Hi Reddit, I'm Bumblefoot, nice to meet you all :) I'm a musician - solo artist over 20 years, also guitarist in GNR since 2006... I'm running a campaign to raise money for the 'Music Matters' program (http://thehdi.org/music_matters.html)

Go to www.prizeo.com/bumblefoot and enter a drawing to spend a day together, being wacky :P

Looking forward to answering your questions today! Ask me anything!


Thank you all SO MUCH for the great questions! So nice hearing from you all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! See you in 2014 :)

Let's do this again some time, was fun!! :D

Thanks for all,


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feconroses24 karma

Have you guys written and/or recorded any new songs since 2009?

TheRealBumblefoot14 karma

Together, that we finished? No. Playing on each other's song ideas? Yes.

TheRealBumblefoot13 karma

Hey, thanks for all the great questions, havin' a blast!

lemmyhead12 karma

Hi Ron, Izzy Stradlin has joined you guys on stage a few times over the years, and he keeps a very low profile, what's he like in person ?

TheRealBumblefoot12 karma

He's a sweetheart. Had a lot of nice times with him, soft-spoken, nice good-hearted guy :)

Dutch9210 karma

Hey Ron! When you decided to start using a fretless guitar, was it anything to do with influence from middle-eastern musical culture? Is it so you can get those 'inbetween' notes? I'm doing an essay on the combination of western and eastern musical culture and would be amazing to hear your response. Cheers man!

TheRealBumblefoot11 karma

I experimented a lot as a kid & teen with guitar modification, made some crazy guitars...



I hooked up with VigierGuitars.com in the late 90s and they were making a beautiful fretless guitar, I started playing it in '99 and loooved it. It's a different approach. Definitely recommend trying it :)

ChipiChipi8 karma

hey Bumble, thanks for doing this. We met briefly during your Córdoba concert in 2011, and I wanted to thank you that you came down a hung out for a bit with us, that meant a lot, specially since you were going through so much pain. I will hold on to my signed booklet of Chi Dem (the Catcher lyrics) for the rest of my life.

That said, I was looking at the setlist for the solo shows you did in Chile and Argentina and I wanted to ask you: why did your show in Chile consisted more of your solo stuff, and the one in Argentina was basically shared with a covers band? I would've love to see you man, but in totally different circumstances (actually seeing you play your stuff, which is great IMO).

Also, any news on a Córdoba show next year? That would be fantastic, as I was completely starstruck by your presence and couldn't articulate myself very well :D

Lastly, is there anything that you would change from your time so far with Guns?

Hope you're doing fantastic, and that you're free from any physical pain.

TheRealBumblefoot13 karma

The Chile show was an actual 'Bumblefoot' show. The Argentina show was an invite to jam covers with another band. I hope to come back to S. America and do a bunch of solo shows :) Gracias!!

I can't change anything about the past, can only think about what I want to be better for the future w/ Guns, for fans, for the band, for myself. Might be a lost battle, lol, but still worth fighting. :)

manfisman8 karma

When you write a song, what inspires you to make the lyrics? Your lyrics on your solo records are GREAT

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

Usually it's when something intense happens in life, it opens the gates and I can just pour out lyrics. Have a very hard time outside of that, especially when on tour. I do best when I step away and let the batteries re-charge...........

dbbost8 karma

New or old, what is your favorite GnR song and why is it November Rain?

TheRealBumblefoot10 karma

Don't Cry :) Simple & beautiful & dynamic :)

Schneiderman8 karma

I just wanted to mention that when I worked at a GNR show a couple years ago, and you came in and actually politely introduced yourself to the crew, I really appreciated it. So many performers just ignore us or treat us like busboys.

Do you remember during soundcheck trying out the acoustic they rented for you and complaining that it sounded like a "fake cock"? What was that thing anyway, a parkwood?

TheRealBumblefoot7 karma

Hahaha! Happy Holidays brutha! Good to hear from you, and THANK YOU for making those shows happen - you guys are the planet, the band just crawls around the surface, lol.

I use a Parkwood PW370M live & in the studio and am super happy with it, I don't remember if that was a different model or different brand I tried but haha, funny thing to say, lol!!

cjm51967 karma

What is your favorite song you've written? I've had Dash stuck in my head for the last month. When will your next solo record be out?

