Hey! I'm MasakoX {AKA Lawrence Simpson} from the comedy group TeamFourStar, makers of Dragonball Z Abridged. I am a voice actor, editor and all around eccentric with a wide range of interests. Feel free to ask me anything about what I do, what I like and what I like to do! I'll be starting answering questions from 5pm EST for the next couple of hours!

My Proof: http://www.twitter.com/MasakoX http://www.facebook.com/masakoxfanpage

EDIT: 7PM EST - I'm calling it an end to full-time question answering now but do leave a question and I'll answer...might just take a little longer is all. Thank you all so much for the questions and stay gold! Catch ya later! If you want to talk more, follow me on Twitter - @MasakoX

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garypaul201266 karma

I just want to say, I'm sorry about everyone who's rushing you and want you guys to work faster and put out more episodes. Please don't ever stress yourselves out to the point where you lose all interest in doing it and retire the project. I want to see this go very well beyond the cell saga and cover the majin buu saga. I want to see majin vegeta's hilarious dialogue and your interpretation of his sacrifice against buu.

MasakoX42 karma

Don't be sorry at all. It's quite alright. We always aim to get stuff out as soon as we can but we never think of giving up. We've gotta be strong and FIGHTO!

B4ttousai50 karma

Thanks for breathing new life into something that I loved during my childhood and still have a passion for to this day

MasakoX27 karma

Thank you, you're most welcome. :)

GabenLeAlmighty48 karma

Do I need an adult?

MasakoX78 karma


Getinthevan1836 karma

How long are you going to take the DBZA series? like to the buu saga?

MasakoX48 karma

The intention is to go as far as possible. :)

Geno09816 karma

Will you guys be taking on GT?

MasakoX23 karma

Not likely but ya never know.

theknowhereman27 karma

Why didn't you DOOOOOOOOOOODGE????

MasakoX20 karma


DPgetsrad27 karma

How did you find a group of people that could immitate the DBZ voices so well all with the common goal of making DBZ hilarious?

MasakoX35 karma

Well, we just started doing the voices the way we imagined them and over time developed them into what they are today. Practice and enthusiasm! :)

TheDarkWolfization22 karma

is this AMA grape flavoured?

MasakoX22 karma

Nuh-uh...or else why would I be here? :D

Sedghammer907 karma

Does this AMA have muffins?

MasakoX4 karma

Plenty for everybody!

SkyMaro17 karma

I love how your voice sounds like an English-ized version of Goku's Japanese voice actor, rather than imitating the English voice actors. Was this intentional?

MasakoX23 karma

Aww thank you! I try to make a Goku which is a mix of every Goku done before to make a voice which is the most enjoyable.

jasonb621416 karma

Do you have any favorite scenes?

MasakoX29 karma

All of Episode 30.

Yehoodi13 karma

Thanks for bringing me so many hours of laughter. Also, your goku and lani pators vegeta are better than the series voices. Just saiyan!

MasakoX9 karma

You're welcome! :D

drew1drew113 karma

What is your favorite character voice that you do?

MasakoX28 karma

It starts with G and ends in oku. :D

drew1drew13 karma

Thanks for answering! :D

MasakoX6 karma

No worries!

CooCooCthulhu13 karma

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! You guys are hilarious.

  2. I don't have a question.

MasakoX18 karma

  1. You're awesome.

NoSubtle13 karma

If contacted by Roosterteeth for a role in RvB or RWBY, how would you respond?

MasakoX24 karma

"Thank you very much! Please excuse while I just blow up with excitement."

aceww212 karma

No question, just thank you.

MasakoX18 karma

You're most welcome! :)

SdifOdh11 karma

"You put the lime in the coconut" is stuck in my head for a few days now. Thanks for that :D

MasakoX13 karma

No problem! I like both limes and coconuts!

rawr221b11 karma

What are your plans once DBZ Abridged is finished?

MasakoX24 karma

Maybe go back to Dragonball? We're focusing on DBZ first though.

