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EDIT 2: The boys have left the bar, they're hanging out like old times, preparing for the live tour. Will get them to come back and answer more of your questions when Kenny answers his phone again. The boys are back and working together.

EDIT 3: Kenny's back. Spenny's done. Keep asking questions.

EDIT 4: Got to go! Love you all... even the spenny fans... kind of.

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SpennySpenny306 karma

Whoever is typing "What is your favourite episode" stop typing. Fuck, I have an FAQ on my website, ask something intelligent, please

StyrkogSvinstark344 karma

How come you're such a fucking douchebag all the time?

SpennySpenny251 karma

I don't know. As Lady Gaga says, I was born that way.

kennethjoelhotz287 karma

There's tonnes of porno with Spenny and his uncle as well.

Spenny: "And my grandfather as well apparently… it was just pre-VHS right Kenny?"

SpennySpenny135 karma


VICE Guy: "There's a video here, should we watch it?"

Spenny: "Not if we want our laptops in one piece"

wintvsucks210 karma

Has Spenny paid back Wolfish his $10,000 yet. Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money and a promise is a promise Spencer. We all care about you and hope you can be a man of your word and live up to your word Spencer. Please pay him back.

SpennySpenny142 karma

Absolutely not. This is the guy who's obviously got a fake Wolfish account which I think is funny. You know I didn't pay him back because he harrassed me so much. I'm not paying him back, and I told him that several times. I'm sorry, but it was unbelievable.

Kenny: Basically Spenny is garbage.

Spenny: Basically yes

kennethjoelhotz190 karma

I just want everyone to know that Spenny is a real person and our show was really real. The only way to prove it is for you to come out to the live shows and meet us and sit with us. Either way, I really do love you, love all the support you've given us, and the only reason I would ever consider doing more shows is to keep all of you laughing. Really proud, and cross your fingers for us. Death to the weak!

Giminiman141 karma

Kenny and maybe Spenny too, what were Matt Stone and Trey Parkers involment with KvS?

kennethjoelhotz348 karma

Taking half of our cash, and dumping us like the great jokes I made in the writers room.

Giminiman121 karma

Spenny, did your Grampa finally stop molesting you?

SpennySpenny255 karma

You know, if this is the way this is going it's going to be very short. Kenny makes up all kinds of stuff. I will leave it up to, the reddit community, to decide what is true. I've lost track of Kenny's lies...

Kenny: "Spenny was recently arrested at Beth Shalom cemetary, he was found digging up his grandpa and fucking him."

Spenny: "Great, Necrophilia, Incest, all in one sentence, great."

kennethjoelhotz117 karma

I told you to shorten your answers Tolstoy

Spenny: "Name two books Tolstoy wrote… can you name one?"

Kenny: War and Peace

Spenny: "There you go"

hawk-eyed117 karma

How much weed did you actuallly smoke weight-wise during the who can smoke the most weed episode?

kennethjoelhotz213 karma

We bought a quarter pound. Shot for about 4 days. I also ate a 5 gram bud. They wouldn't let us put that on TV

hairlessfish51 karma

Is there any chance of you releasing more footage from the show that never made it to air? I imagine there is mountains and mountains of stuff.

kennethjoelhotz27 karma

so much but most of it is low res, too expensive to bring in the high res into the avids...

Giminiman112 karma

Did Dr.GoldField actually cause 9/11?

kennethjoelhotz206 karma

No, his robots did

kateroz111 karma

Im from germany and I noticed Kenny's love for the german people. Where does it come from? You seem to be able to speak some german too

kennethjoelhotz708 karma

Yeah it comes from you murdering my entire family, thanks

GivePopPopYourHair110 karma

Who's your favourite KvS cast member and why is it Brendan?

kennethjoelhotz148 karma

I love Brendan, we had a bit of a falling out. I cracked a joke he didn't like and he wouldn't talk to me for two weeks. That's why I didn't put him on Triumph of the will. He'll be back

kennethjoelhotz22 karma

cant really remember but we all spent so much time together were bound to get on each others nerves. i love brendan and miss him, the music we did was amazing but he had morals which got in the way sometimes (rarely)

muskyhuntermike100 karma

I have to say that the "fart" episode is the single greatest moment in television history, followed closely by "who can eat the most meat." Kenny, did you ever find out exactly what made you sick?

kennethjoelhotz114 karma


Spenny: He ate half a cow.

