Hi Reddit! I'm Chrissy Teigen, TV host and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. Lover of cooking food (for real! my blog is http://sodelushious.com).

Some random facts about me: I love bulldogs, I enjoy magic to levels even I don't understand, and I get in trouble on instagram sometimes (you can find me here: https://twitter.com/chrissyteigen/ or Instagram.com/chrissyteigen).

I'm also going to be on your TV tonight with the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful" special which airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Ready for your questions, AMA!


Time to go, but thank you guys for the questions. I wish I could have answered them all. We’ll have to do these more often!

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no. he told me he HAD a yacht at a party. and a plane. without prompting. just said, "i have a yacht. and a plane"

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Okay I was thinking...you know how they have those boardwalk games where they give away those giant stuffed animals? But you never actually win the giant stuffed animal. You win smaller pathetic ones. And you have to win 6 of them to get a medium sized one. Then 8 mediums to get a large? Well you laughed at one of my tweets and favorited another so what I'm trying to say is can I trade in like 5 favorites and a reply for personalized selfie to frame in my house?

ChrissyTeigen46 karma

reach out to lisa benson at IMG models NYC you deserve a medal

Artvandelay152 karma

Hi Chrissy. Your Wikipedia page says that you hate both swimming and sand. How did you overcome these obstacles in your life to become a highly successful swimsuit model?

ChrissyTeigen47 karma

lol. it's a pretty small price to pay for an extremely cool gig I am lucky to have.

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Hi Chrissy! We recently met in Milan!


You and John promised you would send me a picture of you with my name written on your forehead. I'm still waiting for it

ChrissyTeigen45 karma

oh my god i just looked at the photo.

ChrissyTeigen42 karma

i could write your name and the names of your entire family on my forehead


Does John sing to you whilst you're making love? If so what's his chosen genre of music? A Legend original or something sexy like started from the bottom?

ChrissyTeigen35 karma

ha, I'm sure it's happened one or two times after a few glasses of wine

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Honestly, how many swimsuits do you own?

ChrissyTeigen39 karma

probably 300. we get so many in our sports illustrated gift bags every year. I have drawers and drawers of them. I should have a giveaway!

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What would you cook for Nancy Grace

ChrissyTeigen68 karma

stew. she seems like a stew person.

taylortots6823 karma

Your relationship with John seems perfect. Obviously, no relationship is perfect so what are some of the things you guys argue about most or are each other's pet peeves?

ChrissyTeigen108 karma

i never put the cap on the toothpaste. but he still doesn't argue. he looks at me while he slowly puts it on.

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Chrissy I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re hilarious and beautiful, and I love you and John’s relationship! I was just wondering since so many people are incredibly rude to you on twitter does this affect you, or do you not pay attention to the haters? You’re awesome keep being you and thanks for sharing your awesome life with us!

ChrissyTeigen27 karma

Thank you! I think you just harden up a little bit -- I used to be pretty affected by the negativity but you just get used to it. The crappy part is not getting to say everything I want to say anymore :)

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Hi Chrissy! I discovered your Twitter and Instagram a while back and have been laughing ever since. A few things I'm wondering... 1. How did you, Erin Andrews, and Brooklyn Decker become such good friends? 2. When John played All of Me at the Grammy's, the camera was on you almost the whole time, and you seemed serenely calm. I, on the other hand, am reduced to tears every time I hear it. Does it become less personal when he plays it for millions of people on tour, at awards shows, etc, or is it alway emotional for you? 3. Who is your favorite female comedienne? Thanks!

ChrissyTeigen13 karma

Brooklyn and I met Erin in DC at a Vanity Fair party post white house. I knew we would all instantly get along because we all felt insanely out of place. Been extremely goofy and great friends ever since!

ChrissyTeigen19 karma

I have heard it many times but it's always beautiful to me. A lot of people wonder if I'm offended by the "smart mouth" part but I really am not -- that's how I knew it was specifically written just for me:) Love amy poehler and amy schumer

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Chrissy - I also follow your mother on Twitter and Instagram. How exciting is it for her to have a daughter who is a Sports Illustrated model, as well as having a famous son-in-law? I imagine she'd be pretty excited.

