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Thanks for the AMA! Do you feel that MDMA would only be useful as a treatment in a clinical setting? I'm not trying to advocate self medication, just picking your brain as to how effective the MDMA was on its own, without any other treatment or therapy.

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Thank you for including Lolita in that list! I also love the language and the way the book was written! I always get odd reactions from people when I include it in my top 5, maybe I can get some legitimacy by name dropping my man RL.

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What duties are involved in being a deckhand on a supply boat? What do you do in the time between cutting loose from the dock and tying back up?

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How is the beef kept? How frequently does a new batch arrive? Always been curious about the never frozen thing.

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Thank you so much for doing this AMA. You have an incredible story! How different is your day to day life and what has been the most difficult thing to adjust to?