Ulmaxes16 karma

The setup-foreshadowing gags you could pull would be downright amazing. The recent Dead Zone one even had some hints of that, which I downright loved and would adore seeing more of.

I'm gonna steal that kid.

MasakoX3 karma

Yeah, that was nice to revisit the movie from doing it in 2007. :)

Serran4410 karma

What are some things that you would've liked to been able to do with the series that you weren't? What are some things that you have planned for the series that you'd love to share with us?

MasakoX15 karma

Well, I'm not the writer on the show but I know that the guys like to keep things a surprise. :)

StrangePsyche9 karma

How did you score such an awesome opportunity?

MasakoX20 karma

Aww, that's kind of you to say but I just do what I do is all. :3

Ifeelstronglyabout9 karma

If you could Abridge ANY anime/cartoon, what would it be?

EDIT QUESTION: What would you recommend to someone hoping to abridge something at some point in time?

MasakoX14 karma

I'd love to give Nadesico another shot. I was in one a while back but it ended after a couple of episodes sadly. :/

SexiasMaximus8 karma

How did the core group from TFS get started? Did you all know each other already through school or work and decide to do DBZ Abridged? Or was it some crazy random happenstance that brought you guys all together (Possibly involving lasers and horrible hair removal surgeries)?

MasakoX18 karma

We knew each other from other abridged projects and then Kaiser made the jump to all of us to join him in conquering DBZ to which we all gladly participated. :D

KitsuneRagnell8 karma

Have you or any of the TFS voice actors ever gotten contacted by a professional VA agency? Ever thought about making voice acting into your profession?

MasakoX17 karma

Not as such. Our buddy Antfish is moving up in the pro circuit in Canada which is great for him. We couldn't be prouder for the chap. :)

Erior8 karma

Can't wait to see what you guys do with Cell, keep up the good work! (also, I'm eager to see how Goku coming up with plans and stratagems after he wakes up is played)

MasakoX13 karma

You're not as excited as Taka. Oh boy!

orangegluon7 karma

I wanted to say a personal thanks to the Dragonball Z Abridged team. What you people do is a great effort, and is well worth the long wait periods in between episodes, regardless of any complaints you may hear.

edit: and a question. What's the funniest part of the series for you? Which characters, episodes, or jokes are your favorites?

MasakoX5 karma

Thank you so much for those comments. We try and provide episodes as fast as possible but ya know...life. :P

tommoex7 karma

Have you ever met Sean Schemmel? If so, what was that encounter like?

MasakoX15 karma

Not yet, no. I'd like to though someday.

StillAnOutlawStar7 karma

What do you and Goku have in common?

Do you hope Akira Toriyama knows about DBZ Abridged (and is a fan)?

What pickup line would Goku use to hit on a Sailor Scout?

Thank you all for all of your hard work.

MasakoX13 karma

We're both plucky and happy individuals! It'd be nice if he was but I'm not expecting it all. Umm...they're 14?

You're welcome!

fireball20xl7 karma

Are you gay for that Psyguy guy?

MasakoX8 karma

Awwww yeah. I'm all about the butt. ;)

Ninty96zie7 karma

What was your favourite line from Dragonball Z abridged? That you said, or any of the other guys.

MasakoX12 karma

Any scream!

Pmthompson39 karma

AAAHHH!!! squeak squeak AHHHHH!!! squeak

MasakoX3 karma

Haha, that was a good one! XD

CamembertRun6 karma

Really love the DBZA series, easily one of the best series on YouTube... Have you guys ever considered, once DBZ is completely covered, doing an abridged series of DragonBall GT or even the original DragonBall?

MasakoX6 karma

Thank you so much! We might go to Dragonball but for now...wait and see.

retard_logic6 karma

Given the choice between a bearded axe and utter happiness, who would win a thumbwrasslin' match?

e:i can haz spel

MasakoX9 karma

The rocket powered fist!

EPrimeTV6 karma

Hi, Masako. I used to go to your BlogTV shows. As you know it recently went away and I sent you a message I don't know if you got it, but since then are you considering broadcasting on any other sites or are you kind of done with it?


