My short bio: So here I am again. I am PornWizard and I work in the adult industry. In the past years I worked for big porn websites and now I am managing my own sites. My job was to edit adult videos and publish them online, and take care of the sites frontpage. I have many pornstar memorized in my head and I can help you identify them if you have questions. You can ask me anything related to the adult industry and I will try to answer from my personal experience. Some of you my ask yourself why I am doing this again or why another adult AMA is getting this attention. It's been 3 months since my first AMA and many good question remained unanswered. Also I am now mod on /r/porn a subreddit which had many problems in the past and it was banned for a long time. I will use my skills to make this subreddit more popular than other adult sites and for this, I need your help. If you want to help me create the biggest porn community please subscribe to /r/porn . This subreddit will contain only high quality adult videos and images. I also look for 5 active porn lovers to submit videos to /r/porn on a daily basis. Payment will be done in reddit gold at the end of each month. PM me for more.

OK, I will be here answering your questions for 8 hours starting now!

My Proof: I was verified in the last AMA I did

EDIT: OK, guys thanks for all your questions, it was great! After 9 hours I'm done....answering to almost half of the question got me tired :) If you want to help me build a strong adult community here on reddit, please join me on /r/porn . I am still looking for 5 people to submit daily links to videos so PM me if you are interested. I will do the part III of the AMA somewhere in the middle of May, 3 months from now. Until then you can find me on /r/porn if you still have questions. Take care and wank responsibly! :)

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SuitedHarvey265 karma

Why do all directors think I want to watch the underside of a guys nuts?

pornwiz240 karma

I'm not a fan of those camera angles, but don't forget that women watch porn too and they like nuts :)

Anaslex6944 karma

As a chick, I'd have to disagree. I'd rather see a guy giving a woman oral.

pornwiz183 karma

Nice try, dude.

unpointedly164 karma

why do so many male pornstars look like real-life scumbags?

pornwiz121 karma

You mean like this?

PlaysSnDnaked117 karma

Why did you choose to become a "porn wizard"? And was it recommended by your guidance counselor?

pornwiz295 karma

I didn't choose to become a "Porn Wizard". PornWizard chose me.

dasautomobil80 karma

Do you have your own "blooper" collection? Was there ever a tough to edit scene or is it strictly routine for you by now?

pornwiz101 karma

In total I edited, tagged, checked over 200K porn videos. I have no limits :)

carvex68 karma

Why does actress Krystal Boyd / Anjelica / Abbie / Abbiy / Abby / Abby C / Alice / Angelica / Anjelica / Ebbi / Ira / Katherine A / Snejanna / Ksyusha have so many names? Are they all from different production companies or are they chosen by the actress?

pornwiz96 karma

She changed her name so often because she probably thinks that way she will remain anonymous on the internet and we know that isn't possible.

analdildo49 karma

What is the strangest porno you have worked on

pornwiz109 karma

I hope you are ready for this.

SendDaBatchBro48 karma

Funniest thing to happen at a shooting?

pornwiz110 karma

I'm not present at shootings, but I find this one hilarious

skipjim46 karma

How much porn is too much? :-D

pornwiz152 karma

I am not familiar with those words.

ModeofAction44 karma

Is Cytherea the ultimate squirter?

pornwiz73 karma

She is good but on the same level with Flower Tucci. Back in the day Aria was the squirting queen.

carvex60 karma


Bebealex42 karma

Are Daredorm and College Rules real !

A friend wants to know and he is a bit shy...

pornwiz79 karma

Of course everything is scripted. Just look at the video quality, they use professional cameras, lightning etc.

KingH1040 karma


pornwiz42 karma

I have more tasks but if we are speaking only vieo editing then I cut the best scenes from the raw footage and make the original film, add color correction, filters, soundtrack. Then doing the same for trailers or shorter versions. We work with softwares from avidemux to adobe.

