My short bio: The pics below are me and my main throwing knives, but not my only set. I've been throwing for 2 years. :3

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Dabee62536 karma

Are there any competitive knife catchers?

hedgehoger19 karma

Unfortunately, no. We retrieve our own knives :)

KidROFL2 karma

Would you say things got... out of hand?

hedgehoger2 karma

That's a stupid joke I freaking love puns!

auxiliary-character6 karma

That sounds like it could be a thing if you wore chain mail.

toddthewraith2 karma

depends how it hits the chainmail. those knives look like spear points, which chainmail is terrible at blocking. fantabulous for stopping slashes, really shitty for stopping thrusts.

hedgehoger1 karma


Darwin_Saves14 karma

What are some tips?

Do you throw axes too?

hedgehoger16 karma

Tips, get some practice knives to start out with, and practice a lot. You'll get cut a lot too. :3 I don't throw axes, unfortunately, but I'm looking into it

mo5es226 karma

Hey there. I have been throwing knives for about a year now with friends and have finally gotten around to buying my own throwing knives from for about $10. They work great but I feel like they aren't "quality". I want something that is professional. Do you know where online I could buy "professional" throwing knives or the best you know of? Thanks.

hedgehoger5 karma

I agree with clRaikou. Cold Steel Sure Flight Throwers are awesome and I need to go get some. :)

sexual_camel11 karma

Have you ever thrown at a human target and messed up?

hedgehoger13 karma

I was throwing near someone, and nicked their hand.

hedgehoger14 karma

They had to get some stitches.. Nothing major though.

RestingOnMyLeftArm7 karma


hedgehoger2 karma

Thats the worst I've ever seen personally.

allWoundUp3575 karma

Is there a certain brand of knives that you use for competition or training? Do you have a sponsor?

hedgehoger7 karma

Currently, I don't have a sponser, and the brand for competition knives are actually replicas from a movie, but are still real knives.

LegolasofMirkwood4 karma

Which movie?

hedgehoger2 karma

Green Hornet. The set that Kato uses.

CashAndBuns5 karma

If this was real, what would have likely happened?

hedgehoger17 karma

Weeeeeell, the force of the knives that went through the ping pong padles would push them back towards her, cutting her twice about the collarbone, and the ping pong ball in her mouth is full of air and would get pushed back with the knife, cutting her throat.

CashAndBuns6 karma

(ಥ ̯ ಥ)

hedgehoger20 karma

So she would DIEEEEE a painful, bloody death.

TheFotty5 karma

Do you do this in addition to a "regular" job, or is this all you do for a living? What kind of money can be won in competitions?

I kinda feel like things like this should be Olympic events.. would certainly make me more interested in watching...

hedgehoger5 karma

Well, its a hobby, and I'm a student still. And the money won is usually about 200$ to 500$. I agree with you, they have fencing, why not knives?

fatcat20404 karma

I could get behind Olympic knife fighting.

hedgehoger2 karma

not knife fighting, throwing. :)

fatcat20403 karma

Why not both?

hedgehoger4 karma

Why not Zoidberg?

neurofluxation5 karma

Your username... Did you miss and hit a hedgehog?

hedgehoger10 karma

No, XD I just REALLY love hedgehogs :3

hedgehoger7 karma


hedgehoger10 karma

By the way, thats not a baby. Thats how big they get.


Is it true that larger throwing knives are easier than smaller?

What are your favorite brands?

hedgehoger3 karma

I find that it depends on the thrower, but for me personally, it's easier throwing smaller knives. My favorite brands are MAXAM and UNITED CUTLERY

streeterfighter2 karma

Well that's it. You have inspired my inner child to purchase some knives and start my ninja training.

hedgehoger3 karma

I'm looking in to purchasing a bo staff and shuriken. (Throwing stars)

streeterfighter1 karma

Side story, my dad has a wood shop and when I was 5 he made my brother and I, our very own bo staffs. I practiced by myself for 2 years, and eventually took classes which lead up to formal training. I encourage you to practicing with a bo. It is loads of fun. :)

hedgehoger1 karma

I really want to try. :)

berest4 karma

Is there any 'practical' application of that? I mean can you rely on your ability to throw knives as if it is some form of martial art?

