I'm pretty sure I don't have to give you a bio. Let's do this!


I'd love to do this all night, but I gotta go film something with Bam (check my social media pages in 30 minutes or so to see what he looks like tonight). Thanks for this, all of you, love,


P.S. It may not have seemed like it, but the purpose of this was to spread the word about my fuckin awesome YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/steveo If you are reading this and don't subscribe to my channel, you're dead to me! xoxo

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officiallysteveo3642 karma

Over the years, lots of people have said that my grammar and spelling are too good for it to actually be me writing the words I post. The fact is that I grew up attending super top-notch schools (I was the son of a corporate executive, who wasn't initially thrilled about my career path). My dad also gave me two choices the summer I turned 16: get a summer job, or go to secretary school to learn how to type. I skated to secretary school so fuckin fast it was incredible. In short, it's me, it's always me-- I think anybody who ever authorizes another person to communicate as them is a fucking moron. Love, Steve-O

Artvandelay13132 karma

Secretary school? So I guess it's safe to say there'll be no type-Os from Steve-O.

officiallysteveo2900 karma

HA! I better really stay on my game!

FourFootGecko2854 karma

Are you happy?

officiallysteveo3637 karma

That's an intense question, thank you! Generally, I'd say not really. It may not seem like it to you guys, but I'm super high anxiety, and most always dissatisfied with whatever is going on. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that this is bad news, let me assure you that I'm quite grateful, because never being happy always keeps me working to do more awesome shit.

trampoline_olympics1900 karma

One of your cousins taught at the middle school I attended, and you visited one day. It was near the very end of the school so we all had yearbooks, you were in the courtyard and a bunch of us basically crowded around you and convinced you to sign our yearbooks. I don't have a question, I just wanted to tell you that you were really nice to all of us, super cool, and that I've always remembered that.

officiallysteveo1945 karma

Super cool of you to write that, thank you!

Fabs931824 karma

Have you reached out to Bam recently? He looks a little rough.

officiallysteveo2669 karma

Bam is in LA right now, we have plans to film something together tonight. I'm less worried about him than I am about my apartment. #fireworks

Michael06091628 karma

Can you still perform in bed? You know after all those blows to the Johnson .

officiallysteveo2930 karma

Yeah, but I've never been very impressive in that department.

TownIdiot251615 karma

Hey Steve-o! Please tell me if this is true or not.

One of my film professors (I'm not gonna give his name for his own privacy) at the University of New Mexico claims to have had you as a student before you were famous, and your videos consisted of stuff like riding your bike into the Duck Pond on campus. I can't find any proof that you attended UNM, just that you lived in Albuquerque before. Is his claim true?

officiallysteveo2724 karma

I did attend UNM in 1996/97, and I did take a film class during that time. Never rode any bikes into any duck ponds, though, but the guy gave me shitty grades for submitting my stunt videos as class projects. I respect that man deeply for doing so, too, he pushed me to try harder. One criticism-- I got through the class without ever learning to edit at all, everything I did was with two VCR's plugged together. HAHAHA!!!

Sir_psycho_savior1345 karma

Hey Steve-O, huge fan, I was wondering if there would be a possibility of a movie coming up involving you, kind of like how Johnny Knoxville did Bad grandpa. Is there a chance you would be doing something similar like that?

officiallysteveo2109 karma

New favorite question right here! I had my first big meeting about exactly such a project just two days ago, but don't expect to hear about it for some time. I think it's safe to say that I'll be popping up in lots of other places, too.

okaybudday1283 karma

Hey Steve-o, huge fan! I actually put in an "AMA request" for you 3 months ago hoping you could come open the eyes of fans who didn't get a chance to see your documentary. To me, it was life changing. I can't thank you enough for the countless hours of entertainment you brought to my friends and I, at the expense of your life. Your change in lifestyle is inspiring and I just want to say congrats.

In that original thread I was required to ask five questions to post it, if you could answer any one of them I would be incredibly happy.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

My 5 Questions:

  1. What's the worst stunt you've ever done?
  2. What was the most fun stunt you've ever done?
  3. What's your biggest regret? And what in your life are you most proud of?
  4. Are you 100% sober now?
  5. Do you credit Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine for saving your life? Where do you think you would be now if they didn't step in when they did?

officiallysteveo2760 karma

  1. Worst stunt? Not sure what you mean by that, but if something really sucks, it doesn't make the cut.
  2. Fun stunt? If it's something I enjoy doing, I don't consider it a "stunt".
  3. My biggest regrets, I believe, all happened in roughly the 6-month period before I got sober. I'm most proud of my book-- sorry for the plug right there, but if I'm responsible for a single masterpiece, that is the only one I would take credit for.
  4. Yes, I haven't taken anything stronger than an Advil (no weed, no drugs, no booze) for just about six years now. My sobriety date is March 10, 2008.
  5. I do credit Knoxville and Tremaine for saving my life. I also credit them for recklessly endangering it, and I highly doubt if they are done doing that.

whatsinsideofagirl1036 karma

Hey Steve-O, I love you and your alarming mustache! Proud of your accomplishments!

