Hi Reddit,

We are two people who work with 3D printing. We figured we'd challenge Reddit to give us some ideas for what to make and will design the top 3 upvoted ideas as real products. We are Nimloth (Product Manager) and Kspaho (3D Print Designer) and will be here for a few hours.

You can find examples of our existing internet inspired work in our Shapeways Shop here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/theinternets

The rules are simple: Post pictures, drawings, sketches, or very clear explanations and links to examples of what you suggest making. The top upvoted ones win, and we will make 3D prints available online when done modeling.

Note: Penis design requests or copyright infringements are likely not going to be printed ;)

Ask us anything!


Chris & Kostika

Proof: https://twitter.com/nimlothcq/status/419165433741049856

EDIT: Remember to upvote the top suggestions : }

Edit 2: Ok, we're done answering questions for today. We will be looking at which posts were upvoted the most tomorrow and get to work. We'll post the winning entries shortly after that :)

Thanks all for having us!

  • Chris & Kostika

Edit3: 01-04-14, 4:40pm

Hi all,

We wanted to check in and let you know which ideas were to voted as of midnight yesterday.

As of midnight EDT last night, here were the top rated ideas:

Now, during the night, it's become apparent that certain factions on Reddit wanted to troll us into making the Mechanical Calculator (they were kind enough to even flat out admit this in the comments) as that is now somehow the most up-voted entry at this time: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ubor4/we_are_two_people_who_work_in_professional_3d/ceglyjb

Well, at first we were like: http://www.lehwego.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/challenge_considered.png

Then we were like: http://fatguywithglasses.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/challenge_accepted.png

However; here is how we are going to handle it.

First, we will make the top 3 ideas that legitimately were on top when the day changed.

Then, once those are made, having had a brief chat with Kostika, we will take an attempt at making the Curta Mechanical Calculator after that. Now there are a few caveats to this;

1) We are not entirely sure how long it will take to make the calculator. Those interested in following that progress can PM me, or "kspaho", over the next few weeks.

2) Depending on what the size is, and therefrom the associated prototyping costs, this might be a product that gets pretty expensive -- even to test print. Please do note that this is not a "contest" organized by a company, but rather something us two guys did for fun, and resources are available to us accordingly. If it gets too expensive, then we won't personally test if it works, and said Redditors who wanted it designed will have to chip in if they want a prototype made ;)

3) Thanks for all the fun Reddit!

UPDATE 3-13-2014

We have posted the first (the desktop catapult) in this follow-up thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/20bw66/we_are_two_people_who_work_in_professional_3d/

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nimloth284 karma


pechinburger1114 karma

A half-triceritops, half-ostrich figurine wearing a tie, checking its watch and carrying a briefcase.

nimloth175 karma

Rofl. We have the same type of humor.

dc456224 karma

We will make the top 3 upvoted ideas real.

World peace.

The rules are simple: Post pictures, drawings, sketches, or very clear explanations

As requested, a very clear explanation: A 3D printed item that causes world peace. I'll make it very easy and leave the exact approach up to you.

nimloth174 karma

First we will need to print some flux capacitors...

nimloth22 karma

Ahahahah. The sloth cracked me up bigtime.

thiney49117 karma

Print me a shrubbery!

TheCoStudent65 karma

Nobody is asking questions, just suggesting ideas, so i'll take a crack at it.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

What do you enjoy about your job?


nimloth27 karma

Great questions!

I think the most difficult part of what we do is that we are, in many cases, trying to solve problems that haven't been solved before. Understanding the many cogs and levers that affect everything from production efficacy to figuring out mathematical ways of getting close to "printability guaranteed stamp" are probably some of the more headscratching ones.

I think what I enjoy the most is that I'm fortunate enough to be working in a smaller startup environment where I can genuinely say everyone around me are some seriously smart and friendly people. This leads to a lot of learning, and a lot of really great conversation and idea bouncing on a daily basis :)

arrggg65 karma

I would love to see a set of dice.

The catch is I would like to see the set include:

A two sided die (Like a coin)

A three sided die

A four sided die

A five sided die .... etc

all the way up to a 10 sided die

nimloth49 karma

This sounds pretty cool and is doable in our metals. On a sidenote, did you see these already?


Meat_stick49 karma

A device to hold your testicles while you sit at the computer. This is to prevent possible sticking to the chair. Kind of like a 'w' shaped dish.

nimloth73 karma

I just... and then I... but I don't...

Ok, truth be told, my SO told me this is a must have for many ಠ_ಠ

jqpublick26 karma

I am an archaeologist and we've been looking (very loosely) at 3D printing and scanning for reproductions of artifacts. So how about a Clovis Point for starters? Like this.

If you're interested, I can get some better photos. I realize that this is not the same as a scan of the object, but maybe that could be done as well.

I guess this post is more a "hey could you possibly do something like this?" query than it is a suggestion. But if you are interested in it, then we can do some stuff... with things.

nimloth12 karma


This is some pretty interesting stuff.