DarraghOc9537 karma

Do you think you'll always work in the industry or will there be a time when enough is enough?

pornwiz84 karma

Nah. To be honest I think the industry will die in a few years. Digital VR sex will appear one day and you could have cybersex in the comfort of your home, then the online adult business will go down.

poloteam42033 karma

I heard a lot of shlongs are fake in professional porn.. How the fuck do those things look so real?

pornwiz65 karma

Expensive cameras.

brownhippyyy30 karma


pornwiz102 karma

If you tell me the details in private I can help you. For example this is the scene that youtube prankster vitalyzdtv wants deleted from the internet now that he is famous.

I can find everything.

cujogomez30 karma

Is it now difficult for a woman to please you? Blond, Brunette, Redhead?

pornwiz95 karma

No. Real sex is anytime better than porn. All three.

flintcleastwood29 karma


pornwiz56 karma

Yeah. One big company that tries to monopolize the adult industry. It starts with M.

SonicNerf10128 karma

Are people out of the camera's range masturbating? Sometimes I hear something like that when watching lesbian.

... Awkward

pornwiz35 karma

Usually those are adult actors that are not in the scene. I would say not that often.

Dropdatopz2428 karma

How many pornstars have you personally slept with? Name dropping would be great!

pornwiz53 karma


running_horse24 karma

How does one get involved in making porn? Are there locations you have to live near? Which jobs are more open to noobies (editor, actor, lighting)?

pornwiz29 karma

I would say that jobs related to websites maintenance and video editing are more open. Location is also an important factor but if you are programmer you can also get some remote jobs.

JamesWjRose19 karma

My wife and I make home made porn for our own enjoyment, and what I would like to know is what editing tips you have.


pornwiz15 karma

Get some good lighting, buy a gopro and then sell the video. There are plenty sites that pay for amateur content. As for editing, try to make it alive, cut the scenes where you are changing positions etc.

jacobsvelvet18 karma


pornwiz44 karma

I can't give you a concrete answer. I've seen many HD scenes that are very good. Probably something with Phoenix Marie, Alexis Texas, Jada Stevens.

Dillstroyer14 karma

Since you're basically surrounded by it on a daily basis, do you still watch porn in your personal time? Does it even have an effect on you anymore?

pornwiz26 karma

I have no problem with it. I'm strong :)

McGobs13 karma

What are your thoughts on the state of porn today and the types of movies that are coming out? My favorite somewhat-contemporary porno is Mangez Moi, and even though I don't speak french and there are no subtitles, I felt I could still enjoy the sex so much better because the actors and actresses in it were actually acting as their characters, even while having sex. It seems like porn today is solely concerned with getting a camera pointed at two or more people fucking and utilizing the best angles possible (which are usually not the best) and just relying on what the actors bring to their performance, which is almost always the same because they rarely ever actually act as any character other than "the guy/girl that is enjoying the sex." Do you disagree with my assessment? I'd love your take on whether I'm being a snob or if you feel there is a lack of passion that goes into making porn these days.

pornwiz52 karma

90% of the porn movies are the same script over and over again. I would enjoy a good story that leads to the sex act and makes the sex scene less mechanical. X-Art tried to make more passionate/romantic scenes and they had success but I think that even X-Art could add more dialogues in their movies. I wish the sex in the adult movies would be so natural that one shot is enough and they don't have to repeat the same scene 10 times. The truth is that male pornstars have to take pills to keep their penis hard because they couldn't complete the many hour long shootings otherwise.


What's your favorite type of porn?

pornwiz49 karma


sovietskaya11 karma

Have you encounter a vid and wonder if the girl is of the right age?

pornwiz40 karma

Yes but only amateur videos. We remove those if the age is questionable and we don't receive age proof.

FunctionallyInsane10 karma

I have a serious and respectful question I hope you'll answer.

A number of years ago, ICANN (the official web address committee) introduced the TLD .xxx which was intended for adult or pornographic content on the web.

At the time it was hailed by parents and others as a way to restrict X-rated material from children and other in situations (like work environments) where such material is inappropriate.

The adult entertainment industry (unsurprisingly) argued that forcing them to adopt the .xxx TLD amounted to censorship of free speech by creating an internet-wide "red light district". Surprisingly, religious groups allied (well, not allied... but agreed with for different reasons) the AEI with the motivation that the .xxx domain would further legitimize and encourage porn (sorta like Parental Warnings on CDs make them taboo and thus, more attractive).

