I am Danny Ayalon, Israeli diplomat and politician, and the Rennert Visiting Professor of Foreign Policy Studies at Yeshiva University.

I have served in Israel’s Foreign Service for over 20 years, most recently as deputy foreign minister in 2012. During my career, I have served as political adviser to three different prime ministers, Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon, and in 2002, I was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

I recently founded The Truth About Israel, a non-profit that educates the public about the core values of the state of Israel and combats delegitimization efforts, BDS and incitement against Israel. Ask me anything on any topic, from Mideast peace process negotiations and Israeli foreign and domestic policies to the Arab Spring, Syrian civil war, Iran, or Jewish education or my experience teaching at Yeshiva University. My IAMA is scheduled for Noon Eastern.
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Thank you for partaking in this dialogue. I appreciate the ability to engage the community and hope that we can meet soon, either in person or again online. For more information or clarifications, you are welcome to visit my Facebook page (http://facebook.com/DannyAyalon) , Twitter (http://twitter.com/DannyAyalon‎) or website http://www.thetruthaboutisrael.org.il

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benadreti178 karma

What is your reaction when someone speaking to you accuses Israel of apartheid, ethnic cleansing, etc.? Does it phase you emotionally and what is your response?

DannyAyalon-12 karma

Any accusation of Israel of any human rights violations saddens me, because there is nothing that is further from the truth. So, those accusations maybe motivated by political bias against Israel or by ignorance. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and our free press rule of law and self-criticism compared to other Western democracies. 1.5 Million of our citizens are not Jewish and they enjoy full rights and opportunities.

The 3.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza and Judea-Samaria are not Israeli citizens as these territories' sovereignty are yet to be determined through negotiations.

Unfortunately the Palestinian leaders have consistently refused to sign a peace treaty with Israel and become independent.

CopBlockRVA3 karma

What about Israeli use of chemical weapons in the gaza strip. This dude is a pro Israeli propaganda machine, I doubt he will engage in honest discussion of the tough topics.

DannyAyalon30 karma

Israel has never used any chemical weapons. Any accusations to the contrary are baseless and serve as a political tool against us.

nomi103055 karma

Why are you dodging all the tough questions? We would love to know how you justify occupation in Palestinian Territories?

DannyAyalon38 karma

Let's agree on the irrefutable facts: 1. Judean Samaria (aka the West Bank), is the cradle of Jewish civilization. 2. Until 1967, the West Bank was annexed by Jordan, and for "some reason," no Palestinian state was established. 3. Israel's possession of the West Bank came as a result of self defense in 1967. 4. Former PMs Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, offered the Palestinians practically all of this land, to no avail. 5. Israel completely withdrew from Gaza, which did not bring peace, but a Hamas rule which terrorizes Israel. 6. If the Palestinian leadership would agree on a compromise which would include historic reconciliation, peaceful coexistence, and security, there would have been peace long ago.

I welcome any and all questions, but can only type so fast.

IAmAkpftw50 karma

How do you think the peace process in the Middle East is going so far? What do you think the next step should be? Do you think there will be lasting peace within the next 5, 10, or 20 years?

DannyAyalon9 karma

For Israel and the Jewish people, peace is not only a strategic choice, but a moral obligation. I hope that the United states will be able to bridge the huge gaps which exist between the parties, and bring about a secure, and durable peace. However, there also must be a plan B, so that in case there is no agreement on a final status of agreement, we should try to come to an intermediate agreement which both Israelis and Palestinians should benefit from. The leaders should not make it a zero-sum game, because both Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace and prosperity which can come only through peaceful coexistence.

DeadPrateRoberts42 karma

What is the best Jewish delicatessen in the US?

DannyAyalon59 karma

Im not sure about delis, but try the schwarma at Golan Heights on Amsterdam and 187th in NYC!

LaMuchedumbre39 karma

Give me three good reasons why we shouldn't cut your aid, reasons beneficial to the US. Also give me three of your favorite dishes in Israel.

DannyAyalon70 karma

1a. 75% of the aid is spent in the United States, creating jobs here. 2a. This aid also helps America maintain its technological edge. 3a. A strong Israel is an American national interest.

1b. Humus 2b. Humus with Tehina 3b. Humus, Tehina and Falafel 4b. ??? 5b. Profit

BondoMondo35 karma

How does one get a job as an ambassador?

DannyAyalon53 karma

First, you have to join the Diplomatic Core. There, the only prerequisites are an academic degree of any type - not necessarily in political science, and passing the Foreign Service Exams (which, include SAT type questions , general knowledge, and simulated scenarios).

Those are just the prerequisites. Then, if you serve long enough, most likely, one can become an ambassador starting in a small country and moving on to other countries.

On top of objective qualifications (language proficiency and general knowledge of the country), it helps to have a good sense of humor a thick skin for when your country is being unjustly attacked.

karmanaut24 karma

What was the single hardest thing you had to do as an ambassador?

DannyAyalon11 karma

Visiting Jonathan Pollard in jail.

DynamiKPWNAGE2 karma

What was it like working with those three incredible prime ministers?

DannyAyalon5 karma

Each of them is uniquely different than the other, however, all are proud Jews whom are committed to Israel's future and well being.