Hello reddit, for the next 30 minutes I will be answering your questions about soccer, my history with the team, and more.

I’m here today on a tour around the U.S.—the DHL Manchester United Trophy Tour (http://www.manutd.com/unitedtrophytour)— and we will be visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. As some of you know, DHL is our logistics partner, helping us transport our tour across the word, with the U.S. being one of the stops.

Proof: http://imgur.com/XAdmZDH

Let's get to it

EDIT 2: I will be sending 3 of you a signed pic! Great questions: http://imgur.com/pLMx7K1

EDIT: Guys, it has been great to answer some of your questions here. We have to go now, but if you want to come see the Manchester United Trophy tour, stop by the Westfield Century Mall tomorrow in LA. Have a great night.

This was a lot of fun, I hope we chat with you guys again on our next stop

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FrostyDaSnowman31 karma

Hi Mr. Robson, thank you for doing this AMA! I just have two quick questions for you:

  1. What was your most memorable moment as a Manchester United player?

  2. What was your hardest challenge as a manager?

BryanRobson49 karma

1) Winning the premiership 92/ 93 season and it was the first time we won the championship in 26 years!! and 2) Signing new players for the type of club I was manager of…. It was difficult to get the standard of player you would have liked.

yourfacegoddamnit30 karma

Hey Bryan, Seeing as how United is going through a rough patch right now since David Moyes took over, how different is it than the time when Ferguson took over? Whose the best player you've ever played alongside and against?

BryanRobson44 karma

1) It is different now because the infrastructure of the club is amazing, which Alex helped to build.

fackyouman25 karma

Mr. Robson, who is the toughest player that you have ever played against?

BryanRobson41 karma

Jimmy Case when he played for Liverpool he was a very tough player as well as being a good player.

schilom24 karma

Hi Bryan, huge fan of yours! I have a couple of questions and I hope you have time enough to answer them!

  1. How does it feel being the longest serving captain in Manchester Uniteds history?

  2. In your 13-year long career as Manchester United player, which match do you remember the most?

  3. What's your thoughts on David Moyes and Manchester Uniteds recent form?

Thank you for doing this AMA Bryan!

BryanRobson44 karma

1) Really proud to be a Manchester United player, it was fantastic! To stay with the club for 13 years and captain for 12 years is the probably the most satisfying things in my life. 2) Barcelona in the 1984 Cup Winners Cup quarter final at Old Trafford, where we won 3 - 0. 3) The form isn’t as good as we would have hoped for at the moment but i am sure that David Moyes will do a terrific job at Manchester United… It will take time.

CEFHCL22 karma

Bryan, how far do you see England going in the World Cup?

And what would be your starting XI if you were manager?

BryanRobson79 karma

1) i believe we will be fortunate to get through the group stages.

Bigassbird20 karma

Hi Captain Marvel.

In my opinion (and others) you were Man Utd's best player. I had the pleasure of meeting you once and watching you play many times.

Embarrassingly I also told all my classmates I'd marry you one day. Don't worry you're off the hook with that one!

My question is, who are your top three Utd players? And why?

Thanks for being a Utd player and being unbelievably good for club and country!

BryanRobson34 karma

I really think you are great judge of players!! But my favorite 3 of United players that i have played with Giggs, Keane and ……. George Best!

undothewinnings18 karma

Thank you so much for this AMA! Even though I am a Chelsea fan your achievements are still amazing. Could you speak to the challenges, and advantages, of being in a player/manager position like you were at Middlesbrough?

BryanRobson21 karma

I was very fortunate that the chairman at Middlesborough was very supportive. He helped me greatly in signing some very good players, which gave me a great opportunity to be successful with a club like Middlesborough.

TeaCup99914 karma

What's the best team that you've played against internationally? National teams and clubs..

BryanRobson39 karma

Best team was in 1982 the Brazilian National Team … with players like Zico, Socratese were great players and a great team.

hapoo12314 karma

Hi Mr.Robson as a supporter that did not get to see you play or be captain for united i would just like to thank you for serving the club

if you could start your whole career again what would you do difrently? that includes managing

BryanRobson27 karma

If i was starting my career again i would start at Manchester United and not West Bromwich Albion even though West Brom gave me a great start to my career.

3scores_hattrick13 karma


  1. What did you say to yourself when Whiteside curled in that goal?

  2. Jesper Olsen was my fav player when I was boy. Any cool/funny stories about him?

You are legend ...Captain Marvel!

Edit: Thx for answering! My Dad and I screamed so loud when that went in ...it made my Mum fall off the toilet and come running downstairs. That goal and JT missing that penalty are 2 great MUFC moments I've shared with my Dad!

BryanRobson26 karma

1) Oh i’ve just won another medal!

McGrumble12 karma

What do you think of United's season so far?

BryanRobson26 karma

As all Manchester United fans realise it has been disappointing so far this season after all the success we have had over recent times but i still believe we can have a great run in the Champions League competition.


What are some things that go on behind the scenes, or under the pitch, that most people don't know about?

What's your favorite part about having played for one of the best soccer teams in the world?

