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tempusfudgeit498 karma

When you are feeling down, or in need of inspiration, do you chant to yourself "Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get on up, It's Bobsled time... COOL RUNNINGS!" for motivation?

patoothd543 karma

No, but I will certainly start to do that.

Loud_Snort424 karma

You mean to tell me that Sanka, Junior, Yule, and Derice weren't their real names?

Edit; my top rated comment is about Cool Runnings. This is a proud moment for me.

patoothd464 karma

I'm terribly sorry, but no. :(

thebobstu282 karma

What one thing the movie got wrong that you would to set the record straight about?

patoothd535 karma

My father was never a track star, he mainly played soccer, (which we call football) as it is a popular sport in Jamaica. My uncle, however, did run track.

WeeBabySeamus207 karma

What about the other way around? Is there something the movie got right that you are particularly proud about?

patoothd649 karma

The crash scene was actual footage.

patoothd34 karma

The mirror scene.

tunersharkbitten225 karma

i know it is probably the biggest tourist trap out there, but i went to ocho rios, and did the "jamaican bobsled" and got drunk off that smooth smooth jamaican white rum. then i went to a non touristy area and bought what i thought were fake cuban cigars, but when i got back to the boat my chief told me that they were real(i bought 4 humidors full of them... pretty cheap too). thank you for being from an amazing little island. the jerk chicken is the best i have ever had. straight from an oil drum oven.

EDIT: for those of you that need visual reference, HERE YA GO

patoothd232 karma

Hahaha this story is great. Is the the rum you're looking for? http://i.imgur.com/k56rZWe.jpg

pinball_wizard8513 karma

That and Appleton's mixed with a touch of cranberry reminds me of Jamaica. My mum bought a flat in Ocho Rios so might have to head back again.

patoothd25 karma

Always nice to visit, isn't it?

rage-buckets213 karma

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

patoothd981 karma

In all honesty though, I see pride, I see power, I see a bad ass mother who don't take crap from anyone.

patoothd268 karma

I see a reflection of myself.

waweewoowan236 karma

But How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?

patoothd250 karma

I love you for this.

Dinosaursareneat188 karma

Was sanka's egg a real thing?

patoothd307 karma

No, I'm sorry but that was a fabrication of Disney's.

kmutch187 karma

I was at the Olympic park in Calgary last weekend, saw one of the Jamaican bobsleds there. Do people make a big deal about bobsledding in Jamaica anymore?

patoothd409 karma

I don't get much attention from it in Jamaica, but when I tell people who I am in most other countries, they freak out.

daniel_decrissio159 karma

Does it feel "cool" knowing that the Jamaicans are going back to the Winter Olympics for bobsledding?

patoothd330 karma

Yeah, I do have a sort of sense of pride, since my father did have a part in training them.

apocalypse_IRA143 karma

Did you have the coolest dad on Parent's Day at school?

patoothd221 karma

Pretty much, yeah.

aabbccatx126 karma

What do you think of the online support for the '14 team?

patoothd202 karma

I think this whole thing is amazing and fantastic. :)

tf2manu994116 karma

How are you today?

patoothd153 karma

I'm doing quite well actually, and you?

tf2manu99493 karma

Not too bad. What did you want to be as a child?

patoothd306 karma

I'm still a child, and I hope to be an engineer or an architect. I know, its lame.

that_one_white_girl98 karma

What do you think of dogecoin?

patoothd231 karma

I think its hilarious.

Jackshockey9697 karma

How similar to real life in Jamaica was the movie. Also how close is your dad to the actor who portrayed him in the movie? THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!! :)

patoothd206 karma

The actor that plays my father was pretty close to the real thing, especially with how motivated he was to do the sport. The movie only portrayed the rural side of Jamaica, and in that sense it was pretty accurate, but city life in Jamaica is just as first world as anywhere else.

Assorted_Berries83 karma

Have you or your siblings gone into bobsledding? Is your father involved in training the new team?

patoothd161 karma

Neither my sibling nor I have any interest in bobsledding, but my cousin, daughter of Chris Stokes, (Who was also on the team) has taken the sport up. Yes, my father did help to train the current team.

NOISY_SUN41 karma

Why not?

patoothd105 karma

I run track, my brother plays soccer, and my sister doesn't really do sports.

waynefc9082 karma

Were there other winter Olympic sports you wanted to do?

patoothd128 karma

No, I'm not a big fan of winter sports.

motegi56138 karma

Says the son of a Winter Olympian.

patoothd181 karma

I'm sorry.

gigglefarting45 karma

What's your favorite summer olympics sport?

patoothd96 karma

100m Sprints.

