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mickthecreator135 karma

Hey Ice I watched your movie "the art of rap" and I loved it! What do you think of the new school west coast? like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, YG and Freddie Gibbs? How does it compare to the old school? Thanks for doing this!

IceMFingT128 karma

I love it... Old school is just more dangerous.

HEATROCK110 karma


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bonjovhey109 karma


IceMFingT209 karma

hahaha! That's a Pimp Pager! one of the first with the read out! lol

anonymous12342185 karma

Ice, do you like John Mulaney's impression of you? I think it's pretty great.

Also, you and Coco were hysterical on Late Night last week.

IceMFingT98 karma

Yes.. I'm a fan

SolidMcLovin64 karma

Ice-T: who are some of your favorite up and comers in rap?

IceMFingT196 karma

I'm a Kendrick fan

2Haaaaaaaaaaanz60 karma


IceMFingT125 karma

It's great but will never have the shock value of NWA.

IceMFingT54 karma

Hi guys 10 more minutes sorry

IceMFingT40 karma

Waiting on Mick Benzo. Sorry guys. We will start answering questions right when he is here.

joetromboni40 karma

Have you ever gone to get a drink and seen your picture under the Ice- T fountain?

IceMFingT58 karma

No... Just on the Net

asenz39 karma

My flat mate here asks: is your wifes ass that big?

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Richard101838 karma

Whats up Ice-T, big fan here, you should definitely check out reddit HipHopHeads! What do you consider to be your best album/song that you have put out over the years? Also, what do you see in the future for hip-hop in general?

IceMFingT54 karma

I'd say OG... Hip Hop is now POP music.

ioyou34 karma

Ice-T have you spoken with Dave Chappelle lately? I remember the player haters' ball which was one of my all-time favourite sketches, I'd love to see you guys do something again, is there any chance?

IceMFingT42 karma

No... I saw him a couple years ago.. but I've been watching his old shows.. The best!

BobbyGrill31 karma

Hey Ice-T, who's your favorite rapper?

IceMFingT75 karma

Chuck D and Ice Cube

tired_commuter28 karma

Ice T:

How difficult was it to play the role of Scotty given your alleged ties to the crips?

And is there any truth that you felt you needed to 'make up for it' by recording Cop Killer?

Loving the podcast by the way.

IceMFingT41 karma

Hahah lies.. It's just acting. I can't arrest anyone. Even the gang banggers know that!

n1njaforh1re27 karma

Ice-T, who are some early and essential hip-hop artists that have inspired you and that newcomers to the genre should listen to?

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IceMFingT25 karma

Call 202-499-6326 to call me on my podcast now.

Frajer24 karma

Hey Ice would you say you're flattered by people like Paul F. Tompkins doing impressions of you?

IceMFingT32 karma

Yes I think its's funny!!

TheDuskDragon22 karma

Do you plan on having Snoop Lion on your podcast?

Calling /u/Here_Comes_The_King!

IceMFingT39 karma

Snoop lives in LA. I'm in NY.. Maybe one day.. He's the homie.

Doctor_McAwesome22 karma

Describe your definition of a perfect girl.

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Call_Me_Jimmy19 karma

Hey Ice-T!

What is a passion or hobby of yours that might suprise people?

IceMFingT41 karma

I'm a car nut.. But I don't think thats a surprise...

austinisme24716 karma

What do you think about the evolution of hip hop from where it first began to where it is at now?

IceMFingT71 karma

I used to HAVE to be the truth.. Now you can just say anything,

Kknowsbest15 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

IceMFingT73 karma

Customize Cars... Or steal

Destinyman5014 karma

What are you most proud of in your life?

IceMFingT81 karma

Transition from the street life into a legal hustle..

Ribelin200013 karma

For Ice-T: what is the best movie you've ever seen?

IceMFingT57 karma

Evil Dead Part 2

HLAW713 karma

Who do you think is to blame for the increased POP nature of hip hop? The music used to have a clear anti-establishment edge to it and it seems now that the more political fight the power message is no longer there. What do you think of the politics of hip hop today?

IceMFingT42 karma

Radio won... If you make music to fit into a radio format it will end up POP.

Manxman6412 karma

Ice-T, what do you think of Del The Funky Homosapien, music-wise?

IceMFingT22 karma

Dope! Love Del and Deltron!

IceMFingT11 karma

Follow me on Twitter @FinalLevel

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thebiglibrarian9 karma

Hey guys, what would you say is your favorite book and why?

IceMFingT24 karma

Pimp by Iceberg Slim

HarryBalsonya_8 karma

Ice-T, what is your favorite animal and why?

IceMFingT22 karma

I love my dogs...

TryNstopME0248 karma

Ice right here! You are granted one wish what is it?

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flatlinerz7 karma

Hey Ice-T what was it like working with Brotha Lynch Hung?

IceMFingT9 karma

Very cool... Lynch is Original

iamtylerdurdenman7 karma

Ice, what is the American Dream?

IceMFingT36 karma

To survive comfortably.. maybe have some toys.

negritomamba7 karma

Ice-T! How many hands would YOU need to have to grab Cocos whole booty?

IceMFingT48 karma

Two.. Are you jacking off?

I3eastmode6 karma

Mr. Ice-T what made you jump from music to acting?

IceMFingT27 karma

I just got a chance to do New Jack City,,, why not do both.

lightningmind75 karma

Hey Ice, Just a quick question:

Did Body Count have a significant impact on your career as a musician?