In the end, legislation designed to mandate porn be restricted to the .xxx domain was dropped and use of the .xxx domain is now voluntary (and hardly ever used).

Given all the children online and the relatively ineffective nature of web filters.. plus things like sex addiction and lawsuits from watching porn at work... and all the other problems with porn... was not mandating the .xxx domain requirement a mistake?

I'm not for censoring porn or anything. I watch it myself. But, I think .. like book and convenient stores put adult magazines in blacked out plastic wrap for reason. And that's not considered censorship.

pornwiz12 karma

Thanks for you long comment. I am sorry that I can't give you a more detailed answer, because I want to answer as many question as possible.

Here is what I think. You can't hide porn from kids but you can introduce them to it in a healthy way. I think parents are the solely responsible for their childrens action and they should be the one to take measures to protect their kids from adult content. If that is not possible then at least explain to the kids why porn is not good at such a young age.

The xxx domain was an failed attempt to make big money by selling pre-registered domains to the big adult companies. Hope that answers your message. Cheers.

NickLeoG9 karma

okee doke, I'll bite. How much of the industry's women are genuinely in the business to enjoy it? Is there a fine line between an actress looking for pleasure in a scene or actually working towards fame?

pornwiz27 karma

Well most of the woman that are doing porn are nymphomaniacs and of course they enjoy it. Once they get popular they need to work harder to keep their fame alive and the fans satisfied. One example in my mind is Sasha Grey. She did porn for pleasure and when she had enough she quit without looking back.

urbangentlman7 karma


pornwiz25 karma

She is known under the name Molly or Mandy. I found this link

uronlisunshyne7 karma

PornWizard I require your services. There is a porn scene with one of the sexist Latinas I have ever seen but I don't know her name. Please oh wise and powerful PornWizard, lend me your knowledge so that I may one day fap like I did the day I first found this beauty!

pornwiz12 karma

I would really love to help but I need more details. How old does she look, how was the setting, anything that you can remember.

kfijatass6 karma

Curious, does your family know about Your job? If yes, how do they cope with it? If not, what's the cover-up story?

pornwiz10 karma

They are ok with it. It's not like I'm in the videos.

tropicalstormeric6 karma

What does it smell like on set?

pornwiz20 karma

Fresh sex.

YouCantBeSerious7755 karma

Do you know what cities make the most pornography? I'm betting it's probably Vegas or LA.

pornwiz10 karma

You are probably right. Cities from Europe are not too behind though.

Dontcaaare4 karma

What's the absolute worst experience you've ever had during a shoot?

pornwiz9 karma

I'm doing mostly editing. So I don't really have to be there when the shooting is done.

christinhainan3 karma

You are a Formula1 fan!

pornwiz5 karma

Yes, I hope Schumi makes a full recovery.

RumToWhiskey3 karma

I fooled around with Suzanne Kelly and Krysta Kaos in high school. Tyla Wynn also went to our school but I didn't know her well (apparently she gang banged my friends on the front lawn of a party). I'm betin' you can't guess the name of my city or high school.

pornwiz5 karma

Lubbock, Texas

Goran_3 karma

What do you think of female pornstars that also escort? Is the money not as good in porn so that the risk of escorting is worth it?

pornwiz6 karma

If you ask me, the price is too damn high. You can get luxury escorts, beautiful women for 5 times less money then a pornstar.

[deleted]1 karma


pornwiz17 karma

Those that are treated rough are doing it for big bucks in domination scenes but there are also some jerk male actors who have no respect. Well most of the squirts are real but some are pee.

throwaback1 karma

Maybe you can help me figure out the mystery behind this scene. It's of diana prince, and I've seen it with the brazzers logo on it, but it's not on there, and tube sites only stream 5 minute clips. Any idea where the full one is?

pornwiz2 karma

You will be able to find the full one only on brazzers if you have an account. I found a longer better quality version

You wont be able to find it because it gets dmcas pretty fast. Maybe try on torrents.