MasakoX12 karma

Hey, EPrime! :D Well, I do have various accounts but since I have a PS4 I may bolster up my Twitch account and focus on any future streams there.

SammyD716 karma

This isn't a question but I'd just like to say how much I love what you do! I love Dragonball Z abridged and everything you guys at TeamFourStar do! I can't wait to see what you guys have planned for the future!

MasakoX5 karma

Thank you so much! :)

KingInTheNorth196 karma

When's the next episode comming out? Thanks for all that you do!

MasakoX11 karma

Before the end of this month. :)

MastodonSazz5 karma

I just came here to thank you guys for creating the show I watch every single day without getting bored. So... Wanna drive a car?.

MasakoX10 karma


MastodonSazz8 karma


MasakoX12 karma


DarkoHexar5 karma

Is there something (a hobby, for example) that you really tried to like, but just never could get into?

Also, thanks for being amazing at what you do! <3

MasakoX14 karma

I keep dipping in and out of music production and would love to be able to make songs but I can't quite get my head around it. It's a shame when you're creative and don't know how to express it. You're welcome! :D

ArmyofWon5 karma

What are the plans for Hellsing Abridged? Last I heard you were going to try for 2 eps a year or something like that?

If so, when should we be expectingish the next ep?

MasakoX6 karma

We wanna try do 2 episodes a year but it's ultimately down to time and whether 2 a year is viable. 1 is certainly.

matt_3295 karma

How does it feel to know that you took part in probably one of the most popular and kickass Death Battles of all time?

MasakoX10 karma

It was a true honour. To be part of answering a question so signifcant on the internet is stunning and one of the best roles ever. 10 million views and still going strong. Actually it's been a year since it came out! :O

matt_3292 karma

Awesome And if I may ask you as Goku: How does it feel to know that your battles don't cause as much damage to the city and cause civilian casualties like Superman does?

MasakoX2 karma

Poopy. >(

KikiFlowers5 karma

How did you an Vegeta first meet and decide "We should do a parody of Naruto?" Do you guys still keep in touch?

Is there any fun part of working with the others in Teamfourstar?

MasakoX5 karma

We did a fandub back in the day of Karin and connected. It was all history from there.

Being with such awesome people. I love every minute of it!

KikiFlowers3 karma

I see, I used to LOVEEE Naruto Abridged back in High School, had most of the episodes on my iPod.

I've heard you on Wha-Chow quite often, is it fun going on there and just being...insane?

MasakoX5 karma

It is pretty fun going on WhaChow but it's on at 1am my time so it's hard to get on. ;

myblunda5 karma

Have you guys ever considered making your own series? Such as FreddieW Videogame Highschool.

MasakoX14 karma

I do have a series of sorts on YouTube called The Data Bus where I review and talk about tech which is my passion. :)

cynmila085 karma

How is it that Ktas made more sense than the original anime? Was is it working with the source material? Also thanks for the laughs!

MasakoX7 karma

Ahahahaaaaaa. Kampfer. I love that show. It has so much charm and it's certainly in my top 10. I tend to make things make more sense. XD


Are there any other character's you would like to voice as the series progresses? Like Goten or Adult Gohan, Buu maybe?

MasakoX3 karma

I'd like to voice Goten but ultimately it's down to Kaiser and the guys to pick the best voice for the job.

smittenimp924 karma

Hey MasakoX huge fan!!! What is your favorite episode of dbza that you have done? What other voices do you do other than Goku? And what inspired the way Goku acts and sounds in dbza? And finally where did Goku get that muffin?

MasakoX5 karma

Thank you, hope you're having a good evening! Probably Episode 30 - such a landmark episode. I voice Gohan as well! Like father, like son!

turo944 karma

how long can do the Goku voice before you mess up your voice?