TheRealBumblefoot8 karma

Thank you :) Hard to say, definitely a lot of things off Normal & Abnormal... then there's Heart Attack, and Green, each took 8 years before I felt like the music & lyrics were right & ready to be recorded - some songs are just like that....

Saltthedead7 karma

I just wanna know WHY? Why isn't the band writing music, releasing music, promoting it, etc... WHY? Thanks.

TheRealBumblefoot12 karma

I feel your frustration, you're not asking anything unreasonable. I do these things with everything else I do, but GNR works a different way. All I can say is, when GNR does something, enjoy it :) Don't be upset about the things GNR doesn't do, enjoy what it does. :)

rafaeldamage7 karma

Hi Bumble. I've been a fan of yours since you joined GN'R and later heard your solo efforts and i was so shoked about your playing!! But i have two questions aside that.

  • We do know there are songs that aren't played since 2006 but they're in the setlists (If The World, Riad, Oh My God, Going Down). Why don't you play those songs for the sake of it?

  • There is some label issue going after Chinese Democracy? Maybe the label won't want you gusy to do another album after the "fiasco" that was release the album for once for all.

Hope you can answer my questions. You're a great guy, great musician and you play in my favourite band! haha. You have a home in my house everytime you come to Mexico, cheers!

TheRealBumblefoot9 karma

Live shows are all at the mercy of the singer's throat. The throat is the boss. The throat governs the singer who governs the set list. It's a fragile irreplaceable instrument and the main focus, so all has to be done to insure the longevity of the throat. That means, cutting songs and changing orders, making sure that the throat can survive a tour. It's scar being the singer when your throat isn't at 100%, I know this first-hand, ugh. I'm lead singer in my solo stuff, done too many tours with the flu where you don't know how you're gonna make it through the night, let alone the next 20 nights... so it's all about the throat :P

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

Thank you all SO MUCH for the great questions! So nice hearing from you all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! See you in 2014 :)

Let's do this again some time, was fun!! :D

Thanks for all,


lynchyinc6 karma

Hey Ron, thanks for doing an AMA.

I was just wondering where the inspiration for using a thimble came from? I was listening to some of your solos on GnR and your 'abnormal' album.

'Jenny B' & 'Some other guy' are two of my favourites. Not sure if you use the thimble on those tracks, but either way - it sounds insane!

TheRealBumblefoot9 karma

I do, on both songs :) Thank you! Started doing the thimble thang 25 years ago, I wanted a way to access the notes on the string that were higher than the fretboard.... :)


FredrikPihl6 karma

Ron! Just wanted to say hi bro! Here's a question for you: Is "bagged a big one" based on a real experience that happened to you? I always forget to ask you about that when we meet… Have a nice weekend! :)

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

Haha, YES! My 2nd arrest at age 26... lol.

lemmyhead6 karma

What is one GNR song that you with Guns N Roses have never played that you would like to add to the setlist ?

TheRealBumblefoot7 karma

Perfect Crime, Yesterdays... would like to do Scraped more often...

manfisman5 karma

Back in the day when you was starting your carrer... how did you make to afford the costs of buying new gear like guitars, amps, mics, etc? I mean, it's pretty expensive for a musician to start a carreer, specially a solist one.

TheRealBumblefoot8 karma

When I was 12 I painted Iron Maiden albums on the backs of dungaree jackets for $20 each. The best thing you can do for your music is GET A JOB, lol. Support yourself, take care of your life, be responsible & independent, and fund your interests. It's the most honorable thing you can do, EARN. :)

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

I should add, it doesn't have to be expensive. And don't worry about what you don't have, be creative with what you have. You have the internet - that means you have access to recording gear & plugins, and YouTube. Making music & releasing it has never been easier - you have more than anyone did 15 years ago, use what you have :)

malignant_carbuncle_5 karma

Your solo stuff got me through high school and you are the greatest person ever that's all

TheRealBumblefoot7 karma

Thank you so much :) Means a lot to me to know this, THANK YOU :)

mygnrforum5 karma

Guns are rumoured to be adding 2-3 new songs to the set. Are they new Guns originals, or what

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

Only thing I can assume is that it would be 2 - 3 songs that we haven't played live... :P

fasterthanphaq5 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA, I am a huge (read: HUGE) Guns n Roses fan. I think Estranged is probably my favorite song ever, I think Axl is a lyrical genius. Now onto the questions: What is Axl like in real life, is he as difficult to get along with as the rumors leave us to believe? What is your favorite Guns song to play and why? What was your personal feelings about Axl not performing with Guns during the HOF performance, and would it hurt your feelings if he were ever to decide to do a reunion?