hedgehoger1 karma

I carry one around as a safety precaution. This chick doesn't need mace. :D Just in case.

toddthewraith2 karma

i wish i could do this. however, Texas is really stupid about knife laws and double sided blades are illegal to carry :p also illegal: butterfly knives/switchblades (this one makes sense), possibly shirukens, and definitely any blade over 5" in length. no tanto carrying for me :(

hedgehoger1 karma

Yeah..... :(

auxiliary-character4 karma

Are there any particular qualities you or other competitive knife throwers find preferable in a set of throwing knives?

hedgehoger8 karma

I prefer black colored knives, just as a personal thing, but I also like my knives with little holes cut into the sides, if you can see in the pictures.

hedgehoger8 karma

You can see that I circled the notches in the blade

Needmo6 karma

You kinda look like that knife-throwing girl in Hunger Games

hedgehoger2 karma

Clove, and she inspired me to start throwing. In the book, she's described as small and petite, much like ME! <3

whatwouldyoudonext1 karma

dude thats dope as fuck.

hedgehoger1 karma

Well THAAAAAANK you!! :D

auxiliary-character3 karma

Do you have a preference on grip? I know some people hold it by the blade, and some by the handle when throwing.

hedgehoger7 karma

It works best with the knives I use to throw by the blade.

auxiliary-character1 karma

Oh, by the way, thanks for answering, and good luck on your next competition!

hedgehoger2 karma

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

hedgehoger1 karma


Chentropy3 karma

When/how did you start learning to throw knives? Where would you recommend learning to throw knives from? I feel like Youtube can't be the best source out there.

hedgehoger3 karma

I started learning in 2011, and was self taught. Lots of cuts were acquired that day. XD And Youtube really isn't a good source, it looks a lot easier on there, I would recommend getting a teacher.

Blasthart3 karma


hedgehoger11 karma

This may sound really weird, but I read the book, The Hunger Games and really liked the character of Clove, and her abilities throughout the book, and was INSPIREDDDD

Zazi261 karma

Damn, I actually started throwing for a similar reason. Characters in books make it sound so awesome. :D Of course it is though.

hedgehoger1 karma

It is! I love it!

la_pluie1 karma

You even look like Clove!

hedgehoger1 karma

Now I'm Worried Well thank you! :)

LegolasofMirkwood1 karma

This is the exact same reason that I want to start throwing knives!

hedgehoger2 karma

It's awesome. You should try it.

toddthewraith1 karma

i wanna start throwing knives (preferably kunai) because of Naruto.

hedgehoger1 karma

Kunai are difficult because of the hole at the bottom. It causes resistance.

CaptHayes2 karma

Are there any videos of you throwing?

hedgehoger2 karma

There aren't. :(

clRaikou2 karma

Do you use Cold Steel or Gil Hibben imitation throwers? Also, bigger knives are easier to throw... When you said you used movie replica knives is it the kunais from The Expendables? I use Cold Steel sure flight t-80 throwers.

hedgehoger1 karma

I don't. I have the kunais, but they arent my main knives. My main knives are a replica of the ones Kato uses in Green Hornet. (Yes, I know the movie sucked. They were a gift.)

omayr982 karma

do you think you could hit an apple off my head?

hedgehoger2 karma

.-. Wanna see me try No, it's too dangerous. :/

omayr981 karma

what about someone elses head?

hedgehoger2 karma

Maybe later Nah....

MrBleedingFingers1 karma

i practiced for 2 years on a board in my room, here in the netherlands throwing knives are not legal on the same level as a fire arm. So i made my own "knives" Kinda dropped that hobby for some years know but i still remember the feeling i got when i hit the spot i was aiming for and with such force that the "knife" would audibly vibrate after for a few seconds.

hedgehoger1 karma

IKR. Sorry for the cheesy text talk. I'm in a hurry.