MasakoX6 karma

Oh I can do the normal Goku voice all day! :3

Oooopieceofcandy4 karma

Love, love, LOVE DBZ Abridged! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for doing your best to keep the episodes coming. I cannot even imagine how much work goes into maintaining the quality with all the fan pressure you all must be under.

That being said, what was/is your favorite project to work on besides and DBZ-A?

MasakoX7 karma

Thank you so much. I like to work on my voice acting a lot as well as my tech reviews and other things. I'm a busy bee!

dexter304 karma

What accents can you do besides english and saiyan.

What animes (if any) are you watching right now?

(Shit i edited my comment too soon)

MasakoX6 karma

I can do a decent Australian, Russian and French accents. :)

LetsEgo4 karma


MasakoX10 karma

We plan to go on as long as we can!

Yunners4 karma

Spoony for Hercule!

I know that's not a question, but it needed to be said.

MasakoX9 karma

We got a Hercule in mind. We think you'll like him. :)

mantisinmypantis3 karma

First off, wanted to say thank you and that I absolutely love your guys' hard work and dedication. And now a question/questions.

Being overseas to most of the other cast and crew must make things a bit difficult. Do you think you have any intentions to move over here? Or is this something that, while fun, you don't feel like is worth that big of a life change (which is understandable)?

Also, any plans so far to voice anything in Attack on Titan Abridged?

MasakoX8 karma

You're most welcome!

Well, in terms of moving out...if I could get all the paperwork sorted and more money in my pocket then yeah, I'd love to. However, I need to focus on improving myself and getting work here. It's not set in stone. But it's a pretty thing to look at from a distance.

As for Attack on Titan Abridged...maybe. Wait and see.

mantisinmypantis3 karma

Thanks for the reply! And I look forward to see more AoTA and hopefully your talents in it. Great work and good luck!

MasakoX3 karma

You're welcome!

Leftyspointgard3 karma

Where did you and the guys come up with "come on boy, want a biscuit". Its just so random but I love it so much and its also my ringtone

MasakoX3 karma

Just one of those random events really. You'll have to ask Lani for the full details. :)

benjamintennant3 karma

What character do you think you could best voice, not in an abridged but a much more serious just pretty much a reboot of a serious anime?

MasakoX6 karma

Umm...I'd love to give Shinji Ikari a whirl. Should be fun to whinge and pilot giant robots. :)

G_dugz3 karma

What do you think of the new DBZ blu ray set? I've heard mixed opinions. :/

MasakoX12 karma

Cropped black bars again? Really? Really?

Aurathior3 karma

Hey :)

Genuinely interested to know what life was like for you before TFS, before voice acting. What direction where you going with your life? Where did you think you'd end up? What would you have been otherwise?

Sorry for the bloated question :(

MasakoX10 karma

Pretty lonely. I didn't have many friends before TFS and abridging and was overweight. Really overweight. I knew I wanted to go into editing and TV but the future future...that was unsure. Now I know for sure. Inspiring others through pretty graphics. :D

ultrasupernova3 karma

I wanted to say thank you guys for putting so much effort into DBZ Abridged. I want to ask you this, how you guys came up with DBZ Abridged?

MasakoX6 karma

You're welcome! It all started with KaiserNeko and his desire to make a DBZ parody and asking us to join him. We said yes. Very yes.

assassino13 karma

are we ever going to see kampfer abrdged xmas special???

MasakoX4 karma

Eventually. Trouble is, the episode is so nonsensical and have only JUST come up with a concept! XD

crowing513 karma

Do you guy's think you will do a abridged movie of DBZ Battle of Gods if possible?

MasakoX12 karma

In the looooooong run. Characters in that haven't shown up yet and the guys have yet to come up with solid ideas yet.