Shoot me a private message with some details and I'll see what is possible :)

The_Evil_Within24 karma

We figured we'd challenge Reddit to give us some ideas for what to make and will design the top 3 upvoted ideas as real products

A human hand. This wouldn't be a pure 3D model, it'll need some electronics and a battery compartment... because you're going to put a mic and speaker in it (probably in the palm), and Bluetooth connectivity.

You now have a hands-free hand!

Put a sucker on the bottom so it can stick to a car dash. Put a weight on the bottom for sitting on your desk. Create multiple models making different gestures (horns, bird, OK, etc). Give it an optional USB connector so it can be a standard external speaker or just for charging it up.

nimloth9 karma

Hahah; this is a pretty funny idea. It could even be flipping the bird ;)

That said, stuff involving electronics and assembly seem a little outside the scope of this challenge. It's a great idea though! =D

arbypop20 karma

Smaug hoarding gold

arbypop13 karma

my other thought was... Sarah Palin being eaten by a polar bear.In the event Smaug is considered copyright infringement.

allthesenumbers18 karma


nimloth9 karma

mothman60713 karma

Anything from Jim'll Paint It

nimloth5 karma

Oh my this is a treasure trove of awesomeness.

Thanks for linking this!

Holski75 karma

A chain mail glove.

nimloth5 karma

There's been so many people that want this throughout my time at Shapeways. Need material tech to allow interlocking parts for steel!

CarolineJohnson3 karma

Idea: 3D Printed life counters for trading card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh...but the life counters look like cards from that series.

Does the person who suggested the thing get anything other than their product made real (i.e. a sample, a discount, etc)?

nimloth2 karma

We'll make the designs available to print with Shapeways for those who voted up in materials that are suitable (i.e. where the model is printable, etc). Essentially, the most upvoted ideas get designed, and then whoever wants to buy them, can do so at their own leisure :)

That_is_a_lie2 karma

Isn't it against the Thingiverse TOS to sell any designs on there?

I'm talking about this design - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25628

which you sell here at an insanely marked up cost (the material cost is ~$2) - http://www.shapeways.com/model/843368/gopro-mount.html?li=search-results&materialId=6

Edit - it looks like every thing sold by that guy is ripped straight from Thingiverse, he even uses some of the same stock photos.

nimloth2 karma

I (we) am unaware of which models are uploaded from Thingiverse as anyone can upload designs to our website. We handle breaches to the ToS as explained here: https://www.shapeways.com/legal/content_policy

scolmer2 karma

Make a 3D model of Miley Cyrus twerking.

nimloth6 karma

Well, our friend Ryan Kittleson made that: https://www.shapeways.com/model/1349840/miley-cyrus-twerking.html

But I think he went with the Twerking Einstein in fear of C&D or so: https://www.shapeways.com/model/1390914/twerking-einstein.html

deafbydtmf2 karma

I'd like to see a GoPro frame or attachment that will thread on to a microphone stand. If they have one already please disregard. But please send me the link. : )

nimloth2 karma

Do any of these cover what you're referencing? https://www.shapeways.com/search?q=gopro

Lucifuture1 karma

Myself as a half robot (with arm cannon), riding a T-rex with mounted laser guns on it with half naked women at the T-rex's feet.

Also I bought a few Tri-force rings from you guys that were great.

nimloth4 karma

Hahah; that reminds me: it would be cool to have a customizable head part on this model https://www.shapeways.com/model/1604184/obama-riding-a-raptor-with-a-rocket-launch.html?li=shop-results&materialId=26

FireEnt2 karma

If I were to send you a scan of my head could you just put it on any of your models as a custom job?

nimloth2 karma

Check out this App. Should allow you to do what you're looking for: https://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/shapeme

jarrettbraun1 karma

It's not the most original idea, but I think you should probably do a Snoo. I don't think Reddit would sue you for that (I hope).

nimloth2 karma

Kostika already made a Snoo business card holder a while back: https://www.shapeways.com/model/760930/reddit-alien-up-voting-business-card-holder.html

Disaster_Mind1 karma


nimloth1 karma

Look up the RepRap project ;)

rr60041 karma

How hard is it to find materials to use for things like food?

nimloth1 karma

I'm presuming you mean food-safe materials? Right now that's a tougher nut to crack. At Shapeways we have a Glazed Ceramic material that is food safe, however our plastics and metals not so much yet :/

UnidanSmith19861 karma


C'mon you /b/tards. We can do this.

nimloth3 karma


I suspect I'm going to regret linking that =D

M3TADATA1 karma

Will you mass produce it or just make it for the one person?

nimloth1 karma

We will make it available for anyone to order and produce on demand.

