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shiglar333885 karma

Hey man can you pick me up from school tomorrow? I get out at 2pm, thanks.

officiallysteveo3292 karma

A little busy tomorrow.

petra1012677 karma

Why are your teeth so perfect?

officiallysteveo5563 karma

Because they are fake as hell.

Oidahawara2670 karma

Last thing i saw about you was demise and rise, are you still sober? last time i googled you, i was reading you had a relapse.Is that true?

officiallysteveo6093 karma

No relapses since I got sober in March of 2008.

Jakelanham2190 karma

Is jackass 4 happening? And when?

officiallysteveo4420 karma

If Bam can stay sober and healthy, I suppose it's possible, but I think it's unlikely. I'm working really hard to make my own movie happen, wish me luck!

rusticmoose2017 karma

What's your favorite Christmas movie and why is it Die Hard?

officiallysteveo2734 karma

Bless your heart. xoxo

hunkyfuckindory1718 karma

Met you back about 2 years ago on tour. You are so fucking awesome for taking pictures with every single fan. Do you ever get tired of it?

officiallysteveo2882 karma

Thanks! Sure I get tired of it, but I'm not planning on stopping.

cford121716 karma

What's the most painful stunt you've ever done?

officiallysteveo4618 karma

This is just about the most annoying question anyone can ask me, because it's all "apples and oranges". Generally, pain that lasts the longest sucks the most, but pain that is the sharpest hurts more... There's been so much different shit... You see what I mean? Fuck this question, I hate it so much... this question is the most painful stunt I've ever done.

cford123477 karma

Damn, straight to the heart. This one's going to hurt a while.

officiallysteveo3126 karma

Sorry, Bro.

buffinplunts1667 karma

STEVE-O what's up dude? I follow you on snapchat and I have got to know man: how do you manage to take such accurate shits from over the toilet like that?

officiallysteveo2131 karma

I actually surprised myself with that skill. Thanks!

Forrest_Runaker1463 karma

If you can give any sort of life advice what would it be?

officiallysteveo4450 karma

Jack off with one hand, tickle your balls with the other.

MistarGstar1459 karma

How do you expect to be treated as a celebrity in jail?

officiallysteveo2631 karma

I'll be in "protective custody", which means I will always be alone in a cell. I was in there for five days back in 2002, and I got treated very well-- the officers brought me into their office to take photos of my back tattoo (which nobody had ever seen yet), and gave me boxes of cookies and stuff. I think they'll probably be pretty cool to me again.

PotLobster1066 karma

Can we send you care packages?

officiallysteveo2002 karma

I don't think so. I can receive books, but only if they come directly from the publisher. There's a cool cop who works in the jail who DMed on Instagram and has been answering my questions about it.

bennggg1329 karma

What person has unexpectedly had a huge impact on your life and why?

officiallysteveo2956 karma

The lead detective on the case when I got arrested for my crane stunt. We were up all night and that dude is a fuckin G. I honestly respect the hell out of him.

anot4131162 karma

do you think you are prepared for the jail time? and do you feel it was a fair amount of time for what you did?

officiallysteveo3755 karma

I asked my lawyer to get me jail time because I'm an attention whore and I knew that would get more news coverage for me and my cause, and because the whole point of what I did was to make a statement about captivity.

Woodaham2471158 karma

What made you do some of the things you did like the beer enema was it peer pressure or just for shits and giggles!?

officiallysteveo3678 karma

Butt chugs are all about shits and giggles.

Lordchristof1067 karma

Will you bring Chris Pontius in more of your youtube videos? I benge watch Wildboyz all the time. You guys are an awesome duo.

officiallysteveo1704 karma

I just got a voicemail from Chris' management, they are trying to get us to do a new tv show together. That would be cool, I'll call back on my way to go shoot for the opening sequence of my comedy special, which I need to leave for in about five minutes.

claybobclay1065 karma

Hey Steve-O.

First of all, props for that Sea world protest – its good to see people keeping the attention on what those assholes are doing.

