Hi, I’m Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson, the strongest man in Iceland and 3rd strongest man in the world.

You can watch a new film about Icelandic strongmen here: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/Fringes/nest-of-giants

I am 6’9” and will be playing Gregor Clegane in the new series of ‘Game of Thrones’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZY43QSx3Fk

Ask me anything!


Thank's so much for the questions! But I have to go now since I am getting ready to compete in the Worlds Strongest Man competition next weekend. Be sure to watch Nest of Giants on Vice.com and also HBO's Game of Thrones Season 4...

All the best, Thor

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Princess90sXOXO3109 karma

Holy shit, we've finally found someone who could actually take on a horse-sized duck.

ThorBjornsson3785 karma

THAT would be a barbeque of a lifetime - want to join?

Alexanderrfreyr912204 karma

I had gym class with you in high school! Seems like you've had gym class everyday ever since. Good job man!

ThorBjornsson1998 karma

As most people can imagine getting strong enough to compete in the Worlds Strongest Man and to be able to pull off being The Mountain in GoT takes a LOT of gym-time and non stop hard work almost 24/7...

TempleMade_MeBroke2140 karma

How many keyboards have you accidentally destroyed since starting this AmA?

ThorBjornsson3631 karma

Even though I am super-strong; women have never complained of me not being able to handle them "softly" ;)

youdoublearewhy1365 karma

Looking forward to seeing you on Game of Thrones. Pretty important season for you to join the show so I guess that must be exciting.

My question: how do people react to you when you're out and about? Do you get a lot of people asking you to show off your strength?

ThorBjornsson2414 karma

It is a great show and a great season!

For some reason people are very polite to me, but some ask me for autographs and photos. I sell really cool autographed photos and T-shirts.

Girls ask me to pick them up all of the time and I have to admit sometimes it's hard to put them down again ;)

LordHappyofRainwood1396 karma

Girls ask me to pick them up all of the time and I have to admit sometimes it's hard to put them down again ;)

Is that how you met your current girlfriend?

ThorBjornsson2341 karma

I am single...

Manbehindthekit1312 karma

whats it like being able to lift anything.....

ThorBjornsson2334 karma

It's fucking GREAT!

necrotica1187 karma

But can you lift Mjölnir?

TheManHammer1242 karma

What is your daily diet and how many calories/protein/fat/carbs is it? Also what does a weight lifting routine for a Strongman look like? What types of cardio do you do?

Sorry for the barrage, I'm just very interested in how strongmen eat/train. You dudes are awesome!

ThorBjornsson2330 karma

I consume around 10.000 calories pr. day. It varies a lot, though, depending on whether I am working as an actor or to compete in the Worlds Strongest man or the likes.

Cardio = Sex and from moving HEAVY weights at the gym

BrodyApproved940 karma

Why is Iceland green & Greenland is Ice?

ThorBjornsson1412 karma

It has to do with the settlers, what time of year they came and where, after all it is they who named them. Right now Iceland is white :)

pcj201908 karma

What are you afraid of?

ThorBjornsson1858 karma

To be completely honest I sometimes am afraid of being injured, so I take good care of my body so as not to get hurt, when I am competing I have specially made knee and elbow "sleeves" to protect me from injury by keeping my body warm and giving support... But getting support form my fans has also helped a lot!!

Brostrodamus904 karma

Would you do a fitness AMA over at /r/fitness? Lots of people would love to ask you about what you do to stay in that shape!

ThorBjornsson960 karma

contact my agent: [email protected]

eastvankitty862 karma

will you marry me, for two reasons: a) so you can lift me (i'm not actually that heavy and i'm sure the novelty would wear off fairly quick, buuuut) b) so i can immigrate to iceland

ThorBjornsson1531 karma

Are you a woman?

JoshAbercrombie829 karma

Being 6ft 11 myself where do you get your clothes from?

ThorBjornsson1138 karma

Some of them I order online, also buy clothes in the US plus having suits etc. tailor made.

thetenderness802 karma

Besides The Mountain, who is your favorite Game of Thrones character, or actor, or both?

IncredibleOatmeal774 karma

If you had to run a mile, how fast could you run it?

ThorBjornsson1530 karma

I am no Usain Bolt but I'm pretty damn fast, have you ever tried pulling one of those monster trucks or airplanes?!?

frelzarinn746 karma

What type of music do you enjoy listening to while working out?

ThorBjornsson1764 karma

I listen to "metal" most of the time whilst training.