ChrissyTeigen32 karma

I am very lucky to have such a hilarious and sweet and gentle and kind mother. I feel like that's cooler :)

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How are you going to call the guy that included you in his Time Warner Cable tweet if you're answering questions here?

ChrissyTeigen22 karma

I really think 300 people called the guy. Didn't think that tweet through.

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Could you please tell us which of the SI swimsuit girls gets the wildest after a few drinks?

ChrissyTeigen27 karma

i wish i could answer this....

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The only question I can think of is, why won't @NancyGraceHLN ever tweet you back?!

ChrissyTeigen43 karma

clearly threatened.

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What's your favorite Nancy Grace hashtag?

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My wife and I were just talking about you over dinner, haha. We were wondering, how do you eat such delicious food and stay so fit? We see you post pics of white castle and fried chicken, etc. Do you work out all the time or just splurge occasionally?

ChrissyTeigen45 karma

I work out very hard for a very brief period of time before a shoot. Maybe a week before and then never again until the next one (I don't condone this, just being honest here haha)

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Who's your favorite neighbor ever in animal crossing?

ChrissyTeigen21 karma

i lost my DS. those animals are dead from rotten peaches.

c00lins12 karma

Hi Chrissy! How does it make you feel when your followers tell their friends that you'd be the perfect addition to their friend group?

ChrissyTeigen51 karma

This is definitely my favorite thing to hear on twitter. I love girl groups. I love girl power. I love when we love each other.

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i am david blaine.

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Chrissy, last year during Hurricane Sandy you accidentally tweeted out your email address and started getting tons of emails from random people. What was the best/most weird ass thing you received?

Also, thanks for the slow-and-low eggs recipe. Best ever.

ChrissyTeigen18 karma

i still get weird emails. a lot of requests for money. i should have tweeted john's email.

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Hey Chrissy, you are one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, especially when you are flying and have terrible people on your flights.

That being said, I have two questions. One is, what is the worst flight you've ever been on? And second, completely unrelated, what's your favorite Mario game?

ChrissyTeigen16 karma

recently had a horrible flight to guyana out of a ny snow storm. I was curled in a ball, sobbing, for a good half an hour. scary when the flight attendants are scared! I also threw up. Eek. favorite mario game is anything NOT 3-D

Gnar_Dawg11 karma

Chrissy, you're hilarious. What's your most embarrassing story? I feel like you probably have some good ones...

ChrissyTeigen61 karma

when i proudly yelled at a mom on the plane, telling her to shut her son's video game sound off. it was my phone alarm going off in my purse. for hours. had to apologize to the entire cabin and bought them drinks.

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Hey Chrissy, you are awesome and love it whenever you are on The Dan Patrick Show. My question is, swimsuit models often pose with animals, are there any animals you would love to pose with and ones that you are deathly afraid of that you would never pose with?

ChrissyTeigen24 karma

thanks! I would pose with literally ANY animal. I always beg for the animals on our shoots but never get them! I am insanely allergic to cats and i still kiss and rub them all over my face (even though they are the devil's children)

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FANGIRLING OUT RIGHT NOW!! Chrissy, love you on twitter and also your blog. What is your best meal ever? As in, best thing you've ever eaten hands-down would give your first born to eat it on your death bed meal. Additionally, are you taking applications for best friends and if so, where might I apply?

Also what IS UP with the Stassi/Kristen relationship?? I can't figure it out either!!

ChrissyTeigen14 karma

Oh man this is a tough one (and thank you)....I really really love the lasagna verdi at frank on 2nd avenue nyc. only avail on thursdays. and this crazy steak I had at pandemonio in florence (how pretentious did that sound)

i am watching pump rules as we speak. it is fun to watch them lie now that we know the truth. this is a good day. breaking: I have no life.

21anddrunk10 karma

Will you do Playboy?

ChrissyTeigen29 karma

i dunno. shaving all your bits all the time is getting exhausting.

marthagetsit9 karma

What should I make for Valentine's Day dinner? Easy and delicious.

ChrissyTeigen20 karma

i'll be on good morning america the morning of the 14th to show you :) PLUGGGGGGGGGGGG (sorry!!)

tousles_memes9 karma

Does John serenade you with his voice of a thousand angels

ChrissyTeigen23 karma

what if john was this generation's milli vanilli and I couldn't even tell you. that'd be hysterical.

cmrh8 karma

On a scale of 1-batshit crazy, how did you react to the Hawks win last night?