Dracula78991 karma

How scared are the people you date of arguing with you in the kitchen?

hedgehoger1 karma

Pretty scared I don't argue. XD

Wuiss9081 karma

Farthest man-sized target you've hit?

hedgehoger2 karma

60ft away, second circle.

ScenicToaster1 karma

Sorry I'm late. In the movie The Hunted the main character throws his knife in a dart like fashion. They don't spin at all and fly like an arrow, is there a technique or is this even possible?

hedgehoger1 karma

It's incredibly difficult, and is only to be used on certain knives.

Lurking_Still1 karma

Where do you get your foot in the door to start competing?

I've been throwing since I was about 8 (I was a weird kid, what can I say). I have 2 old sets of Hibbens (the ones with the hooks on the back) 1 set of new Hibbens (the rounded ones), 4 KBARS, a Mark II, 4 Kukris and a handful of other odd ones.

I didn't think I'd ever see a chick who can sling blades. I am duly impressed. I'd love a response on how you got into competing, and maybe when the next ones are up?

hedgehoger1 karma

You have to start at the bottom, and the competitions vary depending on where you live. LOOK IT UP. :D

Lurking_Still1 karma

Can I get some tag phrases to look for? Who runs the national competitions? Or the state ones? Is there an actual league or anything?

hedgehoger2 karma

The leagues are different. Sorry. :/

Lurking_Still1 karma

Well, what do they normally call themselves? Associations, Leagues, Clubs?

I just want to know what to look for.

hedgehoger2 karma

Usually they're called Leagues or Clubs, and are by the area you live in like Midwest League or Eastern Seaboard Club.

ThatsNotGucci1 karma

Where do you practise knife throwing?

hedgehoger1 karma

Usually in my backyard where I have a piece of plywood set up, and at a sport club, where they have an archery range

IPlei1 karma

Are you related to Emilia Clarke by any chance?

hedgehoger1 karma


ZmyDust1 karma

How do you feel about the "Bullseye" character from the Dare Devil movie?

hedgehoger1 karma

eh... never seen it.

Tetsuho1 karma

How many hours per week dedicated to training?

hedgehoger1 karma

about an hour a day. (Keeps the creepers away)

hedgehoger1 karma


Beatlemaniacjng981 karma

My brother keeps throwing steak knives at our wall to be a knife thrower can I can you to verify that this is a terrible idea

hedgehoger1 karma

Steak knives are unbalanced and you could seriously cut yourself because they are serrated. Tell him to stop. PLZ

Beatlemaniacjng981 karma

He also cut his hand open on a draw knife. He needs to sTOP WITH THE KNIVES

hedgehoger2 karma

Yesh. It's dangerous and stupid. Tell him some random pretty girl from the internet told him to stop being stupid.

Sage20501 karma

I was gifted some kunais in a secret santa. any tips on getting the most out of them?

hedgehoger0 karma

USE THEM! Play with them! Make some cool holsters for them! :D You should try throwing them too. :D

Nstanger321 karma

I started knife throwing about a month ago. I have been trying none rotational throws. but I have trouble getting them stuck in plywood, but no problem in logs and trees. Any tips?

hedgehoger1 karma

Throwing them harder and with more accuracy helps.

Sonez221 karma

Have you thrown needles?

hedgehoger1 karma

Nope, and I don't plan to.

MrMortlocke1 karma

Have you tried throwing tomahawks? I throw an SOG tomahawk and it's a blast.

For those interested

hedgehoger1 karma

I'm not a big fan of throwing tomahawks or axes. :/

just_a_little_bit1 karma

What's the worst thing you've ever seen happen at a competition? Missing Fingers? Missing Toes?

hedgehoger2 karma

Someone jumped in front of the target, and got hit in the leg, and needed stitches. Everyone who attends the competitions are generally pretty smart and don't do stupid stuff like that.

Swimmer621011 karma

Why did you choose to become a competitive knife

hedgehoger2 karma

It seemed like a really interesting hobby to try, because I also am into archery and fencing, ALL THE OBSCURE SPORTS!!