Kenny: No… I think I saw Spencer undressing during the episode. That would make Rambo puke

Yerlydave91 karma

Spenny, have you ever thought about making a downs syndrome remake of 'Friends'?

SpennySpenny267 karma

Kenny says: "He did, Single White Spenny."

Golden_Goal89 karma

You guys are a simply amazing duo. You have provided me with hours and hours of entertainment and I can’t thank you enough.


  • What competition did you never get to do, and why were you not able to do it?

  • At any point during KvS did YOU want to quit? (we all know Spenny did)


  • How has KvS impacted your and Kenny’s relationship?

  • What projects are you currently working on?

Make season 7 happen and get on Netflix! You guys fucking rock.

kennethjoelhotz81 karma

Tonnes they wouldn't let us do. Love doing the show, never wanted to quit. I enjoy torturing Spenny too much.

MrPBateman70 karma

Just want to point out the distinction between what Trailer Park Boys did with Netflix and what the #BringBackKvS campaign is trying to do; The TPBs had already produced their new season/movies themselves and had begun production on the 9th season and specials. Netflix is just agreeing to stream what they've produced themselves. As far as I can tell, #BringBackKVS is being pushed with the expectation that Netflix will provide the funds to produce a new season. Don't get me wrong, I fucking wish to god they would, but Kenny and Spenny Vs. Netflix is a whole other animal to what TPB is doing. Just wanted to point this out because it seems like a lot of fans might not get it.

kennethjoelhotz56 karma


SpennySpenny65 karma

As for other projects, right now I'm working on a one man show about pornography. That's about it. I've got a lot of sizzle reels out there...

SpennySpenny43 karma

never get

Oftentimes, Kenny would pitch me on "Who Could Piss Off Women?" But sometimes those shows would morph into something different, like who could piss off more people. The ones we refuse generally morph into something else.

SpennySpenny87 karma

Spenny: This is getting really fucking boring.

Kenny: Wait until we do Season 7 and you get Robot raped

Spadie86 karma

Hey Spenny, just want to let you know. I'm subscribed to your official fan page on Facebook and I see all the comments posted on there. Man people are fucking mean. I really get that since Kenny is mean to you on the show that all of these people think it's cool and funny for them to be as well but honestly just reading the comments on your posts are cringeworthy.

You really do have fans out there. I'm a big fan of the show. While I do enjoy what Kenny does as well, these peoples behavior is just fucked up.

There always has to be two sides of the coin in a duo. The smart one and the idiot. The cool guy and the loser. The straight man and the funny man. The Tsukkomi and the Boke. You've had to do some awful stuff for the show and Kenny picks on you all the time but that's no excuse for the behavior of these people and honestly man I'm sorry that they do that.

SpennySpenny140 karma

Ok, this is important. Most of that stuff comes from teenagers whose brains are not fully mature. Not that I'm saying a bad thing, but I remember clearly doing things as a teenager that were shitty, but there wasn't an internet to broadcast on. So it's all good, be nice to each other, harri Krishna

Kenny: If you like Spenny you're a loser. Put a gun in your mouth.

rdubs8984 karma

Can we please see the episode "Who would Rob Ford rather smoke crack with?" The world needs this

kennethjoelhotz179 karma

Spenny would like to smoke Rob Ford's crack…

and I'm not talking about the drug

SpennySpenny135 karma

Sure... As long as they pay me. I'll smoke crack with Rob Ford.

RabidTheSquirrel83 karma

Since the show ended, how often do you guys talk/hang out?

kennethjoelhotz600 karma

Whenever visiting hours are at the pedophile wing

SpennySpenny301 karma

He's like the Brother I never wanted.

