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DeadPrateRoberts246 karma

Have you heard of this chick? She uncovered a fetish for albinos I never knew I had.

DeadPrateRoberts204 karma

For a while, New Yorkers acted as nicely as Southerners, except they actually meant the niceness.

Was that...was that a subtle dig on Southerners?

DeadPrateRoberts141 karma

That's funny. Do you think the experience made everyone see what's truly valuable about life, as in not work?

DeadPrateRoberts88 karma

If they're so hostel towards you, why do you stay with them? Some sort of ambassador complex?

DeadPrateRoberts52 karma

From your tone, it sounds as though you think you did nothing wrong. Are you suggesting you were not at fault because the girl looked and acted older? Fifteen is pretty young, bro. What do you have to say for yourself?