My ten-inch willy’s gotten me so much over my career in the adult industry; I’m Brazzer’s one-and only contracted male star, and they considered it such a crucial part of their productions that Brazzers insured my penis for a million bucks! But in reality, I’m just an ordinary bloke; I grew up in Derby, England, playing soccer as center-half in both the UK and the US. When I was working as a project manager for Network Rail and on vacation, some friends of mine took pictures of me banging a girl and posted the pictures on a dating site, where a porn director saw my “star quality,” LOL. After working with some of the most gorgeous women throughout Europe and getting paid really well for it, I started shooting in America. That’s where Brazzers found and signed me to a multi-year contract. The rest, as they say, is history – and now I’m nominated for Male Performer of the Year at the upcoming 2014 AVN Awards (! If you want to know more about me, visit, or ask me here; I’ll be here from 1pm-2pm PST / 4-5pm EST to answer all your questions!

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brazzersofficial111 karma

Get back to work!

keiran_lee38 karma

Ha ha.....I'm doing this, schedules, scripts and eating my lunch lol

brazzersofficial30 karma

Good man! We'll be seeing you next week for AVN ya? Miss you Princess!

keiran_lee28 karma

Ha ha thats my name lol

Katie_Pornhub81 karma

Hi Keiran! I'm just wondering if there's anyone you haven't shot a scene with (if this is even possible?) that you would like to shoot with, and if so, who?

PS come back and visit soon.

keiran_lee43 karma

Hey ...

1st i promise i will come back soon...

As for Girls i would say that are still working??? Ummm Jessica Drake or Stormy Daniels

sneakysnake12331 karma

does titfucking nikki benz's tits feel as good as it looks?

keiran_lee42 karma

It feels great, her tits are amazing and she is a really cool chick also

Nigelpennyworth30 karma

I dont know how connected you are to the rest of your peers but I would really like to know if steroid use is prevalent among the male performers in the adult film industry and if so how prevalent? I sort of picture the dudes in porn as a bunch of gym rats that some guy glanced at in the locker room and said "Hey dude, nice penis."

keiran_lee41 karma

Yeah loads are on can kinda tell the ones that are.....

optim022 karma

Who gives the best head in the business?

keiran_lee50 karma

Kirsten Price, Jenna Haze,Angelina Valentine, Savanna Stern

chicken-oriental21 karma

How does the insurance on your dick work?

keiran_lee29 karma

Not to sure to be fair, Brazzers took it out...I just turned up for a medical etc

sneakysnake12316 karma

Do the girls ever have trouble taking all of your willy?

keiran_lee24 karma

Some do for sure.....anal scenes can be tricky some times

fatz_jstandsforjigga15 karma

what's the most embarrasing moment you've had on set?

keiran_lee58 karma

I think it was doing a scene with a girl and calling her by a different name the whole scene....i didn't check my call sheet and realize my talent had been changed lol

semiredpill15 karma


keiran_lee36 karma

  1. Yup she pooped on me and wasn't bothered at all
  2. I would say about 40% are into girls
  3. I would say that number can be quite high depending who they are working with
  4. Not at all....In fact that can hinder them in future

wefightforpeace14 karma


keiran_lee16 karma

She was fine with it, we actually laugh about it now

Stillbroke13 karma

When you watch porn do you only watch scenes with you in them?

keiran_lee31 karma

Nope, i generally watch stuff where i don't know anyone...

jnaloomis12 karma

Does doing porn make the sex in your personal life less worth while?

keiran_lee80 karma

Not at all, both are totally different...

at home i struggle to last sometimes.....2 pump chump it lol

Ghostys12 karma


keiran_lee48 karma

Celery is the key

someguyfromtheuk12 karma

How common is it for performers to sleep together off-cam?

Or is it looked down upon? (don't shit where you eat etc.)

keiran_lee18 karma

Its very find they all date each other and rarely outta the industry

cbruth12 karma

what is it like to do a dp scene? it's gotta be a bit weird to be that close to another guy when you're on the verge of getting off...

keiran_lee31 karma

Yeah its not the best feeling thats for sure, I'm picky who i work with as i prefer to work next to other strong performers as i'm not having to worry about floppy cock going places where it shouldn't

EatingTaco11 karma

Have you ever had a STD

keiran_lee24 karma

Nope thank god...

