Hello reddit, I’m Martha Stewart. For years, I’ve offered expert guidance and provided everyday inspiration for everything from cooking and crafting to organizing, entertaining, homekeeping, and healthy living.

Lately, I’ve been working on two new TV shows -- “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School,” which airs weekends on PBS, and “Martha Bakes,” which will return to PBS in April. For some specific recipe recommendations: http://www.marthastewart.com/1008120/marthas-favorites

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Let’s get started!

Update: Where's Snoop? I have brownies FOR YOU!

UPDATE: Chatting with you all has been a blast. Thanks for your questions and kind words. I've got to go get ready to appear on Seth Meyers tonight. Tune in -- my dog Genghis Khan is coming with! Thanks again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhagk__7_7Q

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aliebert23744 karma

Do you have any good sex tips?

ThisIsMarthaStewart4513 karma

Always take a bath before and after.

RoswellSpaceman3247 karma

Do it DURING a bath. Kills two birds with one stone.

ThisIsMarthaStewart4125 karma

That's good too, and don't forget to brush your teeth.

luckyhusky3184 karma

Martha! My mom took it upon herself to make EVERY SINGLE COOKIE from your 2008 Martha Stewart’s Cookies book. A total of 160 COOKIES! She even made a blog , where she reviews each cookie, like how difficult it was to make, taste, etc. She was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia and wanted to do something similar with your Cookie Book. She absolutely loves you and your recipes, including the ones in your magazine. No questions, but I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring my mom! Now she is trying to do every recipe in your Cupcake Book.

Also, your French Macaron 101 recipe resulted in tears of joy after my mom and I made them, because I never realized that macarons were supposed to taste that delicious.

EDIT: Thank you for my first gold!!!

ThisIsMarthaStewart3483 karma

I hope she hasn't gained as much weight as we gained when we make a book like this. Have fun!

violue3021 karma

Have you ever pissed off a friend by giving them unsolicited decorating advice while visiting their home?

ThisIsMarthaStewart4328 karma

I learned many years ago never to criticize, only compliment. Even if their home is horrifyingly awful.

tall_and_thin_2900 karma

What's it like being friends with Snoop Dogg?

ThisIsMarthaStewart4067 karma

I wish I were closer friends with Snoop Dogg.

morandrew2850 karma

Hey Martha,

I used to be your neighbor on Turkey Hill Rd. in ct when I was a toddler (lived in the yellow house on top of the hill, across the street). I've always wondered if the cookies you handed out on halloween were homemade or store bought – I ask only cause my 4-y/o self was, though appreciative, not very impressed.

ThisIsMarthaStewart3295 karma

Was yours the big yellow Victorian that had lost its top story in a fire? I loved that house. And yes, every single cookie was homemade. I don't think I've ever bought cookies in my life.

morandrew2766 karma

That's the house! I loved it too. Thanks again for the cookie, obviously my taste buds were too underdeveloped to know what's what. I hope you're doing well, much love from the Moran fam!

ThisIsMarthaStewart2940 karma

I hope your family is doing well! Best regards.

littlepeacock2570 karma

Is it true you change your bed sheets everyday?

ThisIsMarthaStewart3350 karma

Yes. It's a luxury.

MicSauce2324 karma

How do you feel about the prevalence of truffle oil in modern restaurants?

ThisIsMarthaStewart3798 karma

I think truffle oil is one of the few ingredients that doesn't belong in anyone's kitchen. It is ruinous of most recipes.

alisonbriemarryme2211 karma


ThisIsMarthaStewart3314 karma

I thought it was really cute!

iwannabeastar2129 karma

My daughter adores you. Proof: she dressed up as you from your Halloween cover for Halloween! Imgur She wants to know: how does one get an internship at MSL? Thanks!

edit: yes, of course she made the costume herself.

UPDATE: Wow. Thanks for all the support and suggestions, everyone. I will definitely let you all know what happens. Here's the link for those confused by the costume's concept. http://www.marthastewart.com/1034724/create-9-30-2013

ThisIsMarthaStewart2882 karma

Oh how cute! Send in your resume with the picture!

lyndeybrock2046 karma

Martha, what are your top three rules for hosting?

