, i think so.

oOGeneral_RyanOo1 karma

Whats your opinion on Natalia Poklonskaya?

Would you... do things... if given the chance?

dpsk3 karma


shoney101 karma

Where do you see Crimea in 5 years time? Will it be part of Ukraine or Russia? Will there be peace? etc

dpsk1 karma

I want too see it Crimea in peace, country/government doesn't matter. But I think it will be a part of Russia.

williemammoth0 karma

What does Russia gain by controlling Crimea?

Also what is your opinion on having Russia send her troops over into your land?

dpsk5 karma

I believe they gain control over Black Sea, which is important strategical location.

Troops was always here, Russia doesn't sent anyone.

williemammoth2 karma

There have always been Russian troops in Crimea? Even to the same extent as there are now?

dpsk3 karma


EmJay1150 karma

Honestly, why do crimeans want to go to russia? From what I've heard it's a very desolate and non-free place. Even ethnic Russians have told me that.

dpsk10 karma

It's a tough question. It depends, yes you can call Russian non-free place, but what do you mean by "freedom" here?

For example what can you do in USA, that i'm can not do in Russia with exception of marijuana/gay?

EmJay115-1 karma

Freedom of speech, equality, fair wages... I could go on

dpsk7 karma

As far as i know, it's not THAT bad in Russia regarding human freedoms.

dblake123-8 karma

Well you can also call Obama a mother fucking piece of shit and not have any problems. Also USA doesn't censor anything that the government doesn't want us to see... Can you do that? You can also throw eggs at the presidential limo and flip him off if you see him. Not a problem in the USA.

dpsk7 karma

NSA though :)

DarkMatter44-1 karma


dpsk15 karma

That's great, but the sad part is that you opposition doesn't mean and change anything, so what this freedom gives you exactly?

maldorordx-1 karma

думаешь ли, что это широко известно (западнами) разница между украинцами и россиянцами в принципе является основано под этническами причинами? мне кажется, что можно сравнить обстоятельства техаса и крыма (например), в том у нас в америка есть этот штат который не хочет принять участие в нашей стране. болшая часть техаскых людей верит себя быть иностранным личностей. но мы говорим и выглядим похожи... конечно, украинцы имеют две языкы, но может быть самая важная вещь это решить быть ли вместе с крепкым властю, или с маленькой страной.

dpsk6 karma

Привет, я бы не назвал ситуацию одинаковой, но есть схожие черты. Я бы сказал что проблема больше не в том, что мы чувствуем себя русскими, а в том что украинцы не признают нас украинцами. Но это очень вообщем и преувеличено.

Hi, situation can not be called the same, but there is similarities. I would say that the problem is not that Russians here doesn't feel like they ukranians, the problem is ukranians doesn't treat us as ukranians. But this is a bit exaggerated and generalized.

fruitpunching-1 karma

If Crimea joins the Russian Federation, what will be the consequences for gay/lesbians/transgender individuals in Crimea?

Best of luck to you and Crimeans, I hope whatever happens is the best for you guys!

dpsk9 karma

Thanks, Not sure, to be honest im neutral to gay/lesbians/transgender so don't follow news on this topic, i hope they wouldn't be harassed though

DarkMatter44-2 karma


dpsk2 karma

Yes, i believe they should be able to choose their destiny, but unfortunately with the Russia it's one way ticket :(

[deleted]-5 karma


dpsk10 karma

Chill man, i have another things to do, going to check this thread time to time.

Contr1gra-7 karma

Ок, обычный чек, если смогёшь заансверить мне, то ты норм, нет, то ты казак засланный и петухан опущенский.

dpsk4 karma

Ты с двача что ли? :) Смени тон

adudenamedrf-7 karma

Which choice did you vote for in the "Referendum"? The "Join Russia now" option, or the "Join Russia later" option?

dpsk15 karma

I didn't vote for this particular reason, no real choices :)