TheRealBumblefoot11 karma

Axl is a person. Only difference is that if you get frustrated for a moment, it doesn't end up on YouTube as entertainment and your legacy forever... lol. He likes to have fun, and I've seen plenty of that :)

ChrisBlanchon5 karma

Do you prepare a collaboration with another artist? If so which one ? And what exactly ? In between glad to see you soon again ;)

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

gabby1234564 karma

what do you think about drugs and alcohol?

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

I don't do 'em...

original_greaser_bob4 karma


TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

The Cheese guitar, yes!


Haven't played the hand guitar in a while though....!

gabby1234564 karma

who inspires you for to be a musician?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

When I heard the KISS Alive! album at age 5, that did it. The Beatles made me love music, but KISS made me want to do what I'm doing :)

laertixc54 karma

Hi Ron!we met this summer in albania and it was really inspiring.Just wanted to ask is there gonna be a bumbletour again next year? And if yes will you be playing any shows in the balkans.

TheRealBumblefoot1 karma

Hey hey!!! Had a wonderful time in Albania, can't wait to come back! And would LOOOOVE to play solo shows there & throughout the Balkans... hopefully can make it happen! :D

lemmyhead4 karma

Do you know what brand of guitar Richard Fortus uses for the James Bond Theme mostly during live shows, it's a Les Paul kind of shape, except it looks liks it's made of steel, kind of looks like a steampunk guitar lol ?

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

Ahhhh, not sure! Ask him on his FB page, I'm sure he'll answer :)

MikkeWormwood4 karma

Hello Ron, I want to thank you for inspiration that you give to me as a guitarist and vocalist, last song I wrote was partly inspired by your music, mostly guitar solo :-)

Any chance to see you in Czech republic? I'd like to see Bumbletour show..

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

Thank you!!! Would love to head to Czech Rep., hopefully can in 2014 :)

tarkardos4 karma

Hi Bumble! After joining Guns, how did you enter the recording process of Chinese Democracy? Since you are credited in many songs, did you wrote new soli/parts or did you edit the existing ones by Finck, Buckethead, Fortus? Your own records are full of different music styles, how did you manage that with the "classic" GNR style?

Many thanks for playing in Austria this week. Hope to see you soon again!

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

Thank you, had a great time in Austria! :D

In-between touring legs in 2006 & 2007, I'd hit studios in NY or LA for 14 hours a day, playing to songs I had never gotten to hear before, with two people yelling opposite thoughts in my ear at the same time. Youch. I'd take different approached to each song - groovy, technical, melodic, loose & riffy, wah, fretless, heavy, clean, and then see what worked & what didn't.... I had complete freedom and wrote my own parts, my own solos, played what I wanted, and Axl/Caram (producer) kept what they liked...

SteveNeuge4 karma

Hey Ron, I write music digitally and make songs where its played back through emulated instruments. I've been struggling to learn some of the more complicated bits I've written over the years, and I was wondering if you had some words of encouragement you could share.

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

Hey Steve! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! :) Take it slow & take your time, it'll get there :) USE A METRONOME :)

reiids4 karma

Hey Ron, huge fan here. I've seen you live twice and you never disappoint. But my question may be a bit personal. I was just wondering what drugs you've done throughout your life. You seem quite philosophical from what I've seen in interviews and your bumble forum. I could easily see you being a fan of psychedelics. Is that true or am I totally off base here? Also, do you mediate or anything? You just seem like one of the few down to earth and level headed rock stars out there. Thanks for doing this ama Ron!

