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Hello Mr. Cuaron, Arthur Lopez here. Congratulations on your academy award nominations. You came to the states after finding success in both Mexican TV and Film capacities. You've found even more success over here, managing to translate your sensibilities to American cinema quite aptly along with two more of my favorite directors, your friends Guillermo Del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. What I wonder is this:

1) how does the us film system differ from Mexican cinema? anything that is emphasized differently here versus back home?

2)do you think you'll ever go back and direct a movie in Spanish again? or Esperanto perhaps given your support of it?

I'd like to thank you very much for your contributions to cinema that have superseded the language barrier and have become something all humans can relate to, a kind of universal poignancy. my best friend Bryan Dimas (who also says hello!) and I are an aspiring director/screenwriter pair who have learned a lot from your work and are grateful you, along with the other big two, have done away with the ceiling for Mexican filmmakers.

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Thank you for your time and work.

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because while it was technically and aesthetically wonderful, it was basically a refinement of all 007 tropes into a pristine updated package for the series' anniversary. which don't get me wrong, was enjoyable but true innovation has been lacking for some time. casino royale deserves credit for updating the series in tone and look but it was still in the context of other action movies: batman begins, the bourne series - the two most influential action movies of the last decade.