EsdCodemonkey83 karma

Kenny can you tell us what Netflix's response was to all the hype about bringing back the show?

kennethjoelhotz123 karma

Stop! Exclamation mark

SpennySpenny80 karma

(Puts face in hands and sighs) "600 more questions of this"

tagjim76 karma

Kenny, be honest. You banged Spenny's cousin Bianca, didn't you?

kennethjoelhotz168 karma

No I didn't bang her. I used her as a cock sock.

Spenny: "Dont' say what I think you're gonna say."
(Whispers something in Kenny's ear.)

Kenny: "Look the child was returned, I told you"

stevecarp564 karma

Spenny, when will you admit that you kissed Kenny in Amsterdam?

SpennySpenny71 karma

I want to say when hell freezes over, but that's a little cliche. I won't admit to anything that never happened.

monkmaster57 karma

Spenny: if you had to live with one of Kenny's characters for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

SpennySpenny139 karma

I was gonna say Silencio but that's not a good idea. What's the fat guys name? Melvin? I think I could handle him, he'd be so into the food in the fridge I think I could handle him.

Kenny: "Maurice? Kenny3000?"

Spenny: "Definitely not Kenny3000

Fudzy54 karma

When is your Netflix show starting?

kennethjoelhotz139 karma

When you buy the company

Octacon53 karma

Spenny, might be a little personal, but there's been a lot of internet talk that you have a drug problem, is this true? and if it is, how has this been affecting KVS and your involvement with the tour?

SpennySpenny151 karma

I'm currently on prescription medications. I don't drink like I used to. The answer is no, I don't have a drug problem.

Kenny: "One second, Vagisil is not a prescription drug."

istopformoshes51 karma

Are there any competitions or humiliations either of you REALLY wanted to do, but the network wouldn't let you guys do?

kennethjoelhotz217 karma

Spenny really wanted to do "Who can suck me off more"

Pentellium47 karma

For Kenny, how weird was it having to play with your penis in front of your mother in the first to touch the ground loses episode?

kennethjoelhotz151 karma

Umm, it was a lot easier doing it front of Spenny's mother

thedudethedudegoesto47 karma

Do you guys have a list of possible comps to do, if netflix gets their shit together and picks up season 7? Or will you guys figure it out when the time comes? Can us fans make some suggestions for good competitions? (Who can eat more shit?)

kennethjoelhotz103 karma

Spenny has already eaten the most shit. I have books filled with competitions.

Including: First guy to knit a sweater wins. Just have to find an African guy named 'Sweater'

Spenny: "That's an old one"

ShyGuyFTW42 karma

Kenny, what did you do with Spenny's mom??

kennethjoelhotz203 karma

Ummmm… Let's just say that I made yogurt on her chin. I gave her the pink berry treatment. P.S. she's a gargler

Spenny: "Well she's not a virgin clearly (points at self)

Kenny: Not an anal virgin clearly, that's how Spenny got here.

firsttime101041 karma

If there is S7, would it be filmed in Toronto like the rest?

kennethjoelhotz139 karma

I'd do it in Aushwitz if they gave us the money.

Spenny: "There we go, Holocaust jokes, finally."

Calico_Sativa39 karma

KENNY, What happened to Testees?? I loved that show!

kennethjoelhotz35 karma

Google: "Cancelled"

gagoono39 karma

How staged was Kenny vs Spenny?

SpennySpenny14 karma

Kenny: Spenny's real name is Dalton O'Brien.

Spenny: From Sussex.

Kenny: I am Reginald Van Beezly the Third. I've studied in mime, in Paris, for twelve years before going to Niagara to focus on Shakespeare. Prior to getting the role of Kenny. Spenny's just a child molesting bum-rapist.

Giminiman38 karma

Kenny, how does human taste?

kennethjoelhotz55 karma

Like chicken

rainedons37 karma

A question for both of you.

