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chenzo8242 karma

Is the beef really fresh, never frozen?

Why discontinue the pretzle bun?

Frosties: spoon or straw?

ljdj5189253 karma

Never frozen. The promo sandwiches come back about once a year.

ruiner885020 karma

I don't know how popular some of the promo sandwiches are, but why don't they permanently keep the ones that do well?

ljdj5189248 karma

The only one I've ever seen them keep is the baconater.

On_it2 karma

How is the beef kept? How frequently does a new batch arrive? Always been curious about the never frozen thing.

ljdj518924 karma

Beef is good for 7 days in the walk in cooler. We get a delivery twice a week.

Snowinaz28 karma

What is the item that you would suggest that is the freshest?
What is a healthy lunch there? What should I avoid?

ljdj5189238 karma

Salads are cut fresh every day. Grilled chicken wraps are healthier and good.

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ljdj5189249 karma

I have a guy that comes in three times a day. 2 Caesar side salads.

MrAlphaPapa24 karma

Are your drive-thru service times closely monitored? When ever I go, employees working the window seem to get very annoyed if it takes me an extra few seconds to get food bag/soda situated before driving off. Even had an employee constantly repeat "Have a nice day sir...." multiple times, his tone growing constantly more pissed off.

Edit: stupid auto correct.

ljdj5189235 karma

It is a very strict limit to the seconds it takes. Usually 60-100 seconds per car.

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ljdj5189234 karma

The previous general manager let the store slip to the point where it failed a company inspection.

DragonPup18 karma

No pressure.

ljdj5189228 karma

Yea. It was rough. But I recently passed the re inspection with a 89%!

molrobocop20 karma

Thanks for your food-service. Also for the spicy-chicken combo. Medium-sized if I'm feeling famished. Light-lemonade to spare a few calories.

ljdj5189210 karma

I live to serve! :)

nospeakaenglish20 karma

Do you treat your employee's like human beings or dirt bags who can be replaced in a days notice? I worked at a Wendy's where I live for a few months and my GM had the mentality of if you don't follow her rules to the letter your ass was gone.

ljdj5189230 karma

If the employee has a good attitude I'll work with them to succeed. If not there's no point.

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ljdj5189224 karma

Yes, and probably week-ending inventories.

Hisholyness13 karma

How much education do you have? ie high school, college, graduated degree

ljdj5189220 karma

High school diploma and 3 years at a state university

BananasAreEverywhere12 karma

Do you prefer eating at Wendy's or McDonalds?

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caillumknowles12 karma

If you could get rid of one, just one menu item, which would it be?

ljdj5189225 karma

Salads lol too hard to prep.

mattevil84199 karma

Do the frosties really have lard in them and is the chili really day old hamburger?

ljdj5189217 karma

It's hamburger that is cooked and frozen. Then thawed and chopped and added to the chili

schizophrenictornado9 karma

how long did it take you to get to your position? im assuming you get paid a decent amount?

ljdj5189211 karma

I've been with the company 6 years and went from crew to Gm in 8 months

Special_Guy2 karma

is there a usual term to get to GM (few years?) 8 months seems pretty quick to make it to GM unless you had managment history. I suspect you moved up pretty quick.

ljdj5189214 karma

I am the youngest Gm in my company. I love my job. I suspect that's why they chose me. Everyone's good at something. And it may be fast food. But everyone has a calling.

newbunnie7 karma

Would you happen to know what all is in the packets of yalls chili sauce?! My husband and I use the chili sauce a lot, its like liquid crack! I think it is the best sauce a fast food restaurant has to offer.

ljdj518928 karma

I don't. But I love it on everything as well!

isobane6 karma

Used to work at Wendy's and can confirm. From the time the beef leaves the factory to the time it gets put on a bun it is never frozen.

During the course of the day the person on the grill (we called them the "grill master") has to keep fresh meat available so that when orders come in you're not behind and rushing to get the burgers done. Because of this sometimes meat sits just a little too long and starts looking a bit overdone. This overcooked meat is put into a heated bin where it stays warm. Every hour or so this meat is put into a bag with the date and time written on it. This becomes the chili meat. Every morning a set weight of chili meat is thawed, "cooked" and crumbled after which it is added to the chili. The chili is made fresh, from scratch, every day.

I frigging love the chili at Wendy's and honestly would work there again in a heartbeat if the need arose.

ljdj518922 karma

Beautifully put! And exactly correct

ImNoHero3 karma

How long are those Chipotle chicken sandwiches going to be around?

ljdj518926 karma

Not long. I just got confirmation today that we will be ending them soon. Most likely to make way for the sandwich we started today. The Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger.

WantWishHope2 karma

Why the fuck can't you guys get an order right?

ljdj518926 karma

I'm sorry about the Wendy's in your location, but I pride myself on order accuracy at my store. :)

CrackersII1 karma

Is it true that if you say you're lost, have no food and are hungry, Wendy's must provide a meal?

ljdj518922 karma

Not officially, but if the person seemed legit I would probably do it for them.

Doctorpat1 karma

What advice do you give to newcomers who are nervous or lost on the job?

ljdj518922 karma

Do not be afraid to ask questions. It doesn't make you stupid. The faster you learn, the better you will be off.

Xysten1 karma

What's the craziest special order you've taken or heard about?

Also, I love getting a chili and a spicy nuggets, then tearing up the nuggets and putting them in the chili. Is that something you could ask to be made?

ljdj518922 karma

Probably people ordering a plain single, no meat. So essentially cheese and bun. For $4.24

proper_b_wayne1 karma

How convenient. I just had a question in mind. When it says per visit, per transaction, per key tag, does it mean if I visit Wendy 1 time with 2 key tags and buy 2 items in 2 transaction, I can get free 4 Jr frosty in total?

ljdj518922 karma

I would do it. Just for the clever effort!

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ljdj518923 karma

It all comes down from corporate.

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TurboPoggs2 karma

I'm guessing they'd put the blame for the bad experience solely on the order taker for not listening. We all lose.

ljdj518924 karma

Unfortunately you are correct.