Hello, we're Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave from Cyanide & Happiness.

We met on the Internet as teenagers making dumb comics, and now we're twenty somethings making dumb animations.

Ask us anything about making comics, going to conventions, eating food, etc. Do not ask us about ducks or horses.

Also check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and our website!

Edit: We're taking a small break, but will be back at 8pm CST. Thanks for all of the awesome questions so far!

Edit 2: We're back and answering more questions... so ask 'um!

Edit 3: Thanks for participating in our AMA, you guys! Lots of great questions. Sorry we couldn't answer them all. Until next time!

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aenimayoshii3099 karma

Ireland 2007, Giant's Causeway - was that actually you guys? :D


DaveMcElfatrick2800 karma

YES!!! When was that picture taken!? Is it still there? So cool. I've been trying to find it again every time I go back there and I couldn't.

aenimayoshii1614 karma

Awww, that's sooo awesome! It was in august 2007, we probably only missed you by a couple of days...or minutes! Haven't been back since then.

MattExplosm1452 karma

Wasn't it near the end of some path that used to have a bridge or something? I remember getting to a dead end right around a corner, I think.

Think of this like some weird international scavenger hunt for public places we've defaced with crude stick figure drawings.

DaveMcElfatrick235 karma

You missed us by a month!

robdenbleyker2036 karma

Holy shit. We drew that the first time Dave, Matt and I met up in Northern Ireland. After that we flew into Dallas and drove to San Diego where we met Kris for the first time. So cool that it's still there. You found a bit of history.

KrisWilson1427 karma

I'll let them speak up on this because I wasn't there, but I can say that these are authentic Dave, Rob and Matt signatures.

MattExplosm604 karma

Rob and I flew to Ireland to meet Dave in person for the first time years and years ago. He showed us around to all the cool spots, eg: pubs, pubs, pubs and The Giant's Causeway.

qtg2814 karma

Rob a year and a half ago you drew this for me at connecticon


I still dont understand why

robdenbleyker3211 karma

I am not a doctor and I am barely an artist. I hope this helps explain your sketch.

SuperCakeSlice2175 karma

What's your most ill-received comic?

robdenbleyker2765 karma

This one bothered a lot of dog people. Which is weird because I'm a dog person too.

DaveMcElfatrick1741 karma

This one is pretty illin'

EDIT: Fixed the link. I screwed up.

LarcusMywood823 karma

Erm... that's a link to this AMA

DaveMcElfatrick735 karma

Man, I fucked up. LEMME EDIT

KrisWilson1627 karma

Mine would definitely be this one. Oddly enough, it seems to be the most offensive one I've ever done.

MattExplosm1223 karma

The very next comic, this one, got a lot of negativity, too. With Kris' previous comic, people thought my "Last Week at Explosm HQ" was saying this was the last week Explosm would continue for. I was just saying this is what it was like the previous week writing really sad comics!

PresidentChef577 karma

Psst, Kris. Between you and me, I like your comics the best. <3

KrisWilson2037 karma

Thanks, mom.

ulmen242166 karma

I don't have anything to ask. Just want to tell you guys that I work in the medical field and whenever a patient asks me to "take a look at this" I almost always question in my mind, "Is that applesauce?" Love you.

robdenbleyker1755 karma

Well, was it?

DaveMcElfatrick768 karma

What happens if they actually just hand you a jar of applesauce? Do you implode?

Feadur2076 karma

if push came to shove, how many dick jokes could you make in 10 minutes?

DaveMcElfatrick2522 karma

Let me get into the zone. Is there a gun to my head?

Tonesullock2937 karma

No, not a gun unzips

DaveMcElfatrick3173 karma

How can I make a dick joke when my mouth is full?

giantchuchu3513 karma

I'm sure you could manage a gag or two.

robdenbleyker2582 karma

A+, please write all our comics from now on.

KrisWilson1429 karma

How many do you need, big guy?

robdenbleyker1409 karma

I wrote all of my comics in 10 minutes, in mid 2005. I've just been releasing them slowly.

Schnouttz2028 karma

What is the best prank one of you has pulled on another?

robdenbleyker3071 karma

Dave put the tiniest "Rob is gay" in the background of one of his comics in the Depressing Comic Book, and didn't tell me until after we'd printed 20,000 copies.

Still trying to get him back for that one.