BryanRobson31 karma

1) Sometimes because players are very passionate …. Fights! 2) My favorite part is the respect i have from Manchester United fans around the world that is really pleasing that you get such a great reception everywhere i go and also how well they have always treated my family as well.

netone00112 karma

Hey Bryan thanks for taking the time to this AMA especially on the anniversary on the Munich Air Disaster. I have a few questions:

  1. With Beckham today stating news about the MLS team in Miami, what do you see as the future of MLS how do you think it will grow, and do you think outsiders will see it as a serious league?

  2. Who was a player you wish you could of played alongside but never got the opportunity to do so?

BryanRobson24 karma

2) Woooo that is a difficult one! Probably Steven Gerrard i really admire him as a player i would have liked to play in midfield beside him.

gleek_master11 karma

Hi Mr. Robson thanks for doing this AMA.I'm going to go with a somewhat unconventional question here:

How do I improve my vision and first touch in the game?

BryanRobson47 karma

Come back as me….

MrMuffinn11 karma

Whats the strangest way you've been injured in game?

BryanRobson19 karma

Strangest one was when i dislocated my shoulder and slipped on ice, gambled over the boardings

LonnieMachin10 karma

Hello Mr. Robson, who's your favorite player from current squad? (excluding Ryan Giggs)

BryanRobson34 karma

Wayne Rooney

deyterkourjerbs10 karma

Players today seem... softer. Agree? Disagree? Why and what can be done about this.

BryanRobson26 karma

Agree…. They need to toughen up!

craigdevlin9 karma

Mr. Robson, how do you feel about comparisons between Januzaj and Giggs? And do you think we will be able to hold on to players of his calibre if we fail to make top 4?

BryanRobson20 karma

Januzaj still has a long way to go to match up with someone like Ryan Giggs but he is a great talent.

johnnyvs778 karma

Why are you here in LA?

BryanRobson27 karma

We are on the USA leg of the United Trophy Tour with DHL, LA being the first stop. Sorry for bringing the Manchester weather with me..

TheWarEagle7 karma

What has more pride and is more important, playing for club or country?

BryanRobson19 karma

for me exactly the same, it was unbelievable playing for your country playing for club like Manchester United was just as important.

3asternJam7 karma

Hi, Thanks for doing this!

Who, in your opinion, was the best player you ever played with or against?

Similarly, who do you think is the best player you've ever managed, both in terms of skill and how easy they were to work with?

BryanRobson25 karma

Juninho who i signed from Sao Paulo was a great player and a really nice lad to work with.

20legend7 karma

Captain Marvel,

Being a British transfer record holder for a long time, how do you feel about the pressure associated with what a club pays for you? How did you handle the expectations and the associated weight?

I hope your health is excellent and you remain our ambassador for a long time. Thank you for being Robbo :)

BryanRobson15 karma

You just try to enjoy the game and remember what made you want to become a footballer

NickAmato7 karma

Messi or Ronaldo?

BryanRobson24 karma

I think it is a real difficult choice to separate both players.. because i think they are both fantastic but if you are really asking me……. I would have to go with Ronaldo because of my Manchester United connections and he was a really nice guy, he was great to talk too.

KigerWulf7 karma

What would you do to help grow the popularity of the sport in the US among young people?

BryanRobson20 karma

I think the US for 30 years have been developing football especially at grassroots and i think they have improved enormously since i signed with New Balance a US company in 1982..

LatakiaBlend6 karma

Were there any unique challenges to managing a national side like Thailand, which isn't really known for its footballing tradition?

BryanRobson13 karma

The unique challenge is you are used to playing alongside and managing players from Europe and around the world and Thai players were a little bit naive to defend and not as strong as the players you are used to be playing with in Europe.

ladyoftherose6 karma

Did you ever have an opponent that surprised you by performing way under/over your expectation? Who was it and under what circumstances?

BryanRobson15 karma

in 1984 Bournemouth knocked us out of the FA Cup beat us 0-2, which was a complete shock as we were FA Cup holders

PrairieKid6 karma

American here. What do you think about the rising popularity of football (or, to us, soccer) in America? MLS is growing here!

BryanRobson16 karma

As a football person i love to see football improving in any country throughout the world because it gave me a great living… and it is great to see a country the size of the USA competing in the World Cup in the last few competitions.

rokobased6 karma

During your time at Man Utd, what has been a player you have seen train where you were Awe struck?

BryanRobson18 karma

Giggsy again, he is the best player i have seen as a 16 year old

Look_Alive6 karma

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the AMA and I hope all your health problems have now cleared up!

As someone who has experience in sporting management, what do you think of the way England's cricket team have handled Kevin Pietersen? Were there any talented players you have played with that were too disruptive to the team?

What was it like managing against Sir Alex Ferguson? Was it difficult to view someone who had been your manager for so long as an equal?

Do you think United will make the top 4?

BryanRobson16 karma

2)No it wasn’t difficult because no matter what club you are manager of you want to do the best job you can do for that club and because you had great times at Manchester United it was even more satisfying if you could actually beat them!. 3) Yes i do believe if we can stay injury free we can make the 7 points up that Liverpool have on us at the moment.

musclemouse5 karma

Does the roar of the crowd help you play better, or does it intimidate you?

BryanRobson12 karma

The atmosphere of the fans motivates you as a player and that is why it is great to play at a top club

9jack9-13 karma

I am interested in sending a parcel to Hong Kong from London. Who would you recommend I use as the carrier?

BryanRobson23 karma

3 letters DHL

and i hope it is a nice present…