TheRealBumblefoot14 karma

I've never smoked a cigarette, or pot, never done coke, nothing. No drugs. I HAVE drank, Jager was my favorite, but not where it's been a problem or dependency. In 2011/2012 to get through touring with the spine injury from the car accident, there were experimental cocktails of alcohol, nerve blockers, pain pills, Advil, enough to kill a horse - fortunately no permanent damage from it. And luckily no addictive reactions. Healthy eating did a better job than the medicine did - absolutely saved my life. Mung beans & organic apples, yes. Flexiril & vodka, no.

Brinklebrother4 karma

When did you begin to play along with Guns N' Roses and why did you chose to be a solo artist as well.

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

I've been a solo artist all my life :) Started releasing music 'for real' over 20 years ago, then GNR entered my life in 2004. I said no the first time and continued with releasing Bumblefoot albums & touring, producing, teaching, writing for TV shows/videogames... in 2006 they reached out again and we gave it a shot - we jammed in NY 7 nights and hit the road for 3 months... :)

_TurnuptheSun_3 karma

Hey Bumblefoot! Just wondering what's your craziest backstage/aftershow story?

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

One time that always comes to mind... in Prague, after a show, I'll give the quick version. A bar opened for us at 4 in the morning to all hang out in, there was one guy that went in and wouldn't leave and was telling people he was the band's manager (he didn't know but he was telling this TO the band's manager.) So you have guys from the band Nazareth with us at bar talking music (someone asks them a random question about show tunes and they're like "What????"), I'm next to them with two European models who are teaching me how to speak Slovakian, and next to me is a brutal bar fight with the guy that won't leave who starts swinging at the manager, literally blood splatter on the walls, while all being served varieties of local versions of Jagermeister. We go upstairs to keep partying in the hotel suite, and the guy who was fighting us is waiting for us upstairs, bruised up, with his family, and a camera, all with big smiles. He wanted autographs and photos. We took pics, we then went upstairs and hung out for about 20 hours until I had to leave and get on a plane for the next show. That's a typical night out.

SoIPutMyUserNameHere2 karma

I always wondered this, but how do rock stars manage to party so hard and still travel and play and write and all. I get drunk fairly regularly but I'm always a corpse the next day!

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

Something about the performing keeps you energized. But yeah, sometimes people are HURTING on stage, lol. I've spent almost all my shows completely clean - I have a responsibility to the audience, they deserve 100% from me. (Only time I had to be drugged up was in 2011/2012 when I toured after a car accident with a spine injury that left me in 24/7 constant pain, was the only way to get through the shows.)

curious1183 karma

I really like "Normal" and "Abnormal". I wanted to ask you if you know the book "Veronica decides to die" by Paulo Coelho? There´s a lot of stuff about "what´s normal?" in the book that I absolutely love. Ever heard of it or read it?

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

No, but sounds very good...! Thanks for the recommendation! :D

bjerhjinanikle3 karma

Hey Ron! I've been a huge fan of yours since I first heard "Normal" back in 2006 (and Delilah is one of my favorite songs ever)... Do you have any plans to release another solo album? Will it continue the Normal/Abnormal series?

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

I'm going to release more music, yes... starting to write more songs. No album concept yet, will let that build itself :)

ChrisBlanchon3 karma

Hi Ron :D happy to find you here !!! What's your favorite Horror movie and would you like to act in that kind of movie ??

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

I LOVE horror movies!!! Yes, I started acting in some indie horror movies & doing music as well...

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2631554/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2232322/

Fave horror movie(s)? Old classics like Funhouse, I Spit On Your Grave... I tweet about a bunch of movies I'm watching, look for #BumbleMovieNight , been some good horror ones in there :)

breakingmad13 karma


TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

Nobody else defines you. You know who you are :) Enjoy yourself :)

joaofranpinto3 karma

Hi Ron, I want to hear some more pitman on the next tour :) I like industrial stuff, how's you opinion on that? Oh, i was the guy who asked u a bunch of questions about gnr songs when you did the videochat on sth about your hot sauces. You promised a pick on that video chat. I still want it XD

PS: The other day i listened to your EP of 1987 AWOL O.o It's awsome :D

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

I still owe you a pick!! Pitman is very artistic and has a lot to offer :)

weirdalexis3 karma

Hi Ron, will you ever release the words of the secret poem at the end of your first solo album? ;)

Serious question: do you think it would be possible for a really good hacker to decrypt the words by tabbing all the notes and mapping them to an alphabet?