Oskgur697 karma

Do you have a custom made toilet?

ThorBjornsson1463 karma

Yes, out of gold... Enforced by Titanium!

That is a joke, I don't :)

thewaybaseballgo653 karma

Did anything ever materialize in 2013 when Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, suggested that they may sign you to play in the NFL?

ThorBjornsson1186 karma

I had to choose between being a strong man competitor as well as an actor - and the NFL. Right now my head and my goal is becoming the Worlds Strongest Man!

Son_of_the_suns631 karma

Hey Hafþór! I notice that you have a sixpack most of the time. How do you manage to stay both really strong for competing, and very lean for movies or TV like Game of Thrones?

PS Gangi þér vel á mótinu :)

ThorBjornsson676 karma

It all depends on how I train but I try to stay in all around good shape year round and so far it has worked out quite nicely...

Sinajis512 karma

Would you ever considering going into some martial arts/boxing/etc like Mariusz Pudzianowski did towards the end of his career? What do you think of that as a direction strongmen find themselves moving in?

ThorBjornsson696 karma

We have Gunnar Nelsson, he is one of the best MMA fighters in the world pound for pound as it is, I'll leave that up to him for now. I think it differs between individuals as it is I enjoy wathcing MMA.

DryImpact464 karma

How did you get into Strongman training? Did you start off with powerlifting or anything else first or just straight into Strongman?

ThorBjornsson665 karma

I played basketball and got injured, during the rehab I got more and more interested in strength training. To begin with I did powerlifting along with competing in strongman but then I switched all together into competing as a strong man.

LiftThingsUpThenDown441 karma

Do you ever take glute shot selfies? I hear that's a thing.

ThorBjornsson784 karma

I have never heard of guys doing it but have "heard" of girls doing it.

staytrick427 karma

What's your best sex advice?

ThorBjornsson985 karma

Just be yourself and treat the lady!

Jellozubmarine396 karma

Hvernig náðiru hlutverki í Game of Thrones? Var þetta bara svona, "hæ þú ert stór og sterkur, perfect!"

How did you get a role in Game of Thrones?

ThorBjornsson892 karma

They (HBO) contacted me and called me in for an audition; during the audition I lifted the guy up (well he asked me to) and they were really impressedj. They said they were also impressed by the way I move because I am very quick and powerful (especially considering my height and muscle mass) - like you will see in season 4 ;)

SoGiveThemCake342 karma

My friend Nat is a big fan of yours, and wants to know what the hardest individual strongman event/task is that you've ever been faced with? Also kudos for the Game of Thrones role, I hope your character doesn't meet an unpleasant end!

ThorBjornsson482 karma

Pulling trucks/airplanes can be hell! But still it's one of my best events. Thanks, stay tuned for season 4 - and give my best to Nat...

johnzario294 karma


ThorBjornsson326 karma

Takk - þú líka!

s_mw287 karma

What is your favorite thing to eat when training?

ThorBjornsson596 karma

I have been using a formula I made myself for the last year or so, it's fucking AWESOME! It will be available to buy soon :)

StanIsDaBeast252 karma

Do you have a role model or a mentor?

ThorBjornsson428 karma

Stefán Sölvi Pétursson has been an excellent training partner and I have learned from him and naturally it is not bad being able to ask a guy who became The Worlds Strongest man four times, Magnús Ver Magnússon for advice. My father has supported me more than anyone else in my life...

pppparf246 karma

how do people normally respond to your size?

ThorBjornsson418 karma

They are shocked but it depends - others seem to be pleasantly surprised. But everyone has been positive so far :)

jonmhan210 karma

Who is your all-time favourite strong-man?

ThorBjornsson368 karma

Jón Páll Sigmarsson and Bill Kazmaier.

Capio157 karma

Last Superbowl, you said that you were interested in showing up for a football practice with the only current Icelandic football team. When are you going to show up and try it out?

ThorBjornsson193 karma

Right now as you probably know I am competing a lot, plus travelling takes a lot of my time, so I don't have all that much time but hopefully there will be "quieter" times so I might be able to pop in and try it out.

tamammothchuk69 karma

Do you find that people try to overcompensate somehow for their relative weakness compared to you when you talk or interact with them? Do people assume you aren't intelligent because you are strong? What other passions do you have other than weight training?

ThorBjornsson124 karma

Most people are really nice when I talk to them. When I am not traveling and competing I spend most of the time with my daughter and the people I care about. I also really enjoy eating good food.