Spenny - How long after an episode does it take to find out that kenny cheated?

Kenny - How do you prevent Spenny from killing you with an axe?

kennethjoelhotz110 karma

Not worried about Spenny kiling me with an axe, if I died he'd have nothing to jerk off to… except for baby pictures.

Spenny: "of you"

Kenny: Malaysian baby pictures… cleft/maldeformed… what's that scope thing… ultrasound. Malformed ultrasound photographs

Spenny: "What that I masturbate to?"

Kenny: "Yeah."

Spenny: "Ok good, just making sure."

Kenny: "That was a new one"

SpennySpenny64 karma

Sometimes I find out during the show, sometimes after, sometimes during the edit. That's about it.

ZachAttack12335 karma

When you were originally doing the show on CBC did you ever expect that your challenges/humiliations would end up being as fucked up as they would become? There was always an edge to the show but it seemed like you really didn't start going crazy with it until Showcase picked you up.

kennethjoelhotz99 karma

I was talking about eating out girls at 5:30 and they didn't even pick up on the jokes. I'm glad we left. Fuck the CBC, they need to get their shit together. They cancelled us. We were number one and they cancelled us.

SpennySpenny69 karma

They didn't know what we were doing. They used to have the Humiliation right before Peter Mansbridge. It didn't fit, it didn't belong there.

starstufft34 karma

Spenny,what are your opinions on the constant trolling you get online?

SpennySpenny136 karma

Oh, that's a good question! Basically, sometimes I reach out to the haters, and it turns out sometimes they're huge fans and they're just trying to be funny. Sometimes they actually hate me, and why wouldn't they? I don't need to be loved constantly. By and large, I'm cool with it. I don't care.

machphantom34 karma

I have to ask Spenny… I know you got pissed at Kenny for cheating, and lying and breaking you down all those years. But then how do you justify cheating the times that you did? What separates you from Kenny in that regard?

SpennySpenny90 karma

Basically, why not try to cheat, see what it's like. It's not like it's the Olympics or something important.

Kenny: "Oh like the olympics are so important."

AtheismoAlmighty32 karma

Hey guys.

I was just wondering how often guests of the show (usually judges for competitions) got in contact with you after their episode aired? Did they find it funny in the ones where Kenny deceived them?

SpennySpenny67 karma

Kenny: "That's funny, I never heard anything back from them."

Spenny:"I'd like to talk to the black gentlemen"

Kenny: "I'm sure you would"

Spenny: "See what they think of his nonsense"

Kenny: "Hard for him to ask them with his mouth full" (people laugh)

Spenny: Why are you laughing? Is that all it takes? Fuck

HappiestLlama30 karma

Spenny, what's a typical reaction from a 'Kenny fan' you meet on the street? How have you got used to dealing with these encounters?

SpennySpenny202 karma

Honestly 99.9% are nice and friendly. I've had maybe 2 bad experiences with Kenny fans. Sticks and stones.

Kenny: "It was his mom and dad"

bluebottle407730 karma

What did you guys think of each other's solo efforts? Kenny what did you think of Single White Spenny? Spenny, what did you think of Triumph of the Will?

SpennySpenny55 karma

For the record, I believe Triumph of the Will lasted one season... I thought it was good, kind of similar to Kenny vs Spenny, and Single White Spenny wasn't my show. I wasn't the showrunner, I was supposed to be, but they stopped me when I read one of my scripts about smelly vaginas.

kennethjoelhotz45 karma

What did I think of Single Season Spenny? I thought it was Life Goes On 2.

blastfromthe28 karma

Hey I'm a big fan. Loved K vs. S, Triumph of the Will and The Pitch. My question: Are you content with your careers so far? Around the time you were making The Pitch what were your goals and have things played out the way you envisioned when you were younger? What are you current goals apart from continuing to suck each others cocks and lick each others assholes (jk). Thanks for the laughs, I love you guys. And btw the tongue scraping seen on K vs. S probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen on tv.

kennethjoelhotz63 karma

I couldn't be happier, I love my life, my career is amazing.

