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Hey Spenny, just want to let you know. I'm subscribed to your official fan page on Facebook and I see all the comments posted on there. Man people are fucking mean. I really get that since Kenny is mean to you on the show that all of these people think it's cool and funny for them to be as well but honestly just reading the comments on your posts are cringeworthy.

You really do have fans out there. I'm a big fan of the show. While I do enjoy what Kenny does as well, these peoples behavior is just fucked up.

There always has to be two sides of the coin in a duo. The smart one and the idiot. The cool guy and the loser. The straight man and the funny man. The Tsukkomi and the Boke. You've had to do some awful stuff for the show and Kenny picks on you all the time but that's no excuse for the behavior of these people and honestly man I'm sorry that they do that.

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Many international peoples are worried about these protests turning into another Tiananmen Square massacre. What is the general feeling on the ground about this, knowing what the Chinese government has done in the past?

What does the average Hong Kong resident know about those events, and are they in the forefront of the peoples minds right now?

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So we should all have drones, ICBMs, APCs, Tanks and Aircraft Carriers. Roger that.

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FYI : Some government and communist party supporters even want the army enter the city and kill all the protestors.

Thats awful. I really hope you remain safe. Well wishes from Canada.

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I need this.