ThisIsMarthaStewart3194 karma

  1. Pay attention to your guests. 2. Interact with them. 3. Feed them fine food and wine.

ProChefSean1892 karma

Is it true you used to be a model..if so why did you give up your modeling career ???

ThisIsMarthaStewart2824 karma

Yes, indeed. I've modeled from the time I was 13, and I don't think I've given it up. I pose for pictures every day!

AndyWarwheels1871 karma

How many tacos can you eat in one sitting?

ThisIsMarthaStewart2994 karma

I was at a really good Mexican restaurant yesterday, and I ate one whole taco. I was still hungry.

LuvsCigars1791 karma

No question. I just wanted to share a picture of our Chow Chow with you.

ThisIsMarthaStewart1880 karma

Oh, your Chow Chow looks just like Harry, my first Chow Chow.

Shootzilla1788 karma

I know it's a bit of a touchy subject, but what was your favorite prison food? No disrespect, I honestly am curious about this.

ThisIsMarthaStewart3493 karma

There was nothing remarkable about the food at all.

talameetsbetty1731 karma

Hi Martha!

You have a completely free day. What do you do to have fun for the day?

Thank you!

ThisIsMarthaStewart4258 karma

Watch the entire 13 hours of a new season of House of Cards.

Cissyrene1670 karma

Hey Martha, it's nice to kind of meet you! I need to know: What are the best apples for baking pie? Nobody can or will tell me, and the internet is all over the place. Looking forward to checking out your new shows!

ThisIsMarthaStewart2451 karma

Tart and crisp, preferably with a thin red skin - like a Gravenstein or a Macoun.

karmanaut1548 karma

Update: Where's Snoop? I have brownies FOR YOU!

You have to summon him to share your special brownies.


ThisIsMarthaStewart2000 karma

Join us Snoop!

karmanaut1331 karma

If you say his username, /u/Here_Comes_The_King, it sends a message directly to his inbox!

NewLeaf371497 karma

What's your favorite parody of yourself?

ThisIsMarthaStewart2822 karma

There have been many. None of which are very accurate or flattering. But Ana Gasteyer on SNL did a good job.

naanplussed1371 karma

Do you have a favorite singer or band?

ThisIsMarthaStewart2980 karma

Pharrell Williams. He's so cute. I've actually seen him in person and adore his good humor.

_____Oo_____1332 karma


ThisIsMarthaStewart2522 karma

We are all faced with serious challenges during a lifetime. I hope yours is not too serious and that you'll get well soon. Best wishes!

r_antrobus1285 karma

What's the craziest thing you have ever seen in the kitchen?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1680 karma

Whose kitchen?

r_antrobus1557 karma

Oh my god you replied!


ThisIsMarthaStewart1612 karma

The catamole bowl. Look at my blog two days ago.

mizary11232 karma

Hi Martha, Did you have a prison nickname? If not what nickname would you have chosen for yourself.

ThisIsMarthaStewart1923 karma

I think I did, but I can't remember.

ThisIsMarthaStewart2220 karma

I don't think about the past.

Ablobaconker1213 karma

I'm a 16 year old guy who knows nothing to do with cooking. What easy thing could I do or learn that would impress the shit out of my mom (who cooks religiously)?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1838 karma

Get one of our Everyday Food cookbooks and cook her a meal. She'll ask you to do it night after night.

sommerfugl1172 karma

Hey, Martha!

I am a member of the Sons of Norway in Fargo, and we are looking to create a signature cocktail for our lodge using aquavit. Any suggestions?

ThisIsMarthaStewart2022 karma

Aquavit and fresh grapefruit juice, lots of ice, a sugar-rimmed glass, and a big slice of orange. Beautiful lodge!

bridgette_bardot1130 karma

Is it true that you paint over the soles of your Louboutins because you don't like the red sole? And what are some of your fashion rules?