SpennySpenny62 karma

I regret going into this business, I should have had some kind of normal career. I think I would be happier.

ninx12328 karma


Do you have any regrets about any episodes you did??

Has Spenny's family completely cut contact with you since your constant bashing of them on tv?

Have you gotten in trouble for giving Spenny acid in the octopus episode??


What is the single most important thing you think people can take away from watching your shows??

Has the radiation poisoning that Kenny inflicted on you caused any long-term affects? Or was that staged?

kennethjoelhotz148 karma

I feel bad about some of them. Mostly who can keep a dump in their pants. Little embarrassed by that. I only did the show so they would cut ties with me.

Spenny: "Most important thing, I think, maybe, there's a philosophical underpinning that tells the truth about cheaters and scam artists getting ahead in the world. Other than that I think it's the stupidest show in the history of television and I'm proud to be a part of it." (Gets out to leave)

Kenny: Do you have to wack off now? (Spenny left room)

VICE GUY: So that porn with his cousin is real?

Kenny: Yeah

VICE GUY: No wonder he's upset.

Kenny: Who cares, this guy stuck a hot dog up his ass on national television and he cares if his cousin is sucking some chick's tits who gives a fuck?

bedazzledfingernails27 karma

Were there any humiliations you actually liked doing?

kennethjoelhotz93 karma

Kenny: I loved humiliating Spenny, and he loved it too. It was his fetish. He loved me spanking him like the mommy he never had. He's a freak daddy.

Spenny: "I'll answer this since I had to do the lions share, the bulk of them. Any one that wasn't completely horrific I enjoyed. Because I'd think of the bad ones I did. So occasionally I'd be happy."

Kenny: Sometimes I'd wake up and find him under my covers licking my bum. It made me sad.

hairlessfish26 karma

Spenny I always watch every episode and imagine how you reacted to seeing how Kenny cheated once you watch the show for the first time. What was your most memorable time watching a new episode for the first time and freaking out?

SpennySpenny71 karma

I always knew before it aired first of all. 2nd of all you shrug your shoulders and laugh because it's Kenny VS. spenny, who gives a shit. It's funny

Kenny: He's acting like he doesn't care. He tried to quit the show many times. The only time to get him back was to flash him my harry hog, and promise him that one day he'll get to kiss it.

Spenny: Fair enough, I was upset when he doused me with acid. What the fuck do you want me to say?

Calico_Sativa25 karma

Did you guys ever figure out who actually smoked more weed and did you ever find that giant bag of weed you lost?

kennethjoelhotz63 karma

Crew stole it. No idea

nickolaid25 karma

If you guys were to do another season of Kenny vs Spenny I'm convinced that the show would be a lot more interesting to see Kenny face "Angrier Spenny". I'm talking about the guy that threw a bucket of shit + piss into Kenny's face; the guy that threatened to jump off a cliff and made Kenny lick up bird shit; the guy who had the determination to beat Kenny in the 10 mile race after Kenny faked his mom's funeral. The dynamic of the show changes completely whenever Spenny is really pissed off. Kenny turns into a pussy whenever he has to face Spenny in that state of mind. The show needs to come back with Kenny vs "Angrier Spenny" to really get people talking about the show again. Guys, what are your thoughts on this?

kennethjoelhotz22 karma

That's why it was such an art to destroy him and stop him from being a competitor. He wilted very easily. My objective was not to be abused an humiliated, and yes maybe the show suffered because I didn't do things to make the show better, I did them to win, that's why it was real.

Mckay7719 karma

Who can do the best helicopter dick :P

SpennySpenny58 karma

Kenny: I would say mine's more like a lasso.

Spenny: I don't even know what this means.

Rob_the_redditor18 karma

You had one of the most hilarious shows on earth. Kenny to me you are a comedic genius. Spenny you are also highly entertaining.

