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Yutyrannus huali.

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Can't wait to see what you guys do with Cell, keep up the good work! (also, I'm eager to see how Goku coming up with plans and stratagems after he wakes up is played)

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Just going to say that I found DBZA while I was through a, well, complicated part of my life, and the laughts I had were very helpful. Keep the good work, and I'm looking forwards to how Goku and Gohan being locked together for a year pans out, as well as SSJ2 (but first Androids and Cell, of course!)

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Well, pterosaurs are the closest relatives of dinosaurs that happen to be a major clade (the various Triassic dinosauromorphs such as Silesaurs are closer, but not that diverse), and there is a quite sucessful branch of coelurosaurs specialiced for an aerial lifestyle. With over 10,000 known species.

And Microraptor was a flying animal, or at least gliding. Certainly better at it than Archaeopteryx.

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That proof image reminds me, Hypacrosaurus, Lambeosaurus and Corythosaurus formed a chronospecies, right? Then, how does Olorotitan fall into the picture? Asian dispersal and divergent evolution, maybe?