DaveMcElfatrick2955 karma

Hahaha. It was fucking great to just let you know in person, too. "Rob look at the comic on page *** real closely."

Your fucking face. Gold.

robdenbleyker2864 karma

I'm gonna put your credit card number in our next book.

DaveMcElfatrick2760 karma

If you read the page numbers in a certain combination, it'll give out my credit card details.

preske1819 karma


robdenbleyker3098 karma

My Little Pony.

The unbridled rage of dozens of men with pony avatars yelling at you on twitter is something I've experienced firsthand, and it was pretty scary.

Making fun of MLP is the Internet equivalent of drawing Muhammad.

DaveMcElfatrick2188 karma

I love making fun of MLP. Rob's secretly a brony. He's halfway out of the stable.

MattExplosm2235 karma

None. I'm gonna make this easy and just quote Louis CK from his AMA:

I like joking about everything. This will sound too lofty because it is. This is going to an extreme to make a point: Saying a subject is too awful or painful to joke about is like saying a disease is too awful to be treated. Please do not take that out of context, the context being that I realize this is a crazy statement and I’m going to an extreme to make a point.

I've always felt as long as the joke is worth the subject matter and you're not outright belittling the subject matter, anything is fair game.

In fact, we've had hatemail from people who were angry about making comics about cancer because somebody close to them was going through chemotherapy. At the same time, though, we were getting emails from people who they themselves were going through chemo thanking us for the exact same comics because it made this heavy thing they're dealing with a little bit lighter. One dude actually brought his tumor in a little vial to a con to show it to us! That dude was a badass.

The9KK91686 karma

How did you four all settle on that specific style of character?

robdenbleyker2458 karma

Basically we all copied Kris.

Before it was called Cyanide & Happiness, Kris posted his comics under the name "Comicazi" to the forums of a stick figure death website I ran with Matt and Dave. I really, really liked them, made a few fan comics of my own, and asked him if he wanted to take a crack at doing them daily together. Matt and Dave joined the effort shortly thereafter. So our styles all kind of blended.

A few key differences though: My characters are taller than Kris' and have longer arms, which lets them do crazy things like take hats on and off which Kris' characters cannot without looking mega stupid.

DaveMcElfatrick1876 karma

The thing is, I based my characters on Kris's REALLY early comics, where they were tall and gangly, and COULD reach their own heads. I still like that look

KrisWilson2832 karma

And I base mine off of Kris' current comics.

robdenbleyker2132 karma


ILoveLamp9834 karma

So you're all connected to each other one way or another through your comics.

You guys are like the human centipede... of comics.

DaveMcElfatrick1757 karma

No no, we're a real human centipede.

darknemesis25401 karma

was that site called stickdeath.com? I visited that site all the time when i was like 10 before youtube was a thing. It was everything I had hoped for and more

MattExplosm777 karma

Nah, we ran a site called StickSuicide. We were very original as teenagers.

DaveMcElfatrick546 karma

I liked the cutesiness of Kris's comics, and wanted to amalgamate that with the dynamism of Rob's characters originally. It's kinda evolved into it's own thing.

I_Lase_You1579 karma

Hey guys! I made this Cyanide and Snoo lase awhile back. Link

(I'm not good at drawing, but really good at copying other peoples drawings. Please don't sue. Thanks!)

DaveMcElfatrick1235 karma

Man you fucking rule.

I_Lase_You1012 karma

PM me your favorite strip and I'll burn you a wall plaque of it. Goes for Kris, Rob, and Matt too.

DaveMcElfatrick1218 karma

Alright! If I can get this in a nice dark wood it's going RIGHT up on my wall. You're the best.

I_Lase_You425 karma

Alright! If I can get this in a nice dark wood it's going RIGHT up on my wall. You're the best.

What font do you use?

I_Lase_You732 karma

How's this? Link

I'll get them mounted nice and ready to ship out in a day or so. PM me a shipping adddress. (The pics are lousy, it looks sweet in person.)

DaveMcElfatrick173 karma

Oh my god. That is beautiful. I LOVE it. I shall PM.

DaveMcElfatrick499 karma

Creative Block

KrisWilson153 karma

I might take you up on that! I will be PMing you later.

KrisWilson743 karma

Fuck yes!

Kijafa1567 karma

I heard one of you guys had talked to /u/Shitty_Watercolour a while back about making a book or something, any word on that?

robdenbleyker2104 karma

I was talking to him for a little bit, then a huge amount of work got in the way. I love ShittyWatercolour and have wanted to collab for a while.