I didn't really know about kenny vs spenny untill you released all the episodes on YouTube. I went trough them all twice, thanks for giving those out for free that was really cool of you.

Can you explain In detail why k v s ended? How hard have you guys worked to bring it back? Who wants to do the show more?

Also, I don't know anything about the tv business what problems are you having trying to bring it back? Your show is more entertaining then a lot of shit that gets to be on t.v. I don't understand why someone hasn't given you a chance again.


kennethjoelhotz57 karma

There is a huge disconnect between Broadcasters, Executives and how popular we really are. I think the industry just thinks we are some shitty ripoff of Jackass, and they don't understand how funny our show was. We invented the first reality sitcom. Millions of fans all over the world. Yes they are fucking retarded.

Spenny: Might that reason be holocaust jokes, grandfather rape jokes, baby fingering jokes, the list goes on.

Kenny: No because there's Howard Stern, etc.

Spenny: Netflix would be perfect, because there's less people telling you what you can't do there.

Kenny: My stuff is very abrasive and the antithesis of most broadcasters mandates. Spenny just goes on man dates. That's the problem, he's too busy on man dates. But times are changing. Everything here is so shit, they may have no choice but to pick us up. Feel free to cover yourself in gasoline and torch yourself in front of the CBC wearing an "I love Kenny T Shirt."

Actually I was saying that to Spenny.

SPENNY: That would make more sense.

heyhermano2318 karma

Kenny, my husband and I once ran into you in an elevator. To this day he proudly tells the story about how Kenny Hotz kind of propositioned his wife by telling her that he always wants to go down.

No question, I just you to know what you've done to my life and marriage after that fateful ride.

kennethjoelhotz43 karma

Sorry to break the news to you, but your kid is mine

tcbjj18 karma

Spenny, how pissed off were you after you cheated and still lost the cooking competition? What did the chef that helped you cheat say afterwards concerning your loss?

kennethjoelhotz57 karma

Spenny: This is just so boring, I can't handle it. I was upset, but I got over it. I don't recall the chef saying much except that I forgot to put salt in it. And not a day goes by that I don't think about it and cry.

Kenny: Spencer is a fake and a facade of a man, he will cheat and do anything. He is the reason the human race will die and wither into nothingness. Hail Satan.

VegetableLasagna_15 karma

Kenny: Did your mom finally get laid after TOTW?

kennethjoelhotz63 karma

No but there's a sticky parking meter in front of her house.

SPENNY: "Can I just say something, this is why I can't get mad. A) it's kind of funny, some of the shit he says and B) He says the same shit about his mom

gypsy20021715 karma

WHERE did you find the elderly lady to kiss Kenny? She seemed pretty awesome!

SpennySpenny44 karma

Spenny: Tracy, our talent coordinator, probably found her.

Kenny: In a pit in my house with all the other old ladies.

fambini14 karma

Have either of you guys thought About using kick starter to help with the show and not just the documentary?

You guys could always make KVS a web series or something and make it yourselves

SpennySpenny48 karma

Kenny: Kickstarter to me was when I kicked Spencer's mom in the face to get her to start blowing me. Nobody's got money. You're all so fucking cheap. You're not even giving to Jamie's kickstarter. 40 measly grand. You all owe me $500 for all the shit you stole, for 10 fucking years. And you owe Spenny sixty cents.

Jordahan14 karma

Kenny - Whatever happened to Testees? Last I heard it was in talks to get another season, did all that just fall apart? It was a pretty funny show, hopefully it didn't just get shelved.

Spenny - If I buy VIP tickets to your show in Vancouver, will I receive Oral Favors from you?

kennethjoelhotz38 karma

Where did you hear that? In your schizophrenic psychics. I like Testees, to me it was a live action cartoon but a lot of the actors sucked because they were Canadian losers.

Spenny: No, you won't get a blow job. Can I just say something? Between Kenny rehashing jokes from when we were six and people with the same fucking joke this is getting really boring! I wanna watch the fucking Leafs play at 3.