I test every 10 days also....

NickAmato10 karma


keiran_lee73 karma

Sandra Bullock

Steak_Traps10 karma


keiran_lee25 karma

At 1st they were little shocked but now they are fully behind me

BillyBastion10 karma

Hey Kieran, couple of questions.

1) What's the deal now with measure B in place? How has it affected the industry?

2) Last time you did your ama, you said to email you if we were ever interested in being extras on set. You actually answered my email and said you needed extras at X time, but I was busy and couldn't make it. Is there any chance my friends and I can still be extras sometime?

Also, your pornos are hilarious. I laugh every time I see you on screen

keiran_lee13 karma

  1. Still shooting as we were...

  2. Sure email me again

HeyItsWilliam9 karma

This will be an interesting AMA.

keiran_lee9 karma

Hope so lol

forgotusernamedamnit8 karma

If you could do a scene with any performer in the history of adult movies who would you pick?

keiran_lee18 karma

Tera Patrick i think....

CountingBridges8 karma

Love your acting!

keiran_lee26 karma

Thanks, its a little cheesy at times....but i do like that....

PingasPanther7 karma

I must say I love your accent.

What is your favorite/least favorite part of the industry?

keiran_lee7 karma

Why thank you in my very english accent....

Fav - Hot women and $$$ Least - Travelling used to be an issue but not so much now

Stillbroke7 karma

Who is a porn star you haven't fucked that you would like to?

keiran_lee9 karma

This question is coming up a lot...

Girls that are still working i would say Jessica Drake or Stormy Daniels....they both look great and super professional.....

ElopingBunnies7 karma

Is anyone in the industry religious, if so how does the industry play on their morals.

keiran_lee13 karma

I don't think so, although i am catholic i wouldn't say i'm a practicing catholic

choppingthetarts7 karma

I hear that there is a nasty side to the business behind the scenes, especially concerning extreme drug use and not as much safety in regards to stds as they should. Any truth to this?

Secondly is there a difference between shooting porn overseas and porn in the US or is it all the same to you?

keiran_lee23 karma

That is all a myth really, on sets i have been on i have never seen extreme drug use....

Don't get me wrong some smoke a little weed every now and again....

All the same really, although some girls in europe are stupidly hot

DalekInDisguise7 karma

Which pornstar have you not worked with but would most like to?

keiran_lee10 karma

Theres quite a few to be fair....

The likes of Jessica Drake, Stormy would be great at they are legends in there own right...

As for old school there is a few, and the new ones coming up there is also a few

Vjeran707 karma

How many females do you think you fucked?

keiran_lee36 karma

Thats a lot....

Honestly i couldn't say....I've shot over 1000 scenes for brazzers and then about another 1000 scenes between a company called Killergram and going freelance.....then personal life.....A LOT lol

Aziz2327 karma

How do you break the ice with your female performer before the scene?

keiran_lee17 karma

Im quite a joker, so that kinda helps......

But taking an interest in there likes and dislikes is always good

shadymm6 karma


keiran_lee10 karma

Kirsten is pretty much retired now.....She is going down different avenues of work that she wants to look into

sneakysnake1236 karma

How is your mindset different while filming porn versus in the bedroom, how does that allow you to last longer for scenes?

keiran_lee23 karma

Work is very different, you have to concentrate home you can relax and enjoy it lot more.....sometime though i enjoy it little to much and a little to fast lol

YouPornJude6 karma

Is your cock really insured for $1 Million?

keiran_lee17 karma

Sure is....I only get half though, brazzers get rest lol

gixxerfreak6 karma

Which pornstar has the best personality? Is everything just a show or do they really enjoy the sex?

keiran_lee16 karma

I would say Chanel Preston, always smiling and such a fun girl....

Lot actually really do enjoy the sex

DBZ_ESP6 karma

Do you regret your soccer career never taking off? And straight up choice Porn star or Professional at your dream club/ 100 cap International?

keiran_lee21 karma

It would be a dream to have played soccer.....

yyctosser5 karma

How does one get into porn... i have a 11" penis and think its something i could do..any advise would be great

keiran_lee19 karma

Best bet is to contact agencies in LA and see what they can offer you....Also some girls shoot content for sites using new guys

DalekInDisguise5 karma

Do you have any funny or embarrasing stories from a shoot?

keiran_lee12 karma

I have had a few nasty ones that have involved anal scenes.....

