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Call_Me_Jimmy38 karma

Hey Mr Daltrey, big Who fan!

What was your impression of Keith Moon when you first met him?

I have heard he was a handful to deal with sometimes even though he was exceptional with the drums and had a original style, were you guys ever close to kicking him out of the band in the early days because of his personality?

Also how many instruments do you reckon that The Who has destroyed over the years?

Thanks for bringing me years of joy with your music and keep on keeping on!

Call_Me_Jimmy26 karma

Hey Nick, big fan!

I first remember seeing you play a crazy Bowie fan in Almost Famous and then again as crazy figure skating fan in Blades Of Glory and just really out there crazy in Benchwarmers. What's up with that? Are you the go to guy for playing insane characters? How do you prepare yourself for those kind of roles?

Also when will you do a new comedy special??? The Seriously, Who Farted one was funny as shit so i hope you have plans for a new one in the future.

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Hey Ice-T!

What is a passion or hobby of yours that might suprise people?

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Hey Meth!

What is your fondest memory of ODB??

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Hey Whitney, Big fan

I enjoyed the show "Whitney" maybe a little more then my other friends, who cares shit was funny?

Anyway with such a tight cast with people like Chris D'Elia, Maulik Pancholy and yourself, did you have a lot of room for improvisation on the show?

Also what's a joke someone said to you at a roast that stuck with you as really funny or really mean?

Best of luck in the future and have a pleasant day