ProudGinger14 karma

Kenny was that Beyonce impersonator worth losing the journalism competition?

SpennySpenny34 karma

Kenny: Ask my dink.

eltexas14 karma

What happened to the radio show? Why was that dude fired?

kennethjoelhotz42 karma

Umm, why… because he argued too much. His job was to make me funny and he was annoying.

runtimem12 karma

Why did you guys end the original series? Was it Showcase being a bunch of jews or was it personal?

SpennySpenny36 karma

Kenny: If they were jews, we'd still be on the air, because we made them tons of cash.

Emanjoker12 karma

What is the one thing you actually like about each other? Btw huge fan

SpennySpenny36 karma

Kenny: I like his mouth. It feels like velvet on my rod.

Spenny: Honestly I like that he appreciates The Beatles, Andy Kaufman, and the Marx Brothers.

SnowedInRedditor12 karma

What happened in Amsterdam?

For real.

kennethjoelhotz46 karma

Spenny: The one thing that did happen is we had a lot of fun. Kenny fell asleep, beer in hand, drank a lot of beer, ate fish and Amsterdam is amazing.

KENNY: Then his tongue slipped into my mouth.

PenisBakeMeAPancake12 karma

If I can get serious for a second, what was it like being humbled by the REAL, the one and only Iron Sheik?

SpennySpenny15 karma

I wasn't humbled, I was almost humbled. You know, I'm a wrestling fanatic so it was awesome. I also roasted him. I did a couple Sheik roasts.

Kenny: Spenny's had a lot of Sheiks. Tonnes of them.

EDITORS NOTE: Spenny hasn't stopped talking about the Sheik since this question. He's still going... and drinking. Hopefully we can get some drunk Spenny responses soon

giggles28811 karma


kennethjoelhotz18 karma


kennethjoelhotz9 karma

Kenny's back, ask your question

XKSSTEL11 karma

What's your favorite quote from the show?

kennethjoelhotz27 karma

Kenny: "I feel sorry for Spenny. I feel sorry for me having to waste my life destroying him."

Spenny: I don't remember them. People post them sometimes that are funny but I don't remember. "I was born, man" saw that recently that was funny. I was going through the birth canal I believe at that time.

hellifux10 karma

Hey Guys, Have either of you met Rob Ford?

kennethjoelhotz27 karma

No, but Spenny swears he had him in a glory hole once

Spenny: "No I did not meet the democratically elected mayor of Toronto. GTA"

Hugh_Jabs10 karma

Maurice Del Taco?

kennethjoelhotz25 karma

Just playing Spenny's dad.

jasonfifi10 karma

hey guys, huge fan.

do you find television in canada easier to work with than the american establishment? why do you think so much amazing comedy comes from canada?

also, in reference to KvS, is spenny really a total wet blanket all the time, or is/was he method acting/getting extra worked up about petty bullshit just to be a great annoyed straightman?

kennethjoelhotz21 karma

Good comedy is good comedy, wherever it is… and he is a wet blanket because he's still peeing his bed and he's 50.

Spenny: Good answer

shananagoatz9 karma

Spenny, how come after all this time you are willing to do a season 7? What changed your mind?

SpennySpenny29 karma

I never said I wouldn't do the show. I think the show's very, very funny, and if I have to "be Spenny" in that show (because that's who I am) then I'll do it... and the money.

Umbersella29 karma

When's the live Toronto show?

SpennySpenny11 karma

Kenny: We're doing Central Canada in May. It'll be announced on Tuesday.

SpennySpenny33 karma

Kenny: Spenny comes out on Monday.

gnomenclature09 karma

What happened to the old KvS house on Sherbourne?

SpennySpenny13 karma

Kenny: It's been disinfected and bulldozed.

evan555559 karma

Fuck, marry, kill: Dr. Goldfield, Yarp-Yarp, and Brendan. GO

SpennySpenny14 karma

Kenny: I'd marry, fuck, then kill them all.

reereereereeree8 karma

How's Bobby Patton doing these days? Can you elaborate on his contributions to the show beyond the occasional comic relief?

kennethjoelhotz12 karma

The first movie Spenny and I ever made together was about Bobby.