I was wondering if you've experienced any serious health problems from the stunts you've done in the past?

officiallysteveo1930 karma

Yes, I have Barrett's Esophagus, it's a pre-cancerous condition in my throat/esophagus for which I blame all of my vomiting, drug abuse, and generally shitty living in years past.

jennjaytea866 karma

Hey Stev-O ... When and how are you planning to get rid of your mustache. Are you planning to wax it, super glue it off like you did with the eyebrows, or burn it off with a lighter?

officiallysteveo1217 karma

Hadn't thought of that! I might just do something along those lines, thanks for the tip!

_procyon645 karma

Do you regret the giant back tattoo?

officiallysteveo1384 karma

It makes it pretty much impossible to go anywhere without a shirt on, but that's never made me regret it for one second.

monkeysweets642 karma

No question, just sharing.

My son was born with a skin tag (excess skin) that stuck out in front of his left ear. My wife and I call it Steve-O. We've had it removed but still refer to it by your name. You will always be part of our family.

edit: fixed a sentence.

officiallysteveo1029 karma

Touched. I think. xoxo

charlesvezina610 karma

officiallysteveo1182 karma

I squeezed them out like if I was popping insane zits, but the footage was so horrifying to look at, I figured it would get that video taken down. Maybe I'll make that type of "too gnarly for anything" footage available some other way in the future.

SatanIsALawyer241 karma

He also has a BB in his nipple, is that still there too, Steve-O?

officiallysteveo580 karma

You bet it is. And, the "special surprise" I posted about today just might be the footage of that BB going in my nipple, and Bam breaking my nose right after.

itsjustzim566 karma

How does it feel to have been the founder of the butt-chug?

officiallysteveo984 karma

Not sure I was the first to do it, but I think it's same to say that I named the act. Quite pleased with myself, too, thanks for asking!

brillyx545 karma

Steve-O, I'm your second biggest fan!

I grew up watching you and the Jackass crew and always loved the crazy shit you guys all did, but I also enjoyed how funny and cool you guys all were and how much of bros you all are with one another.

I have a million questions I want to ask you, but I'll keep it simple and narrow it down to two:

  1. I know this is going to sound sort of impersonal of me, but what was Ryan Dunn like when he was alive? I was and still am deeply saddened by his death, as he was my favorite member of the Jackass crew. Was he as cool a guy as he appears to be on camera, and what was your friendship with him like?

  2. Do you still hang out with any or all of the guys, and if so, are there any members of the crew that you haven't seen since Jackass 3, if so, who?

officiallysteveo1211 karma

First of all-- HUGE HUG!!!

  1. When Dunn and I first met (in January of 2001), he (like many in the crew) was so annoyed by me, he could hardly stand it. He got better at tolerating me over the few years we traveled the world together on the Don't Try This At Home Tour (that was the craziest time ever, and we really did have a ton of fun), but, it was once I got sober that our friendship was the best. I remember him cracking jokes on the set of Jackass 3D about how I "went from eating heroin off of dead hookers to raw organic broccoli from Whole Foods" That's what he was like, he was hilarious. I don't think he ever gave a fuck about being famous, either-- he was perfectly happy to go by the title "Random Hero" (that would have driven me insane). I can only imagine that our friendship would have continued to get better, and it really fuckin sucks that he's gone.

Yes, I've been in touch with all of the rest of the guys regularly. We're all really stoked lately.

daveyice495 karma

What is your favorite part of having your own YouTube channel?

officiallysteveo883 karma

This is my favorite question so far! I love not having to wait for shit to come out if I don't want to, being able to broadcast awesome footage to all of you guys from my laptop is the shit! youtube.com/steveo

reddit-and-forget-it425 karma

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

officiallysteveo1667 karma

I don't fuck with dairy. Klondike bar can suck my dick! Woohoo!