TheRealBumblefoot6 karma

I think it's been done... lol.

Pvt_MJCaboose3 karma

What's your favorite modern rock artist, and/or your favorite non-rock artist.

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Queen, Zep, Yes..... non-rock - does Motown count? Stevie Wonder, Four Tops... ah, and LOUNGE MUSIC! YEAH!!! Lol... Engelbert & Tom Jones....! Classical - Chopin, Tchaikovsky... jazzy-ish stuff like Tom Jobim... :)

sandrakoenig3 karma

Hey Ron ,I'd be interessted in what it means to you to make music :-)

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

To make music is to be alive, and through music we all connect together, something greater than self. :)

khall63443 karma

Was there any pressure succedding "Buckethead"?

TheRealBumblefoot7 karma

No. We're all musicians, not a competition, you do what you love and share that love. :) (Last time I saw Bucket was in 99, he told me he really dug my Hands album & asked if I'd sing on his music, gave me his #... called a few times, never answered - then heard he had joined GNR, aaaaah.)

DarenHudson142 karma

Hi Ron, ty for doing this, I'm Guns N' Roses fan and, too i like your works alone. When you were a kid, you were a fan of Gn'R? I wished to go to The Roxy in Argentina. Greeting, ty for follow back! We see that you are a simple person. I love your solos in Guns N' Roses!!

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Sure, I was a fan :) I liked GNR & played some GNR covers with friends as a teenager :) Hope to see you in 2014 :)

BrandNewLimit2 karma

Hey! Thanks for doing this, big fan.

What is the most frustrating part for you, working in the music industry?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

The bullshitters. 90% of people lead you through a long maze to a dead end...

Eroneko51502 karma

Hi Ron I'm currently in Japan so Unfortunately I will not be able to see your show in Paris in January 12th with The Morglbl, But say Hello to Christophe, Ivan,and Aurel for me..and Please Come here in Western Japan to play...your Crazy nice music I have juste one question what about the funny colored things you put on the head of your double neck Vigier?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

They're wristbands that light up, a gift from a friend :) Thank you, Happy Holidays!!!

endlesslaundry2 karma

What is your favorite band and why? Also, greetings from Amsterdam!

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Greetings! The Beatles :) Because of George Martin, their producer. Together they turned every song into a masterpiece with the classical instrumentation & studio experimentation.

Dank je!!

MrF33n3y2 karma

Hey Ron, Huge fan of both your solo stuff, and your time with GN'R, thanks for all the great music :)

My question - you've been touring a lot of new parts of the world the last couple years, with GN'R and on your own. Having now played in India, Indonesia, Albania, Lebanon, etc. are there any other countries few rock artists get to that you'd particularly like to play in? I know you've mentioned in interviews that you really like to play places that people are starved for live music.

Thanks, all the best!

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

Thanks so much :) I'd love to play throughout Africa, Iceland, more Asia (Kazakhstan to Nepal...), the Philippines & Thailand... haven't played anywhere I didn't like, everywhere in the world has something special to offer, you learn & grow every time :)

raindogs702 karma

How did you meet Jennifer, what was her parents' first impression of you, and how have you both been able to keep the marriage strong? The musician's life can ruin relationships for a variety of reasons.

TheRealBumblefoot8 karma

People tried to set us up on a blind date for 6 months. We finally agreed, set on hating each other. She tried to get rid of me by talking about astro-physics, and it made me suddenly interested in her, and I responded, which made her interested in me (no one told us the other had a brain...) That was nearly 24 years ago :)

The key to keeping relationships strong is to not let the other feel left out. Include your better half, experience everything together :)

Thekip2 karma

Hi Ron, I can't wait seing you in bartenheim 6th january. Do you plan to have it like a masterclass or "just" a show. I like hearing you talking about guitar, technic, theory, and rocking!!

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

I think it's just a show..... looking forward to seeing you there, merci!!!

b0bbi2 karma

Hey Ron, any experience with onboard preamps a la Frank Zappa?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Not a lot, been sticking with all-in-one tube heads... Engl Invader 100W mostly, although the Vox ToneLabEX has been getting me through some amp-challenged situations in a great way :)

LynnyB2 karma

Hi Ron, Why can't GNR release dates and locations for the rest of the 2014 tour? Surely the Management have the itinerary already planned? My friends and I want to arrange our holidays so that we can follow the band for a week or two, but that is going to be so difficult if dates aren't released until much nearer the time. Thanks.

