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Holy Crap, John Green is here to answer questions!?

I love the vlogbrothers videos but I haven't been active in Nerdfighteria at all, but I am going to see the TFIOS movie. Can I still call myself a Nerdfighter?

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Thank you John :).

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I honestly don't know what Sports Illustrated is beyond the populair TV joke that it's meant as a young man's Playboy? (Sorry, I'm from The Netherlands...).

How much of the swimsuit photo's are editted to make you have a more attractive body, i.e. actually remodelling your body as opposed to lighting etc.?

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Thank you for replying: D. I can't actually imagine somebody fixing everything they feel is wrong with your body in Photoshop and then looking at it and almost not recognizing yourself. Again. Thank you

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He's just a writer :P.