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No questions, but good for you. This is really cool. Thanks for giving a shit about other people.

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Pass it on =P

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Yes that would be correct. We are a for profit company like I said.

It doesn't take much to make an impact. We give up some of our profit to feed people in the hopes that we will inspire others to do the same. =)

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how do i marijuana?

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You must inject it at least 3 times.

Edit: Like so.

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How much does a meal cost? Does this mean you inflate your product prices or use inferior products to maintain fair prices, or does it just reduce your overall profitability?

How do you donate a meal? Is it a specific dollar amount that constitutes a meal, or an actual food donation?

I'm in no way a hippie, but I like this. You've got a cool idea, nice products, and you can help others while still profiting. I'm definitely going to have to remember you for a few plain Tees in the future!

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We don't inflate our product prices or use inferior products ;)

We use superior marketing skills via social media (facebook) to drive cheap traffic to create more profits, and then we give up a very small amount of our profits to give donations towards UNICEF who then sends food to where it is needed. =)

Meal only costs $0.17, we aren't a non-profit, we just hope that by giving up a small amount of our profits (3-10% depending on what you buy), we can encourage other people to do the same.

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Where are you guys based/ where do you provide meals to? You rock btw! <3

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We are located in the middle of no-where Boise, Idaho. Meals get provided through donations towards UNICEF, although we can't "publicly" say this until we are 2 years old. =)

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Now Reddit knows your full name! (Well, maybe not... you might have a middle name!) What made you decide to do an AMA?

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I had a couple requests for it from r/entrepreneur and r/trees =)

Edit: I can't grammar.

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Uhh a "hippy" would be aware that all meals through UNICEF or any other organization get filtered out to the nth degree. If you do not hand it to someone it didn't happen. I don't promote my business that is in desperate need of advertising here, don't try to hipster your way through with this crap. And I apologize if you did believe that your 15 cents a day was feeding and providing school for some kid... But either wake up or oh wait no way because you are "financially stable". No offense meant, but are you kidding?

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Actually I worked with volunteers while I was studying in Morocco, I am VERY confident that $0.94 of every dollar I donate gets spent on food. =)

Edit: I can't grammar.

Edit #2: And this isn't a self promote, got a couple requests from r/entrepreneur and r/trees for an AMA. If you would like, I would be more than happy to go over your social media with you. =) That's how we got big - we own 150K likes on Facebook, just PM me.

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Dude I am so sorry I was plastered last night and I'm kind of slanted against charities through experience... So sorry I apologize!!

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You are all good man, we get that reaction a lot. =)

Best thing i've found is just to reply with a bunch of positivity - whole hate breeds hate and love breeds love thing.

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I remember your post on /r/trees :)

Question: How in your opinion is the mentality about cannabis culture evolving in present times ? Is cannabis an important factor of the hippie lifestyle ?

Other than that I like what you are doing, keep it up :)

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I don't think it's an important factor so much as "all hippies smoke weed" but I think that part of being hippie is being aware of what goes on around you, such as the truths and lies that get told about weed. (And the truths are pretty damn impressive.)

Edit: The top 20 medical studies that prove that marijuana cures cancer.

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Edit: The top 20 medical studies that prove that marijuana cures cancer.

And this is where I request to get off at the next stop.

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I honestly have absolutely 0 clue what you meant by that comment... Lol

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If I may, everything up until now was great, then the train derailed.

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Again with the train reference... Lol

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Because the claims overstate the evidence, heavily. Also, treating cancer with minor efficacy =/= cure, not even close. I know that a lot of this talk evolves out of a class 1 categorization in the USA, but still.

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Actually I did some free lance work with one of the largest THC pharmaceutical companies that showed me 3 of their studies involving over 15,000 people each that prove that high concentrated CBD oil combined with light chemo is 10x more effective than chemo or CBD oil at fighting cancer.

Edit: There is LOTS of mis-information that goes on... If you follow the funding you can usually tell it apart (guess which studies get funded by the NIDA).

Edit #2: And before you dismiss them, you really should actually read the 20 scientific peer reviewed articles...

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Just wanted to say your super rad and i appreciate you doing good things for other people.

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Thanks man =)

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Apart from UNICEF, do you give meals to local homeless people and other in need in your state?

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I spent a lot of time traveling abroad and maybe it has left me cynical, but I think there are other places that need the food more... Men starving on the street after having their limbs amputated because of a bomb explosion in the syrian desert probably need a meal a little bit more...

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Tell me if this is too sensitive, but how long did it take to turn a profit? And do you ever intend to expand your business even further?

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We do actually =)

And we were actually profitable our first month. There isn't a lot of expenses that go into running an online shop. Granted - we weren't making enough to live on at that point though. That happened after we were about 4 months old.

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Do you only provide Hippy, vegan meals, or are they meals that someone with an ounce of taste buds will enjoy?

kobyc5 karma

Haha it's normal food - it happens through donations towards UNICEF who sends food to the parts of the world that needs it the most.

And for a personal note, I actually love my bacon.

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Ok, good. Was scared that the only food being served was vegetarian! Ha.

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While lots of hippies are vegetarians, a big focus of it is on nature... And part of nature is eating meat. ;)

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Why did you start giving meals to those in need other than just being an amazing person? Like was there an event that made you want to do this?

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Because it doesn't cost a lot to do - I wanted to make a point. Everyone can make a difference, and it doesn't have to be a back breaking thing.

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sir, U are amazing

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No, YOU are amazing =)