Hi! I am Kelvin Jones

EDIT: I haven't slept since this was up so I'm gonna be answering questions for the next hour then sleeping so ASK AWAY!

I wrote Call You Home and here's proof that it's me! http://imgur.com/A6Ou4tw donation link > https://kelvinjones.bandcamp.com/

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ihcTactics579 karma

Hey Kelvin,

Audio Engineer here. If you are ever in/around St. Louis, MO in the next 6-8 months, I'd like to offer you some studio time. I also have a pianist that has been wanting to record some music and I think the two of you could really be a creative duo.

KelvinJonesMusic35 karma

This sounds really cool! I'd be interested in pursuing this :D

KelvinJonesMusic422 karma

Hello! I am a little bit confused with how to do an AMA but I didn't remove it, tell me you guys can read this!

vANatiq35 karma

Is Kelvin Jones your "stage/artist name" or is it your real name?

snoupyrelete54 karma

SHHHHHH no AMA questions until we get him through his technical diffuculties!! xD

KelvinJonesMusic91 karma

Haha should be through this soon! Thanks :D

Asksthewrongquestion9 karma

Can someone ping me when this is done? Thanks.

Segniust6 karma

It doesn't look like it is fixed yet. Maybe he should page a moderator?

KelvinJonesMusic36 karma

I did that but no response :( I'll try to keep answering on here, any help would be appreciated!

KelvinJonesMusic377 karma

Just answering some questions that have been asked a lot: 1. I'm not currently selling anything, you can download everything for free on my soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/kelvinjonesmusic 2. You can show your support by either subscribing to my Youtube http://www.youtube.com/kelvinjonesmusic or liking my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kelvinjonesmusic or donating what you wish on https://kelvinjones.bandcamp.com/

LASTLY: I am completely overwhelmed and I thank you all so much for listening and being so kind! I'll be sticking around to answer questions so fire away! :D


GenericUsernameLol104 karma

Just listened to your track. Wow!!

Really hope your life changes after this. I know I'd certainly buy your music if you ever sold it.

sean151343 karma

Someone suggested in another thread that you cover Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Would you do it for us? Please? Pretty Please?

KelvinJonesMusic429 karma

What a great song, I'll certainly have a go!

JBB_Alien275 karma

I don't care what anyone says. You keep that shirt buttoned up playa and keep on playing!

KelvinJonesMusic606 karma

Thank you sir! For me, it was really more about the shirt buttoning than the music so it's lovely to have your support aha but really, thanks! Kelvin

Miami69ers170 karma

Liked and subscribed within 20 seconds of listening to your stuff. Who are you main inspirations?

PS. Do you think you could do a cover of The Man by Aloe Blacc? :]

KelvinJonesMusic167 karma

Thank you! I'm a little tentative of doing another Aloe Blacc cover lest I be called a copy cat. I've also been called a Labrinth look-a-like so I'm also weary of doing his stuff! Nevertheless, good music is good music and I'll certainly consider covering The Man!

Thanks! Kelvin :D

DoublePlusGoodly167 karma

How did you find out that you were on the front page of Reddit?

KelvinJonesMusic411 karma

I felt my phone buzzing and had received a tweet from a friend saying 'do you know that you're on the front page of reddit?'

I ran home.

cyyz23268 karma

You know, you could've checked it from your phone.

KelvinJonesMusic1330 karma

I feel like we're not gonna get along if you keep making these intelligent comments

hdwore153 karma

It's Friday night! Did you expect it to end/start with you doing an AMA?

KelvinJonesMusic311 karma

I expected to be quietly sleeping and I couldn't have imagined anything as awesome as this!

Xuvin86 karma

I am so excited I found this AMA before it blows up!

  1. When did you realize you had this great affinity for music?

  2. Where can we buy some of your music?

Edit: This post was made before we knew anything about Kelvin and the heading was still "Deleted". Thanks for the answers.

KelvinJonesMusic143 karma

I realised that I had to be a musician once I was about 2 months into my Civil Engineering Course at University aha Currently, it's all free to download on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kelvinjonesmusic Pay as much or as little as you like on here http://kelvinjones.bandcamp.com Thanks!

thelostzelda28 karma

except for 'Call you home', cause the download feature had been removed from that. Apparently a download limit on soundcloud was reached and he needed to upgrade, which sucks.

[edit for tenses and context]

Xuvin13 karma

Ah thank you! I just registered an account and was wondering if I was missing something. Still I would gladly pay a dollar a song if it helped him out.

thelostzelda10 karma

it just came back so should be able to get it now.

