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Oh... I guess we can't be best friends...

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Hey Drake! I'm a big fan! I grew up watching D&J and it I still watch it occasionally! I have a few questions for you.

1) Will you be making another Drake and Josh movie?

2) What's your favorite TV show?

3) will you be my best friend?

4) If you could collaborate with any artist(s) in history on an album who would it (they) be?

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Paul Walker... Never forget... Ride or die brother

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I'm with you. His title made me think that he was an American citizen that got picked up and sent to Gitmo or some other military interrogation center for being a Muslim. But nah, he was an illegal immigrant that got caught being an illegal immigrant.

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So I sort of skimmed the stories but u didn't see an actual reason for the shooting. I saw that the kid brought the gun for "protection" but what actually escalated the situation to a shooting?