Anoneemous87391 karma

What's your favorite tattoo?

officiallysteveo1455 karma

This may really break hearts, but it's going to come out eventually anyway, so I may as well break the news here and now:

Over ten years ago, I got the words "shit" and "fuck" tattooed on my knuckles, thinking that would make me an absolute legend (honestly, I thought Ozzy Osbourne himself would bow in my honor for getting such legendary ink).

I have to say that I am fiercely proud of having carved out a place in my life that having those words tattooed on my knuckles never held me back in the slightest (for most people, that would present some real difficulties). Without question, #shitfuck has been my favorite tattoo for exactly that reason.

However, for the following reasons:

  1. I was able to become a successful stand-up comedian, and now I'm working diligently to become a successful actor, as well.

  2. I'd like to meet and settle down with the love of my life (whoever that ultimately proves to be) and I don't care to burden her with that.

  3. Whoever I was trying to impress with my #shitfuck tattoo-- after over ten years have passed, I can pretty safely say that nobody ever really gave a shit about it.

So I've begun the process of getting my favorite tattoo #shitfuck removed with laser treatments. Sorry if that breaks anybody's heart.

BrBafan391 karma

Why the porn stache?

officiallysteveo878 karma

Just trying out a new look, and it could help me get a movie role that I tried out for.

ApeTit4TwoHundred312 karma


I met you in Great Falls, MT a few years back at the grand opening of Ryan Simonetti's indoor park. You were so relaxed and approachable and cooperative with all of us skater punks. I still cherish my pic with you.

When are you coming back!?

Thanks for being rad.

officiallysteveo732 karma

All of these nice things you people are saying makes me glad that I try not to be a jerk to anybody. The simple fact is, though, that it's a lot harder work to be a dick all the time-- way easier to just be cool to people. With that said, though, there's always going to be a moment when you can't live up to your ideal, but these posts get me really stoked to always dig a little deeper. Thanks!

ImmaBeatThatAss281 karma

's goin' on Steve-O?! I want you to know that for years you've had me laughing, and I hope to see more of you coming. Pretty much whenever I want a laugh, I can watch anything you're in, and very quickly get a smile. Thanks, dude! Speaking of you, what's your favorite brand of laundry detergent? Also, when are you/do you already have a schedule for your YouTube channel? I've love to have something new from you once a week.

officiallysteveo568 karma

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, because I pride myself on leading a very simple lifestyle, but I don't have a favorite laundry detergent because I don't do laundry. Should I wind up broke and homeless, the last luxury that I'll part with will be dropping my laundry off at the "fluff and fold".

I have every intention of posting videos to my YouTube channel more regularly, but the next one is such an absolutely hellacious banger, it may not get uploaded until the end of next week. And thanks for plugging my YouTube channel for me!

thejake58271 karma

has their ever been something that johnny or jeff or anyone wanted you to do so bad, but you refused, no matter how much everyone begged?

officiallysteveo1196 karma

Of course-- that just means they take the idea down the line, and if everyone refuses it, then Danger Ehren gets to do it!

addsomezest239 karma

You've done a lot of impressive and frankly, insane stuff in your life. What is currently on your bucket list?

Thanks for the laughs and cringes.

Edit: as someone who appreciates facial hair, you can actually pull the mustache quite well!

officiallysteveo891 karma

I don't have bucket list, I have a to-do list. Woohoo!

ArghMayte231 karma

What was the low point during your drug addiction?

officiallysteveo807 karma

All of that is pretty well-documented.

foyrchanshmorechan230 karma

Still skate?

officiallysteveo556 karma

Someone isn't following me on their social media pages. Tisk tisk!

instagram.com/officiallysteveo twitter.com/steveo facebook.com/steveo

Jump on there and check out my latest skating, and all kinds of other awesome shit! Yeayhah!!!

Omgazar200 karma

Closest near-death experience?

officiallysteveo332 karma

That's a real toss up!

PutBjorkOnYourSpork136 karma

What are you looking forward to the most right now?

officiallysteveo419 karma

This is going to sound weird, especially considering that I'm planning on somehow blowing myself up with fireworks tonight, but I'm most looking forward to continued health.

FountainLoly132 karma

How does it feel that your penis was shown in TV?

officiallysteveo402 karma

Ha! Which time?

Jasonho09104 karma

I have to say that you and Chris Pontius were my favorite in the Jackass movies, my question is what is your favorite memory of you and him while filming either Jackass or Wildboyz?

officiallysteveo229 karma

My favorite memory of Wildboyz was the entire three years we filmed it. Really, most epic period of my life, bar none.

janesspawn98 karma

Steve-O, is your middle name or last name Gilchrist? What's going on there? Because my last name is Gilchrist and I've always been the only Gilchrist I've known and it would be super rad if you were also a Gilchrist.

officiallysteveo150 karma

Yes. It was my paternal grandfather's middle name, as well.