I loved the shit outta that self-title, played it till it broke

IceMFingT12 karma

Sure.. Body Counts NEW LP drops on June 10 'MANSLAUGHTER' Nobody's Safe.

niggastolemygiftcard5 karma

Yo what up Ice,how does it feel to be a major part of the original west-coast hip-hop movement?

IceMFingT7 karma

Great.. Only a few were there.. You can't lie.

GodPidgeon5 karma

Ice-T, two questions: 1. Have you wanted to join in on or watch an actual Dungeons and Dragons game be played now that youre recording a related audiobook? 2. How do you feel about John Mulaney's stand up act that references you on SVU?

IceMFingT4 karma

Answered 2. On 1, absolutely!

iamnotsamneill5 karma

Hey Ice, i worked as an extra on law and order a few times. i posted this story here before. you once told me and 2 other guys a story about how your friend did a significant amount of coke and he conked out and you tried dragging his body to the car to get help, but your friend dropped him on the pavement and he woke up. then you just stopped the story right there. how is he by the way?

IceMFingT4 karma

hahahah all good. Everybody needs to hear that story and I actually talked about it on the fourth podcast.

SolidMcLovin4 karma

what's been your favorite moment about working in Law & Order?

IceMFingT11 karma

All the actors and guest stars are incredible..

hardrockshero4 karma

Love your daily game twitter posts. Ever think of combining them into one place?

IceMFingT6 karma

My last book has the Daily Game inside...

KANYE_WEST____4 karma

What did you think of Yeezus?

IceMFingT10 karma

Kanye is a friend of mine and a great rapper

Metalmarc4 karma

Ice, any modern metal bands you like? Or do you just like old school thrash etc

IceMFingT17 karma

Lamb of God

SolidMcLovin4 karma

Ice-T: outside of rap, who are some of your favorite bands/artists?

IceMFingT17 karma

Slayer, Sade...

pppihus3 karma

What happens when you put ice cubes in ice tea?

IceMFingT6 karma

A cooool refreshing drink...

niggabrownblack3 karma

Ice, Mick, why should we all watch the Final Level Podcast?

IceMFingT2 karma

Because its the best podcast in the game. Its Ice-T more up and personal than you have ever seen me just talking shit.

anonymous1234213 karma

Question for Benzo: what made you want to do this podcast?

IceMFingT7 karma

Something to do on the weekends with Ice

miggie833 karma

So Carmen Electra? How was that?

IceMFingT14 karma

That was B Real.. Not me.

robinsky13 karma

Which venture have you enjoyed the most? Eg. Acting, podcasting etc.

IceMFingT10 karma

I like em all but the podcast is the most raw Ice T experience.

Jmuffinz3 karma

If I drop a freestyle and you like it ice. You gotta sign me

IceMFingT3 karma

Send a freestyle to [email protected] and we might talk about it on the podcast.

wesleyt893 karma

What was the most challenging acting role you have done? The most rewarding?

What actors/actresses would you like to work with that you haven't worked with yet?

IceMFingT5 karma

The dungeons & dragon audiobook

Lostinwords2 karma

Hey Ice-T!! Are you going to be a character in the new Gears of War game/ involved with it in any way?

IceMFingT9 karma

They haven't got at me yet... But I'm down!

Czolgosz22 karma

Ice. You are my idol. That is all.

IceMFingT2 karma

Thank you!

TheSharpestTool2 karma

Ice-T, what has been the most fulfilling thing you've done with your career as an artist? Do you look at yourself more as a rapper that acts, an actor that raps, or just a jack-of-all trades?

IceMFingT2 karma

I do it all.

MidKnightRising2 karma

Ice-T, when are you going to tour again with Body Count? If you would, who would you want to tour with?

IceMFingT3 karma


Llama_Oh_Llama2 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I love your documentary about how hip hop came to be now. Any chance of doing more docs?

IceMFingT6 karma

No.. I wannna do features now.

VictorFries2 karma

Hi Ice-T, do you remember specifically which D&D audiobook it was you recorded? My friends and I are very interested in listening to it.

IceMFingT3 karma

Unfortunately, I can't tell nobody yet. Stay tuned to the podcast and you'll be the first to know!

toastshop2 karma

If Ice-T could reply to this comment with anything I would be thrilled because I love him in SVU. :)

IceMFingT5 karma

Thanks for the support.

gblr2 karma

How does it feel to be one of the pioneers of a genre that will probably last for centuries?

IceMFingT2 karma


SquidBritches2 karma

Hey Ice! I have a huge presentation for school tomorrow. Any tips on speaking in front of a large audience?

IceMFingT9 karma

Be yourself, have fun and nervous doesn't get you paid

ricemaster202 karma

Yo Ice, it seems like the west coast rap is starting to fade out, who in your opinion is an up and comer west coast rapper that brings an OG feel?

IceMFingT3 karma

Kendrick Lamar

LyingPervert1 karma

Is Rollins booty that nice in person?

IceMFingT2 karma

Rollins is the fucking MAN. I learned a lot from watching dude.

idbonescully1 karma

Ice, big fan here. Love Law & Order SVU. Been working my way through the entire catalog for the last year or so. Currently a season behind, but I'm almost caught up!

Was there any backlash to the show when Christopher Meloni left? Also, the way they wrote him out was totally fitting for his character. I know it took me a couple episodes to warm up to the new detectives, but now I find them just as great! Keep up the good work and hope to see many more episodes of SVU!

IceMFingT2 karma

I talk about that on my first podcast

kmhokies351 karma

Ice-T, what is something that you might have had a cameo in that most people wouldn't know about?

IceMFingT10 karma

I gotta lot of wack movies that i hope nobody ever sees!! lol