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What steps did you take to not get caught? What steps should you have taken to avoid being found out?

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Is that the same reason we used to (and probably still do) get a close up of the guy's face right before the moneyshot? Also, do you know how infuriating that is?

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Would you rather fight a 100 tiny peckas, or one big fuckin pecka?

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What are your thoughts on the state of porn today and the types of movies that are coming out? My favorite somewhat-contemporary porno is Mangez Moi, and even though I don't speak french and there are no subtitles, I felt I could still enjoy the sex so much better because the actors and actresses in it were actually acting as their characters, even while having sex. It seems like porn today is solely concerned with getting a camera pointed at two or more people fucking and utilizing the best angles possible (which are usually not the best) and just relying on what the actors bring to their performance, which is almost always the same because they rarely ever actually act as any character other than "the guy/girl that is enjoying the sex." Do you disagree with my assessment? I'd love your take on whether I'm being a snob or if you feel there is a lack of passion that goes into making porn these days.

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You mentioned that going to a different temple for the 20th time in a month can get boring. When you're not working, how do you fight the boredom? Do you have a top list of things to check out when you go to a new country or city?