I didn't realize there was some interest building already... Maybe I need to reshuffle some priorities.

MrWeiner1440 karma

Last time I did an IAMA, I drew Dave's balls. Why won't he return the favor?

DaveMcElfatrick1184 karma

I drew this on a laptop pad, so it's not great, but here you go <3

DaveMcElfatrick938 karma

Give me a second.

MrWeiner1074 karma

Here you go.


Let me know if you want a third.

Edit: Misspelled the Irish part.

robdenbleyker694 karma

Oh shit, Zach Weiner with the wordplay dick joke combo, a stunning move.

DaveMcElfatrick547 karma

Ah, my new desktop background. Thank you.

MattExplosm695 karma

TIL Zach Weiner's balls are too impressive to draw quickly.

DeathByMagnets1239 karma

Who has the softest face?

robdenbleyker1797 karma

Dave. His cheery, smooth face is difficult to not squeeze sometimes. The rest of us can get a bit scraggly, but Dave's Irish genes keep his stubble in check.

KrisWilson1609 karma

Can confirm. Dave's face is silky and has tons of volume and bounce.

robdenbleyker1122 karma

Double confirming, Dave's face bounces like a ball mixed with a rabbit.

DaveMcElfatrick1775 karma


TheDuskDragon1198 karma

This is a question for all of you. Which of the comics that you have made has the funniest back story behind it?

robdenbleyker2509 karma

None of mine have funny back stories, I just sit there and weep as I think of ideas, knowing I have to come up with an endless supply of them to keep the Internet satisfied so that it won't consume everything I hold dear.

KrisWilson2210 karma

Get back to work, ROB.

KrisWilson1592 karma

The comics are actually just a journal for me, where I log my daily trials and triumphs. They are all 100% factual and I never intended for them to be funny.

DaveMcElfatrick1544 karma

The depressing ones were our only real attempts at humour.

robdenbleyker1386 karma

Another fact is that Kris is currently on trial for about 250 felonies and his comics are all being used as evidence.

DaveMcElfatrick1364 karma

Some of mine have backstories. This comic, though it didn't translate really well as a comic in retrospect, completely happened in real life according to my friend who works in a local hospital.

Lawnknome667 karma

I think that translated great. Granted it is the comically large photo that does it for me.

DaveMcElfatrick1209 karma

He'd actually blown up the picture, too. That's not an exaggeration.

tylerdurdan12031176 karma

Do you ever get death threats for some of the more religious based comics you do

DaveMcElfatrick1941 karma

I had a guy threaten to kill me because I made a comic referring to Mohammed back in the day. That's always fun. We had a guy in 2007 who threatened to come to San Diego Comic Con to kill us all. That's even more fun.

robdenbleyker2350 karma

That guy never showed up either, which made me feel a little bit stood up to be honest.

KrisWilson1752 karma

We should have checked missed connections.

robdenbleyker182 karma

Back in my day when a man said he'd murder you, he was there on time.

LandBugle1112 karma

How did you come up with the idea for Depressing Comic Week?

robdenbleyker1718 karma

I made one about a kid in a wheelchair dying of crushed dreams after his dad tells him he can't play basketball. I didn't have "depressing" in mind, but it had a darker edge to it, so I asked Dave if he thought we should do a week of depressing comics. Without hesitation he said "yes", and the other guys were onboard just as fast.

I like Depressing Comic Week because we get to take away a little joy from our readers once a year, after giving it out for free the other 51 weeks. It's like when a really evil oil company plants a few trees for goodwill, except the other way around.

DaveMcElfatrick1572 karma

Rob and I discussed the idea of making comics with no jokes whatsoever, just sadness, one night in late 2006. We presented it to the other guys, and somehow made a whole week out of it.

Weird fact: This comic, about getting a new games console was posted on the day the Wii was released in the US, and THIS depressing comic about getting a new games console was posted on the day the PS4 was released in the US.

Tall_leprechaun888 karma

How messed up is your thought process when creating comics

DaveMcElfatrick1719 karma

Protip: The more sleep deprived you are, the whackier your ideas get. At least that's what I've found. I don't sleep well anyway, but there's a certain window where you don't feel like shit but your brain gets really trippy. It allows the idea process to be a lot more fluid.

