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is a British-American-Canadian stunt performer, comedian, and TV personality.

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No relapses since I got sober in March of 2008.

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Because they are fake as hell.

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This is just about the most annoying question anyone can ask me, because it's all "apples and oranges". Generally, pain that lasts the longest sucks the most, but pain that is the sharpest hurts more... There's been so much different shit... You see what I mean? Fuck this question, I hate it so much... this question is the most painful stunt I've ever done.

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Jack off with one hand, tickle your balls with the other.

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If Bam can stay sober and healthy, I suppose it's possible, but I think it's unlikely. I'm working really hard to make my own movie happen, wish me luck!

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I asked my lawyer to get me jail time because I'm an attention whore and I knew that would get more news coverage for me and my cause, and because the whole point of what I did was to make a statement about captivity.

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Butt chugs are all about shits and giggles.

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Over the years, lots of people have said that my grammar and spelling are too good for it to actually be me writing the words I post. The fact is that I grew up attending super top-notch schools (I was the son of a corporate executive, who wasn't initially thrilled about my career path). My dad also gave me two choices the summer I turned 16: get a summer job, or go to secretary school to learn how to type. I skated to secretary school so fuckin fast it was incredible. In short, it's me, it's always me-- I think anybody who ever authorizes another person to communicate as them is a fucking moron. Love, Steve-O

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That's an intense question, thank you! Generally, I'd say not really. It may not seem like it to you guys, but I'm super high anxiety, and most always dissatisfied with whatever is going on. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that this is bad news, let me assure you that I'm quite grateful, because never being happy always keeps me working to do more awesome shit.

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