ChrissyTeigen22 karma

i am still in my jersey.

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I honestly don't know what Sports Illustrated is beyond the populair TV joke that it's meant as a young man's Playboy? (Sorry, I'm from The Netherlands...).

How much of the swimsuit photo's are editted to make you have a more attractive body, i.e. actually remodelling your body as opposed to lighting etc.?

ChrissyTeigen18 karma

actually, sports illustrated does extremely minimal retouching. other publications however....phew. they do a lot. I've watched myself be photoshopped before. it. is. the. worst.

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Do you enjoy having the nickname Chowder Pants?

ChrissyTeigen20 karma

I forgot about that. I'm also 40nugz

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Have you kissed a girl? And did you like it?

ChrissyTeigen23 karma

not passionately. well. maybe. no. i dunno.

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CHRISSY marry fuck kill: mario kart, super mario, mario tennis

ChrissyTeigen15 karma

marry super mario. fuck mario cart. kill mario tennis.

AJY197 karma

Hey Chrissy, I think you are an amazing role model for women I hope you would consider joining your husband John Legend at the Scholarcon Conference I know many NSCS members would love to hear from an amazing person such as yourself

ChrissyTeigen20 karma

I can't believe I would even be invited to an event named "scholarcon" so this makes me very happy. thank you for your very loose definition of scholar lol

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What's the most underrated pizza topping?

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ChrissyTeigen13 karma

princess. and stir fry. or these 20 minute spicy, soupy noods you speak of.

princesstepha6 karma

Chrissy! You are the best! What is the most useless thing you have ever purchased while drunk?

ChrissyTeigen15 karma

the rollie eggmaster comes to mind

dolfan05166 karma

Drink of choice? Favorite beach you've ever been to? What is your second favorite dog breed?

ChrissyTeigen16 karma

anything within reach, maldives, basset hounds

21anddrunk6 karma

If he wasn't your husband and weren't obligated to appreciate his work, would you be a fan of John Legend's music?

ChrissyTeigen25 karma

I would be. I'd make fun of his "OhhhHHHHHH"ing though. Actually I do now.

cmrh5 karma


First of all you are my ultimate girl crush. Have your dad and husband ever considered opening a RonJohn surf shop version 2.0?

ChrissyTeigen15 karma

lol. fun fact: john and I both have father's and brothers named Ron.

emmarang5 karma

Hey Chrissy! I literally die for you and your tweets. You're my spirit animal basically. Anyway, what do you usually order at Taco Bell? Ps. Your dogs are perf

ChrissyTeigen11 karma

cool ranch DLT!! and you only think they're perfect because you don't sleep in their farts. but they're close.

21anddrunk4 karma

What's one thing about your life that isn't as perfect as it appears to be? Because your life seems to be fkking amazing. Give me something here...

ChrissyTeigen18 karma

my voice. but it actually appears to be horrible to many haha sad. crying now be back.

Kmm6374 karma

Hi Chrissy! You are such a beautiful and cool person. What advice do you have for single 20-something girls? Xoxoxoxox

ChrissyTeigen24 karma

i still don't know what to do with my life. we will figure it out together. everything comes together.

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My girlfriend thinks you're great, but when I asked her what we should ask you, she just kind of giggled and couldn't think of a good question (I suggested asking to be your best friend, but she said "no, that's too desperate.").

So, if you could ask yourself anything, what would it be, and how would you answer?

ChrissyTeigen14 karma

your girlfriend seems sweet. wife that.

21anddrunk3 karma

Did you ever call that Time Warner guy like he asked you to on twitter?

ChrissyTeigen8 karma

does *69 still exist?


what was the best/most memorable part of spending a day on the set of the office?

ChrissyTeigen4 karma

seeing ryan's closet "office" and all the random shit in meredith's van.

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What food do you never get sick of eating?

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Can you be my friend?

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Chrissy! You're my favorite SI swimsuit model of all time what's your alcoholic drink of choice?

ChrissyTeigen12 karma

getting into rum now :) I really only drink things straight or with soda. I try not to mix things -- love sweet drinks but oh, the calories.