ThisIsMarthaStewart2209 karma

It is true. One of my rules is not to be a slave to fashion.

InfernalWedgie1109 karma

Is there a culinary tradition you would like to explore and practice more in depth?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1820 karma

Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

HolidayBakerMan1003 karma

How can I make my towels fluffy again? I use a front loader and new towels I purchased 18 months ago - and they were not cheap - are now hard and uncomfortable to use. :)

ThisIsMarthaStewart1844 karma

You should check your water, your soap, the temperature of the water, and your machine. Something's wrong. Towels should last at least 20 years.

-Aigis-991 karma

Favourite Movie?

ThisIsMarthaStewart2902 karma

This year it was The Wolf of Wall Street.

BuffyTheMoronSlayer861 karma

What was your moment when you realized that you were creating something bigger than yourself? That "Aha! I truly made it!" moment?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1412 karma

When I published the first issue of Martha Stewart Living.

autumnx824 karma

How do you feel knowing that people say "I'm no Martha Stewart!" when they're critiqued on their cooking/crafting etc?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1805 karma

I prefer it when they say "I'm just like Martha Stewart." Or "I'm the Des Moines Martha Stewart."

1badls2goat815 karma

Who would win in a cooking contest - you or Gordon Ramsay? The contest would be judged by presentation/decor and taste.

Is there one thing you think you could cook better than Gordon Ramsay without a doubt?

Got any inside tips on MSO?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1674 karma

I could probably bake better than Gordon Ramsay. And I don't know if I can cook better than he cooks.

greengrasser11808 karma

Julia Child was such a major household name for so many years and in ways a pioneer. What would you say you learned most from her?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1337 karma

I've tried every single one of Julia's recipes in her French cookbooks. She was a wonderful teacher, and she inspired all of us to expand our cooking repertoire.

savvy92781 karma


ThisIsMarthaStewart1419 karma

Love Indian food. Especially Raita, Naan, Dal, and Saag Paneer.

Slap_the_Goose726 karma

Hi Martha,

What is your favorite Cajun/Creole dish (if you have one)?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1183 karma

Any number of gumbos. Remember: We have access to everything Emeril on my site.

katelynhasseoul687 karma

Any tips for a moist, but not dense cake? Is it all in the proper flour?

edit: Thanks for the great tips! Will def try out the measuring by weight. As a biologist, I know the importance of following the protocol/recipe precisely so switching from cups etc to metric units won't be difficult transition haha.

ThisIsMarthaStewart1331 karma

No, it's not all in the flour. Baking is an exact science.

Jenlynn1957669 karma

Martha, is it okay to freeze cottage cheese?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1116 karma

Never tried. Why would you?

Frajer611 karma

Do you have a suggestion on what to do with old glass soda bottles?

Also what do you think about kale?

ThisIsMarthaStewart963 karma

I grow all kinds of kale -- from green to red to black. I use it cooked, finely chopped in salads, and in soups. I do not think it is overrated.

AndyWarwheels551 karma

but what about the soda bottles?

ThisIsMarthaStewart1697 karma

I never buy soda so I never have bottles

sammmymantha592 karma

Martha, you are a goddess. I had a dream the other night that you were president. MARTHA 2016

ThisIsMarthaStewart1639 karma

Sounds like a good idea, but I think there will be another strong woman candidate.

karmakomedian545 karma

When are we going to get a Martha Stewart podcast?

ThisIsMarthaStewart985 karma

Listen to me on Sirius radio.

jilldanielle526 karma

Hi Martha! Huge fan right here. You seem really tech savvy these days. What phone are you using, and do you have a favorite app?

ThisIsMarthaStewart898 karma

I have always tried to stay ahead of the tech curve. I use the new Samsung notebook, I use the iPhone, and low and behold, I still have a new Blackberry. All I need now is one phone number for all of them.

ThisIsMarthaStewart2574 karma

Oh, by the way, a question of everyone: Do you really believe Ellen took that selfie with her Samsung? Seemed like a lot of people in one little picture from such a short distance!


Who makes better cookies, you or Snoop? Any special ingredients I should use when baking?