Xuvin16 karma

Yep it works. The guy is new to all this account shows 4 months as the oldest song on his account so it makes sense that he maybe didn't realize it had download "Unchecked" or however it works.

On a side note where ever this goes whether he does this as rarely done hobby, he becomes a superstar or if reddit and the world forgets in a week i'm excited to see what comes out next.

KelvinJonesMusic21 karma

As am I!

I-Red-It76 karma

If I were to send the link to your song to a girl I know, would you permit me?

KelvinJonesMusic115 karma

Go for it! and good luck :)

trevyf68 karma

I really just love your sound.

As an artist and audio engineer I have a couple questions.

A) How did you get your start?

B) Do you record and mix your self?

C) You're biggest influences?

KelvinJonesMusic89 karma

I started playing the guitar when my brother bought a guitar with the intention of learning to play it but never did, so I decided to pick it up and try it! I do indeed record and mix myself, I'm learning how to do it is I go along aha And I take a large influence from all blues music :D Thanks!

KelvinJonesMusic66 karma

Can you guys let me know if Call You Home is still free to download on soundcloud please https://soundcloud.com/kelvinjonesmusic

KelvinJonesMusic65 karma

Thanks so much everyone for your questions and for listening to my music! I couldn't encapsulate how I'm feeling right now if I tried o.O But I haven't slept any a while so I'm gonna say 'goodnight', get some rest, and answer any unanswered questions you might have later on!

This has been the best day of my life. Thank you Kelvin Jones

KelvinJonesMusic64 karma

My parents have decided to allow me to withdraw from Uni for now to fully pursue a career in music, with their blessing & support, and return to education in the future. I am now formally a musician. Wish me luck!

SawBo51 karma

Just got done checking out a bunch of music on your channel, you've got so much talent it amazes me. What are your musical career goals? Any prior vocal lessons and how does it feel to be getting so much attention in a span of 3 hours?!!

KelvinJonesMusic82 karma

My goal, always, is to make music that people can just enjoy listening to. I am as intrigued as everyone is to see where I end up! And the attention is pretty overwhelming so I'm just very excited right now...as you'd expect! Thanks for asking :D

KelvinJonesMusic50 karma

CAPO 4: VERSE: Dm, Am, C, G x3 CHORUS: F Am G then F C G (alternate twice) And that's literally it!

theman678144 karma


KelvinJonesMusic165 karma

I've been singing since I was in the womb but writing song only for the last 2 or 3 months, I'm still learning and hope to get better at it - thanks for the question!

randomblue8635 karma

Hey Kelvin your music is blowing me away man, my question is are you trying to get famous or is this just a "hobby"?

Also I read that you give away money to homeless people when you make some money is their any truth to this, and why do you do so?

KelvinJonesMusic42 karma

I'm honestly just trying to make music that I enjoy and as many people as possible enjoy. That's what gives me the greatest joy :D And yeah I haven't made much money from music thus far but I did busk for a lovely homeless guy named Michael! I did this and will continue to do this as long as I feel that I or my music can help :D

Drfilthymcnasty35 karma

What temperature scale do you prefer most?

KelvinJonesMusic73 karma

why kelv-ohhhh I see what you're doing hehe

Qbaca32 karma

Bringing this question over from the first thread:

First, awesome song, also heard 'ouch, right in the childhood', great as well! I would definitely buy some of your music if it was available!

Second, I'm getting into singing as a hobby. What would you recommend to help improve my voice?

KelvinJonesMusic59 karma

That's great man, thanks a lot! I honestly haven't really got any idea how to sing 'properly', I just kind of sing the way that comes naturally to me so any advice I could give would probably be misplaced and untested so let me know when you figure it out!

detroitbball2631 karma

Hey man great music, and have you considered putting your songs on itunes?

KelvinJonesMusic17 karma

Would love to but I probably need a record label or something like that, which I do not currently have. Meanwhile, it's on here if you wish to purchase it for a price you can name http://kelvinjones.bandcamp.com or on soundcloud to download free. Either one is cool with me! Kelvin

nicholsml29 karma

I found your video when the post hit the front page on Reddit. You're amazing.

Do you plan on a musical career? Who would you say influences your music the most (sound like a mix between Tracy Chapman and James Blunt to me)?

P.S. Keep the buttoned to the top look man, it's like signature now!!!!! Did I mention your music blew me away?

KelvinJonesMusic62 karma

Thank you!

I do hope to pursue a music career but ultimately it's down to whether my parents will me me do that :) I've heard similar comments about sound so you must be on to something!

