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Hey Bob. I am an 18 year old here with a little story to tell you. When I was 14 years old my Dad decided to have me put into isolation for several years. Iwasnt allowed outside and it was often because of his anxiety and such. Well one day he came back home and gave me a HUGE collection of Goosebumps and I read these books repeatedly over and over again just to pass the time. Im in college now, and I hope you realize that without your books I wouldve never came out of the isolation with the sanity I have now. Guitar hero and Grand Theft Auto will never fill the void that I had. And your books did just that. I have no questions, only praise for you. I love your books, and thank you for not making my childhood/teenage years such a bore. Thank you a million times :)

For those of you wanting more info, feel free to look and ask questions!

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okee doke, I'll bite. How much of the industry's women are genuinely in the business to enjoy it? Is there a fine line between an actress looking for pleasure in a scene or actually working towards fame?