ThisIsMarthaStewart724 karma

I've never tasted Snoop's cookies, so I don't know. Pure butter, good sugar, good flour.

bridgette_bardot447 karma

What's the most difficult part about being Martha Stewart?

ThisIsMarthaStewart915 karma

Not having enough time in a day to do it all.

ngtastic419 karma

What's the best part about being a grandmother? I can't imagine how awesome it'd be to have Martha Stewart as my grandma.

ThisIsMarthaStewart644 karma

The kids are so delightful. Every single minute I spend with them is precious. They are so enthusiastic and friendly.

FightinRndTheWorld378 karma

You're in the mood for Moroccan food, what's on the menu?

ThisIsMarthaStewart667 karma

Bysteeya, pigeon pie, tagine of lamb with prunes, and cous cous, of course.

CelebornX276 karma

Hi Martha! Quick question. Do you have a favorite James Bond film? If so, what is it?


ThisIsMarthaStewart609 karma

I like the earlier Sean Connery James Bonds the best. Although the first Daniel Craig was pretty good.

Smashinator267 karma

Who is your favorite celebrity or TV personality to work with on a professional level?

ThisIsMarthaStewart506 karma

I prefer working with the late night comedians. Hard to choose, there's so many.

Parselmouth_princess190 karma

What's your ultimate go to party dessert?

ThisIsMarthaStewart310 karma

There are so many to choose from that I rarely serve the same thing.

mylefthandkilledme173 karma

What is the best pizza you have ever had?

ThisIsMarthaStewart311 karma

Just last week at the new Inn at Pound Ridge. Black truffle and fontina cheese on a delicate thin crust.

rdevadas165 karma

For my 5th grade graduation we had to sing a song about you, it went something along the lines of this "Oh I wish I could be like Martha, it's Martha that we love...". Kind of a strange song to sing for a 5th grade graduation, but that was 2000 so who knows. Anyway I was wondering if you knew about that song?

ThisIsMarthaStewart481 karma

No, but it sounds excellent.

Kknowsbest151 karma

Who was your role model as a kid?

ThisIsMarthaStewart273 karma

My teachers. All of them were really interesting and good.

ariel_atlantica150 karma

Hi Martha! Thank you so much for doing this AMA.

I've thought hard about which question I truly would like to ask, and this is it:

Did you enjoy that Taco Bell burrito and bottle of Olde English you brought Conan on Late Night?

You two seem to have a very special working relationship, would love to see more collaborations! Thank you again.

ThisIsMarthaStewart255 karma

Watch tonight when I do my episode with Seth Meyers and Lil Jon. I bet it will be different.

Paulus85146 karma

Hi Martha! Big fan here! Have you every considered opening your own brand of stores (home, garden, kitchen, decor, etc.--all in one)? Or do you prefer branding through other companies? And, I really miss your old catalog. Beautiful products. You continue to inspire me in so many positive ways!

ThisIsMarthaStewart290 karma

working on it

I_smell_awesome146 karma

What's your favorite kind of soup?

ThisIsMarthaStewart298 karma

Fresh, homemade, vegetable based.

BitGreedy93 karma

Aside from cooking, what's your favourite activity to do of a weekend?

ThisIsMarthaStewart229 karma

Cooking is not my favorite thing to do on the weekend, since I do it every day of the week. I enjoy my horseback rides, my gardening, my time with Jude and Truman, and socializing with friends.

stein26855 karma

Hello! My dad loves to show folks who visit him your picture in his yearbook. Apparently you went to the same high school...Small world, right? Anyway... I bought the Glue Pad Refill Kit and never could quite get it to work the way I needed it to. Maybe I didn't clean it the right way? Maybe I loaded it up the wrong? Can you provide any advice (both for cleaning and usage)?


