Hello the Reddits,

I'm Caleb and I'm here with Mario Cruz (Marketing and Resident "Black Guy"), Matt Clancy, and Paul Sander (Both engineers). We're here in the UltraTech office in Jacksonville to answer any questions you might have.

Also a year ago today, we released our first video for Ultra-Ever Dry that went viral thanks to the Reddits. We wanted to do this as appreciation and to take the opportunity to clear the air about superhydrophobic coatings.

New Video: BOOM

Proof: We Improvised

edit: The names of people joining me are: ultra-mario, ultramattc, ultrapaul!

edit: We'll be here until around 4pm EST. Keep the questions coming guys!

edit: Thank you all for your questions! This was really fun for all of us, and we hope to be able to do this again sometime. If anyone has anymore questions, while it may not be specific enough, we do have a FAQ page on our website. Thank you!

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BookPirates13 karma

So.. If I covered my entire pirate ship with ultra-forever dry, what would happen? Better yet, if I covered myself in it when I had to walk the plank would I actually stay dry?

ultra-mario25 karma

You have a pirate ship??? You should be more concerned about getting booty and wenches and not about superhydrophobic coatings.

BookPirates15 karma

Are you saying the pirate trade can't employ technological advances like every other industry? That's a pretty offensive and dated view. This is 2014, UltraTech. Start acting like it.

ultra-mario12 karma

Not at all. I applaud your interest in our technology. I'm simply trying to help you keep your priorities straight.

BookPirates6 karma

I have my priorities straight: I pillage, I plunder, I rifle and loot. Drink up me 'earties, Yo Ho! I kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Drink up me 'earties, Yo Ho!

But about that booty..

UltraCaleb13 karma

I'm not witty enough to comment past here. You win the day BookPirates.

ultramattc6 karma

You wouldn't stay dry, but you'd have a nice silvery glow to you while you were underwater....

BookPirates8 karma

Ultramatt, I appreciate your answer and like you a lot more than ultra-Mario. It'll be fun making him walk the plank later.

ultramattc4 karma

I think you're probably spot on in your assessment...

BookPirates3 karma

Any way we can make that the next video? Cover Mario with ultra-forever dry and make him walk the plank. It can be a shallow pool.

UltraCaleb6 karma

I think that's a hate crime.

BookPirates4 karma

UltraCaleb, you did not just go there. I'm a pirate. I hate everyone.

UltraCaleb7 karma

The pirates in my head all look like Veggietales pirates with cucumber and tomato bodies.

monkeylover103 karma

Is that hawt black guy single?

ultra-mario6 karma

Sorry, I'm very happily married.

monkeylover101 karma

Lucky lady/guy. (Hey, I don't judge!)

ultramattc6 karma

She's not THAT lucky...

Kyndall3 karma

Id say you're the lucky one!

UltraCaleb3 karma


CaptainChewbacca1 karma

Are you guys going to be licensing your stuff to be used in food product containers? I know I'd love it if I could get all the ketchup out of the bottle.

UltraCaleb1 karma

Unfortunately, Ultra-Ever Dry hasn't been approved by the EPA for use on food products.

KevinBoogert1 karma

hey if you put this stuff on a brown shoe, wil the color ever change?

UltraCaleb1 karma

Hey Kevin, Yes the coating does dry to a translucent white color, so the darker the color of the shoes in question are, the more the coating will show.

The3rdbaboon1 karma

Do you guys reckon your stuff could be used on clothing used by whitewater kayakers? Most of the stuff we wear is made of gore-tex material.

UltraCaleb2 karma

We don't recomend using Ultra-Ever Dry on clothing as it can have a sort of rigged or rough feel to the material on the outside and it dries to a translucent white color.