KawaiifulPanda3 karma

I couldn't think of a good question, but i just wanted to say how much I love the series! TFS has such a great sense of humour, and the voice acting is perfect for the roles! I always gasp excitedly when I see a new episode is out. Best wishes for the future

MasakoX3 karma

Thank you! We're glad you like the show and wanna keep making you happy. :) Best wishes to you too.

littlewingedkuri3 karma

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

MasakoX3 karma

A really awesome tree. Like a willow. So pretty.

trentshipp3 karma

I wish I could think of a question for you, but all I have to say is that your show is one of the few things out there that consistently makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

MasakoX3 karma

Awww, thank you. Don't worry - just hearing from you is good enough for me. :)

supersaiyanlink1003 karma

I would like to say that I have been watching your show since nearly day one, and I have shown it to many of my friends, and most of them think that you guys are hilarious. Also, thanks to you guys, I have a great Nappa voice!!! Right, MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX?

MasakoX3 karma

MasakoX. :P

Glad you like the show so much. :)

supersaiyanlink1002 karma

Thank you for responding to me!!

MasakoX3 karma

No worries. Thanks for coming out!

DudeFreek3 karma

What for you has been the most distressing, awkward, or bizarre moment interacting with a fan or fans, weather at a con or over the internet?

MasakoX3 karma

There was an interview i did that mostly consisted of REM songs. Yeah.

MacGregorish3 karma

How does somebody develop such amazing talent for voice acting? You do it so well. As a highschool guy doing voices in his "fuck-around" time, I don't know much about it, so are there any articles or books you read?

MasakoX3 karma

We just kept doing it for fun. Practice every day and it'll come to you. :)

KnickersInAKnit3 karma

Yo, MasakoX!

You mentioned your weight loss earlier in the thread - I had a while back seen you in some very early vids and I have to say, the change is astounding. My hat off to you, sir.

On to questions - do you know how aware the English VAs of are of DBZA? Have any of them bumped into you (or any other T4S member) at cons and recognized you/them?

MasakoX5 karma


Thank you so much. It was hard but it worked out in the end. I lost about 200 pounds over around 2 years. Changed my life forever!

I think they're aware of it, not sure of how much exactly. But being aware is enough for me. :)

SecretAgendaMan3 karma

Stupid question:

does your keyboard happen to have a muffin button?

MasakoX6 karma

I'm working on that. Tried making one but it had computer chips in it instead of chocolate chip.

ThePirateTennisBeast3 karma

Would you rather have 100 muffin sized pizzas or 1 pizza sized muffin? Also love your voice on DBZ Abridged. Its absolutely perfect for the part

MasakoX4 karma

Oooh good question. And thankies. :D

Probably the muffin-sized pizzas. I'm more likely to finish them and appreciate the gastronomic delight.

postExistence3 karma

  • Isn't it a bit weird making an abridged series for "Attack on Titan" when the manga hasn't even concluded? Wouldn't the writing be different if you knew more about the end of the series?

  • I'm a total dumbass. In the past two or three episodes of DBZA, Piccolo has been staring at Gohan once or twice, and Gohan replies "What?" What's going on there?

  • What did you think of Battle of Gods? And how awesome would it be if TFS could abridge the film?

I love the work you guys put out! Take your time to make sure everything is up to par, and don't let the a-holes get to you.

MasakoX3 karma

Thanks, dude! :)

  • Well, the anime series has finished and we tend to go on the basis of the anime rather than the manga.

  • Not sure there. XD

  • I loved it. Felt like a proper DBZ movie! Well, we got ages to go before then so it's a pipedream for now.

Ryto3 karma

First, thank you for giving us such a great Abridged Series. It's my favorite by far. LittleKuriboh made it popular, but you guys perfected it (with help from LittleKuriboh himself. It's a shame Frieza is done).

Do you guys have plans for when you eventually finish with Dragonball Z? This is far in the future, but I'm curious if there are any plans.

MasakoX5 karma

You're most welcome! Oh hey now, LittleKuriboh will always be someone we look to and someone we love dearly as a great friend and inspiration.

We might go to Dragonball maybe? Wait and see. :)

Toshiya-3 karma

What was/were your favorite moment(s)?

MasakoX8 karma

Probably recording for the first Super Saiyan moment in Episode 30 - truly a honoured moment.

ST1nkF1sT862 karma

Once you've finished the series, would you and the rest of the crew ever consider a revamp, or a second take?