JusDan123470 karma

Do you think drugs affected your career path? If you were to have any other job, what would it be?

P.S. Does your ass still hurt from that snapping turtle?

officiallysteveo198 karma

My career path has everything to do with me being an attention whore and, drugs or no drugs, I was going to be an attention whore for a living one way or another. Had TV and film not worked out, I'd probably still be a circus clown. That was good steady work, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

harroo18261 karma

Do you ever miss the circus? I mean like actually performing in front of an audience as apposed to a camera and few friends?

Love the youtube channel by the way

officiallysteveo203 karma

I was wondering if anyone would ever ask me about my previous career as a circus clown, and I'm never going to get bored of people complimenting me on my amazing YouTube channel, either, thanks!

I don't really miss the circus, but I can say that I miss the whole period of my life when I was on such a mission to force the whole world to learn all about how gnarly I was. Back then, there was no really good reason to believe that I'd have any true success at all, but somehow I was so confident and care-free, life was almost perfect. It's ironic that only after achieving some measure of success and financial security that I should be gripped with fear about not having enough of it. It reminds me of the quote I wrote in my book, which is so true it's painful: "A poor man only has to worry about his next meal, but a rich man has to worry about his last." Not that I'm really all that rich, but life was arguably way, way better back when I had nothing but a used Mercury Grand Marquis and a beat up clown costume.

Ser_Dunk59 karma

Still think PCP saved your life?

officiallysteveo206 karma

It did something, that's for sure.

thursty199159 karma

so could you tell us the story of how you became a part of the jackass gang please

officiallysteveo270 karma

I am a New York Times Bestselling Author, you need to read my book

"Professional Idiot: A Memoir"

Fatmonkey8456 karma

How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

officiallysteveo101 karma

I might need to figure that out. Thanks!

DaDerpDeeDerp45 karma

Steve-O!! Just wanted to say thanks for entertaining me and making my life a little happier. I saw you on the DTTAT tour in Melbourne back in 2004 and it was fucking amazing! Remember when Nifty and you almost got in a fight on stage? He sprayed your piss into your face when you tried to get him to drink it. I can't believe that was 10 years ago...anyways I'm so glad you're sober and feeling good, you kick so much ass! Take care friend

officiallysteveo66 karma

I vaguely recall this, yes. And much respect to Nifty for not conforming to my tyrannical demands! He should've kicked my ass, too!

rippev36 karma

There are tons of rumors here in Albuquerque that you are from here. Can you confirm/deny?

officiallysteveo87 karma

I lived in Albuquerque from July of 1996 until October 1998, and it was a crucial time of my life (everything finally began to come together at that point), but that doesn't mean I'm "from" there. Loads of love to Albuquerque, and RIP Sonny's Bar and Grill (the Santa Claus-looking tattoo with the sword through the head on my left shoulder was the logo on the sign of that place).

hotsaucze8935 karma

so what do you think about INDIA? was funny as hell to see ya'll there.

officiallysteveo188 karma

At the time, to be honest, I was struck by sadness in India. In the Western world we are really lucky (or not, depending on how you look at it) to be largely sheltered from real poverty and suffering. That's wasn't the case on my visits to India, and it disturbed me. Today, though, I think they are the lucky ones, because they learn to face the reality of the human condition in a way that us Westerners are hopelessly unprepared to do. That's some real shit right, there, probably worth thinking about for a moment.

greenteacire24 karma

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

officiallysteveo81 karma

Non-dairy (preferably coconut-based)

TeachMeHowToSnuggie17 karma

Any memories of PIKE at UMiami? I saw a video of you snorting a beer at a party, I'll try to find it

officiallysteveo87 karma

The "butt-chug" actually started as a double-hose "nostril-beer bong" on the set of the first jackass movie-- I pounded an entire Miller High Life through my nose so easily, none of the guys even giggled, then Knoxville said, "Dude, that sucked, stick it in your ass."

BillytheMagicToilet9 karma

What would you rather fight? A hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

officiallysteveo99 karma

If I really had to, I'd go for the horse-sized duck, but I hate the idea of being cruel to anybody or anything but myself (and the rest of the crew).

DjCyric8 karma

How are you not dead yet Steve-O?

officiallysteveo14 karma

I suppose I'm here for some good reason, that's the best guess I can come up with.