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Hey Ned Devon, I was/still am a HUGE fan of NDSSG. So my question is about the show. Pretty simple: what was your favorite episode? Also, I'd like to know what made you want to pursue a career in music?

Thanks for the AMA Bigby!

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Oh my god the last episode was so great specifically because of Ned and Moze. True childhood OTP right there. 💗

Thanks for answering!

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Hey Adam!

If you only answer one question here today, I hope it's this one about the best scene in Stepbrothers: how long/how many tries did it take for y'all to nail Sweet Child Of Mine?

But as one of the many fans of Parks and Rec, I also have to ask: did the writers initially intend for the Ice Clown to end up with Leslie?

Thanks for your time Ben!

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Nah, just regular pianos

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Thanks for the answer Dwigt!