MasakoX4 karma

I think after that time, we'd wanna do something different. But I see what you're thinking with the whole Kai/Z thang.

TrueBlueJP902 karma

How did you first get into the idea of Voice Acting and how did you go about developing different voices? Do you plan on pursuing it further, beyond DBZ:A?

Other than that, thank you for providing us with an amazing, entertaining, and brilliant series! Keep up the good work :D

MasakoX3 karma

I just wanted to do it. I had fun making voices and decided to find like-minded people and I did! I wanna be a voice actor but I know it's not a bill-payer. I edit as my career and voice acting will be a secondary one.

You're welcome!

BurtKocaine2 karma

Will Android 16 be this saga's equivalent of Nappa and Guru?

MasakoX3 karma

Not as such. Nappa was the Nappa. 16 will be his own creature...robot...thing.

nouki-22 karma

Will you guys ever go on with avatar the last airbender abridged? and btw love you guys you really chnaged my lifes!

MasakoX4 karma

That's down to GanXingBa and at the moment his life is focused on other things so not likely I'm afraid but ya never know.

Malik_DBNA2 karma

What are some of your goals for 2014?

MasakoX2 karma

Hey Malik! Well, more of 2013 plus more work. :)

Xhalo2 karma

What was it like working with ScreenJunkies for Honest Trailers?

Did you come in contact with them, or did they message you?

Also I love your work. :D

MasakoX4 karma

On my end it was simply recording my Goku lines and shipping them out. The chance to work with them though was AMAZING. Such an honour. I love their stuff!

TerminalHamster832 karma


MasakoX4 karma


danerogil2 karma

As most, I want to leave the comment that first shouts praises because I'm a big fan of DBZ Abridged.

With that said, my question is in reference to the show and your opinion on something. As an avid watcher, what I've appreciated the most was how Abridged could cover a good span of at least 4 or 5 episodes in one episode. That, or just plain skip a bunch. What I'm noticing now, is that with the Android Saga, It seems at though EVERY scene from the original show is incorporated into the new episodes of Abridged, and thus it looks like one episode of Abridged is just a parody of one episode of DBZ. Granted, the dialogue is still mostly different (which I've noticed more repeated lines in these newest episodes), it's feeling like we're moving just as slow in Abridged as in the original show. What's your thought on the pace slowing down immensely from the original 20 episodes?

MasakoX7 karma

Well, the part of the saga we're in now is pretty plot heavy and if we skipped too much some parts wouldn't make sense. Once the groundwork is laid, the speed will pick up again when the fighting increases. The usual rate is 2-3 episodes per abridged episode. 2-3:1

Chanterlad2 karma

First of all, my friends and I are big, big fans of your show. It is really well-done and definitely the best abridged series on the internet.

Second, what is your method when dealing with something non-canon? How do you approach the balance between what's in the show and what's not?


MasakoX2 karma

Thank you so much!

Well, it's best to temper non-canon stuff and not go overboard as it becomes distracting and alienates fans of the original show. So best tread carefully.

Kangore2 karma

First off: Thank you. Just thank you. Secondly: What's going to happen to Gohan's voice when he grows up? Since you voice both Gohan & Goku, and their voices are quite similar as they already are, I'm interested if any thought has gone into it for the future?

MasakoX3 karma

Well, for now Gohan's voice will stay the same as he doesn't grow up too much but we'll see what happens.

potentially_awesome2 karma

First I'd just like to say thanks for all the amazing content you and TFS produce.

  • Will we ever see Goku appear in 2 saiyans play?

MasakoX5 karma

I'd like to do an LP with the others but time zones make it an issue...plus I have a Mac so yeah.

Aumigo2 karma

What is your favorite DBZA line that you read, and what is your favorite line overall?

