ActionFilmsFan1995796 karma

Drake, please tell me the new Drake and Josh movie is not a joke. Is there really going to be a new movie? If so, what can you say about it? I loved that show and a new movie would be awesome.

Drake_Bell1243 karma

I would LOVE to make this new movie with Josh we just need you guys to go on all the social media outlets and make it blow up!!

rhino2348254 karma

So it isn't being made as of now?

Drake_Bell831 karma

being written

Kingdomheartsfan891777 karma

I called these kids that were annoying me boobs back in like 5th grade and I got sent to the office, but it was worth it because Drake and Josh

Drake_Bell663 karma

hahaha that's awesome!

AlwaysWrongLane767 karma

Hi Drake. I’ve got a friend who’s into some pretty extreme black metal bands. One day he tried to buy a T-shirt online for some band, I think maybe it was God Dethroned or something. It was a depiction of Jesus on the cross, with his hands positioned like Baphomet and demons feasting upon his flesh. There was blood and pentagrams everywhere. Enough to make any good God-fearing Christians roll up their windows and lock their doors. Anyways when the shirt finally arrived it was a children’s size large with a giant picture of your face and the words “It’s Only Time” written underneath. Apparently the shipper made a mix-up, which means somewhere, there was a pre-teen fan excitedly opening up their new Drake Bell T-shirt they got in the mail…

Anyways, my friend gave me the shirt that has you on it. I cut the sleeves off and now I wear it sometimes when I drink beer.

Drake_Bell719 karma

This is the best story EVER! Let's get a beer!

Iwantmorehealth616 karma

Why did you hurt Bieber's feelings? You know how fragile he is

Drake_Bell1827 karma

a delicate wittle flower

inkypinkyblinky506 karma

You were always portrayed as the hot stupid one and Josh was the nerdy weird one. Was that similar to what you guys were like in real life?

Drake_Bell708 karma

yup pretty accurate! haha

Mach21Andy456 karma

Hey Drake, it's your lead guitar player Andy Alt. After our rehearsals, what happens to all of the guitar picks I lent you? (*I relinquish all of the guitar picks thrown to fans, brotha :)

Drake_Bell376 karma

they end up with my socks and kapos!!

respectthecheck432 karma

Did you and Josh Peck instantly hit it off when you first met? I feel like that was a thing...

Drake_Bell536 karma

yup I've always thought he was hilarious!

oneletterz363 karma

Dear Drake,
Why do you look so sweaty in this picture?
Thanks for the AMA,

Drake_Bell576 karma

Because it was really hot!!

Magixren299 karma

Hey Drake; I saw you at Disneyland last year; waiting in line at Star Tours. Being fans of Drake and Josh and your characters in The Amanda Show, me and my friend were starstruck and really wanted to say Hey; but didn't want to bother you but...uhh. Hey.
I'm also very excited for the new Drake And Josh movie.

Drake_Bell505 karma

You can always bother me when I'm at Disneyland!

Driz51267 karma

I've always been curious about the "live audience" of the Amanda show. Was there ever really any audience members or was that always fake? Did they just grab random people for a few minutes? And do we really have a new Drake and Josh on the way? That's awesome news if so!

Drake_Bell393 karma

We actually did have a live audience! Hopefully a new movie with Josh soon!

TheIronButt241 karma

What is your opinion on iCarly? How come you didn't have many appearances?

Drake_Bell571 karma

I thought iCarly was great. Huge fan of Jerry Trainor!

knandermueller226 karma

Hey Drake,

I remember you learning guitar, and practicing in Doc's shop when my band used to play there. I think you were going to take lessons from our lead guitarist at one point. I also remember your dad offering to manage us, in hindsight we probably should have said yes.....too funny.

Glad to see you've had such great success, keep up the good work!

Drake_Bell220 karma

whoah crazy! who is this?

IrishMerica225 karma

Hey Drake! I'm a big fan! I grew up watching D&J and it I still watch it occasionally! I have a few questions for you.

1) Will you be making another Drake and Josh movie?

2) What's your favorite TV show?

3) will you be my best friend?

4) If you could collaborate with any artist(s) in history on an album who would it (they) be?

Drake_Bell290 karma

I really want to make another movie with Josh. So hopefully soon! One of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds I'm so lucky to have been able to collaborate with one of my favorite guitar players and singers Brian Setzer on my new Album! Can't wait for you guys to hear it.

LOLGOG192 karma

Which episode of Drake & Josh did you enjoy filming the most, and do you pick up as many chicks in real life, or is josh the babe magnet?

Drake_Bell391 karma

Josh is definitely the babe magnet!

callddit170 karma

Thanks for the AMA!

What was a typical day on the set of Drake and Josh like?

How were your co-actors?

Do you still keep in touch with any of them?

What was your first six months like after the show?

Drake_Bell384 karma

My co-stars were the best! We are like a family and still hang out all the time. I just had dinner with Josh last night!

bedheadblonde155 karma

Ever think of doing a cover album of your favorite artists?

Drake_Bell415 karma


caffeine_144 karma

What was your all time favorite episode from Drake and Josh? Do you think you and josh will make another movie?

Drake_Bell316 karma

how much would you dig a new Drake & Josh movie?

Devin1405204 karma

I think I'm speaking for all of us when I said we'd all totally dig a new Drake & Josh movie.

Drake_Bell105 karma

Get the word out!!

NOpieMAN136 karma

How was it to work with Leslie Nielsen when you did Superhero Movie?

also i crack up every time in the movie at your line "I'm not wearing any diamonds." i love your delivery of it and i cant help but laugh when i see it.

