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Spoiler Alert: There's going to be plenty more wars.

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Back in pre RocketJump days, like FreddieW days, what video or milestone made you think "Damn, this is gonna be pretty big?"

I remember your random rock giveaway for 50,000 subs, and that was pretty massive for the time. (I'm the kid who likes to remind you every year or so that you are the one who taught me that blowjob was one word over the phone, thanks for that, btw) so yeah. You hitting 50,000 is what made me think "Damn, freddiew is gonna be big."

Thanks for following me on twitter btw.

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cringes to death yeah


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  1. What are you currently doing for school?

  2. Are you in high school, college, taking a break?

  3. What do you plan on doing post-school?

  4. What was your first reaction when seeing your face on the frontpage of reddit? Did you know about reddit beforehand, or did you have someone else tell you?

I tweeted at you, also! Commending you on your great voice. You'll be big one day, just you wait. :)

copy/pasted from other thread.

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Biggest perk of being a celebrity?