Spenny: Starring Bobby

Kenny: Yeah. He's totally filthy and disgusting. He just turned 50 and he started crying when I paid for his cab home. Spenny cries if you don't pay for his cab home. And is just as filthy and disgusting

rimrimpimpim8 karma

Was there any reaction from Spenny's family when Kenny fingerbanged his mom?

SpennySpenny15 karma

Yeah we had a religious ceremony.. They don't watch the show. I've never had any blowback from my family. Not once.

zcc0nonA8 karma

Are you guys still good friends?

kennethjoelhotz26 karma

Spenny: You know, just growing older separates us. I do love him but we don't nearly spend as much time as we used to. You want me to be Kenny? I can do both. (Kenny has left to get coffee. Nasally Kenny impression) "Meh, pug rapist, and Dr. Mengelah, Meh."

Look since Kenny is gone for a minute. But let me just say that I don't agree with most of what he says but he has the right to be the biggest asshole in the world

BigCat90007 karma

When can we expect an American tour? Also, what's it like working with a serial ax murderer like Spenny. Every time I see that guy I'm left wondering how many hitchhikers and prostitutes he has tied up in his basement.

SpennySpenny13 karma

Kenny: Not many hitchhikers and prostitutes are under the age of 3 so they have nothing to worry about.

Spenny has lost his temper at this question and has stormed out of the room

Kenny: As for America, we're still trying to get the Nussbaum family to drop the charges. Spenny is not allowed in the US because of his sexual assault charges. He was found in a sperm bank drinking half of their contents.

SpacemanSpiff_7 karma

Spenny, do you regret badmouthing VICE in "Who is cooler"?

SpennySpenny14 karma

To be honest I didn't know what VICE was at the time. I was badmouthing the judge. He said that I looked like a pedophile, when I thought I looked rather cool. What was his name, Gordon?

Ghengis-Khunt6 karma

Kenny! Will your live tour be stopping anywhere around Niagara, or am I going to have to get on a fucking GO bus to come see you? Also, will you sign my boobs? WILL THERE BE HELMUT?!

Spenny, gtfo. <3

SpennySpenny42 karma

Fuck off.

kennethjoelhotz34 karma

Niagara is like Disnyeland with Downs Syndrome. I will sign your boobs with blood

ph10126 karma

How far would you say your personalities are in the show from how you are in real life?

SpennySpenny15 karma

Unfortunately, not very. I'm forced to be the "straight man" because Kenny doesn't say anything seriously. We really are these people, unfortunately.

_Helena6 karma

Spenny, do you cry at night because you have a mangina?

SpennySpenny9 karma


shullmaster30005 karma

Hey guys, HUGE fan here. 1. I always wondered if the show changed your off camera friendship at all. Do you guys still keep in touch often? 2. Did Netflix contact you guys yet? Because I got pretty pumped when I heard about that.

kennethjoelhotz10 karma

Yes, unlike many shows that get worse when the creators hate each other, our show got better. Netflix is too busy loading up Pauly Shore movies to contact us. Fingers crossed.

Flamingknox2125 karma

"In February 2013 on Kenny Hotz Radio Ep #3, Spencer revealed that he was made to fire Donny Rose by Kenny. Kenny felt that he (Donny) was trying to get too much airtime on the show. Spencer maintains a relationship with Donny and cried when he had to fire his good friend"

So thats where that guy went. Kenny...I'm not impressed I thought you were more mature.

kennethjoelhotz6 karma

You obviously haven't watched our show. Spenny was getting Donny to do everything. In Bible he got him to build his shit. The show's about me competing against him, not against his fucking PA. Spenny is lazy and tries to get other people to do his shit, and if any of you out there like him you really are idiots.

Spenny: 100% true. I'm mad that I didn't talk to him about the issue, but whatever.