Hola Reddit. Soy Alfonso Cuarón and I'm a filmmaker. I directed, co-wrote, edited and produced GRAVITY starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. My other films include Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN, CHILDREN OF MEN, and HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.

PROOF: https://www.facebook.com/gravitymovie/photos/pb.122280464518509.-2207520000.1392329049./654803707932846/?type=3&theater

UPDATE: This was fun! Thank you so much for your time. Hasta pronto. Saludos, Alfonso.

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The51stAgent1308 karma

Can you please make a sequel to gravity where sandra bullock has to escape from a series of submarines? I'm serious.And Gravity was awesome.Props.

AlfonsoCuaron1903 karma

Be careful dude, the studio is taking you seriously.

liamquane735 karma

What are your guilty film pleasures?

AlfonsoCuaron2275 karma

Last year I loved Sharknado and I can't wait for the sequel.

TheAndman12635 karma

What was your favorite scene to shoot in Children of Men? It's one of my favorite movies by the way!

AlfonsoCuaron939 karma

My favorite scene to shoot the ambush in the car and the final battle scene. But the biggest challenge of doing that film was to convey to the world the thematics that are shaping the first part of the 21st century. We never intended for it to be a science fiction film, but a look into those themes.

Rodox_Video607 karma

Was there ever an event or incident in your childhood that triggered your inspiration to eventually become a (great) filmmaker?

AlfonsoCuaron2984 karma

I really don't believe in all of these Freudian things because they are not always penis I mean real.

OldHickory6587 karma

Thank you for making some of the most visually breathtaking sequences ever put on film.

What do you think of Cary Fukunaga's work on True Detective?

AlfonsoCuaron474 karma

I haven't seen True Detective yet but I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm a huge fan of Cary's work.

junio637520 karma

People describe you, Guillermo del Toro, and Alejandro González Iñárritu as the “Three Amigos of Cinema.” How did you meet them, and do the three of you often help each other out on each other’s films?

AlfonsoCuaron1632 karma

We met because we used to have competitive mariachi bands. Now, we constantly mess with each other's work.

spirit_spine469 karma

In Gravity, was the part where Sandra Bullock barks along with the dog part of the script? Were there any unscripted moments?

That film moved me emotionally like no other film I've ever seen.

EDIT: After reading Mr. Cuaron's answer I went and found the short film he mentioned! http://youtu.be/0zcYkuIzzy8

AlfonsoCuaron722 karma

No that scene was fully scripted. Actually Jonas Cuaron shot a short film in Greenland that is the same scene from the point of view of the person on Earth who is Inuit fisherman.

Stoltz3469 karma

If you weren't into directing what would you be doing?

AlfonsoCuaron1569 karma

I would be an assistant to George Clooney, the cobbler.

I would only do the right foot as Daniel Day-Lewis does the other.

masterobiwan431 karma

Love your movies, just got to see Gravity in 3D because of the re-release! SPOILERS: Did you ever write an ending for Gravity in which Ryan dies or did you always intend for her to survive?

AlfonsoCuaron1763 karma

We had an alternative ending in which after landing on Earth, Ryan will get back on her feet and as she's walking away Matt Kovalski falls from the sky and crashes her to death. And then cut to black. Create scroll in silence.

UsedForWeirdComments404 karma

Who smells better, Clive Owen or George Clooney?

AlfonsoCuaron1107 karma

Both smell fantastic. Clive smells like Cinnamon with hints of clove and citrus. George smells like red woods with vanilla and a hint of tequila.

montereykidd397 karma

Do you see yourself working with Sandra Bullock again? Why?

AlfonsoCuaron686 karma

In a second.

liamquane388 karma

where did the idea come from for the womb/incubation shot of Sandra Bullock in the Fetal position? when i saw that shot in the cinema it blew me away, such a great use of symbolism.

AlfonsoCuaron557 karma

That idea came from the screenplay as Jonas Cuaron, my son and co-writer, was adamant to deal with the themes of the film in a metaphorically form rather than in a rhetoric way. The idea came early on as we were structuring the story and creating imagery from the womb to her birth and finally taking her first steps.

vanofleaves380 karma

¿Cómo es co-escribir con tu hijo? Y si ganaran algún premio, ¿en casa de quién se quedaría?

AlfonsoCuaron528 karma

Cuando escribo con Jonas no existe la jerarquía padre e hijo y solo somos dos escritores colaborando. Como es común en colaboración de escritores uno resulta se necio y otro mas sabio. Si hubiese premio, que se lo quede el que se lo merece mas que yo por ser el sabio.

liamquane379 karma

will you ever do another fantasy film like harry potter? most of the directors did more than one potter film, why did you only do the one?