Skeeders75 karma

What do you think of Russia's anti-gay law in effect?

patoothd324 karma

I think its stupid. Homophobia is rampant in Jamaica, and I just don't see the point.

terzzz38 karma

You just got infinitely more rad. I'm not gay myself, but I had a couple of friends (1 male, 1 female) who came out and me and 3 others were the only ones that didn't turn our backs on them.

Great to see others spreading the love!

patoothd56 karma

That's great!

Mattprime8672 karma

Hi Michael,

Please ask your father if he still keeps in contact with Caswell Allen.

My mother and him dated for years and I got to hear many awesome stories about your dad and his teammates. :)


patoothd64 karma

He said he hasn't spoken him in years, but thats awesome!

Chappit65 karma

Do you get treated like the son of a celebrity and is your family treated like a group of celebrities? Or are you just another dude doing his thing?

patoothd133 karma

Most of my life me and my family have been treated as average people, but ever since the news about the new team, we've been getting a bit of attention.

Robyp8760 karma

How much of the movie is true?

patoothd117 karma

The movie is very loosely based on real life, but the changes they made were understandable, as they needed to make it a comedy.

oldtoasty47 karma

Who are your least favorite military superpowers from the 20th century?

patoothd177 karma

Probably Nazi Germany. Jumping on the bandwagon, I know.

Misfire4237 karma

How popular is the bobsledding team in Jamaica?

What do you do for fun?

patoothd94 karma

It isn't as appreciated as it is in other countries. I like to party a lot and I play a lot of video games. (Huge Mortal Kombat fan)

darsehole35 karma

Wanna kiss my egg?

patoothd99 karma

No problem. :*

truantxoxo27 karma

Is it true Jamaicans smoke da weed mon?

patoothd56 karma

Hahaha, of course.


Was "Junior" really a jerk like he was portrayed in the movie?

Edit: Sorry, I meant the big guy, my memory is failing

patoothd37 karma

Junior was based on Winston Watt, I think, and no, he was actually a cool guy.

DonaldMcRonald24 karma

What was John Candy like?

patoothd46 karma

My Dad probably met him, but I have never. The only actor we knew personally was Malik Yob (He played Yul Brenner)

a_tad_mental23 karma

What's your favorite thing about your father?

patoothd52 karma

I like how determined he is. How willing he is to overcome every and all odds.

Deadliest_catch19 karma

So are you going to start a Jamaican hockey team?

patoothd25 karma

Hahaha, I wish.

OwenVersteeg18 karma

How many Dogecoin do you personally have? What have you heard about Dogecoin in relation to Jamaica's Olympic bobsled team this year?

+/u/dogetipbot 500 doge

If you're looking for a place to spend your newfound Dogecoins, there's a good list at http://www.dogepages.com/

patoothd13 karma

How do I accept these?

star_warts17 karma

Dude your dad was listed on the wall of the Kingston airport wall on a list of notable Jamaicans, right next to Bob Marley

patoothd13 karma

I know, I was very proud when I first saw that!

MacTheMan14 karma

How often do you say you watch the movie. Same with your dad. Do you both still feel joy after watching it or have you guys gotten sick of it?

patoothd31 karma

Believe it or not, I haven't the movie very many times, so no we aren't sick of it.

_pea14 karma

Do you have any cool bobsledding things on display in your house? Can we see them please?

patoothd41 karma

The closest thing we have is this: http://i.imgur.com/YO0ADum.jpg

codymreese12 karma

I feel a connection to your father. I was trained to pilot a bobsled by the same man, Pat Brown and I've sat in the original bobsled where your father sat. Tell him "Hi".

patoothd12 karma

He says, "Hey. Pat is a good guy."

Optimoprimo11 karma

Is your dad still friends or in contact with the members of his bobsled team?

patoothd9 karma

One of the members was his brother, with whom he is still very close with. It varies with the other members, but they're all mostly in contact.

veintisiete9 karma

If they remade the movie "Cool Running", who would you want to see play John Candy's role?

patoothd14 karma

My dad says Jim Carey.

Cipekx6 karma

Have you ever been to calgary?? Where the dream came true?

patoothd9 karma

I have, but it was when I was very young, so I don't have very many memories of it.

Cats_of_War4 karma

How ya doin mon?

patoothd6 karma

I'm good, and you?

dakisking1 karma

Do you do any sports?

patoothd1 karma

I run 100m Sprints.