SirWaldenIII1 karma

So obscure

hedgehoger1 karma


gmc4x4truck1 karma

What got you into knife throwing? I picked up a cheapo set at a shop in Mackinac city Michigan and have sort of thrown them at trees in the yard a bit. have you ever won a competition? also, how do judges rate shows? thanks

hedgehoger1 karma

In competitions, usually there are 2 sections, the accuracy, and the showmanship. I've won a couple in the accuracy competition, and one with the showmanship.

StareyedInLA1 karma

I'm an archer and saw spike in popularity in my sport due to the Hunger Games and Brave. Did you see a similar surge in popularity for knife throwing? Also, where did you first go to learn knife throwing? And where do you buy your supplies? I've been interested in knife throwing ever since I saw a My Name is Earl episode where Earl has to help atone for something he did to a competitive knife thrower, but haven't had much luck with that.

hedgehoger1 karma

I'm an archer as well! I saw a slight increase with the Hunger Games too, due to the character of Clove. I self taught myself how to throw. I get my knives from :D

DabuSurvivor1 karma

What is your proudest moment as a competitive knife thrower? The most badass stunt you've ever done with a knife, or some time you came really close to losing a knife throwing competition and then won it, or.. whatever it is. Your absolute favorite moment relating to knife throwing.

hedgehoger1 karma

getting first place in one of my first competitions.

YouSuckImBetterThanU1 karma

If you were to throw the knifes in rapid succession (as much as possible) about how many could you throw over a period of time and how much would your accuracy suffer?

hedgehoger1 karma

probably 20 in a minute, and the accuracy would be on the target, but on the very edge. (I've tried it. XD)

YouSuckImBetterThanU1 karma

That is way more quickly and accurate than I expected

hedgehoger2 karma

I would say pretty average for the group I'm in.

skypilot19951 karma

How did you get into it? What is the deepest cut you've ever had? What is the stupidest thing you ever saw someone do at a knife throwing competition? Do you easily pick up guys Are you also good in the stabbing department?

hedgehoger2 karma

Deepest cut, I needed 12 stitches. Dumbest thing, someone ran in front of the target. I don't pick up guys.. I"M FUCKING CRAZY.

skypilot19951 karma

The girl who can throw knives crazy? Nah. :p

hedgehoger2 karma

XD Yeaaaa she's awesome.

YouSuckImBetterThanU1 karma

About how far away is your target and how large is it? Do you throw knifes outdoors; if so do you adjust to wind?

hedgehoger1 karma

Usually the target is 40 feet away, and about 1.5 feet wide. We sometimes throw outside and adjust to the wind depending upon the size of the target.

Disregardskarma1 karma

If you were to need to fight crime using your skills, what would your superhero name be?

hedgehoger1 karma

.-. I thought about this for a long time.... Black Onyx. 'Cause I throw black knives. Get it? LAUGH.

Disregardskarma1 karma

Hahahahahahah! Are they made out of onxy?

Would you be a dc hero or marvel?

hedgehoger2 karma

DC all the way. And the knives area STEEL.

the_internet_is_cool1 karma

How do you learn to throw knives? Is there like a coach and a team or do you just teach yourself and then show up at a competition

hedgehoger1 karma

There is an option to have a coach, but I don't have one. I just show up at a competition and sign up.

KoningKorky1 karma

How does a competition looks like? Do you have multiple elements? Like hitting moving targets? Or is it all the same thing everytime?

Where do they judge you on in competitions? Accuracy/technique?

hedgehoger2 karma

There are 2 competitions, the showmanship and then the accuracy. The grading gets harder when ever you progress to another level (Regional to State, etc.)

totaldominasian1 karma

How do you cut yourself throwing knives? Do you throw from the blade side?

Would you honestly feel comfortable using them for self defense? I mean... unless you incapacitate them instantly... you just gave them a knife and a really pissed off demeanor.

hedgehoger1 karma

I throw them by the blade which if thrown incorrectly can cut your hand.

I would say yes, I could, but I would need some therapy! XD