Drake_Bell163 karma

Working with Leslie was so cool! i grew up loving his movies.

edixonki108 karma

Drake, you were in this Gushers commercial back in the 90s right?

I've always wondered how it was like being on the set of one of those? Did they make you wear some crazy green screen thing?

Drake_Bell149 karma

WOW!! i haven't seen that in forever!

Grace_la0990 karma

Hey drake. A few months ago one of my very good friends got invited to a club in Hollywood where she met you, I always go out her, but this particular night I did not! I was so bummed! Because I'm a fan of your music. Any-who, have you ever played any clubs or open-mic nights secretly in downtown la, Hollywood, or anywhere randomly? Just for fun. Would you ever?

Drake_Bell132 karma

Yeah I might be at a jam at Michaels in North hollywood next wednesday

thenewmeredith81 karma

Hey Drake! Thanks so much for this AMA! I thought I would try to get a question answered when I saw this on Twitter as I religiously watched Drake and Josh.

So I have a few: What made you get into acting? What made you want to do more music? Do you still keep in contact with most people from Drake and Josh other than Miranda and Josh (Eric, Helen, Walter etc...)?

Thanks again!

Drake_Bell97 karma

Music has always been my passion. Can't wait for my new record to come out and to play it live!

AceTrainerMia67 karma

Hey Drake. Thanks for doing this AMA!

What was your favorite skit on The Amanda Show and what was your favorite episode of Drake and Josh?

Drake_Bell179 karma

one of my favorites was Blockblister

KaiD9363 karma

Someday i will jam with you! i swear! That would be just a big dream... you are like a new "John Lennon" to me...

Please check this out... watch it just 30 seconds and i'm happy!

Drake_Bell143 karma

sorry man i watched the whole thing that is soooooo good you did an amazing job!

SongOfUpAndDownVotes56 karma

For those of us over the age of 20, can you explain what your show is about?

Drake_Bell435 karma

It's about a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea!

DannyBell51 karma

Mexico misses you! when are you coming? I want to know! I want to meet you! Te amo!

Drake_Bell78 karma

I definitely want to come to Mexico to tour for my new album!

Fakey33114749 karma

If you could eat dinner with any famous person, living or dead, what would you order?

Drake_Bell129 karma

a beer with John Lennon

stefaniBrand44 karma

Hi baby, When will your new Album ready?? :-)

Drake_Bell104 karma

My album will be out in the spring and my new single Bitchcraft will be ready very soon!

Annie_P1440 karma


Drake_Bell63 karma

on my toes

tubachic12332 karma

I have to start off with I freaking love you and have grown up watching you all my life!! But aside from that :)

What was 'splash' like? and what is your favorite thing about Disney Land??

Drake_Bell71 karma

i can' have a favorite thing about Disneyland it's the best place ever

ShunStanpike25 karma

Hi Drake, thank you so much for doing this AMA! I'm a huge fan and I have tons of questions but I'll narrow it down.

You get a lot of your musical inspiration from past musicians and bands. Who are your favorite current or new artists?

Do you have any aspirations that the public doesn't know about? Perhaps behind-the-scenes endeavors, or secret hobbies/passions?

Thanks again. I can't wait for the new album!

Drake_Bell47 karma

I love Rufus Wainwright

seanmmulligan23 karma

Are you still collaborating with Backhouse Mike?

Drake_Bell38 karma

Actually we just played together at the Dolby opening for Brian Setzer!

rhino234821 karma

When you first started the show, would you have ever thought that it would have blown up so much?

Drake_Bell34 karma

I had no clue but we have the best fans in the world!!

raverona21 karma

who's your inspiration as a musician? and as an actor?

Drake_Bell66 karma

The Stray Cats The Beatles The Beach Boys Queen Elvis Eddie Cochran Gene Vincent......

zitkalasa20 karma

Telegraaaaapph, telephone, tell a friend you're leaving...

I just wanted to say that I love that song :) So thanks for that bit of musical genius :)

Drake_Bell30 karma

Thank you so much! i'm stoked for you to hear the new album coming out in the spring!

jessiblahtv19 karma

Who has been your favourite person to work with during your whole career?

Drake_Bell29 karma

so far my favorite person I've worked with is Brian Setzer!

lawlzkitty15 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Drake_Bell50 karma

a duck sized horse would be so adorable

drubble_dribble12 karma

Hey drake :D sup? I got a few questions. Mind if u answer? 1.) What type of sushi do you like? 2.) Do you like skrillex\dubstep? 3.) Would you like to do Drake And Josh again? 4.) How much fun did you have on the show?
MEAGAN!!! haha thanks. -Dribz

Drake_Bell41 karma

I DO NOT LIKE SUSHI!! Not a huge fan of electronic music. I like musicians with instruments. MEGAN!!!

shoparazzi10 karma

Favorite Chaplin movie?

Drake_Bell18 karma

the kid

ljknep5 karma

I think everyone on here professing to love Drake Bell needs to go to the link above (, and put their money where their mouth is and help Drake make his dream album everything it can be! COME ON! Just $10.00 from everyone here! I DARE YA! Do it today!

Drake_Bell5 karma

That sounds like a great idea!!

The_True_Black_Jesus2 karma

You're one of my favorite boobs ever.

What do you enjoy more, making music or being on tv and why?

What do you do when writing a song/album that helps you create music that sounds the way you want it to?

Drake_Bell4 karma

I love them both. But there is nothing like playing your songs live! My new album is on the way so you'll get a chance to come and check us out!