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A freaky friday occurrence happens where your mom and your girlfriend switch brains. The only way to switch them back is to fuck one of them. Do you fuck your mom with your girlfriend's brains or your girlfriend with your mom's brains? You can't kill yourself.

edit- This is an A or B question, you little shits.

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Wait....people have offered to buy used tampons?

What the flip flappity fuck

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I want to know more about the blow jobs at house parties.

did you ever get women to strip with you? Did the women ever cheer their friend on while blowing you?

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Thank you for this mr refn

In a hollywood of sequels, how do you feel when new ideas are introduced into such a highly saturated market?

when youre at a road block...how do you keep going?? What it is it in you that says no...fuck this, im almost there?

Thoughts on taco bells mountain dew baja blast? thanks again

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Let's talk schematics

I've noticed that dance songs are shorter than album length. That's easy to understand. What are some other ways the house maximize efficiency?