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

It's SOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating, I know!! I can't plan my life either. I'm guessing(?) that all the info is not confirmed fully and they don't want to misinform or mislead people with wrong info or changing info.... very sorry about that. :P

alacayo222 karma

any chance of getting your albums out on vinyl? especially Abnormal..

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

Maybe a limited run at some point...? :)

revelator12 karma

Hey BBF, you have been one of my favorites since you joined GNR, I have purchased your normal and abnormal albums and say you when you played with GNR in Seattle at KeyArena.

Question: which of the new era songs are hardest for you to play and which from the classic era are the most difficult as well?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Thank you :) None of the stuff is difficult after a gazzzzillion shows playing them, lol, but the most complex overall (arrangement, technique, accuracy, etc...) would probably be Shackler's (new) and Estranged (old)

dbbost2 karma

What do you think the best guitar solo is in the GnR setlist?

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

End of November Rain :)

GNRVahland2 karma

Hi Ron, In about 2 weeks (Jan.11th) you will play in amsterdam/Hoofddorp.

Any chance you gonna play covers like Saturday Night - Herman Brood or Radar Love - Golden Earring ?

TheRealBumblefoot1 karma

AHHH!! So many BBF songs to play, don't know if we'll have time for covers! :P Nice choices!!

Arnarsi2 karma

Any plans on touring the Nordics and include Iceland this time?

TheRealBumblefoot1 karma

Would looooooooooove to, with GNR or BBF, hopefully that can happen. :) All up to promoters wanting us to play, reaching out to the booking agent, working it out with management....... middlemen, aaahh!!!! :P

obadetona2 karma

What would be your #1 tip for beginners learning guitar?

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

Have fun :) Play what you want, how you want...

man_mayo2 karma

I've seen you on That Metal Show a couple times and just wonder how important you think shows like that are to give fans a different view of their favorite musicians and provide a platform to keep real music alive.

TheRealBumblefoot1 karma

You said it best :) It gives fans a different view of their favorite musicians and provides a platform to keep real music alive. Well said! The show succeeded because it's what you want :)

E7ernal2 karma

Hey Ron! I've been a fan of your solo work long before you joined GnR. I've had the fortune of listening to every song from the Adventures of Bumblefoot through Abnormal. The evolution and stylistic variance of your music throughout the years has made every album pleasurable in its own way. Each album has its own flavor and it's own character. That's something very unusual in today's music scene, and sorely underappreciated.

Your earlier sounds were less rock and more experimental metal, with songs like "Meat" and "Fly in the Batter". Normal and on I've seen more punk and rock influence. Do you think you'll ever write another Hands? Or do you feel your musical interests pulling you somewhere new?

I know most people here are probably GnR fans, but I want them and you to know, your solo music blows GnR stuff out of the water. It's truly inspirational. Never stop writing, man.


TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Thanks so much!!! :D I kinda feel like the 2011 singles had a bit of the raw Hands vibe to them - Invisible, Father, Catfight.... :)

Thanks for all, Happy Holidays!!

clementmurgia2 karma

Hey Ron, I'd just like to say you're a big inspiration for a good friend of mine, and now his music inspires me as much as yours does ! So I gotta thank you twice for being so awesome. My friend kinda transmitted the bumblevirus to me , haha :) Quick question, do you still sometimes feel so uninspired that you feel you no longer know just how to play ? :p That's all, thx for everything, and see you in Paris in a few weeks ! Loved the previous show in Oct ;)

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

Thank you :) Sometimes I get worn down from all the nonsense (drma, bizz...) and then I remind myself that none of it actually changes anything about me & what I love, playing guitar & making music :)

Shageen2 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA. Is Gun's N Roses a full fledged band or is it Axl and hired musicians to fill a role (similar to Gene/Paul from Kiss).