ThisIsMarthaStewart97 karma

What's your last name?

hulacake45 karma

Hello Martha!!!! I am HUGE and long time fan!!! I have but one issue with you, and it's a biggie in my book. Your croquembouche recipe is flawed!!! The recipe in your original Christmas book, as well as the current version on your website are the same. They say to first "melt" the butter into the water. Reading "melt" one would think to use a fairly low tempurature. If you do that, your puffs won't puff! It's just not thick enough to pipe! It is essential that you BOIL the butter into the water! Would you be willing to research this, and if you find that I am correct would you be willing to update the instructions?

ThisIsMarthaStewart69 karma


sarah-jean42 karma

Hello Martha,

The Halloween issue of your magazine has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. Where do you find continued inspiration for your Halloween parties and incredible costumes year after year? Also, what is it like to be part of your creative team? What's the secret to your brainstorming process?

ThisIsMarthaStewart82 karma

Research, research, inspiration, inspiration.

tarynevelyn25 karma

Hi Martha! I'm a huge fan of all things MSLO, and Weddings has been my bible since I got engaged.

My question is this: Whats the best way for crafters and bloggers to get noticed by your magazine or online staff?

I'm a DIY and lifestyle blogger myself and I always see great ideas and projects from bloggers highlighted in Living and wonder how they got there.

ThisIsMarthaStewart46 karma

Do you pin? Do you Instagram?

BodySnag8 karma

One thing I heard about you fascinated me. Most people who accomplish as much as you have others attend to the small details, but with you, the small details are what you're all about. Your reputation was built on attention to all those details. I can only conclude there must be ten of you. So my question is: How do you find the time to continue attending to all those little details and do you ever just want to hire someone else to do it? And thanks!

ThisIsMarthaStewart9 karma

I'm lucky enough to have assistants in many areas of my business, great likeminded employees, and remember this is a business where good information, trusted recipes, intelligent how-to are essential for success.

tehP00Nraider7 karma

What's an average day for you? What do you enjoy to do in your down time?

ThisIsMarthaStewart21 karma

An average day is busy from daybreak until late at night. I may travel, I may go to the office. I may have 25 meetings. I may have 1 meeting. If you saw my schedule you would cringe.

kcdotz7 karma

Why do you think Gwenyth Paltrow is a bad homemaker? Is it because she suggests things most people cannot afford?

ThisIsMarthaStewart17 karma

I have never said Gwenyth is a bad homemaker. In fact, I've never been invited to her home, so how would I know?

OptimusRiem6 karma

What is your favorite book that you have read?

ThisIsMarthaStewart10 karma

Out of the thousands of books I've read, it would be impossible to choose a favorite.

joliekerr6 karma

Martha, hi!

First of all, thank you SO much for doing this and the having such a great sense of humor about my book, "My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag … And Other Things You Can't Ask Martha." You are one cool lady, Martha.

I thought it would be fun to ask to try your hand at answering some of the questions people have asked of me! Of course, I know you'll know the answer—but you might decide to leave this line of work to me after seeing the types of questions I get :)

Okay, here goes: 1. How do you clean a steel riveted leather harness used for a strap-on dildo? 2. What's the best way to remove skidmarks (left during sexual relations) from Pratesi sheets? 3. How can you clean semen stains off of a green velour recliner?

These are all no joke for real questions I've gotten (and answered)! I recently did a follow up piece with the women who asked those questions; if you're interested in reading more about them, that post is on The Toast: http://the-toast.net/2014/02/25/ask-a-clean-person-follow-up/

ThisIsMarthaStewart38 karma

What's a dildo?

harleyq01035 karma

Hi Martha, thank you for doing an AMA.

I'm a new homeowner with my boyfriend, what are 10 home decor items every couple needs in their new/first home?

ThisIsMarthaStewart7 karma

Don't be in any big rush to furnish your home by quality not quantity. Buy things that will increase in value, not decrease.

RideMonkeyRide4 karma

How do I keep the inside of my car from getting dirty so fast? I feel like a trash bag is too tacky.

Edit: I know removing the trash all the time is the easiest solution. I'm just wondering about other solutions for trash storage where I'd have the ability of throwing it all away at a better time, while not looking like a hobo lives in my car.

ThisIsMarthaStewart8 karma

Too tacky for what?