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You mean to tell me that Sanka, Junior, Yule, and Derice weren't their real names?

Edit; my top rated comment is about Cool Runnings. This is a proud moment for me.

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I actually used to read Go the Fuck to Sleep to my now three year old when he was smaller and couldn't talk. It put him to sleep many nights. So thank you for that.

Now for a question, how's it going?

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He killed a guy

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Years ago Lisa Loeb had a reality series about her looking for romance in New York. You were in multiple episodes and it seemed like you guys had such good chemistry, why didn't you guys ever get together? Also did they just edit it to make it seem like you guys had way more of a connection than in real life?

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Get a lemon-up. Lemonade plus 7-UP. It's delicious.