AlfonsoCuaron725 karma

I only did the one because it was such a great experience I was afraid I would overstay my welcome. And I also felt that I had given what I could to that universe.

nickjames1992359 karma

If you directed Batman and Robin with George Clooney would you have taken nipples off of the batsuit?

AlfonsoCuaron989 karma

He would keep the nipples and go full Brazillian.

coolchris731277 karma

Huge fan! Just wanted to say thanks for being great. I wrote my term paper on you and got an A.

AlfonsoCuaron799 karma

Yeah, you cheated, you chose an easy simple subject...

finguck261 karma

Hello, Alfonso. 1) What do you think is the overall best film that you have made?, 2) What is your favorite film?, and 3) Who is the most influential director to you?

AlfonsoCuaron913 karma

Once I finish a film I don't ever see it again. As I have said many times before, as opposed to some of my friends that consider their films like their babies, for me my films are like ex-wives. I loved them so much, they loved me so much, I gave them so much, they gave me so much- but now we have parted ways. But I do have a very fond memory of A Little Princess. In terms of favorite films and directors, I am unable to do lists. When I do a supermarket list, I end up getting everything except what I need.

reverts1248 karma

what is your outlook for the future of cinema in 10 or 20 years?

also what's your opinion of critics that cg cinematography should be separated from real cinematography?

AlfonsoCuaron599 karma

There used to be only one paradigm: the experience of going to the theaters. Later on, that paradigm was dual: people would watch movies in the cinema and also on TV. Later on came home video and now we have all these different formats. There used to be only be visuals, then there came sound, and then color. Now we're making the transition into the digital formats where everybody can have affordable systems in their homes. What I believe is that, because of the new ways of production and distribution, multiple paradigms are going to be created. They are going to co-exist. Each one of these paradigms is going to constantly evolve and go in many different directions. I think all of this is very exciting because it's going to challenge our current conceptions of cinema in which the format of experience of film and/or the length are going to very diverse.

MehPsh242 karma

Gravity is breathtaking to say the least. What's your response to the scientists that have criticized it?

Good luck in the Oscar race.

AlfonsoCuaron539 karma

Thank you. I'm very happy that scientists have taken time to attack or defend GRAVITY. We tried to be as plausible as we could in the frame of our fiction and we worked very hard in honoring the behavior of bodies in micro-gravity and no resistance. But, it's a movie and that Sandra Bullock is not really an Astronaut in real life.

hello_witty232 karma

The message of Gravity is very deep and uplifting at the same time. Did you draw inspiration from your real life while writing the screenplay?

AlfonsoCuaron372 karma

When you do films you try to deal with themes that are close to you. Either because you have strong feelings or you're trying to make sense out of them. In the case of Gravity, I was experiencing a long period of adversities and i was trying to make sense out of them.

carbo25217 karma

What were Guillermo del Toro's thoughts on Gravity?

AlfonsoCuaron418 karma

Guillermo has been a huge supporter of the film and i owe the final result to him, he came in to the cutting room and made a huge difference and heightening the emotional jeopardy of the character.

melbduran197 karma

Have you seen HER? What did you think of it?

AlfonsoCuaron738 karma

I absolutely love HER. I think it's the best film about love that speaks directly to an age since ANNIE HALL. It's a beautiful film that also explores questions about the nature of love and consciousness. But, as I told Spike, I'm torn between HER and BAD GRANDPA.

liamquane191 karma

how do you know when you have finished a script?

AlfonsoCuaron648 karma

When you finish the movie.

daniel_decrissio187 karma

If George Clooney offered to make you a pair of shoes, what type would you want?

AlfonsoCuaron595 karma

Clown shoes so he will have to work harder.

GladeSocket184 karma

What's the best advice you can give an aspiring filmmaker?

AlfonsoCuaron394 karma

Stick with the reason why you want to make films and be uncompromising about it. Don't think of it in terms of work of industry because that would only be a bi-product of your talent and work.

Hunk_o_Cheese173 karma

Hello Alfonso! I have a couple questions about 3D film:

  • How difficult was the post conversion process on "Gravity" and would you considering filming more future projects in 3D?

  • I believe that the look of 3D films in theaters would vastly improve if somehow the projection process changed. Do you think dual projectors or light filtered from one screen to the next would improve the look of 3D films?

AlfonsoCuaron291 karma

Like everything in the process of Gravity, it was not as difficult for me as it was for everyone around me. We worked for more than three years on the 3D aspect of the film and everything was planned for the conversion.