Also, I love the story about you as a kid calling all the hotels in the phonebook to get ahold of Motley Crue. My question is – do you still keep in touch with Tommy Lee and the band?

officiallysteveo1013 karma

Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx hear from me every once in a while.

er1c1996948 karma

Hey Steve-O! Are there any plans to be a guest on Game Grumps? I know you like them and that they like you.

officiallysteveo1464 karma

Yup. If Nov 27 works for them, that's the day I'm available to shoot. If that day doesn't work for them, we have a problem, because I have no other free days for a long time.

jrj7894897 karma

Hey Steve-O big fan, just wondering how did you lose your virginity?

officiallysteveo3306 karma


bledtobefree880 karma

As a vegan how will do you cope with the food in jail?

officiallysteveo1773 karma

I guess I'll just eat fruit and bread.

violatedbear868 karma

Do you still hang out with the Jackass Crew?

officiallysteveo1377 karma


whyhellocorsi837 karma

are you still able to reproduce after all of the hits to the nuts you have taken like a champion? and what was your favorite hit to the nuts you have taken?

officiallysteveo1981 karma

I doubt if nut shots actually lower your sperm count ("if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger" comes to mind), but I do think they increase your chances of getting testicular cancer, which makes me an idiot.

PotLobster810 karma

Hey Steve-O! Your Shamu stunt was awesome!!

I was wondering what got you into animal rights / veganism and what are some of your favorite foods?

officiallysteveo2130 karma

It started back when I was on drugs. I was hearing voices telling me crazy stuff, and they made me believe it was important to be cool to animals. Once I got sober, the more I did to be cool to animals, the better I felt.

HumanBecoming608 karma

Respect. How long have you been a vegan?

officiallysteveo1159 karma

All told, about four years (I went back and forth with fish and eggs for a bit).

L3p3rJ0s1ah749 karma

Hey Steve-O, big fan! I loved your book, any chance you've got another up your sleeve?

By the way, sober Steve-O is my favorite Steve-O.

officiallysteveo873 karma

I truly appreciate that, thank you. Lately I've thought about putting out a new edition of the same book with a bunch of new chapters. Maybe I'll reach out to the book agent.

d-meg708 karma

What is the most epic pool or body of water you have jumped into?

officiallysteveo2722 karma

At first I thought that said "What is the most epic pool of blood you have jumped into", and it reminded me of the time right after graduating from high school that my buddy and I chugged huge glasses of whiskey and he fell through a glass door. The only reason he's alive today is because a neighbor heard the glass break and called the cops, and when they showed up, they found us both unconscious in a massive pool of his blood. He needed surgery and would have absolutely died if nobody came right away.

liquidshade665 karma

Hell's yeah dude, hey SteveO! If you could go back and give the 15 year old version of you some advice, what would it be?

officiallysteveo2608 karma

Floss your teeth every day, always, because if you don't your mouth is going to smell like something crawled in it and died, you won't know that, nobody will tell you, and everyone will hate being near you.

Almost ten years ago Weeman said, "Dude, Steve-O, your breath is terrible." Then Knoxville said, "Saying Steve-O has bad breath is like saying Weeman is short." Thank God I floss my teeth all the time now, really, thank God.

SteveMcQueen87646 karma

Do you think you'll ever stop doing wild things? Maybe calm it down a little?

officiallysteveo1727 karma

All of the plans I have at the moment involve being pretty wild.

ajlposh619 karma

In terms of your stand-up career, who are your comedy influences?

officiallysteveo1362 karma

Dane Cook went out of his way to help me a lot, and I'm forever grateful to him for that. There are lots of comedians I like (Joe Rogan, Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr and ESPECIALLY Jay Oakerson and Ian Edwards, to name a few) but I have my own approach. My Showtime special will be something of a "one man show", with stunts, tricks, stories, and comedy all mixed together. And it's called "Steve-O: Guilty As Charged".

imnotjoeyramone565 karma

Were there any pranks or stunts on Jackass that you feel guilty about now, or do generally have a "fuck it, it was all for the sake of tv" view of it all?

officiallysteveo1146 karma

Nothing we ever did on jackass was mean-spirited, unless you count the stuff we did to each other, and I don't think anyone feels guilty about any of that.

xPierience494 karma

Did you ever get to have a conversation with Eminem at the Grammys after presenting the award to him?

officiallysteveo1249 karma

It was the VMA's, not the Grammy's, and I believe he said one word to me after we walked off the stage, which was "likewise", in response to me saying it was cool to meet him.

Wickedintheheights459 karma

When seaworld is closed and we can leave the captivity of marine mammals in the past, what do you think the next major issue we should look to fix is? Ps: Massive Fan!

officiallysteveo1655 karma

Factory farming of animals needs to stop.

Zackthestogieman433 karma

Yeah dude! I remember you saying years ago that you dont get a tattoo unless it will make you laugh.

Do you have any tattoos that you truely regret getting?

officiallysteveo749 karma

There's one that I got covered up. Actually, there's two.

spaceodditydb414 karma

I was at your comedy show in Sydney last year and you killed!! Do you have any plans to come back to our fair country?