Asks_You_About_Eggs1 karma

How do you prefer your eggs to be cooked?

nimloth3 karma

Medium if boiled;

Fried on both sides (but not stiffening the yolk entirely) if fried :D

Asks_You_About_Eggs2 karma

That would be "over medium."

nimloth1 karma

I learn something new every day :p

and_thereitis0 karma

Wondering what kind of materials you are able to work with. Can you use metals? Do you have the capacity to make something as large as a house? Can objects be created larger than actual size? Where do you you see 3d printing going next? Besides making different versions of penis requests? Also I'd like a really large hamster ball. Really large.

nimloth1 karma

Check out our Materials Portfolio: https://www.shapeways.com/materials/ for details on the different plastics, metals, ceramics, prescious metals as well as print size caps :)

Benpchandler0 karma

This is more of a question than a request, but so far the majority of the 3d printed stuff I've seen is hard plastic or metal. The request below with respect to creating a human brain got me thinking about the possibilities of 3d printing a human body based on 3d medical imaging to be substituted in lieu of cadavers for med students. How possible/ likely do you think this is ?

NorbitGorbit0 karma

Are the plastic materials used strong enough to fashion screwdriver bits? If so could you make a hand sculpture with screwdriver bits as finger tips to be used in emergencies?

nimloth1 karma

Are you thinking something like a rubber page turner (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51rPaMIdIFL._SY300_.jpg) except with scredriver tips?

shehryar46-1 karma

Klein Bottle

nimloth2 karma

Klein bottle is already made by Bathsheba @ Shapeways. Lookie here: https://www.shapeways.com/model/25918/klein-bottle.html?li=search-results&materialId=62

ceanders-1 karma

I would die if this became real and 3-D, personally.

also, what do you make of the utopian discourse about how 3-D printing will save lives through organ printing and potentially curbing hunger and food scarcity issues?

nimloth0 karma

Hahah nice one.

I'm not sure what to think about organic 3D printing just yet. From a medicinal point of view, it could solve a lot of problems with testing and generation of new limbs.

On the food front; eh - may be useful for deep space missions and locations where carrying food ingredients don't store well/easily, however I think there's something to be said about the art of cooking, the taste of fresh ingredients, etc.

brownsbacker88-1 karma

how about a cure for cancer

nimloth3 karma

That would be amazing. I was reading just yesterday about some new techniques in cancer research where the researchers were able to break down the outer shell around cancer cells, allowing the immune system to kill off the cancer cells themselves.

Throwawayqw123-2 karma

A 3D portrait of Doge (or a dogecoin? I dunno) might be nice... heh.

Maybe a life-size Level 3 Sentry from Team Fortress 2? Or would that hit on infringement?

nimloth2 karma

a 3D portrait of Doge was made by a friend of ours here: https://www.shapeways.com/model/1496035/doge.html?li=search-results&materialId=26

We are making some versions of DogeCoin and hope to put them up in the near future.

feminaprovita-2 karma

The narwhal (you know, the one that bacons at midnight).

nimloth2 karma

How about this one? Contains said Narwhal and bacon (as a cape)!



This is a bit NSFW, but I'd like to see a 3D model print our the famous scene from the Two-Penised Man's best sexual experience. It involves 4 men and 3 women having an orgy with the follow parameters:

  • Man 1 is lying on a bed facing up.
  • Man 1 and Man 2 are positioned with their balls touching eachother.
  • Man 3 (/r/DoubleDickDude) is lying, face up, on top of Man 1.
  • Man 2 is standing up, facing Man 3, with his penis in Man 3's ass.
  • Both Man 1 and Man 2 have their dicks inside of Man 3's ass.
  • Woman 1 is crouching down above Man 3, orientated 90 degrees inward to Man 3, with Man 3's left penis in her vagina.
  • Woman 2 is also croucing down above Man 3, oriented 90 degrees inward to Man 3, with Man 3's right penis in her vagina.
  • Woman 1 and Woman 2 are facing eachother.
  • Woman 3 is straddling Man 3's face, with her body facing in the direction of Man 3's head.
  • Man 4 is behind Woman 3, and is penetrating Woman 3 from behind.
  • Man 4 and Woman 3 are positioned such that their point of sexual penetration is directly amove Man 3's mouth.

Here's there AMA if you have any questions: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1u75hh/i_am_the_guy_with_two_penises_ama/

EDIT: Here's the permalink about it http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1u75hh/i_am_the_guy_with_two_penises_ama/cef61lf I'm sure a lot of people would like to see this.

EDIT: Corrected position of man 2. He's standing up.

nimloth3 karma

Unfortunately, designs of that level of graphic nature are likely to not get printed even if made.

CoastalCulture-3 karma

They have cases for everything these days. Except Macbook chargers. You know that little white box that gets scratched to shit after a few months? For resale purposes and an overall clean look. I think this would be a money maker, which is what i assume you're looking for.

PS: this is what the alphabet would look like without the letters Q and R.

PPS: If made and sold, I wouldn't hate a little royalty agreement.

nimloth1 karma

Not so much looking for a money maker as we're looking for fun right now. That said, you mean an enclosure to the white box between the Macbook and the wall?

DrCrick-3 karma

Could you do a small scale model speargun? I think that would be pretty kick ass.

nimloth2 karma

That sounds a little bit vague - care to elaborate? do you mean like a tiny scale replica without functionality?