Kenneth Joel "Kenny" Hotz

former South Park consultant and writer, creator/star of the Comedy Central television show Kenny vs. Spenny, creator and writer of the FX series Testees, and the creator/star of Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will

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kennethjoelhotz1373 karma

Thanks Spenny. Get over it

kennethjoelhotz1057 karma

I would love to do it, I would do 500 more episodes. It's my favourite show in the world. Call comedy central and showcase and bug the shit out of them.

Also, not to be Woody Harrelson, but the more online fans I get the easier it is to convince shitty broadcasters to give us a fucking show.

kennethjoelhotz832 karma

He basically quit doing the show. I broke his brain. My bad

kennethjoelhotz750 karma

Only in playgrounds

kennethjoelhotz708 karma

Yeah it comes from you murdering my entire family, thanks

kennethjoelhotz697 karma

Maybe one more guy in his butt. But 4 cocks is a lot right now.

kennethjoelhotz687 karma

I don't know about married, but he just had a baby girl. I hope the family gets her back.

kennethjoelhotz642 karma

Didn't get her name

kennethjoelhotz629 karma

You could fuck the hole in it.

kennethjoelhotz600 karma

Whenever visiting hours are at the pedophile wing