P.S. thank you for supporting the button - I'll add even more buttons until my face is hidden ;)

fyreberd5223 karma

Thank you for writing Wait for You. And please add Feel Good Inc. to Soundcloud!!

KelvinJonesMusic21 karma

Wow, someone likes that song! Thank you, and I'll get on that! :D

Taninali15 karma

I found your video on Reddit last night and it only had around 7000 views(if my memory is correct), today morning it reach to 310,000. I hope this is an amazing experience to you.

KelvinJonesMusic21 karma

Absolutely spot on. the fact that it was on 7000 was blowing my mind already, so now my mind is...well still blown but at an exponentially greater level aha

bwcheckered14 karma

Hey kevin!

Wow, 2 months of writing songs, and "Wait for You" is already hitting home on so many levels for me, and I know your other songs are reaching out to others is ways similar to my experience. I look forward to seeing your name in concert listings and promos :)

Since this is an AMA, I guess i'll ask if that is an English accent I hear? it comes out really subtly on a few words, and if it is unintentional it sounds fucking incredible.

EDIT: Soundcloud told me I was correct!

KelvinJonesMusic35 karma

You have a better ear than I, yes it is indeed an English accent, however, I was born in ZImbabwe and came to England when I was 10!

snailboy14 karma

Hey Kelvin, hope you see this.

I was thinking of programming beats over top of your mix... would you be cool with this?

KelvinJonesMusic13 karma

Go for it! And show me when it's done :D

Just_Greg11 karma

Kelvin. Your video for Call You Home had ~7,000 views earlier today. It is now over 400,000. How does that feel?

KelvinJonesMusic42 karma

I feel like I'm a sports personality and you're holding a mic up to me right now so that's how i'm going to answer this question:

Well Jeff it was all a bit rocky at the start and we were satisfied with our 7000 but it just goes to show what a bit of training and luck can do.

I'm not sure what sport that was...

Feels mind numbingly awesome, to say I deserve this would be a ridiculous lie

Im1ToThe33710 karma


  1. What are you currently doing for school?

  2. Are you in high school, college, taking a break?

  3. What do you plan on doing post-school?

  4. What was your first reaction when seeing your face on the frontpage of reddit? Did you know about reddit beforehand, or did you have someone else tell you?

I tweeted at you, also! Commending you on your great voice. You'll be big one day, just you wait. :)

copy/pasted from other thread.

KelvinJonesMusic27 karma

  1. Civil Engineering (what is that? who knows...)
  2. (College (although we call it Uni over here in quaint England)
  3. I hope to pursue a career in music!
  4. I smiled so hard I started to laugh. Think about that because that's actually really deep...I think

Thank you so much for the questions and I hope you enjoy the music!


therealjgreens9 karma

I'm a bit confused as to who Kelvin Jones is. Obviously, he is a musician who has some talent, but how did he explode like this? Great sound, but doesn't really stand out to me. Am I missing something?

Edit: I'm listening to some of his other jams on YouTube and he is pretty damn good.

KelvinJonesMusic53 karma

Yeah me too tbh

TehBrandon7 karma

Do you know who posted your video on Reddit?

KelvinJonesMusic12 karma


KnaveofHeart7 karma

/u/danriduk is looking for you.

KelvinJonesMusic4 karma


beerandabook6 karma

is the AMA still going? Has it been removed?

KelvinJonesMusic15 karma

Well I'm still here :)

brewtown1385 karma

Hi kelvin! good stuff man, thankx for doing this AMA so early into your stardom... so... how old are you

KelvinJonesMusic10 karma

Just turned 19!

murdockit4 karma

Straight up, I have a really good friend that's black that faces racist shit on a daily basis where we live. Do you have any experience with that? He really hates being called "Jimi Hendrix" because that's all people think when they see him play (he mostly plays metal/classic rock stuff) so it's hard for him to shake that kind of stereotype.

Bought the single and it's fucking beautiful.

KelvinJonesMusic12 karma

I don't really get anything intensely racist and most of the jokes I get from my friends are in good taste so I don't mind! The most I get is shock when people here my speaking voice because it's a little posher than they'd expect aha Thank you so much! Really appreciate it :D Kelvin

ladada20013 karma

KelvinJonesMusic Got a question for you;

Call You Home is no longer free for download on your soundcloud. Why is that?

I checked it out about hour an hour ago and it had a download link.

So I sent it to someone, and suddenly the download link was gone....

Will it be free for download again?


Do you think this will help increase your sales?

KelvinJonesMusic2 karma

I hope it's free to download now. It was because I'd reached a limit of downloads on soundcloud - please let me know if you can download it! Kelvin :D