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Somewhere in-between. We're hired, we're not business partners - but hired to be ourselves, to be who we are, to write and play and be who we are, with no "you must play this & wear this & say this...", none of that. :)

fackyouman2 karma

Which artists/bands are you currently listening to?

TheRealBumblefoot21 karma

Latest Dillinger Escape Plan album, and the aforementioned THANK YOU SCIENTIST, my fave new band :)


At what point did you decide to grow such a badass beard? His do you deal with the massive (undeserved) criticism you get every day online and everywhere else? And finally, how big of a shock was it to be asked into Guns N Roses? You went from being (comparatively) unknown to the general population, to being one if the leading figures in one of the most well known bands in the world! I can't imagine what can feels like!

And I'd like to say thank you, your solo music, your sense of humour that shows through that, cheers me up immensely. Merry Christmas, Mr. Foot!

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

The beard acquired me. It found me and attache me to it. I do what it says, and it allows me to be its human.

MrSlipperyFist1 karma

Have you ever done a solo show in Melbourne, Australia? If not (or even if so), any plans on doing one/doing one again? To be honest I'm not a huge GnR fan and would rather see you playing your own material (been a fan since Hands came out), and so I've never gone to any of the GnR Australia shows since you joined. If you ever do a sideshow though or something of your own material I'd love to see it advertised so I could hear it in the flesh.

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

I'd looove to do a solo tour throughout Ozz, hoping in 2014 I can make something happen :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

gabby1234561 karma

is there an age to start in music? i'm 23 and i always loved music but my mother never lets me get into it cause is not a "real job" and i won't make money with that... but now i finished a career to amke her happy... and I wanna do what i really love but i'm not sure if I have hope what do you think?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Any age :) Make music because you love it, and get income doing whatever else interests you - make your life what you want it to be.... :)

Heisenjerk1 karma

What is your favorite Tarantino film?

TheRealBumblefoot3 karma

That's a real tough choice....! Pulp, Dogs, Kill Bill's, Jackie, Dusk Til Dawn, Grindhouse.....

rafaeldamage1 karma

Hi again. What kind of amp did you use for the ChiDem sessions? You used your ENGL or some Mesa or a classic marshall? Direct to the amp¿ Some pedals around? (wah, dist, chorus, bla bla). I'm a gearslut ( ;) ) and always wanted to know that.

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Used an old Marshall with a Blues Driver pedal & Dunlop wah... :)

o151proofburn1 karma

besides music, what other ventures have you pursued?

TheRealBumblefoot2 karma

Hot sauce...!! http://bit.ly/bbfsauce

(I'm a fiery food junkie, go to a lot of hot sauce festivals, love it!)

And guitar cases... :) http://www.bumblefoot.com/press/20131215_-_bumblefoot-guitar-cases/20131215_-_bumblefoot-guitar-cases.htm

Jamblina1 karma

Hey Ron, Again like the rest of us I'm a huge fan, so I am going to ask a few questions! Favourite Iron Maiden song and best place you have been in England!

TheRealBumblefoot1 karma

Everything from Piece Of Mind & before, love it all!! Prowler to Icarus..... :)

Best place in England, hmmmmm... Witchwood School Of Rock in Witney :)

miguelbatalha1 karma


TheRealBumblefoot10 karma

You don't need an education or a degree. You need passion, perseverance, dedication, and you goal should always be to make the best art you can. The rest of the world decides if they like it or not, it's not in your hands. So being a 'success' should never be a goal. Giving the world something of artistic value, because you have no choice, you MUST - that's what matters. Education will come through experience. And at that point you may have more opportunities to explore academic paths. :) Get the experience, don't wait for it to be given to you. :)

aprofondir0 karma

Hey Bumble, I've been sending you my drawings and contacting you for months now and I'm your biggest fan, I just want to say: Hi Bumble, thanks for being my inspiration, you're a hero :D

  1. Is there any chance of you playing in Bosnia or Serbia?

  2. What's your favorite story (that you can tell us) from being on the road with Guns?

Thanks for doing this AMA, cheers!

TheRealBumblefoot5 karma

Thank you!!! Would love to come back to Serbia, and would be great if we could play Bosnia as well :) A lot of great memories... some of the best ones are when we'd bring a kid on stage, I'd have him strum my guitar during a song, things like that :) Things that inspire :)