I love 3D and yes, I would consider shooting another project in 3D. I think 3D could be pretty amazing in a naturalistic drama.

liamquane163 karma

how did such the dark subject matter of Children of Men get through all the way to be sold and made? wouldn't it have been a hurdle for such a macabre heartbreaking version of the future to be apart of any film. also how did you ground the futuristic elements? it was so relative that it was scary.

AlfonsoCuaron309 karma

Universal trusted me with the material and I'm very grateful to them because of that. The fact that I was coming out of Harry Potter didn't hurt though.

We were consciously avoiding the future and every single reference that is portrayed in the film was based upon photo journalism and news reports of the last 10 years. So, we were trying to portray the themes that are shaping our immediate future.

andresmex149 karma

Hola Alfonso, gracias por hacer este AMA. Llevo un tiempo queriéndote preguntar, ¿En tu opinión, qué es lo que más se debe estudiar cuando estás aprendiendo cine? Por otro lado, tu discurso en los Golden estuvo bien chido y tenías bien merecido el premio. Eres una inspiración para todos los cineastas Mexicanos. Gracias por tu trabajo.

Éxito en los óscar y tus próximos proyectos.

Hi Alfonso, thanks for doing this AMA. I've been meaning to ask you, what is the most important area to study when you are learning film? Also, your speech at the Golden Globes was really cool and you totally deserved the award. You're a great inspiration for all Mexican filmmakers. Thanks for your work.

Good luck at the Oscars and all your future projects.

AlfonsoCuaron208 karma

Thank you very much. I think some of the important things when you're studying film is study film history and understand the evolution of the cinematic language. To have a frame of reference on how to develop you're own language. But as in everything, the most important thing about studying film is being aware of the world around you and human experience.

mc_jakie124 karma

Mr Cuaron, one of my favourite elements in all of your films are your long takes. Is there a particular one you are most fond of?

AlfonsoCuaron195 karma

I like Jankso's films and I also like the long takes in the Dardenne Brother's films. This year i think that Before Midnight offered the most beautiful one shot deals.

liamquane117 karma

what was the easiest thing and the hardest thing about making GRAVITY?

AlfonsoCuaron258 karma

The hardest thing about doing Gravity was Gravity itself...and I mean the physical phenomenon. We were shooting a movie that took place entirely in micro gravity and we were shooting on earth where we're bonded by it.

Easiest thing about making Gravity was working an amazing group of collaborators that would go to the ends of the earth to make this movie possible. Also, Sandra and George made it truthful.

mattblissett116 karma

What's your writing routine?

AlfonsoCuaron259 karma

I wish I were more disciplined as a writer but I tend to let ideas grow in my head over long periods of time, usually while in a hammock or taking a shower. But once the idea gels, I tend to be very fast. All the screenplays I've written, I've written in about three weeks. Well...the first draft at least.

swk900106 karma

Hey Alfonso! I always have been a HUGE fan of yours. Absolutely loved Gravity! How was it like working on the screenplay with your son? Do you ever plan on doing it again in your future films?

AlfonsoCuaron234 karma

It was amazing because I learned a lot. He injected me with a new energy and he challenged me. He once told me "Your films are alright, but you tend to be too rhetorical."

I would love to do another screenplay with him, but now he is directing his film so I have to take a ticket.

MatheoMTL95 karma

Hi Senor Cuaron, First I would like to thank you for making such incredible and powerful movies that open a real brand new movie genre.

As Im a huge fan of Gravity, I would like to know if you would have the balls to shoot a movie from space ?

Thank you!!

AlfonsoCuaron295 karma

If you finance it, I'd go in a second. It's not about the balls, it's about the money.

chaddarcheese95 karma

Do you see yourself potentially doing any superhero films?

AlfonsoCuaron487 karma

Speedy Gonzales starring Jackie Chan as the mouse and the pussy cat would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

melkitsch82 karma

Como es un día "normal" para ti cuando estás en México? y cuál es tu topping de pizza favorito?

How is a "normal"day for you when you are in Mexico? and what is your favorite pizza topping?


AlfonsoCuaron175 karma

I don't live in Mexico but I try to go as often as I can. When I go, a normal day in Mexico takes place between the hammock and waves.

Pizza topping: I'm a vegetarian so so depending on the mood, Margarita or Mushrooms.

JoseFernandes67 karma

What's the best memory you have from "Y tu mamá también" that you could share? It's one of my favorite movies.