MattExplosm1419 karma

Dave's sleep deprivation is actually quite a hindrance to the rest of us. He tosses and turns in bed and keeps the rest of us awake all damn night.

Tactful518 karma

A follow-up question: Depressing comic week, does it make you guys sad? Because it makes me guys sad.

DaveMcElfatrick734 karma

It can, yeah. I actually have depression that comes and goes. If anything, it works great for Depressing Comic Week writing.

azchle860 karma

First I just want to say I love C&H.

Second, Dave, I noticed you didn't start doing the crazy faces until somewhat recently. Was there some sort of reaction to them that made you turn it into your thing?

Third, Rob, your comics during Depressing Comic Week are always the best. How does it feel to know you're probably the most mentally disturbed in the bunch?

DaveMcElfatrick614 karma

I started doing them late last year because I wanted to play around and expand upon the conventions of C&H art. They got a pretty cool response, and more recently, on my Facebook fan page, people have been creating all these hilarious edits of them. I like to embellish that. It's all great fun.

robdenbleyker582 karma

Feels good man.

Also Dave's crazy faces are my favorite recent trend in the comic.

abhishekupadhya824 karma

Can we get more dancing gifs, please? http://explosm.net/comics/2291/

robdenbleyker510 karma

Oh man, I've got more than a few ideas that involve GIFs. They tend to sit on my idea list the longest because I am a lazy person and prefer my art not moving.

Extradaemon739 karma

When did you realise that web-comics was the thing you wanted to do? Do you have plans of ever moving on?

robdenbleyker942 karma

Web comics weren't a thing, but I drew comics on paper all through middle school. In high school I discovered Macromedia Flash and made a bunch of animations on NewGrounds.

I do plan on moving on to something else eventually (I think we all do), not sure what yet. I try to just have fun and see where this weird career takes me. I do have a side project called storydump that'll be interesting.

DaveMcElfatrick334 karma

I have aspirations for a brand new, longform, more sincere and personal comic about things that are going on in my own life. I have a lot of people interested in what being a webcomic creator is like, so I want to create a more intimate hub for that sort of thing. Joel from Hijinks Ensue is currently reinvigorating his work in a similar way. I find that inspiring.

I'd also love to pursue animation a lot more.

LPTSO721 karma

whatever happened to the purple shirted eye stabber

robdenbleyker781 karma

He's in hiding, waiting for the opportune moment to strike again.

DaLateDentArthurDent458 karma

Hey guys, I'm a big fan of your depressing comic weeks.

I just wanted, how does it feel for you guys to tackle subjects as dark as you do in those?

I can imagine it being quite therapeutic to get such a dark idea out of your system.

DaveMcElfatrick563 karma

I think I'm naturally a gruff, cranky sort of person. Taking out my moods on our little characters feels great. A lot of my favourite comics are just the characters being dickholes to each other.

mrjamied99451 karma

Dave, after moving to America. Do you prefer it there or in Ireland?

DaveMcElfatrick928 karma

This is going to sound like a boring, diplomatic answer, but they both have their charms. Ireland's always going to be home, I miss the scenery, the craic, the many close friendships I have there. I've built as many close friendships over in America now. The food's far better here (oh God, Whattaburger), the weather's nicer and I just love the feeling of being in a big city. Everyone's so damn friendly too! I'll get strangers that say hello to me in the grocery shop. People just tend to scowl at each other back home, so it was novel to me at first.

nasdas386 karma

C&H is by far my favorite webcomic!

Did you guys know each other personally before making comics?

How did you guys meet each other on the internet?

What was your favorite comic you've ever made?

robdenbleyker563 karma

Nope! We met entirely online. I met Kris and Dave for the first time at Comic Con 2007 in San Diego. And I met Matt a few years earlier when I was visiting some cousins (also in San Diego, he lived there at the time). When we did finally meet each other, we pretty much just got drunk and became friends, like you do.

MattExplosm588 karma

Rob and I were both underage when we first met, so we hung out at a Starbucks. Neither of us drank coffee.

DaveMcElfatrick305 karma

I'd been talking to Rob online since 2001. We met via the flash animation website SFDT.com, where we became fans of each other's work.

improperly_dressed364 karma

what advice do you have for someone pursuing a creative career?

