Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

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is an Icelandic strongman competitor and actor.

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ThorBjornsson3785 karma

THAT would be a barbeque of a lifetime - want to join?

ThorBjornsson3631 karma

Even though I am super-strong; women have never complained of me not being able to handle them "softly" ;)

ThorBjornsson2414 karma

It is a great show and a great season!

For some reason people are very polite to me, but some ask me for autographs and photos. I sell really cool autographed photos and T-shirts.

Girls ask me to pick them up all of the time and I have to admit sometimes it's hard to put them down again ;)

ThorBjornsson2341 karma

I am single...

ThorBjornsson2334 karma

It's fucking GREAT!

ThorBjornsson2330 karma

I consume around 10.000 calories pr. day. It varies a lot, though, depending on whether I am working as an actor or to compete in the Worlds Strongest man or the likes.

Cardio = Sex and from moving HEAVY weights at the gym

ThorBjornsson1998 karma

As most people can imagine getting strong enough to compete in the Worlds Strongest Man and to be able to pull off being The Mountain in GoT takes a LOT of gym-time and non stop hard work almost 24/7...

ThorBjornsson1858 karma

To be completely honest I sometimes am afraid of being injured, so I take good care of my body so as not to get hurt, when I am competing I have specially made knee and elbow "sleeves" to protect me from injury by keeping my body warm and giving support... But getting support form my fans has also helped a lot!!

ThorBjornsson1764 karma

I listen to "metal" most of the time whilst training.