Also - how good did it feel to kick out that heckling douchebag in the front row?

officiallysteveo639 karma


It never feels good to kick people out, but sometimes they leave you no choice.

RunOverByMercedes359 karma

I heard that while at the University of Miami you threw a kegger on top of Hecht, the freshman dorm. Any truth to this?

officiallysteveo671 karma

I didn't have a keg up there, but yeah. I was already on "final disciplinary probation", but they kicked me out for good after they busted me on that roof.

CaptainFlacid314 karma

Is there any crazy shit from jackass that you look back on and think "why the fuck would I ever do that?"

officiallysteveo1115 karma

The whole point in doing most stuff on jackass is so that everyone could think, "why the fuck would anyone do that?"

officiallysteveo302 karma

If you live in Austin, TX, get tickets to the taping of my Showtime comedy special here: http://bit.ly/1Zebxu5

VelvetSuit271 karma

Steve-O! I'm your second biggest fan brotada!!! Always honest that's why I love you, keep on keepin on brother.

Favorite country outside of the US to visit and have a killer time?

officiallysteveo640 karma

There it is!!! THANK YOU!!! I've always enjoyed Canada, Australia, England, and New Zealand. But all I ever do is travel, so the place I want to go the most is home.

solisu243 karma

Do you prefer cocoa pebbles, or fruity pebbles?

officiallysteveo655 karma

Cocoa pebbles, by a mile. They're vegan, but they also have some shit in there that causes cancer. If you get the generic kind that comes in a bag at Whole Foods, that ingredient isn't in it, but it's still all sugar, so I try to steer clear of it.

g0vi241 karma

Hey Steve-O!

I recently saw one of your somewhat recent Howard Stern Interviews here:


I was curious what your actual trick was going to be with your skateboard?? I was very disapointed that Howard didn't let it happen!


officiallysteveo706 karma

I smashed the glass bottle and was putting a piece of broken glass inside the headband on my forehead. My next move was going to be to whack myself in the forehead with the skateboard. It's probably better that they stopped that one from happening. Even for me, that one was a little much.

CaptainFlacid226 karma

Would you rather have dick length nipples or a nipple length dick?

officiallysteveo656 karma

I've kind of already got one of those.

spitfire9107207 karma

Do you still rap?

officiallysteveo1046 karma

Thankfully, no.

jesslikescoffee194 karma

Steve, have you struggled with depression? Any advice for a person who has?

officiallysteveo507 karma

Sure. Speak up about it.

Full_Metal_Packet169 karma

What's your favorite television series?

officiallysteveo440 karma

At the moment, I'm most stoked to see the second season of The Knick.

ecstaticplatypus168 karma

First of all, serious props for your sobriety.

Second of all, props again for the SeaWorld protest.

Third, my question. Is there any stunts you won't do? Any fears?

Also, the new guy I am dating and I are arguing over this so help me settle it. Batman or Superman?

officiallysteveo537 karma

Superman is lame. Batman, all the way.

FlyingButtresses131 karma

Whats the worst injury that you have received from a stunt?

officiallysteveo319 karma

In one fall I broke my cheekbone, seven teeth, got ten stitches in my chin, a concussion, and a broken wrist.

_g0dzilla81 karma

Are you where you want to be in your life and career right now? Is there anything you really feel like you have to accomplish or complete before you are possibly out of the lime light?

officiallysteveo164 karma

This comedy special is a really big deal for me. After that, it is my mission to get my own movie to happen. Ask me the same question in one year.

BallinHonky68 karma

I'm sure this is kind of a lame question but what advice do you have for somebody that is trying to make their dreams come true?

officiallysteveo178 karma

Not a lame question at all. What ever it is you want to accomplish, start trying and don't give up.

CPRyan60 karma

First of all, thanks for doing this man. Second, I like the way you poop! Btw, it's the age of the selfie, may I?

officiallysteveo84 karma

Yeah dude! Love that! You're only missing one of those secret codes. Perhaps I'll drive you nuts by not telling you where to find it...

winnick54 karma

What is your phone number?

officiallysteveo377 karma

1-800-SUCK-MY-DICK Woohoo!!!

HeisenburgerAndFries12 karma

What's up Steve O! Pancakes or waffles?

officiallysteveo29 karma

Pancake titties kinda bum me out. I'll go with waffles.

IFaptainSparrow5 karma

Can you be my friend?

officiallysteveo17 karma

Is that a good idea?