DaveMcElfatrick694 karma

Redefine your idea of success. You won't be as big as Garfield overnight, but, whatever you're doing, keep doing it consistently and refine it. Put out consistent work. If you're a funny guy/gal, your audience will slowly appear. Take Deathbulge for example. Here's a comic that's only been going over a year or so, and it's doing great! It also happens to be one of my favourites. Dan from Deathbulge is a sweet guy.

Breakfast_Sausage356 karma

Who's the most famous person you ever slept with?

Possibly more importantly:

Who's the most famous person you ever got a high five from?

MattExplosm640 karma

High-fived: Either Jonathan Ross or Wil Wheaton, depedning on what side of the pond you're from.

Slept with: Myself :(

robdenbleyker264 karma

I've slept with Wil, but only ever high fived Matt.

MattExplosm291 karma

Let's fix that, baby.

DaveMcElfatrick259 karma

I high-fived Wil eiffel-tower style through Rob and Matt.

robdenbleyker204 karma

That sure was a fun night.

DaveMcElfatrick422 karma

I watched Sgt Slaughter eat a sandwich once. I don't care about anyone else.

witherspork307 karma

Hey guys, long time fan, and I'm just gonna say thanks for doing this.

Were there any comics you wrote that you scrapped because they were too offensive, even for you guys?

robdenbleyker363 karma

I've scrapped some of my own comics because they aren't funny, but not really because they're too offensive. I've never thought about the comics in terms of "how can I offend", I've always thought about the joke as being most important. If it's funny to me, there's a slight chance it'll offend some people. I don't really single anyone out though, or aim to be edgy.

Vixolus302 karma

I've got a couple for y'all!

  • Who came up with the Barbershop Quartet skit? Who sang in it?
  • What was your favorite fan experience/memory (at ComicCon, etc)?
  • Do you make comics ASAP and just keep them on a backlog?
  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

MattExplosm381 karma

Hahahaha! Backlog? Night of.

As for favorite fan experience, it's hard to really say. Meeting fans and interacting face to face is such a great experience. The first thing that comes to mind, though, would probably be the first time somebody told us our silly comics helped them through an especially dark time in their lives. We make goofy butt jokes on the internet, but they've actually helped people dealing with depression, suicide, cancer, etc. That was never the goal, but I'm so damn proud to have made such an impact.

DaveMcElfatrick307 karma

To your first question, we all did, in a taxi in LA. We didn't sing to a girl, but we came up with the idea in a cab.

eddieman95255 karma

Hey Matt. When you were at Armageddon in NZ you made this signed print for me. I bet you don't remember it since you probably made a million prints over that weekend but I just wanted to show it to the internet and say thanks. So thanks! http://i.imgur.com/g8xz6Mq.jpg

Edit: My highest rated comment is a guy grinding a dick. Awesome.

MattExplosm179 karma

Haha, you're very welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Armageddon Expo quickly became one of my favorite cons. Aussies and kiwis were made for our kinda humor. I kinda want to move to NZ.

pxblx248 karma

Do you draw the character's heads clockwise or counter-clockwise?

KrisWilson352 karma

I actually use the same head that I've used since the first comic... but when I draw them on paper, it's counter-clockwise.

dustinyo_81 karma

Between the 4 of you, who would win in a fight to the death?

KrisWilson293 karma

I would say Dave. He's the scrappiest, and would probably be the first person to throw a punch and the rest of us would be like, "What the fuck, Dave? Why are you hitting us to death?"

Kelleherrr61 karma

Do you have any bigger plans for the comics/animations, or are you happy with the position you are at now?

robdenbleyker131 karma

We've got 11 episodes, 11 minutes each, coming out in Fall and I think it's some of the best stuff we've written.

CanadianGladiator60 karma

Got any hidden talents?

robdenbleyker142 karma

I can eat an entire pizza with no hands.

KrisWilson125 karma

I have an outie bellybutton. That's my hidden talent.

DaveMcElfatrick123 karma

I can play guitar pretty well, and recently picked up piano. I'd say I'm pretty good at that too. Also, give me a yo-yo and I'll BLOW YOUR FRICKIN MIND.

Sandalman300056 karma

Who are your favorite recurring characters and why?

robdenbleyker125 karma

I'm fond of the asshole time traveler.

KrisWilson99 karma

I really like Stripper Cop. He never really speaks, but he's a cop with a mustache and a pink speedo. Ya can't miss him.

Some of Dave's extreme facial expressions, which we call "Dave Faces"... oh man, I always enjoy those.