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Hi Weird Al,

I have no questions, only a very strange story.

From 6th to 8th grade you were my absolute hero and in 8th grade I got to see you live in Indianapolis, IN. You did a meet and greet afterwards which was fantastic. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, my parents were with me and my mom (who is Korean), after talking to you, somehow got it in her head that she should go inside one of your tour busses and say hello to your wife. How? I have no idea. She's Korean.

Meanwhile, my dad and I were just waiting outside the venue for my mom to get through the line and instead of walking towards us, she made a left-turn beeline for a tour bus and was in there for like, 10 minutes. My dad and I thought, "Surely, security is going to be called eventually." But no.

Instead, my mom ended up coming out with your wife and had us all take pictures with her. I think she autographed my copy of UHF. It was weird for all parties involved, except for my mom probably.

The next day, my mom's ideas had progressed to where she wanted to contact you and let you know that you could come over to our house for dinner if you ever passed through Indiana (at this point, I'm not sure why you would ever again). So I found the number for the venue you were supposed to be playing the next day (Cleveland I think?) and gave it to my mom. Sure enough, she got in contact with someone from your management and, to her confusion, she found out that going into your tour bus and saying hello made you very unhappy. To my knowledge, she has since rescinded her dinner invite.

I just want to apologize on her behalf for all of that.

Please don't hold that against me.

You are still awesome.

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In Gravity, was the part where Sandra Bullock barks along with the dog part of the script? Were there any unscripted moments?

That film moved me emotionally like no other film I've ever seen.

EDIT: After reading Mr. Cuaron's answer I went and found the short film he mentioned! http://youtu.be/0zcYkuIzzy8

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He'll never get another dinner invite from my mom then...

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Restitution would be the video owners getting back the benefit that they conferred to OP.

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