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I just don't understand how any phone company can justify cost considerations for 16GB vs 32GB, which is a less than $5 difference. This is a conscious decision to squeeze more money from consumers who want to pay a $50 premium for 32GB. I was really hoping Google wouldn't try to do this so I'm disappointed.

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What do you think about the theory that the last scenes of Gravity are all a dream sequence, and that Sandra Bullock landing on Earth was just a metaphor for her soul? Are you a fan of dream sequences? What if this was a dream sequence?

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He is not an editor at Xinhua or at least there's no proof from the business card he provided. Looks like he is in charge of external affairs? Which doesn't imply he has control over content.

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I think it's fine. Not sure why people are so adverse to change. It's like every time Facebook interface changes slightly, everyone goes nuts.