_smeggy_4 karma


keiran_lee12 karma

I think best scene i have ever done is as Asian Office scene for Brazzers

dietsodayoda4 karma

Do you really think 1 million dollars would in any way be sufficient compensation/ an acceptable substitution if you lost the use of your penis ?

keiran_lee19 karma

its better than nothing i guess....

mindyeatswaffles4 karma

How often do you get recognized in public?

My friends and I were at the West Hollywood Saddle Ranch back in December when you and a group of friends came in for an ugly sweater Christmas Party. Someone in your group told us who you were and we all googled you immediately. Is it weird to know that people know what you look like naked?

keiran_lee16 karma

I don't know what is worse....

My ugly sweater or me naked lol....

mindyeatswaffles5 karma

Well we all thought you were pretty adorable! Although I don't know if being "adorable" is the look a famous porn star goes for haha

keiran_lee4 karma

Ahhh well thank you very much

david6013 karma

Do you know what someone should do if they wanted to get started writing scripts for porn films?

keiran_lee7 karma

Try contacting the company via twitter etc

XeiEUNE3 karma

Wow, I just watched a scene with you in it, then came here lmao. What's your favorite script to work with, e.g: Roleplay, rough what?

keiran_lee9 karma

I like fantasy office wear and love my milfs

Pregason3 karma

Why did you choose to get in to the porn industry?

keiran_lee12 karma

Kinda fell into by mistake really......Don't regret it at all

cbruth3 karma

what avn award would you most like to win?

keiran_lee8 karma

I would love to win performer of the year of course, i don't see that happening this year.....I think the fact that i only work for one company might go against me but i think i do a good job at what i do

fatz_jstandsforjigga3 karma

who's the hottest pornstar that you have fucked?

keiran_lee12 karma

There is so many......Aletta Ocean was stunning when 1st met her, Angelica Black also.....

So many to count

MercuryMarley3 karma

Hi Keiran! Has anything happened at work which has made you think about leaving the porn industry?

keiran_lee12 karma

I won't lie, all the recent IV scare made me think about performing again..

crotchkiss3 karma

First let me say I love your work.

I have a two part question. Who is the best squirter and can I be their fluffer?

keiran_lee11 karma

Best Squirter for me right now is Bonnie Rotten....

Fluffer ???? No such thing I'm afraid

Hopig3 karma

Thank you for doing this Ama

Can you put these in order of hotness and which one of them would you take home just to snuggle??

Anissa Kate April oneil Breanne benson

keiran_lee3 karma

I think Breanne is stupidly hot and she is also one of the nicest girls you could ever meet...

UncleTito4Prez3 karma

How jealous do your friend get?

keiran_lee4 karma

They don't, they treat me no different to any of the other lads...

BobbyBoxington3 karma

Hi Keiran, thanks for doing this AMA!

  1. How to you keep hard on set?
  2. How many times do you cum during a standard scene, is it really just the one time?

keiran_lee13 karma

My pleasure.....

  1. I go into my own world and block out others around me
  2. Only cum the once

david6012 karma

Thanks for the AMA! one last quick question: Are you gonna be available to meet fans at the Adult Entertainment Expo right before the AVN awards next week?

keiran_lee6 karma

I will be there for sure......

WolfAmongstRavens2 karma


keiran_lee12 karma

Vag and love Missionary

UncleTito4Prez2 karma

What is a stereotype about the porn industry that you particularly dislike?

keiran_lee16 karma

That we are all dumb and do drugs...

crossedllout2 karma

What plans do you have for after your done shooting porn or is that it?

keiran_lee3 karma

More than likely move into directing more

underdabridge2 karma

How much sex do you get from pornstars off camera? Is there a lot of hanging out and having sex? Group sex? Anybody become a regular friend with benefits? If so, who?

Or alternatively, do you just not really bother with off-camera sex most of the time because of all the on camera sex?

keiran_lee3 karma

Used to play around a lot off camera before i settled down with Kirsten Price, but to answer your question there is a lot of playing around off camera

elliefunt2 karma

What do you mean it's insured?? Against damage and injury?

keiran_lee5 karma

Correct sir