AlfonsoCuaron101 karma

Going on the road with Gael, Diego, Maribel and Chivo. Particularly when we got to the beach in Oaxaca.

pauloh11061 karma

Hola Mr. Cuaron! Loved Gravity and Children of Men! Been waiting to watch Y Tu Mambien for a while. My question is if you could meet any person (living or alive), who would it be?

AlfonsoCuaron159 karma

Buster Keaton.

MeowMixRemix43 karma

Hi Mr. Cuarón I am a big fan of your work and I have two questions. 1) What were your inspirations growing up and what are your inspirations now? 2) How would you describe your relationship with Emmanuel Lubezki on and off projects?

AlfonsoCuaron65 karma

  1. Back then as now, my inspirations are about life around me, films have been a big part of it, also interactions with people.

  2. When we're working our communication is almost telepathic as he is one of my oldest friends. I enjoy working with him because I get to spend time with him. Because outside of work Chivo is always unavailable working on other projects.

Arfuuur42 karma

Hello Mr. Cuaron, Arthur Lopez here. Congratulations on your academy award nominations. You came to the states after finding success in both Mexican TV and Film capacities. You've found even more success over here, managing to translate your sensibilities to American cinema quite aptly along with two more of my favorite directors, your friends Guillermo Del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. What I wonder is this:

1) how does the us film system differ from Mexican cinema? anything that is emphasized differently here versus back home?

2)do you think you'll ever go back and direct a movie in Spanish again? or Esperanto perhaps given your support of it?

I'd like to thank you very much for your contributions to cinema that have superseded the language barrier and have become something all humans can relate to, a kind of universal poignancy. my best friend Bryan Dimas (who also says hello!) and I are an aspiring director/screenwriter pair who have learned a lot from your work and are grateful you, along with the other big two, have done away with the ceiling for Mexican filmmakers.

AlfonsoCuaron104 karma

It's an absolute different. In the US there's a huge global industry called Hollywood while Mexico, as most of the countries of the world, they have smaller industries that they feed mostly the mexican market. That's from the standpoint of industry. From the standpoint of cinema, Mexican filmmakers generally owe more to European cinema than to Hollywood filmmakers.

I would love to eventually do another film in Spanish and in Mexico. I will definitely do so when the project calls me.

Sehs36 karma

I absolutely adored Gravity! I think it was one of the most refreshing movies I've ever seen. The cinematography and technology in the movie seemed astounding. Thank you for that!

I have a couple of questions:

  • Will the Blu-ray release contain any behind the scenes for the making of that goes through some of the effects used in the movie and how they were achieved?
  • My two favorite movies of 2013 were probably Gravity and Pacific Rim. What do you think of the emergence and success of Mexican directors in Hollywood. Between you, Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu, the future seems very promising. Do you spend time with the other two at all?

Thanks again!

AlfonsoCuaron95 karma

Yes the Blue ray will have a very comprehensive materials that explain how the movie was made. I am in constant communication with Alejandro and Guillermo, they are great friends. But its important not to forget the two other Mexican directors Amat Escalante y Carlos Reygadas who have won the award for best director at the Cannes Film Festival in the past two years.

hugangster29 karma

Hello Alfonso! im From León, Guanajuato! my question is what do you think about the digital cinema? i mean The process of making a movie with digital cameras( red epic, cinealta), distribution and watching a film in a Theater.

AlfonsoCuaron62 karma

I think the digital formats have reached an amazing level of resolution and it's definitely the future of cinema as all the tools are only as good as the creative people that uses them.

nailclip21 karma

What do you think about the theory that the last scenes of Gravity are all a dream sequence, and that Sandra Bullock landing on Earth was just a metaphor for her soul? Are you a fan of dream sequences? What if this was a dream sequence?

AlfonsoCuaron48 karma

A great thing of cinema is that everyone can take their own interpretation but I have to say that I honestly never thought about that one.

liamquane19 karma

as a director what is the first thing you concentrate on when on set?

AlfonsoCuaron36 karma

Always the work with the actors.

liamquane12 karma

What was the last movie you seen in the cinema?

AlfonsoCuaron18 karma

The last movie I saw in cinema was THE GREAT BEAUTY. I'm a huge fan of Paolo Sorrentino. I think he's one of the most interesting filmmakers today.

popeboyQ11 karma

Mr. Cuaron, care to do lunch sometime?

AlfonsoCuaron20 karma

Meet you with George at his usual spot.

liamquane7 karma

How does it feel to have made me cry with amazement? lol

AlfonsoCuaron12 karma

Thanks, but sorry.