MasakoX8 karma

Goku's "Yayyyy!" in Episode 34 as well as the Hope of the Omniverse speech in Episode 30.

patongue2 karma

are you a good singer? I was pretty impressed with your "make a man out of you" parady. Nailing that high note at the end in goku voice

MasakoX4 karma

I do like to sing but I'm rather picky and don't let most songs I want to sing get released because I want to be sure I can do it well. High standards. ;

ThatGavinFellow2 karma

The way KaiserNeko described it, none of the voice actors ever do scenes together, have you ever recorded stuff with the actors you're acting with, barring when you play multiple roles?

MasakoX2 karma

Not as such. We all record with Kaiser and if his character is there too he will bat off voices to help me but usually it's 1-on-1 sessions.

cvhml1 karma

Thank you for helping to provide DBZA. My question is does teamfourstar ever have disagreements or quarrels

MasakoX4 karma

You're most welcome. We get on really well and only ever have teensy tiffs, nothing major at all. We're all pretty easygoing. :)

DementedJ231 karma

heya masako, wanted to say you're absolutely amazing. i've been an anime fan for a long time, but i stayed away from DBZ based on the "overwhelming filler" reputation. i know a lot of people that are, at least to a degree, learning the storyline of a classic series because of y'alls work with the series.

i mostly just wanted to congratulate you and send my best wishes for moving forward with all of your projects, i've been watching the various TFS vids on repeat for months, and encouraging others to check out the various "let's plays" and such. hopefully it helps some.

as for a question, i'm curious what got you into anime, and what anime you're really digging into right now?

MasakoX2 karma

Aww thank you! :) Well, DBZ Kai is a great way of getting that fix without most of the filler.

But thank you for the warm comments I really am happy to make you guys happy. My brother watched anime and I absorbed what he watched from there - things such as Ranma and Urusei Yatsura as well as Project A-KO.

rakdoskid1 karma

where does the money from the episodes of team four star go to? please actual answer.

MasakoX10 karma

In terms of money from episodes? There is none. No money is made from the episodes themselves. T-Shirt Money provides a little bit but that's about it. Now we're branching out to more content, it'll go towards our future goals to provide more and better content for you guys.

perfectpitchrob1 karma

First I want to say thank you, for all the work you guys do. I'm amazed at how every episode you all put out just keeps getting better and better, in terms of quality, storyline, and jokes.

I'm sure you guys must have quite a large amount of bloopers of funny moments that got recorded. Will there ever be a video released of these moments?

MasakoX3 karma

You're most welcome. :) We try our hardest.

Oh we have some!

ThatGavinFellow1 karma

Do you ever think about moving to America like LK?

MasakoX3 karma

In the future, probably. But for now, I need to focus on getting more money and experience here in the UK. :)

crazyyugi1 karma

First things first I want to thank you and all of teamfourstar for doing what you guys do, from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Now two questions, 1.What was the show that got you into anime? 2. What was the moment that you decided to say I want to/can voice act?

MasakoX3 karma

You're so welcome!

1) Sailor Moon - I watched Project A-KO and Ranma before but Sailor Moon was the first show I knew was anime and it gave my 13 year old self...feelings.

2) 2005 - I messaged Kira Buckland and asked for help to voice act and she pointed me to the Voice Acting Alliance. The rest is history .

mrwatkins831 karma

Oh man, Dragon Ball Z Abridged is one of my favorite things on the internet. Thanks for helping make that a reality.

Is it hard to be a part of something so amazingly awesome, yet financially unfulfilling because of copyright and legal grey areas?

Also, muffin button.

MasakoX2 karma

You're most welcome but you gotta thank KaiserNeko, Lanipator and Takahata101 mainly as well as the other guys behind it. We're a team!

Not at all. We love doing what we do as a fun project.

pixelilly1 karma

Every DBZA episode brings me to tears from laughing so hard! Thank you for providing us with such awesome content, keep up the fantastic work! My question is this, did you ever think you would get this kind of reception and rabid fandom for DBZA?

MasakoX3 karma

You're most welcome! I'm glad you love our stuff and we will keep doing our best.

Never in a million years. We had no idea this would happen and never intended for it to grow so fast.